We Just Figured Out How Some Planets Become Super Puffs

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about new paper that may have solved the mystery of unusual planets known as super puffs, while also discovering they’re a lot weirder than we thought.
Paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1910.12988.pdf

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    Anyone from the UK? -Yeah I almost died at the title too…

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  4. Gregory Kitchens

    In 5 years: turns out we were wrong, the atmosphere wasn’t full of methane it was full of a new element we’ve never see before that’s almost exactly like water but has a slightly different refraction.

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    TOI 700 review of the 3 planets and the sun, pleaseee

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    im not clever and half this stuff is lost on me but it interests me immensely. unfortunately i dont have the fastest brain and my memory isnt great which i think u need for all this to keep up but so far iv probably watched a good weeks worth of your content and loved everyminute of it even learned a thing or two well alot but as said it just doesnt stay in my head, like if i was to repeat any of ur facts or info to my brother.. id probably say ‘quavers’ instead of ‘quasars’ or watever there called.
    so i guess wat im tryin to say is…from a non scientific or intellectual person your videos are awesome. and i know i just said all that about it going over my head but thats just afterwards. during your videos though you explain stuff really well and u include info for the likes of me that i bet alot of people think ‘old news’.. but i just wanted to say that when u break down the meaning of stuff its really helpful and im glad you do cos otherwise id be lost in space

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    You haven’t figured out anything. You are just realizing you dont know anything

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    Hello wonderful Anton!

  9. Orion’s Universe

    Hello wonderful Anton, I think these super puff planets could also be Hot Jupiters.

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    Crazy how light the kepler planets are and still hold their atmosphere

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    I know I’m childish but the title gave me a giggle. 😄

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    Do these planets have a rocky surface ?

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    wouldn’t it be good of earth was like this? bigger surface to live on while having same gravity which makes space travel possible

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    James Webb. I’m hearing that name for years. I bet it will explode in the ship carrying it to the Lagrange point.

  18. David K

    great video. One thing i always thought about ;, why are the tiny asteroids in our solar system are so incredibly dense . made of nickel and iron .

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    Hey Anton, have we found any flat planets yet?

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    Are you going to talk about the Radcliffe Wave that was discovered traveling through the milky way?

  24. Mui MasMacho

    Decretion disk?
    Excretion disk? 😂
    Seems contrary to our current scientific understanding of planet formation from dust clouds. 😶

  25. TakeShotAction

    It makes me think that there’s an incredible force pushing something out from the center while at the same time having a natural gravitational pull at a very similar strength.

  26. Spok

    For some strange reason, whenever I hear “Super Puffs” I think “Amiyumi.” At any rate…makes one wonder if all the planets start out “puffy” and if the rocky planets are merely what is left of the cores. But hey, what do I know?

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    Greetings from Miami! The way you describe be the planet reminds me of a TV show on Netflix called Lost in space

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    Let me guess..
    If the solar system is moving through Space then the rest of the planets are move to?
    Haha trash

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    So we’d drop straight to the center then.

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    Kinda like the dirty snowball comets! Quackademics 🤔

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    Chemical X?

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    Sub titles said welcome to atom ass lol
    Is there info on the distance from the Star they orbit?
    Yes they were different mars is coming into habitable zone not coming away our planets go into sun very slowly

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    Minny Neptunes maybe most likely to have most Habitable moons. Lower magnetic fields then Jupiter like planets witch we imagine habitable moon orbit

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    Really, really interesting!
    Maybe even Earth was like that in the beginning. Who knows. 🤔

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    They become super puffs when they have more volume than mass to allow them to fluff up

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    Awesome videos!

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    Title: We Figured Out How Some Planets Become Super Puffs
    Content: We still don’t know how they were formed

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