We Just Discovered 139 More Pluto Like Objects In The Solar System

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery of 139 new Trans-Neptunian Objects using an interesting technique.
Paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1909.01478.pdf

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    CERRRR-o To-LO-lo. And really roll those Rs and hammer that T.

  2. v_zach

    I hope some of them are on New Horizons’ path.

  3. arno kosterman

    Nice 😍🤗🌹💜
    Oll beautiful kuiperbeld souls😍🛸.
    I wunder if one day this devise is able to see the outward spinning entetys of the inner oordcloud😍💜
    En the entetys from above en below towart the equanax of the outer oortcloud
    Than we kan see the treu model

    Like gost particles of the north pole.
    the same of the solar systems to become the entetys of the oortcloud.
    En somehowe the transmision of

    Like airbubles feed more water en the buble schinks🙄?
    Transmision of the entetys of the inner ring inner oortcloud en outer ring of the cuiperbeld en the helio inbetween😍

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    Soon you will be able with this new device en getering data to see the behaviure of the harmonings of the cuiperbeld😍🍀

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    Thank you beautiful soul💞🍀💞
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    Очень классно. Только делай перерыв между педложениями. ато все слитно, очень ….

  5. Billy Grinstead

    This is where the type three civilization we share the solar system with lives.

  6. Mike Louis

    Anton, I am glad you live in Korea now. I was worried about you when Covid 19 first hit Korea, but Korea seems to have an excellent handle on this virus. Stay safe my friend.

  7. IV X

    What is the name of that new telescope that is coming operational soon which he talkes about? Can’t understand the name?

  8. dave adam

    could our moon once belonged out there ?, just my first thought on seeing these.

  9. BigCat



    Just wondering what the total mass for combined plutonoids found so far would be, and could it be what is causing the “Planet 9 effect”

  11. johnmburt1960

    For Pluto to be dean of such a magnificent swarm of exotic bodies is surely a grander status than merely being the smallest of planets.

  12. Thepher

    People are going go over this data, and then investigate some of these objects, and then Anton will deliver awesome videos about them. <3 <3 <3

  13. יוחנן בן-יעקב

    Its ok anton, its a safe space here, you can call some of them planets like our ancesters of yore would’ve done!

  14. Joaquin Fabrega

    you perfectly pronounced the name of Cerro Tololo. Saludos

  15. caitgems1

    Should have just rounded it up to 140!!!….sometimes i think they do this on purpose..

  16. depth386

    I think in the Oort cloud we might have a really ridiculous number of small objects

  17. Yanxi Qpoof

    So Anton, does that entail some 1-4 moons, each object? Pluto has at least 4 moons.

  18. The Regent of Greater Hungary

    Hey anton! Great piece of work as usual! I wanted to ask you a small question, what sort of education is often required in order to pursue a career in galactic Astronomy? And ontop of that, what would you say is the most challenging part of it? I’ve made a big step in choosing to go to college for said career. Hope you can provide some insight.

  19. will2see

    1:41 – “And so far we discovered that almost all of them kind of have very similar composition,…” – How could we know their composition, Anton? Maybe you know something more about this than me and you could explain it to me… As far as I know, knowing their color does not tell us much about their composition.
    1:46 – “…they have relatively similar size and mass, or at least density.” – Assuming that they have similar albedo as Pluto and are approx. spherical in shape, we can deduce their size. If we assume that they have similar composition as Pluto, we can then deduce their approx. mass. But to determine their bulk density we would need to send a probe there and orbit around it for a while, or at least fly-by it if the body is massive enough. If they have a companion(s), that would help too. But I really doubt that we really know their mass and density.

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    Anton is the number one
    His eyes are number one
    His legs are number one
    His muscles are number one

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    Thank you. You have the best channel on Youtube. Never stop, wonderful person.

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    We should harvest them like locusts to build new iphones and have 400 diff kinds of toothpaste!

  23. Tom Savage

    Literally millions of separate rocks exist.I regard Pluto as a planet still and it is important to acknowledge that fact

  24. proven22x

    Beautiful work

  25. xeepromx

    Planets I say! They’re all planets!


  26. TheUnatuber

    I totally believe TNOs exist, though I’ve never actually seen one. I mean, in all the vastness of the Universe, to think Sol is the only star to have tiny, red microplanets orbiting in the dark boondocks of its system is nothing short of arrogance!

  27. One Sec

    C/2019 y4? Next?

  28. Michael 23

    The knockoff land called solar systems edge

  29. Sean Trevathan

    This makes a “planet hopping” manner of interstellar colonization much more feasible. Just gotta get fusion within our capabilities.

  30. Big D

    Plenty of Ice for Spring Break out there !

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    My next child will be named ‘gonggong’

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    OMG!! We’re surrounded.😭

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    Hi anton! I was the 600th like on your video.

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    Thanks for the updates

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    Hello wonderful anton!

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    2:45, yes you did.

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    We’re going to run out of good names…

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    Thank you 🙏

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    You remember Einstein and his discovery of Quanta? That was a turning point.

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    This is why I need a Corellian Corvette… so go check these things out.

    But the wife says no.

    And you know what they say “Happy wife, happy life.”

  41. Jp Fitzpatrick

    What we need is a GIANT space mirror!

    We can angle it to light up sections of the solar system we can’t see very well.

    A GIANT space mirror.

    You heard it here first! Lol

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    I absolutely love the content you make and I hope you’re doing alright.

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    Well that’s the final nail in the coffin for Pluto being a planet.

  44. Locke Voltaire

    These are death stars getting ready for an attack on us.

  45. Cymoon RBACpro

    All of these objects are extraterrestrial engineered space metropolis, Fermis Paradox has been resolved!

  46. Thomas Chrombly

    Good. With the way things are going here I will be needing my own planet soon. Nice to know there are plenty to go around.

  47. Cherry

    “Gonggong” Are the people naming these children?

  48. Upcycle Electronics

    Sample return from beyond Saturn?! I’d love to see that mission. We’d need a refueling rocket for our refueling rocket’s refueling rocket to get there and back in our lifetime.

  49. Kento

    Aren’t they also called Kuiper Belt Objects, or is that something different?

  50. kyben99

    Whoa , The diagram at 3:05 looks looks like an ax sticking out on a dogs head. Very disturbing

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    You wanted “Dark Matter,” you got “Dark Matter.”

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    I have to admit, your upload frequency is the sole reason why i love this channel so much.
    Thank you.

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    Long time viewer, first time commentor. Love your accent, but more importantly, love the brain-candy you hand out! Keep it up, dude!

  55. Poes Law

    That’s no plutonoids, they are future space stations.

  56. will2see

    6:03 – “…it’s going to be very difficult to determine their composition until, I guess, near future.” – near future? All we will know for a LONG time (if at all) is their color. To determine their composition is something we could only do in-situ and for that, they are too far away.

  57. Sadboi 123

    I don’t care. In my heart Pluto is still a planet. And the BEST one

  58. Iva Mitrovic


  59. Tony Knievel

    Cool, do they form filaments that connect to other stars too?

  60. ScottM1973

    3:00 Anyone else thought Anton was going to say ‘…for mice’? Seriously did they intentionally choose that patch by some mouse constellation? or because the survey was ending in the Year of the Rat?

  61. tracey adkins

    Ahhh I feel better now that poor Pluto gets a lot more company 😃. Help soften the blow of demotion!

  62. Baby Jiren

    ngl haumea looks like a potato, imagine having that hanging in the sky

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    That’s a whole lot of Plutos in the litter !

  64. manabouttongue

    You can imagine the number of objects in Uy Scuti’s system. It must be immense.

  65. Jerry C

    Anton: We can use it to find planet Nine.

    Me: Don’t waste your time, it does not exist. All you have to do to see that is look at the almost uniform distribution of those objects and you can tell that it doesn’t exist

  66. Alan W

    The search for “Planet 9, From Outer Space” continues

  67. Fromaggio

    If humanity makes it that far, Imagine mining settlements all throughout the solar system. Kinda like that tv series

  68. SCP Productions

    Teacher : lets learn about Pluto and the *139* other objects past Neptune!

  69. Sandy J Renfroe

    As far as I’m concerned, Pluto used to be the smallest and furthest of the planets.

    But now, Pluto is a dwarf planet. I think of Pluto as King Of The Dwarf Planets. There might be some that are bigger, but Pluto is still the King.

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    1,666 views Ah my luck!

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    Pretty good on the pronunciation. You just need to roll the double r’s. :-)

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    You said it really well Anton! Regards from Chile :D

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    Could one of them be a Von Neumann probe? Waiting for the signal from our planet that will activate this..hunter killer?

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    Anton please link or name the song that is played at the beginning of your videos. I’ve been looking for it for a while now but it’s really hard to find.

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    The content is making you one of my favorite channels. Thanks for all the hard work!

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    Can you make a video about “the great attractor”? Also, 8 flat earthers watched this! (8 dislikes so far) XD

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    most of these are old discoveries, this is a review paper of all the discoveries by the various collaborators, many you have covered before, like deedee

  81. aaron m97oh

    could you do a video on the “younger dryas” period

  82. Europa

    Hello wonderful Anton

  83. josh ramirez

    I have a theory that most of the TNO “rocks” are the destroyed planet that collided with Earth

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    The Vulcan space academy’s lookouts are stationed there.🖖👌😎

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    Every one of these is a planet, and every schoolteacher and child in America must memorize the 139 new names.

  86. Bill Demich

    Let us name them.

    Goofy, Tinkerbell, Huey, Duey, Louey, Olaf and Minnie

  87. Ceniros

    What if planet nine is a rogue planet that passed in the solar system millions of years ago

  88. TonboIV

    So it looks like the decision to remove Pluto from the planets was a good one. Having hundreds of ‘planets’ would be inconvenient.

    We should have called it a ‘planetoid’ though. That’s much better than ‘dwarf planet’.

  89. inkling boy

    Pluto’s cousins :)

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    Pluto: what I’m no longer a Planet….
    Hey guys did you here that let’s get them .

  91. Osmosis Jones

    Star wars planets like Geonisis with it’s two heavy rings makes me wonder ? If It were really and detected it it would seem heavier then it is including it’s rings . And reminds me of something I’ve been wonder could some of mass of super Earths or planets that make Jupiter look like our moon.
    Could some their mass detected include moons or rings Even artificial sattlities . Even flybi asteroids.

    If anyone on those planets detected earth with the same methods would they think earth is much heavier including our moon and flybi commets even water vapor and ice in Earth’s proximity making them think earth is a water world.
    And think our shifting of night and day is to extreme for life because they think being tidlly locked is one extremely rare condisions on their planet alowing for life.

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    Hope you and your family are healthy and happy. Take care wonderful person!

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    Pretty sure The Silmarillion has enough Ainu names to cover the lot.

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    Next week: “Alien armada seen passing Jupiter.”

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    Daily Reminder “Planetoids” are now called “Plutonoids”
    immortalize Pluto before hes just another planetoid

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    What’s up science lovers!!!

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    My reaction to this: say whuuuuuuut… the implications of this are vast :p

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    It appears as Future Space *Mining* & *Planet Cracking* Operations have a lot of bases for their Operations(!)

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    I love the outer solar system. The more we learn about it, the more interesting it becomes. Hopefully they will launch a lot more New Horizon like missions to this place.

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