We Found Water On The Moon In The Location Nobody Expected

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a recent discovery of water in the region of the Moon where we really didn’t expect to find any.
Discovery paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41550-020-01222-x
Cold traps paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41550-020-1198-9
Picture Credit: NASA

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  1. Joseph Paul Duffey

    Amazing video! I think one of the most powerful things we can do at this point is observe actual planet formation. I think a lot of what is occurring is somewhat simple gradient diffusion within the proto planetary disks. Personally, that seems to be the origin of genetic material as well. The planets seem to stabilize by some form of ecosystem type balance within those stellar diffusions.

  2. hava Tampa

    The Shackleton well will go down in the anals of moon history 🌝

    If there is any water on or in the moon detected for sure, then we should attempt to find an underground reservoir.

  3. John Rew

    Let me know when they find alcohol. It should make regular flights quite profitable

  4. Michael Frawley

    I need to be taught in less than 3 minutes

  5. Gerrie

    Hello Wonderful Anton :o)

  6. ktiemz

    obviously, God’s Holy FLOOD splashed a bit into space and hit the moon.

  7. Doug Stern

    at 5:32…… “Environmental monitoring….Industrial process control….”medical diagnosis”?

  8. Samael Drakul

    nice T-Shirt Anton 👍 and once again an awesome vid ^_^ the future of space travel seems more and more promising 👍 exciting times 🍻

  9. The DORUK

    Suddenly *Everywhere* on Our Solar System becomes candidates to support life !
    Venus Luna Mars Ceres All of Jovian and Saturn moons Triton Pluto and Charon !

  10. michael fish

    Anton Petrov love your vids as always but you sound like you are talking from inside a box,need to tone it up…a lot

  11. NoBody Knows Anything

    Do not mess with the moon. If we starting harvesting from the moon we will be toast. These scientists should know better

  12. Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr.

    Water is in EVERYTHING! Even if it’s just moisture, IT’S THERE! EVERWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE!

  13. RDE Lutherie

    Mathew Loony lives there!!!

  14. cain keen

    Fishing on the moon , plenty of fish 😁😁😁

  15. nyyotam

    What about Carbon? If they found water+carbon, then fuel may be synthesized, using sunlight and the Sabatier process.

  16. sugo

    Are you sick Anton? Your voice sounds a bit raspier. Hope you’re doing fine!

  17. theevilovenmit

    Your video gave me an idea for recovering water on the moon, a landing pad that captures and stores raptor engine exhaust.

    The idea is to deflect the exhaust into tunnels where it can expand and cool, then collect the condensed steam and carbon monoxide.

  18. ScoriacTears

    Yay, Anton looks wonderful, healthy, and he is still a person, whew.

  19. Southern Gothic

    Anton mentioned my home state :)

  20. J Decker

    Very good! the sun rains on the moon – hydroxyl reactions. Oxygen is also available from silicon-dioxides…

  21. Silas Dense

    Always looking forward to your videos.
    Thanks for great content.

  22. artkaboom

    Coming soon: bottled Moon Water, sweet! the advertisements will have poetry and moon light, romantic music , you get the picture, disgusting. Pour me another glass of Moonbeam.

  23. Ducky Ducko

    Bruh this is at least the 3rd different video thumbnail I’ve seen for this video what the hecc is going on

  24. Ano

    I’m calling it now, Elon Musk is going to be the first person to drink moon water.

  25. The Cyber Satyr

    What if moon sand is actually kind of wet… damp, even?

  26. John House

    I can tell why and how it got there…
    Beings one side of the moon faces earth always… how did it get so cratered …
    Bye an event from earth.. with such a force it hit the moon.. ice hurled to it and beyond.. like comets.. return… people call it Noah’s flood.. what ever u wanna call it, it happened…

  27. Locadio Marcucco

    Thank you wonderful Anton.

  28. Tavalus

    Since there seems to be signs of water even on the surface, now i’m really interested how much water could there be deep in the soil, just like on Earth.

  29. Quack Quark

    On the moon, water we’ll find
    It is something that we’ll mine
    Go towards the poles
    Look inside the holes
    It’s in where the sun don’t shine

  30. spaghettarius*

    I think, it’s because the earth is atmosphere reaches far beyond the moon, the water droplets could be transported there from the earth

  31. Shayne Hofstetter

    Micro meteorites, Hmmm Anton ,question ,, can you do an episode about those.? Like if I’m laying in the grass looking up at the clouds and a micrometeorite hits me in the eye will it hurt? Cause damage?

  32. lasarith2

    Not like – since the earths atmosphere extends 2x past the moon that droplets of water over billions of years could be on the surface , nope .

  33. Jaramie Manson

    If ya need assistance of any kind and I have the ability ill help ya. Ur channel is pretty cool 😎

  34. Ahmad Al

    Wonderful Anton 🌺🙏

  35. L Dewey MD

    Thanks for a great presentation! You sound better! hope you’re feeling better as well!!

  36. jack fletcher

    Is there any evidence of gold/platinum or silver on the surface of the moon?

  37. Ralph Blosat

    Meteorites. Just the same way when they fall to earth. They are filled with ice and burn up and melt into the atmosphere. But on the moon they stay as ice.

  38. Thomas Lindroth

    makes one wonder if there might be life in underground reservoirs.

  39. foxpup

    The moon is a harsh mistress and won’t want to share its water.

  40. Inspiración Original

    This is Amazing! Thanks for the Info!

  41. No Recording Software

    finally! <3

  42. Lj Demaris

    Yes they may have found water on the moon. But have they put in the aspect of the vapor that escapes these atmospheres so we say well at least goes further out to the moon and then the moon’s collecting it from there. talking into the machine so if it’s not abbreviating stuff properly sorry.

  43. MrKillswitch88

    One answer is permafrost where the dust and what could pass for soil is insulating the ice from the sun.

  44. Berry Bestfarmer

    Thank you donors. Anton’s work is so helpful with our new home-schoolers.

  45. Anik Samiur Rahman

    The best news from this video is that Sofia got another round of funding.

  46. Alex d's Channel

    I’m guessing the moon has it own seasons then

  47. Woe is Me

    Ha, would you believe it, more old news for ‘conspiracy theorists’.

  48. Jeremy Acton

    The water comes FROM THE SUN, which radiates O and H atoms in its particle emissions. These combine to form H20 everywhere in the solar system.

  49. K Watson

    “If the water is everywhere on the Moon then we will have no trouble settling there” LOL, sure, no trouble at all!

  50. Peter Karig

    4:20 is where Anton finally gets to the point.

  51. Nick Diamond

    Water panspermia? Could any of earth’s impacts transferred water to the moon this way?

  52. Bing Bong

    If there is water on the surface of the moon then I bet it’s being protected by the earth’s magnetics but also up to 2 foot of static electricity from the surface of the moon

  53. Alex Dimov

    Hello wonderful Anton, this is person.

  54. Alexander Norman

    I bet it’s locked in hydrates. Still useful though.

  55. U K

    Perlo helderful wonloson

  56. Michelle Cornum

    Yeeaah, I saw this episode of Doctor Who!

  57. Dagwood Dogwood

    I enjoy your content and your narration gets better every vid.
    Thank you for your hard work sir.

  58. JRR31984

    I hear ya! GO COLONIZATION and or at least a point to boomerang from! :D

  59. Robert Trotter

    … I want one of those shirts.
    Thank you for the post of the subject as always Anton.
    All-ways trees-mend-us.

  60. Anthony Slaga

    This is good news for future missions to other planets in our solar system. When we start our exploration of space.

  61. m m

    even in the cold traps would even ice have a tiny vapor pressure and eventually disappear into the vacuum?
    so..the moon might be singing in the (micro meteor) rain? :-)

  62. Maverick Hill

    It’s from Earth, we will eventually be up there.

  63. Durk Kush



    Don’t look for water on the surface. Remember, Earth holds water inside so chances are the moon may have water inside or underneath its surface…

  65. Dark Madder

    Maybe the Earth is off-gassing? Rust never sleeps…

  66. fabeloco acosta

    I don’t believe that this is a new discovery.They’ve known all along.


    Finally, more study and more information regarding our moon. Very Interesting.
    Thank you Anton

  68. Adawg 303

    Water found on moon!
    Okay yay!
    The Sahara desert has 100x more water tho
    love you Anton

  69. george kimani

    Still that doesn’t make me as excited as Trump packing for Russia

  70. Blanca Camacho-Bonet

    I have seen opal like glitter in moon images as far back several months ago.

  71. Daniel Tyborowski

    Even the normal moon is more interesting. ” Here we have the lesser Europan Whale, in it’s natural planetary habitat , Majestic. Moving on.”
    Based Anton.

  72. Adymn Sani

    hi, Anton will we be talking about our Moon’s twin? that is a Trojan near Mars?

  73. Cebos359

    Anton been wondering this for ages I think your audio has too much gain your voice is distorted. Try recording your audio at -18db instead of close to 0db or even higher like it sounds :)

  74. Richard Shane

    A hypothesis is that the moon was created from a huge impact of the Earth a long time ago and that water congregated and collected as one giant ice ball

  75. ClosestNearUtopia

    Is that even weird? I think its more than logical to find this stuff there, we share the same location in the system..

  76. MoonCrater Tycho

    Thank you, Anton! The research you do is incredibly detailed.
    Your conclusions are, as far as I can see, more plausible and well thought out than any others I have heard. Be well and all the best in 2020.

  77. xencloud

    I do miss the very low volume music in the background! For atmospheric effects!

  78. Sammy Watkins

    The government is like, TOTALLY telling you the truth about all this stuff in your vids bro!!!!

  79. What's Next?

    I love that William M. Farrell, a plasma physicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, predicted this 2 years BEFORE this discovery, making the creation of water by solar wind the most likely hypothesis.
    Anton is right about it not being much water, scientists estimate that the sand of the Sahara desert holds 100 times as much moisture.

  80. AbbStar1989

    Dear Anton, I hope you are enjoying being famous. Thank you for your contribution to science. We all certainly love you and love what you do. Thank you very much. 😁👍

  81. Mustofa Abdullah

    Thorey: when they were young, and the earth was gathering water, moon could’ve stolen some. and after billions of years, its hidden under the sureface

  82. Dok Nomis

    Thank you Mr. Petrov for your factual, logical post during these dysfunctional times.

  83. Brogan King

    Just found your videos from YT recommends. Now I feel wonderful 😄

  84. Pichaelmalmer

    Science… there’s water on the moon
    Reality… but not a drop to drink

  85. Anonymity

    We need to go back and start looking up again

  86. jake Hawtin

    From my understanding the moon has quite a few large lava tubes, seems to me this would be the best place to look for large deposit’s of water.

  87. Leaky Member

    Wow….. I can’t fathom a reason for thumb down on this🤔🤔🤔

  88. D H

    Isn’t known gravitational pull effects ocean tide… Also attracts moisture from our atmosphere it rides a solar wind to the moon were particles condensate

  89. James Clark

    Hay Anton I am from USA and I love your Vids. I am very happy you are in a better place now. Every one should know I have always said the moon is the gate way to are solar system and learning how to live and fly in Space. Keep up the good work Anton <<<<

  90. Sam Harper

    I’ll be impressed when they find the cheese.

  91. qwertyuiop

    I doubt there is enough water available on the Moon to provide for the needs of a city. The Lunatics are going to have to import water from jovian moons or comets if Luna City is going to become the Jewel of the Solar System.

  92. Allen Tac

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    Lunar water found on Earth!

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    Neil Armstrong took a leak without telling anyone.

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  97. Henchman Twenty1

    Every time I hear discussions about there being water on the Moon my brain starts playing the “We’re whalers on the Moon” song from Futurama – Season 1, episode 2, “The Series Has Landed”.

  98. Jeffrey Schweitzer

    We need a moisture farmer….

  99. Thomas Chrombly

    Scientist – “I wonder where we should send our lunar probe to look for water?”
    Moon landing denier – “Stick your lunar probe where the sun don’t shine!”
    Scientist – “That is a great idea!”

  100. Max Power

    Nestlé starting their own space program as we speak

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