We Found Life In an Unexpected Place on Earth

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the discovery of life in the most unlikely location on the planet where we really didn’t expect it.
Paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-020-2075-5

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  1. Willa Jabir

    I thought he was going to say L.A. or N.Y.

  2. Çomarsavar. exe

    How Large is the Black Hole at the Center of the Galaxy IC 1101??

  3. Michael Rodriguez Strubbe

    Odds are there is extraterrestrial life.

  4. Science Troll

    I actually came here to get away from talk of microbes: guess it’s just not the day for that. Fermi paradox solution number 458Z#2. Everyone that leaves their planet catches something and dies.

  5. drew pedersen

    The believe that life can only exist in conditions similar to ours is too simplistic and is holding us back.
    We have found life near geothermal vents, high up in the atmosphere (tropopause), and deep inside the Earth previously (I assume this was a new low).

  6. Jero

    Finding life on other moons in the next decade or so? Do you think that’s possible? Sounds incredibly exciting!! I was thinking that MAYBE we’ll discover something in like 40 years in the future. Hopefully in my lifetime :(

  7. Brexit Refugee

    Have any scientists checked out Reddit and 4chan? There is a lot of extreme bacteria living there.

  8. GoreQuill NachoVidal

    Mars atmosphere: Carbon dioxide: 95.32 percent. Nitrogen: 2.7 percent. is it going to produce some nitrogen as well???

  9. Ran Tallion

    i guess we have lots of oil then.

  10. James McHarry

    ship some of that bacteria 🦠 to Venus

  11. Matthew

    10 flat earth specialists are mad video showed a round earth. Lol

  12. Just James

    Life finds a way…

  13. Bruce IDW

    I read something about these bacteria using such small amounts of energy, it’s like attowatts. Like the kinetic energy from dropping a gram the width of a proton. Something crazy like that. Forget the time period in which they use it… per day, year, something like that.

  14. Carrie Eloff

    We found life

    In a hopeless place

  15. antwan1357

    You know what horror movies are having a hard time right now , because it can’t compete with real life right now.

  16. Alain belloc

    Protecteur from radiations, howether?

  17. purplecx cx

    I wonder how well antibiotics work against them

  18. Trevor Goodchild

    Anton, great job.

  19. World_of_Chimpanzees


  20. John Gillespie

    Every time a space probe lands on another planet or moon, we are quite possibly seeding life on other worlds. For example, it is almost impossible to kill a tardigrade.

  21. Gospel of Thomas 77th Pearl: The Perpetual Tree

    Clearly there is life everywhere & NASA knows this well. They just don’t think the fundamentalists could handle the truth.

  22. James Waterhouse-brown

    Great channel
    Thanks mate

  23. Frank Pitts

    It makes me wonder what could be on Venus. It’s a hostile environment but it seems we’re finding life in some pretty interesting places.

  24. trumps trigger finger

    since 2007 they found this out

  25. Caligula

    Dude this new YT algorithm is the worst, I don’t get notifications or recommendations for your videos (& most other of my regular channels) even tho I’m subbed to you with the bell set to notify me of every upload.

  26. Doug Shaw

    Until we can create self replicating DNA from raw materials, we are just guessing. We cannot correctly determine if life is rare or common in the universe, but so far we are the only life known to exist anywhere.

  27. yahya gaming time

    bro Anton u r A W E S O M E

  28. Tad Freeman

    Thank you wonderful person 👍👍

  29. Carlos Lara

    The Earth is alive !!!

  30. hang da clown

    after discovering how the tube worm gets its nutrients I don’t think it would surprise me in the slightest finding life anywhere not expected

  31. Chance Hamaker

    Maybe we need to look deep inside of Mars for life?

  32. Ank Mandwal

    In India now streaming is limited to 480p resolution. It started today in my area.

  33. Éamonn Síoċáin

    Where’s Yoda? I hope you both are doing well.

  34. CleanerBen

    Went to asda last week. No sign of life there.

  35. Raymond Elizondo

    Ohhh noooo…life on the earth. More germs. Maybe bigfoot germs.

  36. bcubed72

    We found life/in a hopeless place

  37. Maine D

    Happy quarantine!!!!

  38. Don Peny

    On Erf? Again!?

    Didn’t we just find it in the dirt
    Edit: watch later

  39. Bob Berceli

    Anton, Thanks so much for your time and efforts. Bob

  40. Alfred Dean

    I am indeed a wonderful person. My mom says so.

  41. ry jo

    Im saying..
    If we find sterile worlds. We should start the process of terraforming. Like put life there slowly. Bacteria
    Then move the chain

  42. A H

    Paul Stamets: breathing intensifies

  43. Klaus Bolvig

    Exiting times. Arvin ass do use some models which he suggests that life in our solsystem would be a disaster

  44. Ean Langkau

    Always find your vids interesting

  45. David PT

    Tbh this just means there could be so much life outside of Earth

  46. george fleming

    If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere.

  47. Elektra Elektra

    dont forget 2 LIKE the videos ( i ussualy forget sry anton)

  48. Gwent Champ

    We found life on Uranus. No giggling !

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    Look, it’s star trek Picard ending

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    Really interesting!!!

  53. Godfrey of Bouillon

    Coincidentally its also the only place that’s still gonna have life after covid is done with us

  54. El Guiñolo

    Life in the Congress ? Your measures are inaccurate !

  55. thesilviu silviu

    That’s the purpose of Life, find another Life, to ensure it continues.

  56. Thomas Wery

    Now you know where all the methane is coming from!

  57. Arnold Goh

    We found life in an unusual place…
    We found life in an unusual place…

  58. mel lem

    Thank you Anton,,, very interesting presentation…

  59. mrcatfish2100

    Sounds good. Start the process my friend. You will end up to the point that other life is already coming here visiting us.

  60. Lindsey Corum

    Unless you found it in lava I’m not surprised. Bacteria have been found miles below the surface of the ocean as well as miles underground.

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    Hey, Anton!!! Good to see another video from you!! Keep well!!

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    Thanks, Anton, for your quality content. I for one appreciate the opportunity to learn stuff.

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    Thanks Anton amazing as usual 😊

  68. Try Me

    Crazy that Ethiopia is also the place where humans come from, but is also the location of one of the most inhospitable places on earth

  69. Kim Kiddo

    Your videos are always so interesting. I even learn new things from many of them. Keep it coming Wonderful Person!

  70. catman64k

    It would be really big breakthrough, if we find extraterrestrial life within our solar system. Oh and actually im not surprised at all about this discovery. Life is almost everywhere.

  71. MyessYallyah Americus

    i find your show to be interesting at some times in my life.

  72. Cow Dog

    ‘Life As We Know It’

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    Thank you for sharing this:)

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    Got this noti just as I was watching another video.

  75. ninthRing

    We need to do more research into the early stages of life on Earth (Abiogenesis) to fully understand the probabilities of life elsewhere. Given all of the amazing discoveries of life in inhospitable environments here on Earth, it’s pretty much a certainty that life of equivalent complexity could exist in warm regions on Enceladus, Ganymede, Titan, etc. , if it can actually form there in the first place.

    (Panspermia seems less likely given recent discoveries of how cosmic rays would affect the DNA of an organism over the timescales required.)

  76. Jacob

    my heart skipped a beat when I read “we found life…”

  77. Thomas Chrombly

    Dig deep enough on Mars or Venus and I’d bet the odds of finding life are about 99.9%

  78. Jessie Ray Keaton

    Been subbed over a year first comment…

    Love the enthusiasm… Seems like we should have flying white NBA tractor phones according to all the news you report. I would call bullshit but I will thank you instead.

    I get high.

  79. CandC68

    Maybe when we humans kill ourselves, at least something will survive.

  80. Christopher Inlaw

    Waiting for the first alien video to drop on this channel 😂😂

  81. RonJohn63

    5:55 Everyone who says this ignores the fact that there needs to be a hospitable environment *for abiogenesis* and that has not been shown.

  82. Nekog1rl

    Personally I think Enceladus is our best bet for discovering life beyond Earth. Titan just seems too cold!

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    Humans: *finds life in a place he didn’t suspect for the 1000th time in a row*
    Also humans: *Suprised Pikachu Face*

  87. Venom Supreme

    OH NO NOT THERE! (Haven’t even watched the video)

  88. Osmosis Jones

    Thinking of the purpose of life to use energy. And life vessel I wondered if life cold have a different recipe . But enough Energy and complex chemistry and information being saved and or reproduced .
    But if that could exist Venus would the best place for life of other recipies could exist . Lot energy 900degrees . And more complex chemistry. But Sense we found nothing. It can’t exist .or can it. Only 700million years ago Venus was suitable for human Life. For all life to die and then by chance replaced by other completely different form of life. Would take much longer or at least not gotten far and we haven’t even studied Venus that much to find microbes . Only probe. Was the solviet lander and some say it snapped a picture of a bugs crawling by. Not confirmed.
    Maybe. Lot of b the Exo super Venues like Glisa 518C could more advanced Life made completely different biochemistry.

  89. Erik Arnqvist

    Reading this title was a rollercoaster of emotions.
    “We Found Life…” Ooooh
    “In an Unusual Place…” OOOH NO WAY
    “on Earth” aah cmon

  90. Ahmed Syed

    “I think the chances of detecting microbial life beyond Earth are high. “ Prof. Brian Cox

  91. The Exoplanets Channel

    Like before even watching!
    Btw for those in quarantine and bored, I recommend you a new movie I watched today: *”The last days on Mars”*

  92. Bram Moerman

    The question is not “can life survive in extreme conditions”, but “can life originate in extreme conditions “

  93. alan meng

    I thought the unusual life would be in the hospital’s autoclave.

  94. Iaman Empoweredone

    The earth is alive, living.

  95. jack the flipper

    The antibiotics that hasnt been “found” yet will never be available to us peasants

  96. atheia kid

    “We found life” oh, oh, oh! “on Earth…” 😋

  97. Ghost of Henry

    Earth belongs to bacteria. We’re just taking a ride

  98. Tony D'Agostino

    Extremophiles are amazing. Chemosynthesis opens many ecological niches like spreading ridges, deep lithosphere, hot springs. etc. We’re going to find amazing things in the solar system

  99. antwan1357

    I have this theory about the Fermi Paradox . That the natural state of life is microbes. That anything else is the exception to the rule and the microbes are constantly restoring the balance back to microbes.

  100. Kate S

    Many microbiologists estimate that biomass and diversity of life in the Earth’s crust is bigger than that on Earth’s surface (including land and sea)… Incredible, how little we still now about life on Earth

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