We Found Hidden Underground Liquid Water Lakes on Mars

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the discovery of several bodies of water on Mars.
Paper: https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/2010/2010.00870.pdf
Paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41550-020-1200-6
NASA video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=u0VbPE0TOtQ
Antarctic Ice study: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-07669-3

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    I love the new thumbnails Anton xD

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    Woah that opening Anton close up startled me but I love it!

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  4. H. H.

    I think that lack of energy source is more damning for the possibility of life than anyhting else.

  5. Obscurity Endures

    NO there is NOT life in the hidden underground liquid water lakes on mars ANTON PETROV

  6. Jeremy Byington

    Being in the middle of a global pandemic, I don’t think the timing is right for extracting ancient bacteria trapped in a lake 2.2 miles below the surface.💯

  7. Rob Harwood

    The new camera and lighting looks great, Anton! 👍

  8. mark verberne

    0:56 skapooley XD you made me smile you wonderfull person!
    Love the vids, keep em coming!

  9. Mal Contender

    This is pretty huge stuff, I wonder if the depth protects the lake from the various radiations the surface receives.

  10. DD2DL

    “Your move Elon” lol

  11. Jeffrey Kochkodin

    There would be heat from the pressure just like how deep and extensive cave systems have relatively stable inside temperatures. There is a cave near me in central PA, USA and the avg. year round temp. is about 48F and the cave has a very large opening so the heat escapes easily. Another example would be deep coal mines. There are mines in Africa for diamonds that are extremely deep and temps over 100F. And is a underground lake the same as a aquifer?

  12. The Phoenix Empyre

    3 hours ago?
    For such a great discovery, I am inexcusably late…

  13. demented gamer

    We just find it everywhere lol all at the same time

  14. psycronizer

    hmm…looks like we’ll have to send Bruce Willis with his big drilling gear to find out…..

  15. Malcolm Garrett

    Hasn’t anyone told him we live on a flat earth with a dome on top Mars is light on the dome

  16. OmegaWolf747

    Life in Venus’ upper atmosphere and Mars’ underground. It’s gonna happen.

  17. Steven JOHNS

    Elon, needs to call Bruce Willis..he knows how to drill a hole.

  18. Silas Dense

    Your enthusiasm is infectious.
    This is amazing news.
    Thanks Anton….can’t wait for your next video.

  19. Michael Foye

    Cave fishing on Mars is going to he big. Really big. I’m talking epic big lights big. Best vacation spot in the solar system.

  20. Victor Fugita

    all this chat about life on a underground lake in antartica gives me some Evangelion feels. Hope it doesn`t do the same

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    never been this early

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    If there is a Heaven it’s being controlled by B Noah lll

  23. U.V. S.

    First extraterrestial life humans will discover is gonna be Elon Musk on Mars.

  24. Tom Watson

    If we do find life, and it shares the same DNA as life on earth, we’re sort of back to square one if there’s life anywhere else in the universe

  25. david mark

    In the Goldilocks zone of any solar system, life springs up like grass springs up where sun light hits. I believe its the same everywhere, in all solar systems.

  26. waynebow 2018

    He says ‘ it is possible that there’s water on mars’….. this is called a ‘theory’.

  27. Dr. Catherine Elizabeth H

    If only Musk had a company which was specialized in drilling holes in the ground

  28. Денис Лямец

    Ok. Now we need to find only magnetic field and breathable atmosphere.

  29. kevley26

    Hey dont forget the possibility of life on Jupiter’s moons! If not Venus Im betting on Europa.

  30. Henry Warwick

    NICE video quality Anton! Good job! I’m glad you let go of the wutdamath intro video – it was looking tired. This is very good!

  31. Hellbentspartan

    I’ve been thinking for a while,that most life is more than likely inside most planets rather than on the surface.

  32. slicerjohn 189

    As long as the solar radiation hasn’t sterilised the water there is a good chance of microbial life.

  33. Dirty Sanchez

    My hero’s, David Blane & Elon Musk. Extraordinary!

  34. John Little

    I’m betting there’s microbial life all over the solar system. I’m betting it existed in the gas cloud that formed the solar system.

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    Anton, you are improving yourself and your videos in leaps and bounds. Well done dear fellow !

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    Whenever the image of the antartic coring was shown I got serious “The Thing” vibes…

    I really had nothing to add to your video. Thank you Anton.

  37. Brandon Todd

    Mars already. Has inhabitants we all know what they won’t tell us

  38. Miguel mejia

    definitely not and impossibility, you had it right.

  39. Antony Stringfellow

    The equator of Mars can reach 20C.
    Ice can not exist on Mars at 20C
    The reason there is no liquid water on the surface of Mars is because at temperatues above freezing water just evaporates, not because it is too cold.

  40. Tim H

    Jimmy Roberts has been telling us about the lakes/rivers on Mars for the for a while now. It’s good these things a slowly getting confirmed.

  41. Woe is Me

    Funny how science repeatedly reveals what extra terrestrial conspirators have been saying for decades..

  42. Arian Gorman

    He has vehicles, batteries, solar, tunneling company, and so much more, I can’t imagine what he’s thinking 10 years from now

  43. sirvapalot

    Life seems unlikely on mars but you never know I guess

  44. Michael DK

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on all these amazing discoveries. You’re the best!

  45. Rene Laizer

    Hey the Russian’s found cryptids down there….

  46. struggler 87

    There’s a new species of highly intelligent squid

  47. MrKillswitch88

    Got to love how slow conventional science can be to the same that people have thought up decades ago or longer that were written off as just being fantasy or conspiracy ect so yes there is life on Mars though likely only microbial. It takes a lot to kill it off once it is established on planet in some capacity or another.

  48. PsyintZ

    Out of curiosity, if we were to do something silly, such as placing a gigantic mirror/magnifying lens on mars with the sole purpose of concentrating sunlight onto one icy area (similar to how children experiment using a magnifying glass to concentrate a sun-beam to burn ants and/or their skin), would we be able to create a pool of liquid water? Or would the atmospheric pressure still not allow this to happen?

  49. NotLess Grossman

    Anton: your move Mr Musk

    Elon Musk: pack up the boring machine

  50. Chicken Little Syndrome

    I heard a rumor that they found Mars in a hidden underground lake. As it turns out, Mars likes to go skinny-dipping. Don’t tell Venus!

  51. Passing Through

    I’m sure once humans land that the lake will soon disappear thereafter.

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    Anton’s voice with this background music makes me feel so relaxed and sleepy in a good way. I could listen to these videos all day.

  53. Alberts stuff

    In 50 years time we will be watching stuff about all the extra terrestrial fossils we’ve found

  54. S.E. Sander

    Thought it was already proven a long time ago that every drop of water on Earth has life in it. Why would that be any different under Antarctica?

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    I think 2020 is trying to tell us something with all these possible signs of life elsewhere and the Earth being well… Earth.

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    5:20 to 5:24
    Anton catches himself in a double negative & corrects himself.🤣

    He’s a “wonderful person” for sure.👍

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    Reading the video title got me thinking “WHAT, DONT LIE TO ME”

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    2:55 “and very unusual life was discovered in these lakes and various bacterial cultures … were revived… ” ST0p ! THAT movie does not end well ! :-o

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    Ah, so they’ve found the tears of losing gamers. Salties sea

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    Yes….the YouTuber you makes my day… 😁👌

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    What if we find out in 10 years that there is actually bacterial life on EVERY planet

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    I won’t lie man, this year the world seems particularly screwed up, but your videos are like a soothing break from all that noise.
    You’re calm voice talking about amazing things on other planets and all human ingenuity that’s allowed these discoveries – watching these videos lifted my spirits up more than a few times lately and I want to say thankyou, keep up the amazing work :)

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    “Life…finds a way…”

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    When even the ever calm, collected Anton is grinning in the thumbnail, I’m clicking! 😁

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    “…which means life on mars is possible, which brings us back to-”
    “David Bowie?”

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    Man Total Recall was a documentary, not a film

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    I wonder how he finds all this information. He amazes me.

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    Can’t wait till the moment i have grand children and take them on summer holidays at antartica and swim in that lake….

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    As a fellow Russian who corrects his own English mistakes, I appreciate the double negative moment!

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    Mars and Venus are acting like two attention seeking children.

    ‘Look at me, look at me!’


    Imagine being able to tell the people in the 50s 60s and 70s how alive our solar system is

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    My bet is on Europa

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  82. Osmosis Jones

    Is it possible for to be life were it’s not teaming with life..what theirs enough energy for only 1 or 5 life forms .
    That live slowly and only reporduce when dying

  83. raffriff42

    For future colonists, water is gonna be more valuable than gold.

  84. pokenei

    If there’s no life now, there will be after humans drilled into it to get samples. I don’t think you can avoid contamination.

  85. Diggity Doo

    Request: I want to know what conditions would be like on a planet orbiting a red giant vs a blue giant star.

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    all we need to do now is find the big ice melting machine on mars

  88. Dan W

    Chemical energy sources ARE a possibility, since life is in the habit of making special enzymes to catalyze reactions that would not happen inorganically. Light from the sun would not per-se constitute much of an energy source without the complex mechanism of photosynthesis.

  89. What's Next?

    I thought we had found three underground lakes on Mars, is this in addition to those?

  90. Wile CKoyote

    The irony:
    -in search for another planet because this one is getting too hot
    -wants to heat up another planet because it is too cold.
    Ergo: never enough.

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    if the water is liquid by the force of the pressure, drilling will release the pressure and destroy the lake?

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    Congrats everyone. We did it. Didn’t know I was even trying.

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    Where is life?

    Venus: Sky
    Mars: Underground
    Earth: Yes

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    Waters of Mars from Doctor Who jumps into mind hearing this.

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    Mars Attacks was a documentary.

  96. Jason Chiu

    Anton: “Today we’re going to be talking about the other planet that is not Venus that might have life on it as well.”
    Me: Is it Earth? Everyone talks about this planet named “Earth” that has life on it.
    Anton: It’s Mars
    Me: Close enough

  97. PatrickTheHungarian [MGYR

    Damn water is everywhere so as carbon I wonder what’s else is hiding out there.

  98. oiSnowy

    Hello wonderful liquid water lakes!

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    I don’t care where we find life. I just care that I’m still alive to see it, and to see what studies then come out of it. :)

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    Mars is the only planet we know of which is entirely inhabited by robots lol. Cool fact

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