We Found 19 More Interstellar Objects Hiding In the Solar System

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new study that suggests 19 of the objects in our solar system came from other star systems out there.
Paper: https://academic.oup.com/mnras/article/494/2/2191/5822028

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  1. Hector Nonayurbusiness

    Take computer simulations with a grain of salt. Simulations are not the same as observation or experimentation.

  2. kirby march barcena

    What da math! I also could not pronounce the names,lol!

  3. pentagramprime

    I wouldn’t rule out achieving some of these polar orbits with of a properly designed ion drive. We would just have to be patient about getting there (20 to 30 years of slow acceleration).

  4. spiccybaby

    The Covid 19.

  5. Jeff Allen

    How done know these are just not from the Ort Cloud?

  6. Maris Keisels

    Some meteorites may have been blown from their surface. And even landed here. Hmm

  7. Paul Hoffmann

    So interesting. Why would it take so much fuel to travel to those interstellar objects that are in solar polar orbits?

  8. rtrThanos Ezekyle Abaddon

    Dammit Anton…you’re throwing more astrophysics and astronomy at us than we can absorb. We’re just peasants trying to make sense of this reality. Now, can you backtrack a bit and explain again why the gloryhole at the butcher shop is a bad idea?

  9. iknklst

    There is so much stuff floating around out there in our solar system that in the future, everyone on Earth will have a minor planet, asteroid, comet or moonlet of their own to visit for getaway weekends or the family vacation.

  10. Mr. Butch

    Hello Anton, wonderful person. Great video!

  11. Torben Nielsen

    Take a drink every time Anton cant pronounce a name ;)

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    Love your content Anton. 👍☀🌚🌙🌎🌟👍

  13. studiobrill

    Wish I could teleport to one with a bar open

  14. Paul Wallis

    Chiron looks like it brought its own whiplash with it? Weird-looking orbital dynamic.

  15. Intercaust

    Kowea’ lololala’looloo is Hawaiian for overpriced pineapple.

  16. The DORUK

    Omuamua *flashbacks!*

  17. The Infidel

    one of em is hiding under my bed

  18. Art Clark

    Your most interesting video this year.

  19. Margreet H.

    Universe Sandbox 2 is currently unavailable, as per Amazon.

  20. turd ferguson

    An alien civilization embedded the asteroid with organics and shot it at our solar system obviously

  21. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    I think we need to stop with the Pacific Islander naming and just apply some easier names. They are starting to become a bad joke.

  22. tore springare

    i love you so much anton…iwrote your name on the wall with my own feaces…..thanks

  23. Martyn Notman

    Sooo interesting. As always. Thanks Anton x

    Thats an unfortunate thumbnail. Close your mouth Anton or the wind will change and you will stick like that! 😂

  24. spiritaam

    Its a whole fleet of them

  25. Francois Leveille

    I’m suddenly nostalgic of the speech synthesizer that was on my Amiga 500 thirty years ago…

  26. Richard Barrett

    As a early space nut, the more I listen to you the less I think that they know about space and the more that they make things up hoping that they will be long dead before we figure it out.

  27. TimC Cambridge

    Great ! Thanks ! Perhaps we need micro space exploring robotics ( less fuel etc ) ? Maybe with micro relay stations ( to boost signal etc ) in permanent locations ? A bit like an interplanetary / solar system ” starlink ” ?..

  28. Gary Mingy

    …demons in the nights ,as if dragons in silent flight , waiting hiding …configuring the range ..

  29. Rust in Peace

    A craft that could samples of each would fantastic. Doubt it will happen in my lifetime.

  30. Andy C

    Where’s 3CPO when you need a translator ?

  31. Jeff Mathers

    I mean, if you go back far enough, didn’t everything come from another solar system? If these things have been here since the Sun was just forming, doesn’t that pretty much make them part of the solar system?

  32. Rick Binkley

    I am glad others have issues with some of these names. Always great and informative.

  33. J L.

    Makes me wonder how many objects from our solarsystem are caught in other systems

  34. John Rettig

    What would be really wild …

    Would be to find a solar system that had a planetesimal object ( s ) that are from our system .

    That would be something else .

  35. James Jenson

    Video series request: The Centaurs! It would be great to go into more detail on these 19 objects. Phoebe or Chiron alone would make for interesting video topics.
    The idea of investigating interstellar objects may be perhaps one of the most interesting prospects of space exploration in recent decades!

    Thanks again, for another great video!

  36. Dimitris Dimitriadis

    Hello wonderful Anton, this is person 👋

  37. Chad Bremer

    Let’s hope none have protomolecule on/in them.

  38. Nekog1rl

    Cool, so now we’ve discovered at least 21 interstellar objects! It’s a busy Universe out there ∑:D

  39. Gordon Welford

    Anton, you MUST introduce a video with the words “Hello Pluto” (I have a theory.)

  40. Deepanshu Sharma

    I got to know from one of the discovery magzines that chiron is a moon of dwaft planet pluto…..is that true?

  41. cream cheese

    Because of this quarantine my knickers are all fishy and soggy

  42. David

    If you come here for truths, dont bother, this channel is to mainstream, and therefore wrong

  43. MrTryAnotherOne

    So, essentially our sun stole another star’s dwarf planets?

  44. Brian Fedirko

    i love the thought of these orbits and collections of dust/rocks … eccentric, and to think they’re flying with us at radical speeds through the universe.

  45. Matt Michaels

    This is a good one for the good old drink every time he says unusual drinking game.

  46. Andrzej

    “They all have relatively unstable orbits with the maximum lifetime of about a million years or so” and then you say that they were captured at the time when the solar system was forming, let’s say very conservatively it was 3 billion years ago. I don’t understand.

  47. Bubba Kushii

    I am gonna stop here, it’s known as this …. haha classic Anton

  48. Fire in the hole

    Me, playing destiny, sees pyramids are closing in on solar system. Sees this video, 19 objects found in solar system …..

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    You said BZ209 instead of BZ509 LOL JUST SAYING

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    I thought that name was the surname of the late Hawaiian singer with the forename, Israel? Most famous for his version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”.

  51. Joseph Pentony

    We need to send space missions to at least some of these rocks.

  52. Coleman Remington

    Baby sun was grooving out! He got caught up in that cosmic hippie shit!

  53. -

    4:26 – Wait, what‽ 2060 Chiron has an _actual_ epicyclic orbit? 🤨 Are you sure it’s not just an illusion caused by a lack of a wider perspective? If it really is an epicycle, then maybe the sun really _does_ orbit the Earth… 🤔

  54. Stefan Schleps

    If we go to Chyron, I bet we will find someone else has gotten there before us.

  55. Paweł Czerski

    What do you mean “so called interstellar objects?” They can’t be any more interstellar in a literal sense…

  56. Teemu M.

    7:40 We will not use fuel to reach these objects. Just wait for the scifi propulsion or Fusion power.

  57. Shaun Westley

    Bee-Zed coming at ya, no way.

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    Don’t feel bad, I can’t even come close to pronouncing that name either.

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    Genuine question here. What is the reason the thumbnail images sometimes change for the same video?

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    A moment of perfect timing… One of my “up next” videos is about English pronunciation. I wonder if she can help with that name?

  62. Gar Suitor

    Technically, since the Sun is a second or third generation star, wouldn’t everything in the solar system be of interstellar origin?

  63. ArchEnema 67

    I’m more concerned about the interstellar objects hiding in my underwear drawer.

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  68. David M

    Can you do a video on Chiron? I’m really curious to know the mechanics of its chaotic orbit, particularly how it does a loop.

  69. Fred Pauling

    This is so amazing. I can’t wait for the sample mission to one of these objects!

  70. Misty Hill

    so what your saying is ” it came from outer, outer space” :)

  71. Naimul Haq

    Very interesting, compositions of these rocks must be known to understand more.

  72. Rorschach

    some scary stuff out there. would love to see some crashs at the gas giants

  73. zagros zemnako

    They really do have creative names for interstellar objects

  74. Frik Na luzie

    Now we just need operational Starship, and we’ll be able to explore extrasolar obiects. Without leaving our system.

  75. WTFPurpleAlpaca

    When A Slav Meets A Word He Can’t Pronounce: The Video

  76. The Exoplanets Channel

    Aliens might be *_hiding_* from us too

  77. Thomas Milne

    The beginning was hilarious, good work man 😆

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    i think anton is the best youtuber and the most productive one on space stuff

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    what a nice greating :-)

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    I see you may be cottoning on to why dark matter is a bunk concept…?

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  84. Kaneez Fatima Bakhtiari

    Most of these interstellar objects were captured from Sun’s siblings.

  85. Daniel Pirela

    Anton: *tries to speak the name of the asteroid, butchering a lot*

    Me: *Laughts in spanish*

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    Anton you were so cute trying to pronounce that asteroid’s weird name haha 😍

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    Was just wondering if Anton might upload soon, and there it was. Great as always! :)

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    Our solar system certainly is a busy place. Thanks for sharing the info of ” Ka-whatdaflock “.

    Stay well.

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    HELLO WONDERFUL PERSON. That is why I ALWAYS come here for my astronomical news. Anton: you are doing something wonderful, you wonderful person. Don’t stop.

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    Ka’ epaoka awela klingon for:” your species is inferior so we’ll remove”

  91. Bramble451

    First time I’ve seen a scientific name easier to pronounce that it’s common name.

  92. Spok

    “Ka’epaoka’awela”? Okay, someone’s going to get their astronomy naming license revoked!  19 Interstellar Objects…no telling where they’ve been.

  93. MountainFox51

    I read it like ka-pow-koala.
    That sounds like some cheesy cartoon super hero from a children’s show.

  94. who likes spaghetti?

    0:38 I thought, anton got a stroke

  95. Brandon Smith

    There might be civilizations somewhere else in the Milky Way that have identified interstellar objects from our solar system and not know where they came from.I mean surely there are objects from our solar system just wondering about the Milky Way, maybe some of the interstellar objects here have come from solar systems with intelligent life. Interesting thought 🤔🤔

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    No protomolecule in this video.

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    Good old science.
    “Hey check it out, we figured out how to detect interstellar rocks because we found one on accident.”
    …3 years later, we have now cataloged 19 of them.

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