We Finally Witnessed The Birth of a Planetary Nebula

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery of a star that’s transitioning into a remnant and is beginning the creation of the beautiful planetary nebula.
Paper: https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.3847/2041-8213/ab70b8

  1. Christian de Coninck

    what you are seeing is plasma cosmology at work.

  2. zyxwvutsrqponmlkh

    I told you last time, I’m a terrible person.

  3. BigNewGames

    You do realize that actual observation of Pluto, the Kuiper belt objects and the hot, dense plasma found along the sun’s Heliopause completely contradicts the widely accepted nebular hypothesis? It’s no longer a theory if the actual evidence cannot support it.

  4. DJCuruptedVEVO

    Anton your a super hero!!!!! And a wonderful person! Haha keep it up bro bro! Love every one of your videos even the long 3 hours I dig every minute.

  5. Peter Houle

    Goodbye, wonderful star.

  6. Poodleinacan

    That’s pretty cool.

  7. scott stutzman

    It does both wipes out life then adds the elements needed to start it over again. Only in nature do we have the stepping stones to promote life in one way or another.

  8. lasarith2

    Birth of a planetary Nebula – and the first thing it does is wear shades 😎

  9. Lance Heaps

    Question how did the star go directly from main sequence to a white dwarf? I thought the only stars that we think can do that are red dwarfs. I say think because none of them are yet old enough to test this theory. I always understood that any star larger than a red dwarf would go through a giant phase before becoming a stellar remenant.

  10. Martyn Notman

    Please please make a video on zone of avoidance galaxies Anton! Fascinating how big and how close they are yet remained unknown till so recently.

  11. howard delovitch

    In the game….Or in the Real Universe? Questions the Observer.

  12. tracey Stephens

    last about 100 years. That some serious job security for an astronomer

  13. Deborah Mahmoudieh

    Each nebula is a universal flower – spreading its seed amid a blast of solar-powered-wind – the dust that gave us our planet and the building-blocks for life…

  14. southside suicide89

    I’m happy to see you are ok, listen to planet caravan by black sabath. I think you would like it alot.

  15. BigNewGames

    Please, someone explain why hot, dense plasma forms along the sun’s Heliopause?

    The Voyager spacecrafts measured dense plasma along the Heliopause to be around 53,000° F.

    The only way that temperature could be sustained, IE solar system being 4.5 billion years old and located far away from the sun, the only source of thermal energy in the solar system, is if new particles were forming along the sun’s Heliopause. Mind you the surface of the sun is less than 10,000° F. Young hot particles (plasma) forms where the solar winds come to a halt (m=E/c²) along the sun’s Heliopause. The dense plasma along the Heliopause is more than 5 times the temperature on the surface of the sun!

    Measuring young, hot plasma (matter) forming along the suns’ Heliopause and interstellar space contradicts every theory, from the big bang theory to the nebular theory.

    Is there anyone here smart enough to explain why this data contradicts widely accepted theories? Yeah, I didn’t think so. You were programmed not to think for yourself, just to listen and believe everything you are told without questions. When one is able to question scientific theory instead of accepting everything then mental awareness increases. Always question everything.

  16. mrcatfish2100

    Did we come from a nebula?

  17. Terry Jones

    Poor Anton … no shaving cream due to Corona panic. :(

  18. Phed Rob

    Hello Anton. Do you think there was only one big bang which created our own Galaxy and near universe or do you think similar events have occurred many times creating the entire universe. I would love to hear your thoughts.

  19. Derek Rowe

    They always say the sun will expand and engulf possibly the first 3 planets. Would the expansion not change the orbit and actually push the planets out further? The orbit paths staying the same just seems odd.

  20. pmboston

    So we don’t die, we are reborn as remnants! Kind of comforting.

  21. Kathleen Sisco

    Perhaps our Sol has produced a planetary nebula, and from our point of view, survived, –see 8:20—and is slowly dying.

  22. Real Courte

    Cosmos makes wonderful art.

  23. Achim Galeski

    Birkland current pinch effect. The plasma universe shows its face 😀

  24. Jason W

    Betelgeuse went dim
    Covid-19 arrived

    Did Betelgeuse get covid-19?

  25. James Angius

    Look! The universe wears glasses!

  26. EE KAJ

    That looks like some ancient art works 6:09

  27. faithra khajiit

    i’m an atheist … but damn .. when i see the stars … these things are literally gods

  28. M Hughes

    Dank vid Anton, gg. 👍

  29. mrcatfish2100

    Nebulas are where stars are born right? Such beauty.

  30. Beta Wan

    felt like i witnessed the death and birth of a pheonix

  31. The Olive Tree

    Hmm this is the same fellow that said there was no concern to this global epidemic? The virus likely told you, “what do ya think of me now?”

  32. Joel Rosenfeld

    Send out probes going towards different star systems. Have them send out powerful messages for as long as possible. Every fifty years or so send out more powerful and durable probes. Maybe in a couple hundred years someone might hear us.

  33. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    The Sun will go supernova in 7 billion years? Oh no! Time to stock up!
    (If you’re going to panic at all, panic first).

  34. Brett Latulip

    You have to wonder, can we find a planet that with let us keep our current body shape.

  35. Shane Stewart

    You answered something I’ve been wondering Anton…. the speed of the jets 7:00
    186,000 miles per second is the speed of light & the jets speed is 105 miles per second. Wow that’s significantly slower than I would have guessed. 60 years to get that far…. interesting….. that must be quite a distance….

  36. Nonya Business

    Another awesome vid, I hope all is good for you my dude! ✌️

  37. Luc Face

    Thanks again, Anton. Hey, I know you’re not asking for my opinion, but at the end of each video you always say “space out and as always bye-bye” which is so sweet but feels backward. Feels like emphasizing the “bye” instead of the “space out” when I think the “space out” should get that extra boost because that’s the thing you want to implement. You want us to space out! I mean you don’t always want us to be “bye-bye”, right? and you don’t want to be always be saying bye. It’s unimportant, and I’m sure it would be hard to change after so many years, but I think it might sound better as: “bye-bye… and as always space out”. or maybe but probably not: “and as always, space out. Bye-bye” Hey man, either way… doesn’t fn matter. You got a quirky character thing you’re awesome.

  38. gary james

    Did you know that if the light spectrum was a line from NY to LA, what we can see is dime sized portion

  39. BeauBeau Kitty

    Beyond our parent stars terminology referring to it as our sun. Does it have an alpha Numeric designation? I know the Egyptians thought it to be Ahmen Ra.

  40. MrZorg

    Thanks for the new Video Anton. How are you making out over there?

  41. Gregory Parker

    I can’t believe how anyone can give this a thumbs down….probably Flattard Globe deniers

  42. Gustav Gnöttgen

    And in the end the term ‘planetary nebula’ was right all along since there will eventually form planets.

  43. Keith Douglass

    great video. the universe is like a huge art type show. forever changing. lucky long way from us. 7 bill years our sun. will put my camera timer on. Keith Australia

  44. GrimJerr

    Isn’t it cute, I just love Nebula when they are so new and full of potential.

  45. Marc Bali

    Anton always finds the most stunning pictures for this stuff 😎

  46. Wayne The Seine

    I always feel a little better and happier after Anton’s videos. Thanks.

  47. jgobroho

    Anton you better be staying safe! I already lost secureteam10 months ago so you’re my last channel I’m subscribed to that gives me information about space and interesting stuff!

  48. Robert Brito

    Anton I find all of this is very interesting inspiring and I have a question for you in the summer times when it’s ready to hot to get a good night sleep I put a bed roll in my truck and looking up at the night sky billions of stars and I want to know if I see a little flash of light that might be an exploding star ok my question is did it just happen or did it happen billions of years ago and the flash of light just showed up please explain so I can explain it to my grandsons

  49. Maxwell XL 1

    2:17 The Sewer system is throwing out lots of gas

  50. Magic Myco

    Informative, beautifully done, just awesome info, thanks Anton🙏

  51. Aurinkohirvi

    I always feel sad about the evolution of stars. If life is everywhere, then it means death of living worlds.

  52. Ben Siener

    Is this a picture of the nebula breast feeding? Because they look a bit like tatas

  53. Death Wish

    Wowzers!!! 😀👍

  54. Alain belloc

    Thank you for yours videos. Spaciba. 고마워. Merci.
    Best wishes

  55. Stadtpark90

    thanks for keeping it short (- you sometimes have a tendency of repeating yourself)

  56. Dom M

    Watching your vids are keeping me sane and mellow in “social distancing”

  57. arno kosterman

    The 2 rings is where it conforms itself😍 when the ringz becomes dinamic thay start tacing vrom the center again the new cicle begins again en the meterstade of the sun starts apearing again😍
    Phenix cicle only the sun is reborn out out the metterstate of the bace en energy of its shell


    Oa en out of the harmonics of the ring the planets apeare😍
    Like has been shown in the new fond manny small planeds orbitals of the kuiperbeld😍 some ware above .
    Like the plasma of mi reactors😍 its space en motion😍.

    Oll injoy😍

  58. Kaarli Makela

    Called a ‘planetary’ nebula. Why?
    Why is a dramatic change in the ‘death’ of a star referred to as planet-related?

  59. Lystic

    I notice a pattern when you talk about things moving in space.

  60. Horny Toads

    5:58 yo what are those sparks like spots of light at the ends of the inner bubbles where the jet exits the bubble? and as always great stuff anton!

  61. Steven Buckley

    Anton what happens to the binary star does it become a husk or does that explode as well !!

  62. Vernon Vouga

    You know it makes sense to me that a Remnant by itself would make jets too, I think I missed my calling and became a mechanic to early in life

  63. imjustasubscriber

    so, why is your series called What Da Math? I think it isn’t a specific enough title, it also seems off topic. You should change the name of your series to something more spacey!

  64. Clair Pahlavi

    BIRKLAND CURRENT Z-PINCHES from different angles.
    Some scientists are not going to progress beyond the Standard Nazi Propaganda of Creation.

  65. Karl Themel

    So, the remnant is collecting mass from the expanding partner. Should the remnant not turn supernova?

  66. Tim Troth

    So we are still using the name that the guy who didnt know what he was looking at made up? If these come from stars and not planets, then why not call it a solar nebula or something along those lines? 🤔

  67. Xspot box

    Imagine being there in person on some super advanced space ship, hope it come out on VR soon.

  68. Kate Ford

    Your the best ♥️

  69. PropRotor Nut

    Thanks Anton. Fascinating as always!

  70. James TheDoctor Duncan

    I’m only here to watch Anton refer to actual things as “so-called” things.

  71. SilentlyMysterius1

    Side note: have the sirius stars dimmed also? To me (in the UK) they seem to be dimmer than usual

  72. Thomas Jackson

    Only here for the,” Wonderful Person” comments.

  73. Robert Diehl

    Thank you Anton. Great information to boggle the mind and dazzle eyes

  74. Slyguy threeonetwonine

    Suggestion to Scientist: Rename this the “The Morning Glory” of the Universe?

  75. SpeedStriker

    We should make a timelapse of this exploding star.

  76. Twin Falls Astronomy

    Anyone wanna buy me the wonderful person t shirt lmao

  77. Nathanial Ponn

    It looks light two eyes with light vision glasses on hmm…

  78. pigGRAY

    What not many think about…. there may be billions and billions of life forms on this universal object that may have just gotten killed.

  79. Eric Stodolnik

    The actual image of it is really beautiful. I can’t wait for the JWST to be up and working so we can see an image of it in a wholly different kind of fidelity. They’re bound to point it at such an intriguing stellar object. I’d put it high on my list. Should be stunning.

  80. JackSpeed 439

    Dying stars is where I got the iron for my blood and calcium for my bones etc.

  81. Salty Lion

    Who are the 2 haters? lol oh probably flat earthers

  82. Ron Seipel

    Thank you Anton as always keeping us informed of the universe at large. Stay well good sir!

  83. craig roach

    Wow ! You are invaluable now to soooo many of us . You’re my escape , if briefly , from these aweful time .

  84. Dodecaheathen Blue

    From star death – to reminance- A Birth…Well said…so unfathomably beautiful. ..another fantastic video my friend- Thank you for sharing…

  85. Litivious Spartus

    Ive learned so much from watching your videos…thank you!

  86. Paulie Hellbound

    wow this was cool to learn about .I hope your doing well and are safe in Korea, take care of your self wonderful person

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    TFS Anton, hope your well and safe. G :)

  88. Mike Laffoon

    I’m old and full of gas. Why don’t I get a video?

  89. Dave Marx

    My hope is that one day we will all view the Death of a Star as the birth of an “energy mine”
    That we will be able to harvest that energy to help us further our journey across the universe.

  90. Heidi M

    Wow… the universe is amazing!

  91. Peter Ellinger

    Thanks for helping those of us in C-19 lock down stay sane. Stay well and keep em coming.

  92. Juan Sanchez

    They look like those one glasses from that meme

  93. Eric Taylor

    “It is the death of a star but also the birth of a remnant.”
    This is like saying “The death of a person is also the birth of a corpse.
    A seller remnant is a stellar corpse. There are no more nuclear reactions taking place and thus no new energy generated. It is no longer alive, just like the person who died is no longer alive.
    The remnant will cool off slowly over the eons until it reaches the background temperature of the space around it, though I would not land there as the gravity will be very very high. Crushing in fact.

  94. cloaking oak

    Anton makes me feel like a wonderful person.

  95. Reg U

    Hello Anton.
    Greetings from Montreal

    Stay healthy please.

    and keep up the great work you do.

  96. Just DeLuxe

    Hello Anton, curious if there’s any information when the inner planets are swallowed will it be like a roche? limit event or a Shoemaker-Levy meet Jupiter impact?

  97. The Exoplanets Channel

    Planetary nebulae: *the most beautiful celestial objects*

  98. Olegh Rozman

    Planetary Nebula: WITNESS ME!

  99. Daniel Ray

    Move along, no electricity to be seen here…

  100. Kerbal18

    Petition for NASA to take a picture of this everyday for the next 30 years and then make it into a time lapse

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