We Didn’t Expect To Find Another Orbital Plane In The Solar System!

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of another plane of orbit right here in our own solar system.
Paper: https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.3847/1538-3881/aba94d
Paper: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/0019103586900606

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  1. dpackage73

    Does the plane of the empty ecliptic (EE) line up with the galactic plane? It would seem to make sense if galactic tides are (or might be) the cause and I remember reading somewhere that the there’s a 60 degree (or 120 depending on frame of reference) angle between the sun’s average path around the galactic center and the standard planetary ecliptic. The EE could precess or stay fixed relative to “galactic north” but over so many hundreds of millions of years hard to imagine the perturbation from the tidal forces not changing/evolving along with the path traced by the sun.

  2. Stadtpark90

    So that 2nd plane (blue vs yellow in the depiction) is along the way of the galactic disc / galactic plane / ecliptic? The solar system is tilted by 60 or 120 degrees towards the galactic plane? Would the galactic center be towards the left or right in this picture? (The 60 degrees or the 120 degrees?) – lol: I feel like Frodo in the extended version of Lord of the Rings:“Mordor, Gandalf, is it left or right?“

  3. Caesium 55

    My favourite plane in the solar system is the Boeing 747

  4. KiwiGurn

    I can’t keep up with your in depth content and knowledge. Wow really , really good

  5. Janet Byrd

    Where did you get the Solar System Web Diagram?

  6. Graeme Lastname

    The galaxy background gives food for thought. :)

  7. Sabko Bds

    Congratulation… Your solar system just became 3-dimensional… 🌝

  8. Kombašan Pracka

    Hi Anton! Off topic question: at 1:40 why is the galaxy rotation in your background in the opposite direction – like rotating backwards?

  9. RicardoA BH

    Cool to see that you are a planet 9 positive guy :)

  10. A N

    OMG!! Did Anton just confirm Planet X and the Annunaki?! 😱👽
    Just kidding!

  11. Damon Nomad

    Hello Anton. What do you think of the idea that this other plane could be caused by Nemesis?

  12. Darren G

    An object doesnt need an orbital plane. They can have any orbit.

  13. Clifton M. Uhl

    1:50 my entire life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  14. Ano Nymous

    residual orbit from previous galactic collision?

  15. truman show

    Thank you for uploading this informative movie! I am happy to know the word Galactic tide.
    I am impressed to know the Oort cloud may stretch to the Galactic center by the force if planets are not affected to such a degree.

  16. P m V

    Well yeah that would cause a wave like turbulation as I described in video on being inside a supernova.which the initial wave of a super Nova probably caused at the time of the great battle in heaven by the sumarians who described earth as a round globe before a battle that cleaved earth in half creating the asteroid belt the hammered bracelet and grabbed the moon to Earth’s side explain shorn off edge near Russia and actual shape..planet nine is eris..sumarian story is very interesting and they also created the first zodiac still in use so ???

  17. CyFr's Corner

    Sorta explains why the solar systems bubble is so oddly shaped

  18. Eric Zeck

    What if Elon Musk could put more planes in outer space?

  19. space dude

    This is like the 3 star system

  20. Time End

    I already suggested this 4 years ago.

  21. McPhazer

    My brain works a lot harder now I know gravity doesn’t exist

  22. maknasty2

    Find Bowl set at store all much 1/2 spherical in shape multipul in one! All fit nice inside each other then !!!

  23. NEXUS Magazine

    I don’t believe gravitational forces or tides are shaping that – it has to be electrical or even electromagnetic forces as the mechanism.

  24. JeanYves Angers

    So the galaxy are spending and inside is the opposite

  25. Worst Chicken

    1:40 Is that spiral(I think) galaxy suppose to be spinning backwards? That’s kind of trippy.

  26. Dark saturn

    Anton I need your input does the universe have a center its bugging me…

  27. A D

    What would happen to our Solar system if Jupiter size planet joined our solar system in an open region at 90 degrees to Jupiter?

  28. factinator33

    The direction the GALAXY shown seems to be spinning backwards!!!!
    It’s like a HURRICANE, with low pressure in the center instead of a SMBH…. THE INNER MOST STARS SPIN THE FASTEST SLOWING DOWN AS YOU GO OUTWARD….

  29. Klaus Ole Kristiansen

    What makes the person t-shirt so wonderful? 😉

  30. john cope

    Maybe the shape is due to the comets being captured by the sun’s gravity from regions substantially away from the path of the sun, as it or bits around the galaxy. If you think of the sun as being like a massive gravitational snow plow moving through the galaxy, you could see that it would capture objects. The ones that are within the solar plane would tend to hit the sun and planets. But the ones that are substantial distance from the sun would be accelerated at a 90 degree angle, assuming the inclination that the comet orbits have. You do not have to assume 100% capture. Even a low rate of capture could account for the known comet population. The reason I say that is because if you do the kinetics analysis, you see that only a small fraction of near solar objects would be captured, because of the sun’s high velocity.

  31. Mike Hoster

    I had those thoughts when I was introduced to how an atom performs(back in grade school science class), soo why should our solar system be any different?? Nemesis could really be among the background we have yet to scrutinize, eh??

  32. Shirley Munro

    Planet X’s orbital plane. ;-)

  33. Alfred Sutton

    Thank you, Wonderful Anton.

  34. Random Task

    Hello wonderful Anton! This is person!!

  35. Not This Guy Again

    Look I hate to be negative but this channel is a joke he legit just parrots science articles and it’s obvious he has know practical knowledge of astronomy or physics. Would love to hear his thoughts on Tesla saying Einstein’s theory of relativity is a beggar dressed in emperors clothes that’s deceiving the masses, mind you EVERYTHING in modern physics is built on this fraudulent THEORY

  36. Abyssalblue

    Makes me think of a gyroscope.

  37. Andy Vogel

    Petrov – I watched this video and thought HMM, maybe this newly discovered orbital plane might be a remnant orbital plane from the previous star that occupied a similar place in our solar system.


    I bet it’s a charge tide not gravitational. Photons being emitted outward along the equator of the galaxy, pushing against our heliosphere and the solar magnetic field.

  39. ezzz9

    1:48 That is spinning the wrong way. lol

  40. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    I wish I was from the Oort Cloud….looks like nice place

  41. magicsinglez

    They are finding out that most exoplanets have an elliptical orbit, I’m guessing nearby stars have perturbed their orbits. Planet 9 is a long shot?

  42. Daniel Hristov

    The only channel on youtube i never leave a bad critic.
    Thank you very much for your uploads Anton.

  43. Waylon McCann

    Camera and lighting are looking great Anton, keep up the good work! 👍

  44. Andrew900460

    maybe there are planets far away in the other plane :O

  45. TheElectricOrigins

    Two orbital planes dismiss gravitational accretion process. By the way, maths does not prove anything. They just DESCRIBE (maths are quantitative language).

  46. Simon Hansson

    Hey, very interesting. I wondered if this effects the orbital mechanics so maybe we can send a starship to for example Mars using that orbital plane, for shorter arrival.

  47. redxpen

    Stay tuned for proof of planet x and the real lost city

  48. MATAM

    There is only one viewer watching this video.

  49. AJBAXTER7677

    If other planes exist, orbits could be broken down per elliptical plane but possibly added together to represent an averaged out “orbital sphere of influence”. Just a thought.

  50. Jim McClarin

    Pluto, which I have not abandoned as a planet, varies from the plane of the ecliptic by 17 degrees.

  51. Troll4Truth

    I’m guessing probably not native.

  52. Greg Reilly

    If the plane is indeed new, I suspect Andromeda’s Halo could be causing it. But otherwise I would assume Solar System plane and then Galactic plane. But Occam’s razor, watching a flame as a perfect sphere in space, I also believe there are multiple planes within our 3-dimensional Solar System that we have yet to discover.

  53. Rob Burke

    Great viseo again Anton. Also the internet service you’re using now is much clearer so for that thanks. Keep up the good work!!!

  54. Lisa Velasquez

    The Cosmic Heart Shaped Butterfly of Transformative Life Is Real, Obvi Love ☆Lv

  55. Venomvip

    The center of our galaxy is a shooting gallery. From all directions

  56. Dylan Jones

    I thought it was already known that the Kuiper Belt had its own eclyptic.

  57. Thomas Chrombly

    We have known there were other orbital planes in our solar system for a very long time.

  58. dricedt

    Would it be accurate to say, since orbiting is constantly falling around an object, that “down” for the earth is always the path of its orbit? Or would down always point to the sun?

  59. Silas Dense

    You continue to fascinate/surprise me with these new discoveries in science.
    That’s why I’m always looking forward to your videos.
    Well done !
    Thanks Anton.

  60. Zenlarrus Hiro

    And who would’ve thought that our solar system’s orbital plane is flat?

  61. Anima Videography

    Your cosmic content is consistently as fascinating as it is prolific Anton… 🙏🙏🙏

  62. steve clapper

    Exactly why I oppose the pandemic plan. What they want to do is codify our current best practice for subject of viral infections and as you know when you create a bureaucracy you freeze what is currently best practice into law. The things that we do, the behaviors that make us human are not optional in any way, not if you want to be a well adjusted person.

  63. Baughbe

    Maybe it’s just my expectations of symmetry that I have become used to in science… but given two ecliptics with a 60/120 degree angle on intersection… I wonder of the possibility of a third ecliptic that would come in at another 60 degrees.. so 60/60/60 spacing of angles. As for the name for the second ecliptic I’d go with the Tidal Ecliptic.

  64. Rob Falgiano

    That’s super interesting. Could the galactic tide ever significantly change planetary orbits such that two planets could collide?

    Also, the other reason this second plain exists is because it makes a heart shaped galaxy diagram which is really important.

  65. Spindoctor

    Wasn’t this plane one of the bigger predictions made by Constantine Batygin when he ran his simulations of planet 9? I know he predicted objects with a large inclination but I am not sure what range he predicted them to be.

  66. Becky York

    inclanation of the comets is more likely to be a rogue planet capture that had an impact with another body than shifting inclanations of small rocks

  67. Kevin Patrick

    So, we have labeled two objects (Borisov and Oumuamua) as “extra-solar objects” based on their orientation to the solar system’s rotation. In other words they entered the inner solar system from “above” or “below”. But, if there are other planes, might these have been local objects kicked loose from different orbital planes?

  68. Bradley Evans

    Well this is the most interesting fact that I have heard all week.

  69. András Csák

    Earth, Mars, Saturn and Neptune have relatively similar inclinations of their rotational axes. Couldn’t it be that originally they all formed in a different orbital plane?

    If the Solar System was formed from the splinters of a VERY near supernova explosion, several different orbital planes are likely, as the fragments of the exploded star begin orbiting around the Sun. Later, Jupiter’s gravitational affect flattend the planets’ orbits into one ecliptical plane.

    That’s just a “what if” speculation.

  70. mmm, Bacon

    News like this will cause flat earthers everywhere to go full retard. Then again they have already gone full retard, so no big deal.

  71. Abhishek Tandon

    What i really dont understand is the existence of oort cloud , i mean it has so much material but still something big cant form from it……

  72. Jennifer 6strings

    Not news I learned that on the 80s
    Our system is a gyro.
    It keeps us stable
    Or wed get flung around
    And hit by other objects
    There no need to leave our system
    Its perfect

  73. Email Ellis

    absolutely nonces the planet 9 it is the black hole and we are heading to it it might take 50 years in dog years this is the truth but nothing only the truth we don’t have a satellite we don’t have object we don’t have answers the Hubble telescope it is very powerful it can go to the deep space and take a picture and our solar system the Hubble telescope and the other type of telescope they know there is a black hole that’s why they call and the Black Hole it take long time to contain the solar system if it’s very close we my in 50 a 100 years time this is the end

  74. Shari Meguiar

    Has this info been censored ? Did anyone else feel like little crucial parts have been edited leaving out the truth ? I am not blaming Anton.

  75. H. H.

    It sounds like this is evidence that the Oort cloud is more of a disk than a sphere.

  76. Confector Tyrannis

    Just hitting play and holding my phone in my friend’s face is still easier than trying to explain to him lol

  77. Mike Lambert

    I thought there was evidence that the sun is thought to have had a twin, that at some time it was part of a pair of stars, one of which was ejected. Could that explain the second ecliptic?

  78. Nano Seeker

    I thought about these in spectrum
    Where color frequency is blended
    In a certain pattern not continues
    Colors not in perfect line
    New a something like this .

  79. MeTwoFirst

    After seeing the movie When Worlds Collide I knew there could be a planet(9) coming to squash us.

  80. What's Next?

    Very cool news and even more proof we need to widen our search for Planet 9 👍

  81. The DORUK

    *I read it as Planet
    Thought Planet9 finally found :[

  82. MC's Creations

    That’s pretty interesting!
    But who’s looking for planet 9 is going to have to go back to the drawing board. 😬

  83. ibkristykat

    I can’t quite place Anton’s accent .. he says something about being in Canada but he sounds neither French-Canadian nor Newfie…..
    Awesome content BTW

  84. moed al garny

    when you learn about univers more and more..the more you realise that.. we are just like a particle dust in univers history 😐 and this alone should make any one learning about it humble

  85. lesto12321

    please a quick trick: re-add the animation on the greescreen after the cuts, some animation like the galaxy where pretty flashy and distracting

  86. Bayu Pratama

    So, planet 9 is still a valid theory or not? Because I remember it has been debunked in this channel. Or is it the argumentation against planet 9 is not strong enough so that planet 9 theory is still legit?

  87. Station Recreation

    Once again we have to rewrite everything we know about space….

    Proving yet again, that we know 2 things about space jack and shit.

  88. Rob Fordgerrans

    Hi Anton, hope your settling in your new place ok. Looking forward to all the future content 👍

  89. magicsinglez

    Jupiter ‘inclination’ almost 0. I told someone test, or tried to. They said ‘our moon keeps our inclination stable’. . I said. .’what about planets that have no moons or moons with a relatively tiny mass’?

  90. Primetime Durkheim

    I already discovered this in 1769.

  91. Tim Helmer

    It’s important to note that the ecliptic is the Earth’s orbit around the sun. How about a different theory for this other plane? What if after the original formation of the solar system there was another cloud of debris from a supernova that drifted by from a different direction. This could help explain events like the great bombardment and the reshuffling of the outer planets billions of years ago. Or how about the Galaxy having different orbital planes. This could be an invading dwarf Galaxy that came in at an angle 3 or 4 billion years ago. Great channel Anton thanks.

  92. Klaus ATHEIST Bolvig

    Are we talking planet- 9 ? Apparently not. James wepp get out there !

  93. Mike Clark

    That is so cool! Also, Anton’s channel is pretty much the best place to find out what is happening in science, particularly astronomical science.

  94. Shred With Dignity

    And I thought learning the guitar solo for Tornado of souls was a big achievement. Sigh…

  95. C-S featured

    “Imma see what Anton’s new video is and go to sleep, watch it in the morning”

    *turns out, there is another orbiting plane in our solar system*

    “Oops looks like sleep won’t come tonight”

  96. Ricky Upchurch

    And a new cheesy pickup line is born… Hay there good lookin: What signs are you on the first and second ecliptics?:)

  97. The Rain Bow

    And people say the age of exploration has passed…. BALONEY!

  98. Metastatic Malady

    Interesting, I wonder what it is causing that. I may be wrong, but I read that Jupiter kept Earth from getting too close to the sun when our solar system was forming. It seems like we got very lucky in thousands of ways.

  99. Christopher Mason

    Thumbs down people do not believe in 2 orbital planes. They are ‘flat-planers’

  100. Shake Itas

    Title: We didn’t expect
    Anton 6secs in: something that was suspected for a very long time :D

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