We Are Safe From Apophis Collision for 100+ Years According to NASA

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the updates in regards to the infamous asteroid Apophis.
CNEOS: https://cneos.jpl.nasa.gov/sentry/
Images: Pixabay
Astronomical Institute of the Charles University: Josef Ďurech, Vojtěch Sidorin , CC BY 4.0
Phoenix CZE , CC BY-SA 4.0
State Farm, CC-BY-2.0
Darkimages08 , CC-BY-4.0
California Academy of Sciences

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  1. R-1957 bobo

    We’ll probably never see the one that’ll hit us.

  2. steel4o

    2068: we are finally done with the corona crisis. Things should get better for here.
    Asteroid: John Cena peering meme: Are you sure about that ?

  3. Peter Rabbit

    One day, a 500m wide chunk of nickel and iron is going to level a city, with exactly 12 seconds warning.

  4. Post Otakulypse

    (Checks date)
    Okay, it’s not an April Fools joke.

    Well, how about instead of Apophis, we call it Steve?

  5. Mo Pippenger

    Love the video! One thing you mentioned is that the 2-lobed shape could mean it’s splitting apart, but it’s actually the opposite, that would mean it was 2 asteroids that slowly spiraled in and joined each other!

  6. Levelz31

    anton are nukes the best way to terraform mars ? if not what would you suggest ?

  7. Robert Fox

    Thank you!

  8. Joe Skill

    Good ,, I trust your judgment a lot more then the fake stream media..👍🏽

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  10. Giga

    Oh yeah, that’s good news… I guess

  11. Ford Prefect

    Dang it and I was hoping for Hammer Fall.

  12. tsrif tsal

    I miss your food video. :P

  13. ZualaPips

    I just can’t imagine what would happen if we get an announcement that we have only 5 years to live as we know it. Would people just go about their days like nothing happen and pretend it’s fake, will people start leaving their jobs and doing what they actually wanted to do, both? It’s crazy to think about.

  14. Andrew Simpson

    Yay we’re not gonna get obliterated after all!

  15. Dr Gunsmith

    Hmmmm that’s what they said in the film Greenland 😂

  16. Podkova

    Damn. Now I have to endure months more lockdown bliss. Come on Sun, give us a nice big solar flare and end our misery.

  17. James Mitchell

    I just got your April fool’s joke. Good one Anton, you totally got me!

  18. Josh

    I have two black sofa pillows with the wonderful person logo. <3

  19. Hinsberg Reagent

    In an alternate universe :
    *Its official , the asteroid Apophis is going to hit Eartn in less than half a decade*

  20. Jason Ross

    Better keep one eye on it anyway!!
    Asteroids are sneaky buggers !!

  21. Ivan 23 Caravantes

    Where’s the food reviews dam it…😅🤣😂

  22. Michael Angelos

    Thanks, Anton. I was worried about that asteroid.
    I was looking on eBay for some asteroid helmets.

  23. MatterIsNotSolid

    Who says they aren’t lying because they know it’s going to hit soon and don’t want people to panic?

  24. Science Troll

    I watched one go past in ’81, four mil at arm’s length, do the maths if that’s your thing. Cometary orbit, heading a little above the rising sun, very spherical, frosted silver. I wrote to the observatory about it but they never bothered to reply.

  25. Terrance Roff

    Anton, there has been A LOT of asteroid activity with very regular spotting over the last few months.. Are we in the middle of asteroid shower that no one talking about or is just being noticed more because every week were hearing about major fireballs up in the sky…Thx in advance.. do cover this!

  26. Novidian

    I guess you guys aren’t ready for that one, but your grandkids are going to love it.

  27. Bob Smith

    Whew , that was a close one

  28. Thomas Smestead

    Thank You, Wonderful Anton.

  29. B TheGawd

    They always scare you with doom and gloom with asteroids. This has been happening as long as I can remember.

  30. Ric Brunner

    It’s not the ones we know about in the next 100 years it’s the one you don’t see coming.

  31. CromeDomeOmega

    I gots a dam good question….how do they know that something wont impact this asteroid sending it on a new angle right at us? Also, i thought this was the NOODLE CHANNEL now. Where am i gonna get my noodle fix for the day now!?!?😁

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    Now , I can go to bed and sleep peacefully.

  34. Quack Quark

    Whatever trivial fear of asteroids I had was replaced with dread from those years.
    2064: probably dead
    2056: nearly dead
    2116, 2119, 2107, 2111 … dead, deaderific, deadatola, deaderator…

  35. OllamhDrab

    Well, that’s good. We can redirect that later. I always say, “Why procrastinate small when you can put off something really big for a really long time?” :)

  36. PMS

    You’re awesome Anton. Thank you for sharing.

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    well all is well, cool

  39. ff7h

    thanks Anton. i wont worry about the one we know about, and ill ignore the ones we done know about.

  40. A Z

    Oh Anton. So nothing can save us from the AI that would take over.

  41. Noah Wiederhold

    cool. Let’s just hope Apophis doesn’t have any stealthy siblings

  42. Richard Wagoner

    Anton, always love your work. Question, JPL had the eastern Mediterranean region as the best area for naked eye observation of Apophis in 2029. Has that changed?

  43. Ma 14.2

    Yes! Finally a reason to visit asia.😅

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    Well, crap. C’mon CME, it’s up to you now. This planet really needs an enema.

  47. Puppy_Cat_Meowz

    Me: Oh no! World destruction in 100 years!
    Anton: and would also produce an explosion equivalent to about 880 megatons of TNT
    Me: Only 880 megatons? Well then, we’re fine. B)

  48. 泥棒猫

    I hope i can travel just to watch this. Already have watched two total eclipses and jupiter/saturn near conjunction with my own naked eyes.

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    I can’t get enough of my daily space updates. Keep up the amazing work Anton!

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    What Anton! Munchs scream is a byproduct of kracatoa! As an art student I love this!

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    I was kinda hoping it would hit tomorrow.

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    what is not to like about Anton! Yeh Anton. When I feel down I remember that I’m a “wonderful person”! He has a way of reminding me of “the big picture”

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    Anton with the Easter egg today!
    Down goes Aphohis!

  54. Luis Soto

    I cant wait for the next century , i was hoping to hit yonkers ny , i got ” friends” there!

  55. Jamesie_S

    If it’s safe right now and passing relatively close, it’s an ideal target for testing a hypothetical defence right?

  56. M. Washington

    Nothing to worry about…what they always say when we need to be very, very afraid.

  57. Eugene Minton

    dang, means the moon is safe from impact too? that would have been interesting.

  58. Hazel Reannez

    I think the paintings were from a different volcano in Indonesia, which attributed to the “years without summer” event…

  59. Chad Cuckproducer

    Let down by this and everything else in my life.

  60. vrendus522

    The exact year is year 2029.Did they fix this, or is this just a guess? I don’t trust governments any farther than I can throw them.

  61. Flex Tech

    The astroid I’m worried about is the one they don’t know about.

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    I’m so disappointed!! I was so looking forward to it hitting us. I turn 100 on April 13th 2068!! Now i have nothing to live for. That would have been the most amazing way to go out, taking humanity with me!!

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  93. Dr Gamma D

    One thing about synthetic aperture radar (SAR), or inverse-SAR, or basic range-doppler processing: the theoretical resolution does not depend on the distance from antenna to target.

  94. Emm Kay

    Hey well this year’s turning out great yeah?

    Also it always tripped me up about that Krakatoa volcano… This wasn’t all that long ago, and we had some form of media… But most people don’t even know about it or think about it.

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