Venus Update: New Unusual Discovery – Amino Acid Glycine

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new unusual discovery on Venus – an amino acid known as Glycine

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  1. Hephen Stawking

    Well, we’ve gotta send some mass spectrometers to find out

  2. Mike Armstrong

    Happy Halloween Anton ! My favorite go to guy on YouTube.

  3. David Elliott

    The amount of Phosphine found on Venus is so tiny that if it really was caused by life we would have seen much more obvious signs of life.

  4. D1agram

    Glycerine! Don’t take me awayyyyyy glycerine! Or something like that. They sucked.

  5. Richard Shane

    Hi wonderful people

    @ 4:53

    The first logic block since biological process is mentioned here…is self awareness as in an electron feed back loop.

  6. Peter Mortensen

    Perhaps an application for carbon nanotubes, fishing out samples
    of the atmosphere of Venus without committing a whole
    spacecraft to it (avoiding the atmospheric drag)?

  7. Max Pheby

    “Its never aliens until it is”.

  8. Photoflowey

    The life on Venus : *grow*
    In 2 billions years : venusians : *exist*
    The sun : i’m going to ruin thoses newmans whole career

  9. Bob Spencer

    Have we sampled the clouds in Venus to check this discovery, or are we just guessing.

  10. Loci Flow

    9:53 what song is that in the background? Good video as always anton!

  11. Ptr Wxlr

    I am not surprised that Venus has many biological precursors, but I would be very surprised if life is ever discovered on that hellhole.

  12. Reno Cicchi

    Plot twist, life on earth originated from Venus

  13. Matthew Suffidy

    9:05 Because I’m a RRoocket MMMann.

  14. Greg K

    Anton did a good job in this video of calming down the hype about life on Venus. Early days still.

  15. Rabbiturtacorn

    I really don’t understand why our primary goal is to colonize mars instead of focusing on venus.

  16. Scott Mallender

    Valiant Thor, has been here to help. Somehow we said, “ no thanks”…

  17. Richard Shane


    Next up in the time of evolutionary process, perhaps….. Start counting to infinity minus 1

  18. DiMiTri NaNdov

    “somewhat deadly”

  19. Justin Carnes

    I feel like we’re about to find that the universe and it’s lifeforms are much stranger than we thought. I want to research exotic biochemistries soooo bad.

  20. kpsting

    I’m guessing they can’t tell the L/D form ratio from the spectra?
    edit: nvm, they can’t

  21. Silas Dense

    Such amazing research that you show us on these videos.
    Thank you Anton!

  22. Daryl Wallace

    Gut says It’s from the lightning.

  23. A.J. Torzyk

    Anton I think that we must define the Universe , before we make an assumption that it has an edge. Of the things in the Universe that we have knowledge of motion ) what direction are they going? ) if they are not in a orbit then they are moving away from our point of observation ? ) where are they going ? ) We know that Galaxies are billions of light years away….we know the direction of the observed Galaxies…. and can compute the arc/orbit and from our point of observation we can determine if the arc is concave or convex with the point of observation… if it is convex then the Universe is greater than multiple billions of light years and has room to contain the Galaxies….if the arc is convex then the center of the convex arc essentially makes the distance double of at least
    two of the measured Galaxies. This tells us that the observed Universe is multiple billions of light years bigger than the observed. Therefore unless something proves otherwise the Universe is similarly the same as Galaxies thereby being multiple Universes with empty space in between with no edge. Where are we within our Universe? When will we know that we are observing another Universe containing Galaxy’s of its own? Will the Universe’s be scattered like Galaxies or stacked and parallel. Are they connected as with worm holes ..
    ANTON YOUR MOM WAS CORRECT ….Infiniti is a way of saying greater than what has been measured and leaving room for discovery’s .
    It may be that the adjacent Universe is closer than some of the Galaxies in our Universe. Depends on where we are…

  24. smashingintoyou

    One of the nicest comment section. What a great group I’m a part of. Great video wonderful Anton.

  25. L0rd_of_Hollows

    no you’re wonderful

  26. Squirrel Gray

    Sweet logical science. This channel is my happy place in 2020.

  27. Happy Traveler

    Val Valiant Thor’s home planet.

  28. Tanner Hageman

    Yeah, I almost think venus is a better bet for colonization than mars.

  29. Jenny Cooper

    Just because there are chemicals for life doesn’t mean that that life exists now or has ever existed. But still very interesting to contemplate.

  30. El Inextricable

    I tried to say “wonderful” as fast as you do but I ended up saying “waifu” and “awful” lol.

  31. Hlafordlaes

    When I need to really relax, I come into the violent and dangerous cosmos in the company of wonderful person Anton. Much more peaceful out here.
    PS What about Titan? Any glycine?

  32. C M

    I was always wondering why everybody appears so focused on Mars. I’m my opinion Venus is so much more interesting.

  33. Erik Bongers

    TLDR; there’s something cookin’ in the atmosphere of Venus. Whether it’s a yummy stew or just drab slush, we don’t know yet.

  34. mrJety89

    Wait until Thunderfoot hears of this

  35. Spectral Arts

    This is quite monumental if proven completely… Amino acids in the atmosphere of another world are basically proof that the molecules for life as we know it exists on worlds beyond our own…
    The fact that they already know it exists in space should strongly suggest the life blocks of organic-based life are abundant enough for us to have even discovered them.

    Alien life and especially intelligent alien life in the universe would change how we humans see ourselves and our place on the world… Religions and politics will change and our species might really start working together to explore our solar system. invest in colonisation and even in military defence. We could have space-fleets of united nations of earth continuously evolve their technology and also for civilisation.

    I fucking hope I live to see the day… Proof of alien life, hopefully even more complex life discovered in our solar system.
    Mars colony is up and running. asteroids are being targeted for mining efforts and robots are being made to go mine them. lol.

  36. ALAN eon

    Hmm, if organics form/exist in space, then this may really prove the idea of panspermia.

  37. chris siemers

    It was me. Im sorry. Im sorry I gave venus glycine. I was drunk and venus came onto me.

  38. exitolaboral

    Perhaps venusians are like flying octopusess

  39. exitolaboral

    Flying venusian amoebas!!

  40. Giovanny Silva

    “Natural explanation still possible”? do you mean life is not natural? Sir, are you a lifesist? ok, I’ll stop playing SJW… I luv the quality of your vids now m8, “and as always” good vid ;)

  41. Paradigm Shifts Channel

    Bodybuilders are going to be so *happy* about this news! 😂

  42. Nick L

    But here is the rub, the amino acids we are made of are easy to synthesis abiotically. (that was probably why we use them in the first place). It is as simple as that.

  43. Matt Smith

    Wait, did he just describe 900 degrees Fahrenheit and sulfuric acid rain as “Somewhat deadly”? lol

  44. Mars Starcruiser

    What if Earth is at fault… and us transiting, using the venus slingshot, accidentally seeded whatever is causing this reaction? 🤔

  45. Garfield all Day

    Venus isn’t all that. I’ve been there.

  46. Tymoteusz Danel

    Venus update:
    patch notes:
    -added lore and history
    -new resources added to terrain generation
    -gas physics engine updated
    -preparations for the venus samples quest

  47. KTVX.94

    9:14 imagine if we hadn’t discovered life on Venus before, because it wasn’t there and it JUST started out

  48. Marco Zolo

    Wouldn’t it be something if we found life on Venus when everyone thought we would find it on Mars

  49. sai krishna kanchi

    9:28 maybe aliens also thought same with earth

  50. Aurinkohirvi

    It’s never aliens.
    And if it is, it’s swamp gas.

  51. Foster Nascentes

    So there isnt live in Venus, because the WHOLE PLANET ITS ALIVE! RUN! RUN! RUN!

  52. Kris Bendix

    One way or another the planet is capable of creating molecules needed for life.

  53. OmegaVideoGameGod


  54. Daire O Brien

    Aliens everywhere! Only fools think we are alone.

  55. JBangcastle

    Good ole Anton. This is all I needed to place my money on life existing on Venus, even if microbial. If I had to bet, something is there. The odds lean towards life. Our denial leans towards nothing, always!

  56. Not Sure

    Researchers have been finding amino acids and other organic molecules on meteorites for decades.

    This news is still nothing. No evidence of life on Venus. Keep projecting, people.

  57. John Doe

    Glycine and phosgen. The case just gets stronger.

  58. Richard Shane

    Hi Anton, perhaps colonization of the Moon underground would be less problematic than trying to venture beyond 250,000 MI

    Let the one-way colonization begin

  59. Superluminal

    Glycine makes some nice and quite affordable swiss watches.

  60. Spok

    Next Venusian scientific discoveries: “Scientists Discover that Venus Has NO Arms!” 😁 Also, audio detected from Venus probe Artemis: “In the name of Love, I will punish you! ” 😘

  61. Science Troll

    Giant hot air balloon jellyfish with hydrochloric acid tentacles and the ability to store static to use as a lightening weapon.

  62. skyler bowerbank

    I am starting to feel like either
    There is life on venus, OR life is close to being made from scratch on venus

  63. zounoa a

    nobody has ever called me “beautiful” so many times in a single conversation :’)

  64. Jack Beard

    Venus’s atmosphere would likely give us an indication as to how life could have started on Earth. The problem with Venus is that the threshold in the sky likely would not allow for variations on the building blocks of life. Variation is key to evolution. Earth has solid, liquid, gas. Venus has gas only but the building blocks of life should be present. It would take significantly longer though for anything to evolve in such a way that it could float in the atmosphere. But life finds a way. Hence why I think Mars underground is the closest candidate for complex life to exist. Europa is next.

  65. Robz Workz

    If anyone played Earth worm Jim, there were old women hitting him saying “fresh” when he accidentally falls on them. They may exist on that planet. I feel that the first astronauts that land on that planet will be met with a large purse bag to the head.

  66. Stephanthesearcher

    this seems to be the right place to ask a question:
    how is venus able to keep such a dense atmosphere while beeing so close to the sun?
    isnt a planet prone to bleed atmosphere over time, even more so the hotter he is and the closer he is to a star?
    venus beeing ALOTT hotter and closer to the sun than earth and mars and still maintains a atmosphere hundreds of times denser compared to earth and a even greater degree to mars.

  67. Baleur

    Man they’re just spoonfeeding us “oh btw we found this old study showing Venus has life” details drip by drip the past year.

  68. Baleur

    3:30 i mean sure, we should respect intelligent people in the comments who actually know what they are talking about. But the problem is weeding that out from people who DONT know what they are talking about :P
    I’d probably rather believe what astronomers that worked on this literal paper say, over what a random youtube comment says, regarding the most probably cause of this phosphane.

  69. Shane Lee

    It’s dragons, the only thing that could be able to to live on that hot planet.

  70. freakout jam

    Ever see Tarkovsky’s Solaris (1972 not the remake). Glycine, neurons, life in the atmosphere… Venus is Solaris, tread carefully!

  71. K K

    Would we detect glycine in our atmosphere?

  72. Luke Seed

    I’m sure you’ve watched Thunderfoot’s vids on molecule detection on venus. Sounds like life would be really tough/impossible

  73. Saoirse Nelson

    I can’t imagine a mission to Venus would even be that expensive.

  74. Finx

    My 1st thought was “We’re basically watching the 1st stages of how things start” and than you started talking about it at @9:20 lol awesome

  75. MC's Creations

    Really interesting. I’m curious to see how life changes Venus climate – I mean, in case there is life after all. 😊

  76. Rike S

    Glycine was produced in the 1952 Miller–Urey experiment using spark, water (H2O), methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3), and hydrogen (H2). Glycine was also produced in the volcanic spark and H2S-rich spark experiment. In fact the 2008 volcanic spark experiment produced 22 amino acids. Ref. Miller–Urey experiment wiki

  77. Oat lord

    Maybe the reason Venus is so hellish is because its oven is on as it cooks its baby buns.

  78. Matthew Dee

    I’m in the middle of a pretty bad depressive episode right now, and your “Hello wonderful person” made me smile. Thank you for being you :-)

  79. Don't Look

    What if the life came from the Venera probe? That would be wild

  80. Infinitum Neo

    Our understanding of life is so limited in general. We once thought that life couldn’t exist without Sun light. Now we know it can thrive biochemically underground and under the oceans. Dr Carl Sagan suggested that life would be very different than we would image on other planets.


    It,s soo crazy….Venus showing surprises one after another! Great video as always!

  82. LapisSea

    Anton: This *somewhat* deadly planet

  83. Doc Brown

    If life can exist there, it can almost anywhere. A question that needs an answer.

  84. yourgu4rd

    Nice reconciliation : From “venus flytrap” to “venus update” :D

  85. P C

    Venus was always more interesting than Mars.
    Edit: One looks red, the other one is on fire 🔥

  86. Alex Chen

    I’m won’t believe we’ve confirmed alien life until Anton Petrov tells me we have.

  87. skybattler 262

    Comment section be like:

    Anon: “Yey! Alien Life on Venus!”
    Random Guy: It came from earth.
    Anon: HOW?
    Random Guy: The Soviets sent a series of unsterilized probes in the past.

  88. Broke Dick Dawg

    Sounds like it’s time to put some satellites in Venus’ orbit. We’ve left our guard down on our neighbor for far too long.

  89. Matt A

    All these worlds are yours except Venus. Attempt no landing there.

  90. Lewd Sparky

    He called us wonderful person 3 Times ; – ; 0:00 , 0:17 , 3:00

    Made my week.

  91. James Duellman

    It might not be life yet but it could be the set-up for that possibility.

  92. rene0

    “It’s never aliens until it’s aliens” “It’s never aliens until it’s aliens” ** Alien hits you on the head with a stick (comic style) / Alien blasts your head of with a zapper (other comic style) * And mumbles “Oh shut up earthling of course there are aliens”

  93. MofkerGT

    He called us a wonderful person two times! 00:00 00:17

  94. Bastieneitsab

    hey Anton I can’t help but notice how lately a lot of science news fall to the easy trap of talking about non-peer reviewed papers and their ”implications if they were true” and I have a very weird feeling that it’s just fostering science fantasies rather than push science forward. I feel like current science headlines are pushing you to cover almost fringe subjects to make sure you get decent views.
    I hope I’m wrong. Someone is probably gonna reply to this with a 3000 words essay on why I’m wrong.

  95. confusedone97

    Plot twist, the Russian probe that first took pictures of the surface actually seeded the planet with life

  96. SM Nation

    Last time I looked at Venus through my telescope, it was like looking at a tiny sun and it made my eyes hurt lol

  97. Roger Wehbe

    I love that we looked all over the whole freaking universe for aliens. They have been sitting next-door all our lives .

  98. Freak80MC

    Honestly would be hilarious if the first life discovered outside of Earth is from Venus since we originally thought it would be like a rain-forest or whatever beneath the clouds, then inhospitable, wrapping all the way back to finding life there (even if it is in the clouds)

  99. Erik S

    Humans: We’re going to colonize mars!

    Venus: No, wait! I’m ALIVE! Love Me More!

  100. qwertyuiop

    Say it with me: “dirigible probe/drone”. Leave a couple of communication/observation satellites in orbit and the dirigible is able to send ‘daily’ updates – including video and audio – back to Earth. This should be able to be made with ‘nearly off the shelf’ technology in the fairly near future….

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