Venus: Discoveries and Surprises of 2021 – 2 Hour Compilation

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Hello and welcome! I’m away for a week moving recording studio to a new location, so here is a compilation video about Venus discoveries from the last few months!

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  1. Matthew Brown

    Wonderful vid Anton 😃

  2. Chris Braid

    I’m glad to see Anton express caution in his summary of science. Presumption is an ignorance, but cautious respect for alternative possibilities is what a true scientist will engender . Born of the realisations that not all possibilities were considered, the doubt that we have truly summarised the available data allows us to know at a later date that we really weren’t in command of all the facts …. I am agreed with Anton that Mars offers too little against the daunting possibilities of Venus.

  3. Ryu Rwar

    cant they use like an airship on venus?

  4. not tellin

    where is the other 18m and 48s?

  5. 2D HeathBar

    Still waiting for the day he gets rid of the facecam. He never needed it for his old videos. It will always be distracting for people with ADHD. Like me.

  6. Chris Schaiberger

    How would we be able to withstand the the atmospheric pressure & temperatures…we don’t have the materials to stand up to such heat & pressure!

  7. Like Ceramics. & Handmade


  8. nyood mono

    We’re heading to Venus and maybe they’ve seen us

  9. lord Jesus

    How is your New Home my Friend… hope you enjoy it there and best of Luck

  10. Manj Sher

    Simple question, Venus was doomed from the beginning due to orbit?

  11. Zenkat

    Never understood why I was laughed at when I was asked about my theory on what creates earthquakes.
    I said plate tectonics and my entire classroom back in 6th, and the teacher, laughed at me.


  12. Allen Smogar

    Hello Anton, i have a question if you don’t mind, when at 7:49 you mention ‘materials’ do you mean elements which belong to the group called Noble Gasses?

  13. Allen Smogar

    Love your work, very creative, keep doing what your doing . Cant w8 to see the 3h long journey about Nars you made

  14. Caleb Darr

    Hello Wonderful Person!

  15. Émile Pagé

    holy shit you are getting close to 1 million subs Anton.

  16. Saket Aryan

    Hey wonderful Anton! I have an idea , why not your videos in podcast format on spotify? would be really great!

  17. Breakfast of Champions

    Anton please add chapters to the compilation videos, this would increase their value so much!


    This is an amazing time to be a science lover.

  19. John Saley

    If this new probe takes pictures of Venus, will we see any remains of the old original Russian probes from the 1970’s / 1980’s?

  20. AidanIsEvil

    Hello Anton, You wonderful person :)

  21. Joseph Anaya


  22. glowing one

    I swear I fall asleep with youtube on and then bam I wake up to Anton

  23. Morty

    You should release these compilations at the end of every year instead.

  24. Joe Felony

    I hope Anton doesn’t burn himself out with YT video’s. The amount and quality of content is A-Tier and he does it by himself?

  25. Phillip Shorter

    The Japanese prbe’s name is pronounced Ah-cut-ski, not aka-sue-key. Love your stuff Anton.

  26. Congruent Crib

    I want to know if what I imagine is possible. I love the idea of building habitats for people in other planets. I’d love to make structures on Mars, and floating cities on Venus. Is there anything people suggest? I love the idea of mechanical and civil engineering being used in one project. Any suggestions for where to look/ talk to/ get in contact with in order to start something like this? Any specific schooling I should take?

  27. Josh Guyette

    0:40 – I did wonderful person. :)

  28. Terry Kissinger

    You are great for spending as much time on Venus as you have in this video segment. Thank you.

  29. Isaac Griffin

    We shouldn’t be colonizing Mars, we should colonize Venus! Humanity first!

  30. Castor Troy

    Rest In Peace to all those cloned aliens that tried to explore Venus. Your sacrifice will serve a purpose one day.

  31. Bettina


  32. Daniel L

    Good luck on the studio hunt!

  33. Bryan Drewry

    Had to change its orientation? That’s stuff’s even affecting solar probes now?

  34. Bryan Drewry

    Normally I’d make a Clinton joke but, considering what we have now, I’d take him back in a heartbeat.

  35. Pup314

    But this craft did notmove under its own powernot direction by its onboardcomputer. It was the riest floater on another planet.


    The pressure causes the temperature, C02 theory is dumb

  37. WhenTheWorldWasAtWar

    That was well worth the time, thank you <3

  38. Jonathan DeVries

    hey wonderful anton, …this is person…hope the moves going okay! any plumbing questions i’m your guy!

  39. Damondo DBN

    No ads? Yay… Thank you, wonderful Anton.

  40. Gerrie

    Hello Wonderful Anton :o)

  41. Drift Theory Garage

    I love this channel

  42. Osmosis Jones

    Why not check if the rock had any organals

  43. Matthew Mineo

    Let’s push Anton to 1mil subs!

  44. AloisWeimar

    Hello wonderful Aton

  45. Eileen Boag

    I am sure you would have much to talk about with YouTube channel ChastiaCav. Love your work. 👏👏👏🌎❤️

  46. michael drixler

    Thicc Venus

  47. CyberPunk

    Can’t express how thankful i am for all the work you do, you’ve made my passion for space 1000x stronger, thank you so much Anton!

  48. E Van

    DAMN leave it to the Russians to not only design a lander that can survive an atmosphere at 870°F and pressure of 1,350 psi, but also a balloon that can fly around there.. Russia still makes great stuff (when their government demands it) There’s not much I would not give for an AK-107

  49. DAVE OG fans

    Anyone else falling asleep to this right now?

  50. Danboi

    2hrs? 😳

  51. Dethlok719

    You need to move more if it means videos like these lol. Just kidding hope the move is working out.

  52. MastJake-The-Tur

    Thank you wonderful person

  53. Ahmad AL


  54. pwr SERG


  55. spiros petropoulos

    My next 2 hours just got better thankyou Anton , love from Melbourne Australia

  56. Nxthan

    “Who’s been a TRUE FAN FOR A LONG TIME”💵”

    (ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ʙᴛᴡ)💵

  57. Cliffordlonghead

    Awesome Video Anton

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