Venus Curse Is Broken! NASA Confirms 2 Incredible Missions

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about 2 new NASA missions to the beautiful Venus

Images: National Air and Space Museum
Geoffrey.landis , , CC0
NASA/GSFC visualization by CI Labs Michael Lentz and others
Reimund Bertrams
Uwe W CC0
NASA and JPL-Caltech
Sjoh197 , CC BY-SA 4.0 ,

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  1. Julio Garcia

    I’ve been saying it for years first one to make a factory on venus wins all wars for all time

  2. B.J. Hubbard

    Title of video: “finally more missions to Venus”
    Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and Ceres, which all only ever got sent a mission once: “ok, my turn” (meme refrence”

  3. Eric M. Foster

    You’re podcasts are always very interesting, thank you!👌

  4. Star masterc

    “Beautiful planet Venus”
    I didn’t know that a real example of hell (literally speaking) is beautiful.

  5. Officer Rod Farva

    That’s awesome! I’ve been dying for them to send more probes to Venus. Super excited about this

  6. 3DSergio

    That’s so out there, exactly who is the first person to know that there’s different kinds of the same elements & how did he know where the differences came from

  7. Pat Konelectric

    I’m going to be a cryptocurrency billionaire in the future. I want to vacation on a Venus Cloud City.

  8. Seyi

    Hi Anton – absolutely love your content. Quick question for you: what do you use for your green screen set up, including lighting?

  9. Eric Farina

    August 7th, 1996, I was 28 days old

  10. Schizniit

    I saw this announcement and I’m excited about this mission. More so than I am about the current Mars missions

  11. russell zauner

    Okay, so no cheese rivers. I can live with that.

  12. 765kvline

    I give a lot of credit to Mariner 2, the later Venus-bound Mariner missions and Magellan projects.

  13. God’s Sad Left Nipple

    Yessss finally!!! My favorite planet finally getting the attention she deserves

  14. SDaniel

    Thank you for sharing Anton! Earth will have a different fate than Venus ;-)

  15. Ivan Krylov

    “Venus is similar to earth and we’re worried something that happened there might happen here”
    *Yellowstone supervolcano has entered chat*

  16. Emma Sinner

    Despite the economic crisis, this is still a good time to invest in Gold and Crypto

  17. Joseph Fuller

    All this sounds great but when are we getting cloud cities on Venus?

  18. A Son of the Sun

    Great hair day, wonderful person

  19. Phil Boswell

    I always think that when you grin and wave at the end, you look like Dr Don from Fermilab, who is also a wonderful person. Thank you for everything you do!

  20. Lifeslayer

    i hope the missions go perfectly, i’m really excited to see the VERITAS images! i’s so fun exploring something other than Mars

  21. Carbon 14

    Take a shot every time Anton says “Absolutely Mind-blowing” 😜

  22. Conan the Destroyer

    This is the most exciting project from NASA in a very long time! Venus is my favorite and I believe we can revert the atmosphere to a habitable planet aka terraform it… Lets do it! Mars is overrated and it is too SMALL! Venus is almost the same size as earth!

  23. Graeme Brumfitt

    It’s Aliens it’s always Aliens!!! Super interesting Anton. TFS, GB :)

  24. Eduard Florian

    That moment when the Japanese send Akatsuki to Venus xD

  25. Vincent Orzechowski

    millions of years ago Venusians killed the planet with all their pollution, maybe?!

  26. Conosis

    Brilliant detail, amazing structure on the details and fantastic simple explanations, such a great video thank youuu!!

  27. Edith Eden

    I like this one. It’s excellent for dreamers. It’s Out of This World,🚀🥵🌞

  28. Loci Flow

    i look forward in 10 years when you make a follow up on this, with the full map on venus and its reasons for its acidic death, see you then anton!

  29. Evron 99

    I was waiting for this!

  30. KKMpullad

    Yay so excited NASA announcing Venus missions , also looking forward to what private players like rocket lab are going to offer

  31. Amos

    ‘The ability to map a planet or a moon from orbit, is insignificant when compared to the power of the force’

  32. i am No one

    im so excited for these missions. finally going back

  33. Alex S.

    …an old soviet joke comes to my mind: “She is far from being a Venus, but there is definitely something venereal about her”.

  34. go away

    Let’s hope they won’t forget to take the lens cap off.

  35. Tapis T

    Somehow I’m afraid 20 years later none would remember Soviet Union had ever explored Venus, even Russians themselves.

  36. J. Z.

    Someone needs to make an Anton “Hello wonderful person” compilation video

  37. Julian Olver

    Your hair is looking great as always Anton thank you for the content❤️

  38. M G

    This might be the first flight on another planet but Mars is the first powered flight

  39. Brooke Watson

    well now fingers crossed that the mission gets through the space junk belt safely

  40. nastystang113

    NASA always said it was the first powered flight.

  41. Addison Kirtley

    “What happened to Venus to make it so hot (besides being super close to the sun, having a slow rotation opposite it’s orbit, and having an extremely thick atmosphere trapping in all the heat) and could this happen to Earth??” Cmon now 😂

  42. Ovi Haliuc

    This is really exciting 😁

  43. Shabab

    Ayyye, my boy got a temp fade. 😂

  44. Laura Te Aho-White

    Its about time, I really excited to see what the trip to venus will uncover.

  45. highmountain

    My friend. Great videos like always. Very informative. But, dude, get a better Barber :)

  46. Patrick Smith

    A story of typical over-enthusiasm and credulity with regard to ‘the science’.

  47. MOJO 2112

    Awesome 😎 as usual my friend.👍

  48. Ilkeyrion

    Knowing what we know about Tardigrades, how do we know we didn’t contaminate Venus with them?

  49. Tim the Enchanter

    I am so hyped about this! I love venus!

  50. Mee Mow

    So exiting!!! Im glad you made a video about this topic. I wonder will we get in planet photographs

  51. Shooperman

    Whenever I get frustrated at earth, I watch your channel

  52. Aznesumaz

    I once dreamed that i was on the first man-made mission to Venus

  53. Titijijo

    What if there’s a thin layer of breathable oxygen high in the atmosphere? Probably somewhere else in the universe or out

  54. Jason Schultz

    Thanks as always, Anton!

  55. Milos Stojanovic

    Still waiting some allien Mass Relay technology to be found :)

  56. BigWord

    Could life have started in earth’s atmosphere then, even before conditions on the ground were suitable?

  57. FUG Slayer Nominee

    I guess the greatest regret of all the space/science enthusiast’s would be all the amazing scientific discoveries that we all are gonna miss when we are gone.
    But i guess most of us do find solace in the fact we currently are witnessing a lot of amazing stuff unfold and unlocking the wonders of space time.

  58. xyzct

    It must be really tough to design these types of projects when technology is accelerating. As soon as initial plans are done, parts are antiquated.

  59. ktjoarby

    Can’t wait! Venus is my favorite planet! (apart from Earth, of course lol)

  60. IARRCSim

    I hope that mission will explain the dark material in the upper atmosphere of Venus. It would be great to know if it is a kind of life.

  61. Prian Purche

    Aaargh, bright Anton hits my eye and i – have – to – click… do you even have another life besides all this? ^^ Hope you’re doing all great, stay healthy wonderful people^^

  62. Jan PhD

    NASA… SHOULD… launch missions to, the bottom of the sea. Go from SPACE, to our OCEANS!

  63. Mario Paul

    Few things as good as a new Anton video upload.

  64. NotLess Grossman

    Can’t wait to see the clever computation hardware they come up with. Photonics, and weird analog signal processing maybe.

  65. Squirrel ASMR

    The may not be broken yet, if those two missions fail or get abandoned.

  66. Dillinger

    Love imagining the cloud cities that’ll eventually float around Venus’s atmosphere

  67. Anthony Parker

    Love the self plug for your shirts *I personally saw the shirt a bought one part way through*
    Enjoying the content! Keep it up, it’s much appreciated!!

  68. Karl U.K

    Hopefully put the phosphine argument to rest.

  69. Alexander Grushevsky

    My granddad Konstantin Suhanov was chief ballistics engineer of Vega projects. He was among 12 scientists who were awarded for that missions.
    The most precious relics I have are the first printed pictures of Halley’s сomet :)

  70. Rinner

    “The ability that we have to map a planet or a moon from orbit with such extreme precision.”

    That’s totally Star Trek and I love it.

  71. Fernanda Barboza

    oh Anton… life is so much bigger and future is so much brighter since i landed on your channel. sorry for the cheeseness, but not sorry 😜guess what i mean is THANK YOU in the name of Sagan. You are giving back the science to people. love from Uruguay

  72. chris stich

    This dude is smart

  73. Nicholas Maude

    Venus’s beautify is only cloud deep.

  74. DJMattEmpathy

    How do they use the different noble gasses to study the history of the atmosphere? Or would explaining that be too long for a video?

  75. MC's Creations

    A floater on Venus, to study its atmosphere, would be fantastic.

  76. Emrah Okumuş

    Brilliant! I’m really curious about Venus. Hoping to live to see the days.

  77. joefromravenna

    Technology needed to catch up to Venus lack of hospitality

  78. nico nico

    Funny when you are waving at something thats not there ^^
    Also I like the combination of “to map” and “everything” .. incredible feat !

  79. Alan Brady

    It’s going to be an exciting decade this one, James Webb telescope Mars and Venus on the cards. Nice 😊

  80. D.H.C.

    Venus is so exciting!

  81. James

    They need to study the Venusian atmosphere in more detail. Could set up a floating base if it’s not too hostile.

  82. Michael Lee

    how awesome is it that we could be witness to the
    genesis of a life-sustaining world?!

  83. Joseph Halwagy

    Thanks mate. Daily I look for your clip segment and I learn a lot from you.

  84. Nathan Flowers

    Now this, THIS, *THIS* is epic

  85. The DORUK

    I hope the scientists will analyze the athmosphere for the potential life

  86. Mary Ann Bittle

    About time we pay more attention to Venus! At least it has a *chance* to have been habitable in the past, unlike Mars, which I doubt could have supported more than maybe extremophile microbes. Plus, it can teach us a lot about what to avoid letting happen in our OWN atmosphere – maybe even what to do to REVERSE existing damage!

  87. Samantha Vankirk

    I think you’re overstating the importance of the Martian meteorite with regards to why we went for Mars. The reason for the sudden acceleration of Mars missions in the 90’s was due to the success of the Pathfinder probe. Previously the only successful landers were the Viking probes, whose cost totaled in the billions and whose mission scope was very lopsided towards finding life (with flawed experiments driven by poor understanding). Pathfinder proved that getting to Mars was very affordable, with an extremely cheap and robust landing configuration and total dedication to realistic mission objectives.

    I cannot overstate how important Pathfinder was to NASA in the 90’s. The future of the organization was in jeopardy due to lack of funding, a string of failed missions, and the shadow of Challenger looming over everything. Pathfinder also redefined how we explored Mars with the demonstration of the Sojourner rover, which lead directly to the MER missions and the almost complete shunning of stationary lander platforms. Before Pathfinder and MER, Mars was considered a dead, dry, and boring world. We have the overwhelming success of of these missions to thank for our new vision Mars. I highly recommend Steve Squyre’s “Roving Mars” and the documentary “The Pathfinders”. These missions were literally in the works in the early 80’s as a direct response to the crushing disappointment of the Viking landers, long predating the discovery of ALH84001.

  88. Matthew Avizinis

    I like how the visuals are always spot on.

  89. McKenzie Zobrist

    During NASA’s livestream announcement one of the questions was about phosphene and the team leaders said that yes Davinci will definitely be able to detect phosphene as well as any other molecules related to biology.

  90. ActuallyHaruto

    Omg im so glad to see this in my lifetime

  91. James

    Venus excites me, it’s so unknown and has so much potential!

  92. Kiowa

    10:00 I’m so glad they’re taking this perspective! Venus is just too similar to Earth to ignore.

  93. Maro GGG

    Thank you Anton. Each one of your information is amazing.

  94. Andy Womack

    We might find giant industrial smoke-stacks and the traces of a transportation network.

  95. Mona Lisa

    This will be interesting!!

  96. Franko Walker

    I was a volunteer at the observatory in the mid 80’s, and the Russian balloons on Venus were a realy big deal. After about 10 years no-one belived me when I told them about this incredible achievement. After 20 years I thought I imagined it.

    Thank you Anton, you wonderful person. You’ve restored (a bit) of my sanity.

  97. Charles Stone

    Thanks Anton!

  98. inverse_of_zero

    This is excellent news. I’ve been waiting for a return to Venus for most of my life actually.

  99. ScorpiusX

    Not enough attention is given to Venus, I say.

  100. Yours Truly

    I wonder if Nasa can make a helicopter that can fly through Venus’ atmosphere

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