UY Scuti No Longer The Largest Star – Stephenson 2-18 May Be!

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a few changes in measurements of largest stars, which means UY Scuti is no longer the largest star in the universe – Stephenson 2-18 is.

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  2. Widya Santoso

    UY Scuti’s going to go supernova over this news!

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    2:32 *what do you mean most?*

  4. David Jane

    This was a very interesting and kinda sad video.

  5. Jerry Atrick

    And here was me thinking I had nothing left to learn and Wonderful Person tells me stars are more like clouds than spheres. Surely now you can stick a fork in me.

  6. Peter Shearer

    So . . . should we start using the sobriquet The Formerly Wonderful Star UY Scuti?

  7. I’m already Sans Undertal

    UY Smalli

  8. David Labrosse

    Anton Petrov
    Thank you Guy, and Wonderful Peoples. Your videos help me forget about all the crap going on in the world today, and be happy. At least for a short time. It is a wonderful reprieve. Thank you for all that you do.

  9. Randy Morehouse

    Have you done a video on the most massive star we’ve found?

  10. Quvsvr X

    Good, could never stand that name. I miss VY Canis Majoris

  11. Curtis BigPlume

    Wonderful person ❤

  12. Philipp Void

    with all those super novae, we can realy be thankful, our ancient austronaut creator chose such a peacefull neighbourhood for us

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    You are the wonderful person. Have a good night/day ans thanks for the awesome video!

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    Love the videos mate keep up the hard work. 👍👍

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    NOOOOO! My favourite star lost lead!

  16. Kandela Brown

    These “scientist” need to start every sentence with “We don’t know for sure, but we imagine…..”

  17. helmeteye

    This is awesome. I always thought these giants had such gravity that they weren’t capable of undulation.

  18. Bryan Chesley

    Thank you for the Gowron reference.

  19. 72marshflower15

    ✨it will never stop growing✨

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    Thank you for keeping me up to date.

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    Wonderful video thank you for sharing. This is what’s so cool about Astronomy… New discoveries are made everyday.

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    Thanks for taking my mind off earthly matters

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    I think you are wonderful Anton and I hope that you go far.

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    Another fascinating video bringing me knowledge of (my opinion) AWESOME STUFF!!
    Ka’pla 😁

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    Please make a introduction of one of your future episodes in klingon as well 😂

  26. Matt J. Dylan

    “Friendiship with UY Scuty is OVER

    Now Stephenson 2-18 is my new best friend”

    At least Canis Majoris has been avenged, the child-me feels a little bit better…

  27. Superkobster

    i swear to god, i only get your videos recommended to me late at night. it deosnt matter though – your viedos are amazing! :)

  28. THX 1138

    Goodbye Scutster :( …Hello Steve-O :) !!!!!

  29. Future Dad

    Whoo! Anton vid! ^^ wonderful indeed

  30. Brain Mole

    Yes I remember seeing a YouTube video that compared the Scuti star to the orbit of Jupiter. I guess that is no longer the case.

  31. Asia Streets

    Soon they discover a star too big for the universe 😂

  32. Vaughnage25

    (So called)The (so called) light (so called) from (so called) stars (so called) is (so called) being (so called) called (so called) into (so called) question.

  33. Jim

    A star named after my family, awesomeness!

  34. Chatsworth1979

    With a strange name like UY Scuti, I’m glad it’s no longer as famous : – )

  35. shenzhong

    i always look forward to these videos!! thank you anton!!

  36. Ralphj 2050

    I remember a time where VY canis majoris was the biggest star.

  37. Vegas Aviation22

    I learn more in one Anton video than all of my schools years combined

  38. Vladimir Olegovich

    When you think you learned something only to find it was wrong several months-years later.

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    I’m getting French subtitles on this video for reasons currently unknown.

  40. Hugo Ferreira

    Waiting for James Webb super space telescope

  41. Pup314

    Anton, Thank you for adding the star;s name/identification in the title of the video.

  42. Premium Balkan

    UY Scuti is like: Not even top 10?

  43. Interrobang

    Anton, I LOVE that you always present findings as simply findings, and even make sure to point out counter theories and counter evidence. You present uncertainty as such.
    Many science entertainment outlets would present this particular story about Stephenson 2-18 as “This is the new largest star.”
    Truly, an unbiased source.

  44. kirby march barcena

    Looks like many YT channels will update their videos on the biggest thing in the universe

  45. Alessandro do Carmo Silva

    Ow man… Stephenson… Really? I liked the fact the largest star had a badass name like UY Scuti. This is almost as disappointing as ‘Milkdromeda’.

  46. PieAir et Flo

    So did you tried Space Engineers yet ? Thanx for the video as always.

  47. lasarith2

    Btw- some one’ll need to update the Wikipedia page of UY – Scutti then.

  48. Stephen Thomas

    “One more time, Dougal. These sheep are near. Those sheep are far away.”

  49. Joe Causey

    The stars are playing a game of “I’m bigger than you.”

  50. martin burns

    oh and read everything by neal stephenson too :)

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    14 views. What’s up early squad?

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    I live hearing you say “quite a lot”. appreciate all of the in depth videos!

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    Now I have to change a part in my article :(

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    waiting for that TON size star

  55. Heywood Jablome

    Well, I coulda told you that. My calculations proved this almost 10 years ago.

  56. Victor Unbea

    “Your mom thought I was big enough.” Sincerely, UY Scuti.

  57. Doomed2die

    Anton Petrov, you wonderful person, thanks for your insight into the universe, really enjoy your videos.

  58. ⁅Sun Belîαl⁆

    There are a lot of em in the skies today, and they are moving quite fast. Like the lot are searching for something or chasing ît.

    (✡・ิ ͜ʖ・ิ) Amusing~

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    *Calls up Frontier Developments.*

    “Yeah, UY Scuti.  Elite Dangerous map.  Gonna’ have to adjust that.”

  60. Obbie Fatbastard

    I feel like I’m being educated and being turned on by Anton against my will

  61. Rhsheeda Russell

    Where is my favourite “Betelgeuse?” I look for him every time I look up.

  62. Stephen Paul

    It reminds us that we have to hold onto a degree of scepticism about the data and the claims made about exoplanets, black holes, the size of the universe, etc. It’s all based on interpretations using fallible human engineered instrumentation.

  63. the - th

    2:09 Thank you so much for using my image!

  64. Silly Sausage

    This is essential stuff, essentially.

  65. ShroomZed

    I remember the days when VY Canis Majoris was the largest star. And even before that, VV Cephei A

  66. Nero Bernardino

    This pandemic hit UY really hard ey
    It went from first to not even on top 10

  67. Liza Tanzawa

    (I think I’ll name my kitten Scuti! Scooty, lol!)

  68. Nick Bohannan

    This channel is amazing.

  69. Reno Cicchi

    Anyone remember the good times when VY Canis Majoris was #1? Of course it still pales in comparison to the mind blowing size of your mom.

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    Hello to my good friend, keeping up with the latest discoveries because of you thank you for your benevolence.

  71. Paul Rdgers

    can you imagine if astronomers in the 17 & 1800’s had access to universe sandbox and space engine?

  72. Stephen H. Tman

    Westerlund 1-26(?) What happened to that one?

  73. Paddy Mcdoogle

    “In the visible universe”

  74. 7rich79

    The star WOH G64 was discovered by the renowned Klingon astronomer Keplah!

  75. MC's Creations

    I’m still betting in VY Canis Majoris. 😊

  76. Jayfive276

    Swiggity swooty, it’s even bigger than UY Scuti.

  77. Tcloud

    its as if these stars are trying to one-up each other in a “who has the largest radius” contest

  78. The Angry Economist

    when I took a measurement I also discovered I was smaller than what I thought

  79. gogibo66

    We believe we have found a really big star, surely the most gigantic in the universe. Then again it might be a potato.

  80. MisterDax

    No “yo mama so fat” jokes? I’m proud of you all

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    This is gonna be sad.

  82. Mahvish Abedi

    Fascinating. Astronomy has a new discovery everyday.

  83. The DORUK

    Imagine the Potential Planet’s that orbiting these Goliath Starts!

  84. Just Some Guy without a M

    This is a really big deal, due to the vastness of the universe, it’s only logical to assume that there may even be an even bigger star than even Stephenson 2-18

  85. Troy Blanchard

    Man I remember when Betelgeuse was the larger star known lol.

  86. mark findlay

    Now UY knows what it feels like to be under a certain size in the dating market!

  87. Farrier

    If the distance of stars is questionable, what are the consequences for the estimates of the speed of expansion of the Universe?

  88. Pedro Cesar

    58 seconds and already in my recommended lol

  89. Henchman Twenty1

    That’s it. I’m totally done with the whole “Biggest star in the Universe” thing! I’m tired of having my heart broken…

  90. Space Ghost

    Stephenson 2-18 sounds like a 70s soft rock ballad band….

  91. pink hot acid boots

    the largest star in the universe? does milky way represent whole universe?
    I’d say the largest star ever discovered

  92. Zero the glitch

    Canis majoris was my childhood tbh ever since my love for astronomy started I was in love with that star

  93. Paul Kepshire

    May not be the biggest star anymore, but UY Scuti will always be a superstar to me! Right up until it goes supernova…

  94. hyra IH

    I haven’t even watched it the first 10 seconds yet. Before I watch I just want to say RIP Uy Scuti, can’t wait to see how big this new star is!

  95. Denis Tyrant

    Me: *Sees title*
    Also me: Well bois, we got the new king of stars.

  96. The DORUK

    *Sad UY noises*

    Scutti is Not even in top ten?! :[

  97. Jayden Abillar

    Press F to pay respect, UY scuti passed his crown to another

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    UY Scuti on suicide watch.

    How you gonna do a man in like that. Not even in the top 10!?! Bruh…

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    I feel like I’m being educated and turned into a wonderful person against my will🤔🤨😆

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    There’s always a bigger star…

    But seriously, every time someone says a star is at the theoretical limit for star size they find a bigger one.

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