Unknown Glowing Radio Circles Known as ORCs Just Discovered

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new anomaly and a strange radio phenomenon known as ORCs – Odd Radio Circles
Paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2006.14805.pdf

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  1. sc0or

    A single magnetar and a cloud of charged hydrogen

  2. Bond James Bond

    Anton : something we can’t explain right now.
    Me: ALIENS 👽

  3. call me daddy

    aliens over here making their own telephones poles bro watch them communicate with them

  4. mylar hyrule

    Makes me think we might look that way from another planet

  5. Lone Browncoat

    “Where there’s a whip, there’s a way” [might be before your time] song…look it up.

  6. sleekweasel

    Hah, first view apparently – never seen ‘No views 23 seconds ago’ before!

  7. Bob in the West

    Aliens: “How many different ways are we going to have to try sending a message to you, before you ‘get it’?”

  8. New King James


  9. Appalling68

    Oh man! These are definitely sub-space communications from Borg cubes! ;-)

  10. Super Kitty Show

    Maybe this is a radio message?

  11. BIG BOSS

    I need to know if you are going to pick me up

  12. youteub akount

    That just looks like star systems with planet formation ongoing… I bet those ORCs are much closer than the scientists think they are

  13. Adymn Sani

    thanks for sharing…I read about these ORCs and of course they are strange to me, lots of things are edit: I read about a far off supernova remnant that shows a white dwarf being blasted out of the explosion, but scientists aren’t at all sure why it did that…we sure are seeing a lot of fantastical things of late

  14. Jesse Faircloth

    Could they be a type of star that emit only radio waves instead of standerd light

  15. JeanYves Angers

    What else is hiding out there .merci

  16. Timothy Rundle-Wood

    Could they be radio bubbles, like the 100 light year radio bubble around us… natural or synthetic? 🤔

  17. Martyn Notman

    Glowing Orcs. I Blame Saruman.

    Thanks for covering this, i tweeted you it but didnt really understand the article 😂

  18. Intellectual Iconoclasm

    Edge-on Astrophysical/Relativistic jets of Inactive Galactic Nuclei.

  19. Ross McLeod

    Thanks again Anton. The rural Australian night sky is extraordinary. You don’t need a telescope.

  20. S.A. Smith

    We should probably start training some Astartes.

  21. Andreas Krause

    Hopefully the survey was not sponsored by Audi.

  22. Improperly Labeled Loser

    Anton in every video: “In a galaxy far far away”

    Me every time:…. lIkE STAR WARS

  23. John Granheim

    So there are 4 other players in the game.. Good to know. :)

  24. Brad Derks

    …Its not ORCs…Its ORKs…prepare for WHAaaaa…(check out: Orks Lore/40k/Games Workshop for reference)

  25. Mo Mo

    Thanks Anton, clear and informative as always

  26. Veggi

    pls dont say, its probably not aliens

  27. Mister Hand

    After Taco Bell when I aim my ass at the sky…I produce explosions aliens puzzle over.

  28. Rick Bretado

    It’s an invading fleet coming out of warp. So ends 2020 and humanity. 🛸😵

  29. Clint Burgamy

    They are very distant very faint baryonic acoustic oscillations disconnected from the CMB

  30. BdF

    It’s either the 4 riders of the Apocalypse, or 4 of ETs playing double tennis :-)

  31. Toby Worth

    Hello wonderful anton! Went away for a week and truly missed your videos<3

  32. Moop Poop Zippp

    Interstellar spacecraft entering the compression field of our Solar System.

  33. Rob Johnson

    Could it be a bubble of radio signals coming from a planet
    Similar to the bubble of radio signals
    Around our own planet?

  34. Bob Smith

    Keep an coming Anton I love to space out.

  35. Silas Dense

    Have you heard any news about a binary star system where one star went super nova and flung the other (white dwarf) off ?

  36. The Memes of Destruction

    “For the Horde!”

  37. hknuddv

    Draw perpendicular lines from the centre of each and find out if there’s an intersection :)
    That’s where our little green friends live!

  38. RBuckminsterFuller

    Clearly they’re warp signatures.

  39. Dark Madder

    I’m seeing human faces in some of these. If you see one wink at you, then you will know.

  40. Lovestar Lightgiver

    Maybe the James Webb telescope will help since it can detect longer wavelengths of light (that the Hubble telescope doesn’t). Hopefully, it turns out to be something interesting that helps human beings see into new dimensions with new perceptions of the laws of physics and nature of the universe.

  41. No Reply Email

    Whatever they are, I’m sure China has owned them since ancient times.

  42. Jeffrey A. Smith

    Love this story! So mysterious 😲.

  43. Don Won

    my orc is level 60 enhance shaman

  44. spaghettarius a

    currently was discovered the universe is full of so called shadow galaxies, my guess is the majority of this “mystery” phenomenons originates from shadow galaxies that wee cannot see because they are hiding behind dust clouds and are very faint

  45. Wouter Vanbelleghem

    maybe orcs are gravitational lensing effects on a fast radio burst coming from behind a primordial black hole. Which would prove primordial black holes as “the missing dark matter”, just saw a video and read papers about that being a possibility. It would also explain why the ring is brighter in one side compared to the other. Just like the recent image of a black hole. Just guessing here. But the theory of having primordial black holes being the missing dark matter, state this possibility , and the proposed test for this, would be FRB’s being lensed around a primordial black hole. astrophysics is exciting ;-)

  46. Harry Childress

    The noise is a type of squeak from interstellar debris impacting other debris at tremendously high rates of speed, crystalline or unknown, possibility transparent to invisible. Or just aliens.

  47. The Danish GSM Channel He

    I wonder how the Universe looks today.

  48. Eric Ford

    That may just be electromagnetic wave interference patterns from multiple sources.

  49. a Kento

    Bubbles of alien radio signals. Must be dust clouds or something.

  50. Louis Anthes

    Couldn’t this be reversed engineered to send out intelligent radio signals from Earth?

  51. Mark Fergerson

    It seems every time we take a deep breath we find something new we’ve never seen before and don’t understand.
    I love science!


    Jupiter is my favourite planet.

  53. Stux

    *sweats in Warhammer*

  54. Humanity and Conflicts

    Any radio bursts in a circle must be caused within and from a ringed source.

  55. Diginess Unknown

    I guess you have to radiate energy on some frequency. I wonder how the energy gets converted.

  56. Pinto Bean

    They need to get Legolas and Aragon for this I’m sure they can handle some orcs in space! 😉

  57. Daniel Parkerson

    I’m gonna come up with a theory no one but perhaps the brightest minds on earth have considered: aliens. Take a moment to re-collect your brain matter.

  58. Mike Rogers

    I’m not saying it’s aliens…

    But it’s aliens

  59. mihan2d

    Every Anton’s video be like:

    Anton: it’s not aliens.
    The comments: *IT’S ALIENS YOU FOOLS, THE END IS NEAR!!!*

  60. Edwin Slee

    “ET calling earth! ET calling earth!”

  61. FLoKI`

    Bakck holes ?… wormholes :)…

  62. Nuna

    I prefer Orkz.

  63. zoompt 1975

    Send an Inquisitor now.
    Could be a xeno infestation.

  64. Vince Klortho

    Anton, I’m gonna need you to get on this. I’ll be back in 40 minutes and I expect some answers!

  65. Glenn Davis

    Some crystal type of body or dust focusing energy into radio only wavelength?
    I’m sure they already thought of that, like the very first radios operated.

  66. Cybernetic Butterfly

    Science journalism: “Orcs found in outer space *SHOCKING* scientists, are the legends true!?* “

  67. Kultikron Vaan

    If they identify them even remotely close to asteroids…. *Prepares bolter* Just when 2020 looked like it had gone as far as it could…

  68. Dron K

    These are space-time doorways!!

  69. TheKnightOfShades

    “I’ve decoded the radio signals. It’s just somebody screaming WAAAGH?”

  70. Ruben Trawally

    yeah, i think about the radio bubble from another civilization, maybe ;)

  71. BK

    The best space channel on Youtube

  72. MC's Creations

    Well, I hope it’s not the BORG. 😬

  73. james taube

    WORC orc radio is on the air. Bringing you the latest in orc news and easy listening orc-estral music.

  74. James Maher

    I wonder if they are planets emitting all types of radio signals, like our planet with the signals we send all through space

  75. caramelitoalegre

    As long as the radio signal doesn’t say “Waaaaagh!!”, we’re good.

  76. Kyle Kissack

    :Would You Like to Know More:

  77. Andrew Crowe

    Resonant magnetic bubbles? We have that phenomenon at the edge of our solar system. Cloaking?(Awieeeeens….)
    Emissions echos? Dormant blackhole vibrations? The universe is vast and mysterious.

  78. MrZics


  79. Andreas Andersson

    Looks like aliens are back on the meny boys!

  80. Mitchell Geier

    Love it when we discover something new to figure out. Making connections we wouldn’t have until the discovery was made. Thanks as always Anton 😊

  81. A. K.

    For all we know the cause of this could have happened long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

  82. vanscoyoc

    Mork from Ork!!! I had to say it.

  83. Silas Dense

    I look forward to finding out what scientists discover in observing/finding more of these phenomena.
    Thanks Anton

  84. Maroon136

    Wait, we discovered Space ORCs?

    They’re afta ou’ Teef!

  85. Luís Fernando Carvalho Ca

    Oh, my, scientists are so unimiagitive sometimes… As Tolken has taught us, an ORC is a corrupted ELF (Exotic Light Field)

  86. Mystic Espresso

    I wonder if Legolas can hit these Orcs with his trusty bow. I know that Gimli can taste blood.

  87. Justin Case

    Alien theory in 3, 2, 1…

  88. Cam Stew

    ANTON you’re epic everyday man!

  89. Daniel Bondi

    Anton posts about a new astronomical event
    3 days later
    Everyone else

  90. Shaun Westley

    It’s 2am and “Lets talk about this and welcome to What da Math” are the best words I have heard all day.

  91. Mark Sheridan

    Multiple Odd Radio Circles…
    “Morc calling Orson, come in Orson…”

  92. Titus Skrt

    Looks like 40k is coming true

  93. The DORUK

    Get ready for the 2020 Grand Invasion Fınalle Gentlemen !

  94. The Exoplanets Channel

    *Anton:* _Unknown_ radio phenomena
    *Press:* We just received an _alien signal!_

  95. The DORUK

    I am not saying its aliens *BUT ITS ALİENS*

  96. Variecs

    Orcs in space? THE EMPEROR PROTECTS

  97. Davis Jugroop

    Aliens playing their radio too loud again.

  98. Toyo Masauce

    Scientists: “Might be supernova radio signals. But not sure atm.”
    Anton: “ORCS”
    Orcs: “WARGHHHHHH!”

  99. Mate397

    By the Emperor, the greenskins are in range of our scanners!

  100. heisag

    Dwarves, orcs and humans. We got any Elves (ELF) out there?

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