Unexplained Repeating Radio Signals Detected From The Milky Way’s Center

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about an unusual radio signal coming from the center of the Milky Way
Paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2109.00652.pdf

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    Great video and effort! What is the outro music? It is refreshing.

  3. animagi

    if alien has taught me anything you just stay away from strange suspicious signals emenating from deep space

  4. Eri Deimos

    Thanks, Anton! Has someone checked whether that radio frequency is a multiple of Pi?

  5. onehit pick

    The LGMs have to learn to start sending prime number sequences. This simple on/off stuff just gets classified as some kind of rotating natural stuff.

  6. Devin Ackerman

    would the object be under the influence of time dilation because it’s closer to the gravity of the center of the galaxy

  7. Richard M

    The radio signals are trying to contact us about Earth’s extended warranty.

  8. Joe Marz

    Seems like E.T. finally arrived at home and is saying “thank you Elliot” (3 million light years covered in just 40 terrestrial years!)

  9. Melstrom Astral

    Imagine if that’s just a rickroll. Lol

  10. Darrylizer1

    Thanks Anton, always interesting!

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    “Ah, Yes, Reapers.”

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    It’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma. It’s ET rebroadcasting past Anton’s videos.

  14. Olin Bullard

    Thank you Anton

  15. nate0

    Is this going to be similar to that same object identified emitting pulses at 450 mil LY away emitting 100mhz and 1.4ghz? I wonder if it is a cluster of magnetars?

  16. 5.56 Justice

    Krypton, sending out an SOS! Getting ready to self destruct. Get to work, Jor-El, and get the boy out of there!!

  17. Proto Propski - Stream Ar

    The Intergalactic Council is trying to send us an invite, too bad we’ll stand them up with our own problems, hopefully they don’t come, and talk to us about it latter… That would be pretty awkward

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    i knew ANTON would talk about this. no need to expect different

  19. Michelle Peacock

    Alien modem issues…. Try turning it off, then back on again.

  20. Branjo Snow

    Translates to:
    “I’m being sucked into a black hole, tell mmyyyyy wwwwwiiiiiiifffffeee…”

  21. Wasteland Wanderer

    How can somebody hate one of Anton’s video? Not a wonderful person for sure…

  22. Robert Goss

    Anton: Another home run video. By the way, that repeated radio signal is one of the Three Stooges films with Shemp, instead of Curly. All of those Shemp films have been thrown out of our part of the Milky Way.

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    Why be pretty sure it’s not aliens, then say you never know.

  24. Allen Tac

    I’m just waiting for the day Anton says “Well folks, it’s aliens!”

  25. psychocuda

    NASA scientists: “We’ve made a breakthrough and translated the message…it says….’Hello, we’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty.'”

  26. Rob Priestley

    A radio source being eclipsed by a larger or closer object is my bet.

  27. Stephen Johnson

    Is it possible that emissions from a distant object are being diffracted by a powerful field of a closer object and we just happen to be in the sweet spot for the bent radio waves but are totally missing all the other frequencies?

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    Aliens be like
    “Don’t forget to bring a towel”

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    I love how I get all the info watching you. Then I realize I don’t know shi…

  32. Doug M

    If they start detecting images of the 1936 Berlin Olympics I’ll sit up and take notice. lol

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    That’s just an automated Starnav warning beacon, marking the boundary of a dangerous sector.

  34. Bill Ching

    A good, clear presentation. Thanks Anton

  35. Thegrandwombat

    It’s an advanced sentience trying to rick roll us. We must never decode this signal or said sentience will have a chuckle.

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    They are saying, “Send more Paramedics.” In a kind of rasping zombie voice.

  37. David Mayhew

    Thankyou. I’ve been looking forward to your comments about this.

  38. Baleur

    People often mistake “random” for “natural”.
    Something can be artificial, despite the frequency appearing to be random.
    Just like detecting people opening microwaves, wont happen at the exact same time each day, but still isnt a natural phenomena.

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    It says “We’ve been trying to contact you about your cars extended warranty”

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    It’s the last gasp of a rocket lost in Oblivion. “Oh my god, we are moving so fast…Please put on the brakes!”

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    Thank you, Anton! Wonderful and interesting coverage and analysis as usual. :D

  45. vapormissile

    Dude, you just made my mathematical week
    ” …. and these other numbers right here….”

  46. weibie Katz

    Maybe a long period pulsar caught in orbit around the super massive black hole at the galactic center?

  47. Bottlecapbill

    It’s aliens transmitting something along the lines of “God dammit, there are stars exploding all over the place. HELP US!”

  48. Bert Demeulemeester

    I can’t imagine anything alive or electronic being able to survive that hellish place


    It’s the Reapers..
    Get me Shepard!

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    Lots of good stuff coming out of Australian observations lately.

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    It says “So long and thanks for all the fish!” 🤣

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    “Gloog, your father told you to stop playing on his microwave transmitter without permission! Now go to your room and no blorg for dessert!”

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    Isn’t this exactly what seti has been looking for for 60 years ?

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    Could it be the observers at the different telescopes all using their microwave ovens at the same time?

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    thanks for talking about this topic Anton. I wrote on your last video about it, kinda suprising how u actually did the video! thanks for the content

  64. bird up

    Radio bursts and GRBs are engine drive signatures when alien spacecrafts go warpspeed. This is canon in my head until someone proves it wrong.

  65. Physics Videos by Eugene

    We might need to rewrite the known laws of physics (again).

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  74. DME EMD


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    i thought i was lost. Then, the instructor started talking astronomical radio waves, and i knew i knew i was. The mid-term exam will be hell

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    its a signature reaction chain at certain frequency, find the elements that give out the characteristic pattern

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    How long ago did those waves transmit from location?

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    It’s an interstellar pirate beacon. They fire it up and lure ships into the void, where they plunder the ship and ravish the crew. So who’s up?

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    “Your Uncle Ngimba from Nigeria has died and left you a fortune…”

  88. smAsho mAsh

    Hi, Anton. What about the polar jets of the highly eccentrically orbiting blue giants which orbit SGR A*? If they’re occasionally exciting plasma structures as they irreleguarly orbit, the structures could periodically emit radio.

  89. Tera 1

    Polarity could be changed by physical modulation on the wave, not just by direct magnetism. Parabolic antenna use a physical polarizer which is passive

  90. Amanda Stout

    “The Zeknrem Dominarchy will not attempt rescue of ships beyond this beacon”

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    I don’t know about supernova remnants but 1:23 is clearly a car. you’ve got the picture flipped so that the front is facing down and the arrow pointing at a tire.

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    The signal, translated:
    “…Hello, wonderful reptiloids…”

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    Maybe aliens got bored and created a dyson sphere around a magnetar? xD

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    what a perfect place for an alien to broadcast messages from … the center of every galaxy

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    This is a wormhole energizing gateway. We’ve found many more of these in the next decades, and eventually we detected one in our solar system.

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    It’s in Morse code and it says “Don’t forget to drink your Ovaltine”

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    It actually will be much more interesting if we receive something that looks like a data stream

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