Unexplained Mystery of Galaxy Dragonfly 44 Has Been Solved

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about recent analysis and explanations of the unusual galaxy known as Dragonfly 44 that surprised scientists a few years ago.
Paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2006.14630.pdf
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    Thank you as always!

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    can’t wait till they make some sort of sunglasses/space glasses so everyone can see the Magneto sphere multi-layered gravitational waves, the mesh fungi like network of the universe and all the particles that are bombarding us

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    In other words, there is no mystery :-)

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    Can we please stop this nonsense with the dark matter? You spent billions on this, it`s time to move on to more believable scams, like the dark bigfoot, or the dark loch ness monster.

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    What was the answer to “Mystery of Excess Dark Matter In The Galaxy”? I don’t think they count a galaxies dark matter by counting its visible globular cluster but by the gravity that pulls on its arms or outer edge. This should be more like “new paper suggests counting stars to count dark matter” or something. If you just look at the picture of the galaxy you can see a lot of stuff in the galaxy that isn’t in a planetary body. Grey/brown stuff in the picture.

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    Yo… Dark matter does not exist! Its ionized dust and gasses, which are hard to see…

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    Hoi Anton.
    I like your videos. Watch them all.
    I have a question: how do the calculate the mass of a calaxy? Especially when they are so far away…
    Peter, greetings from the Netherlands

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  17. danh nguyễn

    Dark matter? Um no! Seems like every time there is a mystery they scream Dark matter and never have any proof of it’s existence. Then later when they revisit that issue they say “oops” our calculations were wrong. There are too many fundamental inaccuracies being discovered in previously acclaimed papers to assert any claim of Dark matter or energy and actually believe, depend or expand on. So sorry Anton this is just your typical run of the mill Diffuse Dwarf galaxy. I think the bigger question for these types of galaxies is why are they so dim? There seems to be a lack of interstellar gas. And a lack of a galactic halo around them.

  18. 8cordas

    Some galaxies are bigger than others.

  19. awuma

    1:54 Roberto Abraham (with beard, University of Toronto) and Pieter van Dokkum (Yale). Those are top of the line commercial Canon telephoto lenses, which have a very advanced anti-reflection and anti-scattering coating which allows very low surface brighness objects to be imaged and measured using commercially-available cooled CCD cameras. The mount is also commercially available. These guys have made fundamental advances in astronomy by being able to ask the right scientific questions and then finding that off-the-shelf equipment could be used to answer those questions. Of course, their work generated even more questions, and Anton describes a possible answer to some of those disturbing questions. That’s how science moves forward.

    In the end, the one foolproof method to measure the mass of Dragonfly 44 is to measure the radial velocities of the globular clusters, but to do that with such faint objects will probably require the next generation of giant telescopes in the 20-40 metre aperture range (ELT, GMT, TMT).

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    Dragonfly 44 = the “dark Galaxy”..of MARVEL COMICS…lol

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    Wait, I’m confused. We think dark matter holds spinning galaxies together, but diffuse galaxies don’t seem to have a shape despite having more dark matter.

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    Running out of experiments to prove dark matter. Will scientists ever admit they were wrong about it?

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    dark matter is crazy… for example, how can dark matter not interract with regular matter, but the gravity from dark matter does? how can dark matter create gravity at all when it doesn’t affect electro magnetism at all… crazy stuff.. dark energy is even crazier… it tells me we have something very wrong in what we think we understand of the universe

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    Dark matter is a big hack.
    Scientist have problems with mass and gravity of galaxies. Calculations don’t work.
    So they invented dark matter, to correct a problem.
    It’s like: A book fell of the table, by itself. Let’s assume it’s a ghost, so we don’t need understand what really happened.

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