Unexplained Anomalies From SETI’s Exotica Catalog

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the newly released Exotica catalog that includes some of the more unique science anomalies.
Read more: http://seti.berkeley.edu/exotica/
Paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2006.11304.pdf
Catalog: http://seti.berkeley.edu/exotica/Exotica_FullAppendices.pdf

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  1. calvingreene90

    Lasing photon rockets in a variety of frequencies.


    Could They Be Static Waves Anomalies Like You Get On A Ocean Wave, Key!! Crashing Into Each Other To Create Energy. Just A Thought?.

  3. FHM Consulting

    Well, at least we don’t know what we don’t know anymore…

  4. Revan


  5. Mick

    google maps is covering things up in the south pole.

  6. Jon Doe

    You will never know as you can’t understand the data that shows aliens been here long ago. Over and over again they go…

  7. spaghettarius a

    wait, there are objects that emit radio waves only? it must be some new kind of a black hole or alien forgot to switch off its radio

  8. Cobinasaur

    Haven’t watched the video yet but I’m assuming we haven’t discovered the Grox yet.

  9. FurryFace

    the Universe is an unknown Living Entity and is not bound by Physics as we know it

  10. Luís Fernando Carvalho Ca

    Wait… where is the “welcome to the what da math”?

  11. Scott Haliday

    I was having a really bad day today and its suprising how fast my mood changes when I watch 1 of Anton’s videos.
    Thanks Anton!

    P.S The couple puff of a joint I just had might have helped a bit too.😉

  12. Mark Taylor

    Anton, you’re a wonderful person and also the first person I subscribed to on Patreon. I didn’t know you did stuff other than outer space or that you’re a teacher or that you donate your Patreon to charities. I love that your videos aren’t hyped like media and hope you continue.

  13. Midnafan725

    Two quotes from Phil Plait in Crash Course Astronomy; “Nature is more creative than we are” and “Astronomy is really good at putting us in our place”..

  14. Mit Seraffej

    0:30 And we will never know.

  15. Jack

    The obvious explanation for all of these anomalies is, and can only be… Chaotic Space; cHaOtiC SpAcE; ChAoTiC sPaCe.

  16. Silas Dense

    So many fascinating mysteries.
    Really intetesting material in this video.
    Thank you, Anton.

  17. Karla Kirkpatrick

    this is very informative, esp. the name S E T I, I know what it stands for and who child it was, but as a person who loves Ancient Egypt One cannot think that SETI they were several, could also in mind with this as well

  18. Helder Almeida

    I got a felling that our earth is orbing aliens under our planet deep underground maybe in Alaska under the ice.

  19. Talha Barut

    Last time I was this early, Annunaki hadn’t arrived yet 🤣

  20. Whatever ThisandThat

    Yes there is one explanation to neutrinos from center of the earth -The LHC black hole they might have created.

  21. spaghettarius a

    4:57 that was a spacecraft opening a portal within space time and entering a wormhole


    Thank you for the guidance, Anton. It is a very fun paper to read. There is mostly great mystery out there….

  23. WestOfEarth

    At 5:00 , Death Star explosion. Problem solved.

  24. tsopmocful

    Really big and full of stuff…and plenty of it we know nothing about.

    That was the alternative opening for Star Trek before settling on just ‘the final frontier’.

  25. goodmanvolley

    I hope when you get older you don’t become a mad scientist.

  26. PeaceMarauder

    I know enough to know that knowing is a knowledgeable thing to know.

  27. Amipotsophspond

    I would like to think that is the shock wave from a spaceship breaking the speed of light.

  28. Karsten Johansson

    We live in a simulation. Those non-visible-light objects are stuck pixels.

  29. erik nelson

    5:20 perhaps we caught most of these events at the end of them or there could be factors limiting the timeframe of such events

  30. JJ

    I just want to commend you on the amount of content you put out. It’s really impressive because you can break down the physics to being somewhat understandable and interesting.

  31. II QuietRiot II

    You’re the best Anton! Thanks for discussing these anomalies and sharing the catalogs too. Have a great week, stay safe and best wishes, always. ✌😁

  32. Mate397

    I know this is meme tier at this point on this channel, but Anton at some point we have to legit consider alien sapient spacefairing lifeforms doing some wild stuff in space.

  33. Duncan Frere

    Re: Neutrinos coming from inside Antarctic Ice. Lots of chatter in the UFO/UAP community of huge alien base buried mile under ice. Just saying… it’s fringe, but why not? Linda Moulton Howe is all over this stuff with interviews of military who saw it, etc.

  34. lxr

    I wouldn’t be surprised if everything we think we know about the cosmos is completely wrong, not sure if that’s scary or awesome lol

  35. The Hound

    Hello, from the Hound.
    Someone get me a chicken.

  36. Ed M

    So has anyone tried looking at these signals for some kind of embedded data?

  37. SpLiT pErSoNaLiTy

    Have you watched The Cosmic Secret yet. . Everyone should and needs to watch it.

  38. rob morgan

    After further drinking it’s pretty obvious: aliens are everywhere and LOVE trolling astrophysicists!

  39. Steve Reagon

    my hat is off to you. you are the most committed person i have ever seen there should be an award for you so i will make one up i will call it the (CARL SAGAN) because he wanted to share the knowledge of the cosmos with everyone who would listen

  40. The Fall

    Guys, I have a serious question, I saw a thing flying in a straight line at night that was emitting only a bright white light… at apparently random intervals…random brightness, and thats it. It was not an airplane or other aircraft I believe. It would be slightly visible sometimes, and then it would flash very brightly, at completely random intervals. Any help?

  41. Mit Seraffej

    4:11 A four binary statement? A bit of an oxymoron.

  42. WestOfEarth

    Anton, it always amazes me how you find these stories and ideas that few if anybody has covered. So many science channels rehash worn out stories or are invariably days to weeks late in reporting. But with you it’s always interesting and fresh news!

  43. Burning Karma

    This was the coolest thing I seen in a long time. Awesome content!! 👍👍

  44. Ultralagger R.E.V

    But can’t these scientists decrypt the radio waves by listening on a radio?

  45. Darren Caustin

    We all 💙 you Anton, keep up the great work, much appreciated 👍

  46. Karla Kirkpatrick

    no tote bags, phone cases, in the store, they will make a nice addition, add the double black holes picture also.

  47. arno kosterman

    Red means graventational.😍
    Center becomes do oll imteractions of oll conditions around it🌟🙏

    Thank you wunderful person en oll wunders of creations🙏🍀💟🍀

  48. Friedrich Junzt

    Who is this wonderful Person Anton is always greeting? Does he or she has an own channel around here?

  49. Sammy Smith

    Oh, hello wonderful alien invasion.

  50. TheElectricOrigins

    Those anomalies are logic if we hold an ONLY-gravitational paradigm as a all-pervading divine force. It cannot explain neutrino variability and light EM oddities. Electromagnetism MUST be employed to understand them (e.g. neutrinos can be produced in lightning nuclear reactions; and accelerated decay can be triggered by EM events, increasing neutrino production… and so on).

  51. NrModdedTutorial

    Apparently there’s a “” Black hole the size of a grapefruit outside our solar system. Can u do a scenario episode about it? Thanks 😊

  52. lasarith2

    12:30 the green pixel – looks like it’s converging at a certain point .

  53. james taube

    Damn Anton I thought the exotica catalog was from Victorias Secret.

  54. Pup314

    The universe is hitting menopause and is getting hot flashes.

  55. Ken Pickett

    I’m calling alien warp drive signatures.

  56. iinRez

    We’re just detecting the massive explosions from an intergalactic war light years away.

  57. The Exoplanets Channel

    Alien life is *_waiting to be discovered_*

  58. Angelica Salaris

    Hello wonderful soul! Just got in bed and earplugs on. Wonderful!!

  59. Aurora_ 993_650

    Hes so handsome

  60. Timothy Rundle-Wood

    Hi Anton, thank you sharing this information. I’d be really interested to hear your speculation on what these objects could be… maybe dark matter stars, white holes – there’s clearly so much we don’t know about the universe and I’d love to hear your speculations 😊

  61. D Vin

    The TiC-TAC aliens approve of this message.

  62. Merto6

    6:30 that’s some small dense object focusing distant stars with its gravity

  63. Nomitaka Aiko

    anton just called me a “wonderful person”☺️ Im feeling wonderful

  64. Foglight

    Sounds like a Star Trek thing… “gaseous anomalies. “

  65. Roger Craven

    I thought Anton was getting weird when I read the words SETIs Erotica Catalogue.
    Then I realized…it came MY mind.

  66. AnonOne

    Anybody else have a Red Dwarf moment when Anton said “discovery of a parallel universe where time runs backwards” ? … The cat, visiting the bushes @ the end of that ep. Oh my. I’m sure I could have waited….

  67. Kevin North

    Anton just did a Rumsfeld. There are many things we know that we don’t know.

  68. Fortus Victus

    I imagine extra-solar life as being similar to how represented in the game Stellaris. That is, as you explore the galaxy there are very few living societies with spacefareing technology, far more common are archeological relics of civilizations and species long extinct millions or even billions of years ago and simple lifeforms. All physics challenges of long-distance spaceflight/time aside the shear number of variables required to survive in that state are insane…we have only been playing with radio waves for about 125 years and are constantly on the edge of losing our civilization.


    Dougie, Burper and Cow are darkly accelerating our new awareness of the Universe.

  70. The Dire Puppy

    Those damned anomalies.
    They’re always so anomalous!

  71. SithDarthGendo

    We know nothing. The more I listen, the less I understand. At this point, even Big Bang theory may be bogus, since it has stuff which doesn’t meet observations too. But scientists are trying to instead to come up with explainations to reaffirm it. What a shitshow cosmology is…

  72. David Gray

    Wow, I posted that on FB for people who think we know everything about space.

  73. Steve G

    The strong radio source was finally determined to be the result of an alien’s boom box.

  74. spaghettarius a

    about neutrinos
    there is different types of neutrinos and not all them are the ghost particles
    for example the tau neutrinos that is heavy has no chance for going through the earth entirely, that’s why scientists know those neutrinos cannot come from space while going through the earth because those detected neutrinos are tau neutrinos

  75. Mr Ace

    This is by far one of the best, most intresting channels there is on YouTube. So glad I found it.

  76. MC's Creations

    About the gamma ray explosions, don’t worry. It should be the damn Klingons. 😒

  77. Rastrman TheSeer

    Come now, Anton — you KNOW it’s aliens. It’s ALWAYS aliens!

  78. Matt Barnlund

    11:49 Please just tell me this is a Dyson swarm emitting waste energy as gamma rays.

  79. Xray Legends

    This is the first time anton said “not aliens” I feel like I should be worried lol jk

  80. David Mayhew

    I’m stuck on that woman who couldn’t get her car backed into the parking space because of an invisible wall!!!

  81. R. Rod.

    Could be that those extrange flashes were caused by white holes?

  82. AdlockHungry

    Does the relative spin velocity of a black hole have any effect on how accreted material gets converted to higher and higher energy radiation? If so, is it possible for a BH to spin so rapidly that any material in accretion is converted Only to gamma rays?
    Probably a naive question.

  83. Cinders

    These videos keep me sane and hopeful for the future during these trying times.

  84. BlueRooster76

    Please hit the Thumbs up for Anton, it really helps his channel and allows him to do the research and produce all this wonderful content for us.

  85. Alexander DMA

    sounds like aliens testing meganukes with those last “invisible” gamma ray emissions

  86. Phineas Rumson

    Anomalies are the most interesting, they have a way of popping up when least expected!

  87. Dick Driver

    Glitch in the holographic Projection AI System, or intergalactic warfare between various interstellar species is causing unexplainable explosions and anomalous emissions Exotica..

  88. badgerlife

    This video is so timely! I just finished watching Carl Sagan’s Cosmos – Episode 12, where the earliest efforts of SETI from the 70s were described! So happy to see that this work continues! For any of you who haven’t seen Sagan’s Cosmos, I highly recommend watching this classic series! It puts so many things in perspective. Most episodes can be found on YouTube.

  89. Spleef The Dude

    We really have no clue what is going on out there. It’s all so wonderful and terrifying.

  90. Mew2King's Marth

    “None are probably aliens” So what you’re saying is there’s a chance!

  91. The Exoplanets Channel

    “We will find alien life *within the next 20 years”*

    _Nobel Prize winner Didier Queloz_

  92. Mr. game and watchog - al

    Hello wonderful early people!

  93. techstepman

    obviously there was a universe wide super space war…everybody else died. We survived but were kicked back to stone age. Maybe our fleets are still out there fighting!
    Humanity first! hahahaha :P

  94. HansLemurson

    3:46 “It really wouldn’t be an anomaly if we knew what was happening here.” Excellent quote.

  95. The Exoplanets Channel

    It’s never aliens until.. *_it’s aliens_*

  96. Adheesh B

    “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”

  97. Greg Camp

    The neutrinos coming from empty space were clearly due to Wesley Crusher’s one moment of intelligence when he made a neutrino beacon.

  98. Richard Powell

    I’m waiting for the SETI erotica catalog

  99. Rado

    Thank you for not simply talking about the “WoW!” Signal. Many similar videos on youtube simply recite the same content in a different “wrapping”. I love your channel for its original and recent content! Truly appreciated and keep up the great work.

  100. Thomas Coolidge

    Humans: We can find any signs of alien life out there.
    Aliens: We’ve sent every version of burst code message we can think of but that little blue planet just doesn’t respond!

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