Unexpectedly, Some People Can Feel Magnetosphere, But Why?

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery that humans are capable of feeling magnetosphere as well.
Paper: https://www.eneuro.org/content/6/2/ENEURO.0483-18.2019
Korean study: https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0211826
Videos used are available on: https://www.pexels.com

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  1. chykcha

    I love the new and improved Anton, with all the dog pics! ❤️ 🐕

  2. TheLeonhamm

    Umm? It developed under the hidden influence of di-hydrogenated-pheromono-oxytoci-nase escaped from loving too many genuinely loveable dogs…? Or .. stardust .. or .. something … (!)
    ;o) Great stuff.

  3. Lucas Smith

    I couldn’t wiggle my ears until my fifth grade teacher loved it when her students could move their ears. So I learned how. Now I can wiggle my ears.

  4. minimale100

    How many times have i woken up in strange places. And I’ve always found my way back home 🙂

  5. MrHuntervad

    Blue light, daytime, you are hungry, you know your way, back xD!

  6. David Wise

    Very interesting, another example of what a mysterious place this multiverse is.

  7. Field Admiral Spartan Ryse B-87

    Me and my friend took 8 hits of LSD a piece like 15 years ago. I’m pretty certain I was feeling the magnetosphere

  8. John Richardson

    Eating organs such as hearts and eyes In a carnivoristic ritual to see what that animal saw and be among their living spirit…

  9. Ulugbek Saipov

    Good video. Thank you Anton. Actually I can feel North, East… Checked, proofed since my childhood.

  10. Sam Sung

    pineal glands fluoride, electronegetivity,, stay squishy, move with the pole shift

  11. Ratzfourtyfour

    I can move my right ear pretty good, the left only a little. And I like banana. Oh well.

  12. stinkystinkpot

    When I pee off the east end of my porch, I don’t get goose bumps. Another data point…

  13. Eph-Jay Music

    I always watch Anton’s videos facing South 🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. Rock Stone

    Me, when am hungry,🙄 I can find the fridge in my house,no matter the light is white or blue.

  15. abj

    We have iron in our blood.

    Also, cows are known to align themselves to power lines.

  16. MaxMisterC

    Has anyone checked weather, on the day they experimented with the blue lighting; weather the chef had cooked up a Balti…??

  17. gareth5000

    I can feel powerlines when I’m driven under them and I can predict lightening strikes. I thought everyone could.

  18. Willem Beltman

    5:38 it’s not. The isolation value of your skin increases a lot when you have goosebumps, it’s because the air get strapped inbetween your tiny hairs.

  19. Aquarian American

    Suspicious Observers discusses how Earth is going through a ‘magnetic sandwich’ in layman’s terms, where the four giant planets Jupiter Saturn Neptune and one more are forming a square-shape

  20. Rich Buckley

    Dad was always triggered to track down a B-line path to the Kmart Bluelight Specials so I think the researches might be on to something.

  21. John Bussey

    This is interesting, it might explain why my brother, and myself have to think about right and left, but can always tell you where North is.

  22. Frederick Woof

    Then there’s the way Robins (bird) migrate using quantum mechanics. It’s to do with quantum entanglement. Spooky.

  23. Valiant Regal

    Whenever that large blue planetary like orb goes over my house it causes an inescapable buzzing in my brain.

  24. Infinium Dankstar


  25. Kathleen Sisco

    Curious to know if infrasound is part of the EM spectrum associated with asteroid and meteorite auroras.

  26. ShottyJayz Z

    Earth frequency 7.82 this has been around since the dawn of spirituality now philosophy and science is coming together

  27. DigbySirChickenTF2

    Certain human brain cells contain Magnetite, did you know that?

  28. Louix Griego

    It’s simple. We lost the cognitive ability to remember food stores/locations and our dna adapted…

  29. Arcadia Nemetai

    sounds like hunting on a full moon…

    blue light, desperation…hmmm.

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    Damn you, Google Maps! I could have thought my way there.

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    7:21 ah.. a new meaning to the common adage ‘a way to a man’s heart is with food’ —

  33. Kapryan Kennedy

    I find it interesting how scientists always assume that something is “useless” when they don’t understand its’ purpose. They said the same thing about tonsils when I was a kid and then I had them removed. I wish I had them back now that the corona virus is going around, and that we now know that they are part of the body’s first line of defense against disease. Anton, I hate to see you follow this kind of “academic ignorance”.

  34. temple venta

    I always thought this was why some people are able to use dowsing rods even if they aren’t into/don’t believe in metaphysics and others think they are BS because they don’t work for them

  35. Democritus8181

    :( aww I always thought my sense of direction was from the force, but I must have a shaped brain like a pigeon.

  36. Abdega

    I know I’m not one of them,
    I have a terrible sense of direction

  37. OnlyARide

    two days in a row of dog-related science. bless

  38. Gotta Go

    When the magnetic source was moved, the subjects could hear the change with their ears even without “noticing”. That is what caused the wave change.

  39. Josh Stockwell

    They have iron in their heads.

  40. katherine noggle

    My mom used to hide snacks, chips, cookies, etc, around the house so my brothers wouldn’t eat them all at once. They found them every time – this totally explains why.

  41. Nroke1

    Goosebumps still warm me up, but I’m a very hairy guy.

  42. Adil Khan

    Now I know why my eyes stay fixed towards mobile screen…

  43. Rock O

    Did they measure Iron levels in the blood of subjects?

  44. Ashyo Sings

    I’ve been a sub for a few years now and honestly I’ve grown an affection and attraction for you

    Can you answer that one ‘;)

  45. Ruby

    Im female; I use to be amazing at navigation until puberty, now I get dizzy and disoriented if I turn in a circle.

  46. ash29k

    Not really surprising in any way considering the fact we evolved from small mammals.

  47. marycozzens Auldridge

    I find that I must have my feet to the east and my head to the west while sleeping or I keep feeling like I’m falling

  48. Plocký

    ever slept somehwere else end were laying the wrong way in bed the next morning? I always have this when im not laying in the right direction :D
    Also, this isnt a new discovery..

  49. jack the flipper

    Its like autopilot when im drunk coming home from the pub.

  50. Mono Sophos

    I love how you get excited about the reaserches you talk about and you sincerely want to share it with others just because it is so exciting.
    True man of science.

  51. Ki Ji Hoon

    Wait I thought everyone could move their ears?!

  52. PrakatusPrime

    inb4 ancient civilizations had magnetic powers and thats how they built the pyramids

  53. ScienceGuy

    Makes sense. I definitely felt it when I came near to, and was placed into an MRI tube.

  54. J.J Whitty

    i always sleep with my head facing north, and if I’m in a bed not positioned North to South I cannot get a good nights sleep.

  55. World_of_Chimpanzees

    Next time you’re out with a girlfriend and you don’t know where to go, fast and shine a blue light in your face. Better than GPS.

  56. David AE Levy

    I can wiggle my ears 😁


    Goosebumps useless? Nah, I’ve had em let me know the shyt was about to hit the fan many times.

  58. JAMES! Since the 70's

    So if someone says ‘ you got rocks in your head’ they could be right!

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    Hello wonderful Megneto!

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    One of my Favorite topics that you have covered, anton!! Thank you for these thought provoking presentations!

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    Love your video’s anton, just full of really interesting stuff.

  62. Clair Pahlavi

    This has been known for centuries. People have it. Mostly for the Electric Fields that produce the magnetic fields.

  63. Heidi M

    Anton: some people can feel magnetospher
    Me: wait what…?
    Anton: but why?
    Me: amazed

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    Lol We all have this power on LSD 😂

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    Lost in woods, waiting for my dog to poop so i can find my way home.

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  67. radiowallofsound

    7:13 starved males can find food in blue light, but females can find man’s credit card in the dark

  68. derdagian1

    Passengers have always heard me claim that I have a gps in my head. It’s a skill that I have purposefully tried to hone in darkness, as a blind person, in dark buildings, in the woods and still work on. Fantastic Video, Wonderful Person! SCORE!!! You’re the kind of guy that FEEDS Me! You’re the Best Kind! Like you were sent directly to Me!!!! You’re going to create GIANTS of Science that will Eclipse Me in a minute or two! Wicked on finding the Gold!!!
    Thank You, Anton!

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    This was really interesting, thanks anton.

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    I can find food when I’m hungery also! No matter the light colour!

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    i can even move my ears, either at the same time or independently.

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    I wiggle my ears all the time just because it feels weird.

  73. Paul Riddle

    I can feel it! When it drops and when there’s a geomagnetic storm. Some time I get get amp up and negative or positive emotions get amplified.

  74. John Walker

    Anton, my favorite wonderful person on you tube!

  75. c@mbaz

    This and the human ear quantum vibration thing blew my mind…

  76. Adheesh B

    This was researched a few years ago, its because some people / organisms have higher levels of magnetite, iron and other metals in the body. Will link the article when i find it 👍

  77. Fuck Infinite Scrolling, Bring Back Pagination

    Also, does it mean certain mystics, able to plunge themselves into deep state of meditation, may have their brain run through more alpha waves?

  78. Kevin Morrison

    I think we all can feel it. When I was a kid my dad took my brother and me into the woods and taught us about it. Thing is it was always there but I just needed to be told about it so I could start to understand it. Since then I have never got lost when I go into the woods.

  79. Unknown Filmmaker

    I don’t know if this is connected but I can’t sleep north/south. I feel … wrong in a way that is difficult to describe.

  80. Murphy Jazz

    Sometimes when im really stoned i hold up my arms like on a roller coaster but its us going around the sun weee!

  81. Daniel Whitaker

    Always had an uncanny way of ‘feeling’ north. My cousin too. Thank you for finding this one.

  82. theharper1

    So this explains why I can generally guess where north is in Australia and when in the northern hemisphere I end up pointing south.

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    Anton: *posts this video* …
    *Magneto from X-Men has joined the chat*

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    its probly so whenever they find their poop they can use it as a compass lol

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    The thing tho is Anton. You’re my wonderful person lmao. Love this stuff. I eat it up like grammas cookies everytime. And you people know how amazing grammas cookies are.

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    I do have my preferences when it comes to sleeping in certain directions.

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    From now on, I refuse to poop in toilets facing East or West. I need to find out what that strange dog behavior is all about. I will report back to you.

  88. ActualAlien

    I’ve been able to feel Earth’s magnetosphere, but this must be because I’m closely related to birds

  89. Natural Theist

    My father always claimed he had an internal compass.

  90. TheElectricOrigins

    Paper says literally: “Future studies should also examine individual differences in transduction responsiveness. In the participant pool, we found several highly responsive individuals whose alpha-ERD proved to be stable across time: 4 participants responded strongly at the p < 0.01 level in repeated testing over weeks or months. Repeatability in those participants suggests that the alpha-ERD did not arise due to chance fluctuations in a single run but instead reflects a consistent individual characteristic, measurable across multiple runs. A wider survey of individuals could reveal genetic/developmental or other systematic differences underlying these individual differences." Genetic influences are not causing anything, these are just LUCUBRATIONS. However, it might be possible that our ancestors (who experienceed a much stronger magnetic field) felt this orientation and navigationmechanism. Schuman Resonances are probably more involved as showed in "The Sedona Effect: Correlations between Geomagnetic Anomalies, EEG Brainwaves & Schumann Resonance" paper.

  91. Ellison Hamilton

    Is that what I’m feeling?!
    I always thought it was my magnetic personality.

    Thanks Anton. Stay well.

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    Hey Anton, could you talk about that Comet C/2019 Atlas Y4 which is currently on track to be one of the brightest thing in the night sky ? Cheers

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    Day 14 Quarantine : Today I needed to know why my dog doesn’t poop facing west to east….

    Btw, Thank you.. Hope you’re safe..

  94. Muritaipet

    Damn, that so needs a larger scale follow up experiment. Specifically they need to compare the direction finding ability of the “magnetic people” to the general population.

  95. Zoltán Pósfai

    When I travelled and trekked a lot, I could always “tell North” within a few degrees. It wasn’t a conscious way of keeping track of it. If I dozed off in a car while travelling on mountain roads and woke up, I could do it too. (No, I was not driving :P )

  96. The Exoplanets Channel

    One of the most interesting discoveries of 2020 !!

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  98. Michal Kowalski

    “Why” is in this case easier to answer than “how”.

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    Some people have a better sense of direction than others, would be interesting if this was tested in relation to magnetosphere detection.

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