Unexpected Link Between El Niño Anomaly and 22-Year Solar Cycles

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about new discoveries in regards to an unusual pattern of El Nino and La Nina
Paper: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1029/2020EA001223
Weather.gov document describing the anomales: https://www.weather.gov/media/ajk/brochures/ENSOFactSheetWinter1617.pdf

Rainald62 , CC BY-SA 3.0
Robert A. Rohde , CC BY-SA 0
Con-struct – Royal Observatory, Greenwich , CC BY-SA 3.0
David Chenette, Joseph B. Gurman, Loren W. Acton , CC0
NASA/ Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)
Steve Albers, NOAA

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  1. Antonis Fourtounas

    Hallo Anton, I am trying to find the diagram of the history of el nino/la nina that you present in the video without any luck. Could you please provide a link? Thank you

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    Can you make a video about man made solar effects from phased array radar systems?

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    Been learning so much since i discovered this channel, another wonderful video you wonderful Anton.

  4. Solstice Project

    I remember really well when it was 11.5, not 11. I don’t know why that changed, but my whole life it’s been 11.5.

  5. Sausage McMuffin

    All new information to me. I was only ever aware of the solar maximums and minimums. I gotta read up this. Thanks.

  6. John Everett

    It’s called ‘El Nino’ because it occurs or begins around the end of December, roughly corresponding to Christmas, or the birth of ‘the baby boy’, ‘El nino’. The opposite phenomenon being opposite ‘El Nino’, it is called ‘El Nina’, the ‘baby girl’

  7. webchimp

    Terminator event, no sunspots, but they’ll be back.

  8. joxer96

    Fires in Australia: Unfortunately solar cycles can’t help predict arson and human carelessness.

  9. BongoTM

    I thought we had already known this for many years, or my school teacher was way ahead of the curve (I’m 58)

  10. Thomas George Castleberry

    Ever hear of a “La Bamba” event, when you do the Limbo with a Lumox? If you do this you develop an Nino

  11. Mee Mow

    Never had this explained so well. Thank you Anton I love this channel

  12. Eleni Demos

    From the drier tropics of Australia, we are currently having the longest wet season in a very long time.

  13. mark verberne

    Ola maravillosa persona!
    Donde esta la bibliotheca?

  14. Jason Holmes

    In Australia, when the recent transition occurred, it was very dramatic. Massive fires one minute, floods the next.

  15. claude major

    You need to get in touch with Suspicious Observers Anton, he has been talking about this for years.

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    An impressive amount of information everyday! Wonderful discipline of work rate .

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    Not unexpected. James McCanney has been pointing out the correlation for a few decades now….. Thank you for the video though Anton!! Always enjoyable!

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  20. Raideur Ng

    I’d be interested to see what sigma rating this study roughly had. I didn’t see that in the study but I could be wrong.

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  23. Old Bastard

    As an Australian farmer i can contest that there is a seventy year cycle in our weather as well. Completely related to long term pacific and Indian ocean cycles which both have an influence on the southern Antarctic modulation

  24. Michael james

    ‘The Terminator Event’? Probably that time my friends and I, binge-watched all the ones with Schwarznegger in them. Had no idea of, the global weather havoc I was wreaking.

  25. Justin Abramson

    All of the greatest tornado seasons in the last hundred correlate with the solar minimum and maximum. I did some research years ago. I don’t remember what inspired me but if you simple line up the timeliness its flawless.

  26. Benjamin Joe

    wow super interesting, thanks

  27. Lindsay Heyes

    Hey Anton, your videos are fascinating and always super clear. Could you do a video about space-time manifolds and their possibilities for navigation of spacecraft? I am having difficulty visualising them. How are they used in slingshots, for example, how plastic are they, and if we could see them, what would they look like? And is there a name for the analytical method that optimises routes?

  28. objBobby

    As a person that lives in AZ, I’m slightly sad you left it out 😥

  29. David Hollins

    It is funny really – most people had not heard of El Niño until about 2000. It got me in 1983. I was supposed to be going to Peru on one of these twenty people on a lorry trips, but there was a Nino in October and the truck was wrecked in a riverbed. So, I went to Tanzania. I went to Peru in 88 and saw the representation of El Niño on the adobe walls of Chan Chan.

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    Could it have something to do with Neutrino flux?

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    Very cool, a great mystery. Surprising that AI didn’t discover this correlation.

  44. sweetlowsounds

    I think you reversed El Niño and La Niña conditions at least in California . El Niño events come with an unusual amount of rain here lasting as you said, 5 months. While La Niña will bring dry conditions that appear to last longer.

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    considering the sun is a vital piece of the climate as we know it, I’m honestly surprised that this and other celestial events have not been looked at in this light before

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    All the years of man, weather has always kept it’s mystery. We can’t hope to wrest understanding easily or swiftly.

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    Damn, only 11 minutes but packed with information and great imagery.

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    In the 80s CA. Experienced El Nino it was an extrenme amount of rainfall,much flooding and mudslides caused many deaths .Real bad but stopped the drought in its tracks.

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    I deduced this connection already in 80’s as both are around 11 years cycles. Naturally correlation is not necessarily meaning causality, but anyways…

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    Hello wonderful person, in the Hudson Bay region in Canada where gravity is less does time move faster or slower are there any studies


    Right there in front of us. Like to thank the person’s who asked the question and took the time to study this. Well done.

  61. Kenny Carter

    Just moved to pensacola Florida. Maybe I moved here at the start of 22 years of frequent tropical cyclones!

  62. James Aron

    Wonderful El Niño/La Nina 22-year sunspot cycle correlation

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    Thanks, very good discussion. ENSO phase impacts catastrophes, so better understanding of the ENSO and other cycles is great!

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    I swear to god I learned about this in the 90s in highschool, atmosphere and space class, elective science credit. This definitely is not a new idea in any way, shape or form.

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    I learned about La Niña by reading the adventures of Tristan Jones. He sailed little sailboats around the world and wrote wonderful stories about all his amazing experiences. He mentioned La Niña in his book about sailing up the Amazon and ending up in Lake Titicaca . He had his boat trucked over land a short distance to get there. In that book he describes the Amazon as a vast river with chunks of land like islands covered with trees floating toward the sea. And he ran out of food on that journey, so he caught and ate a capybara ( the world’s largest rodent)by slicing it up and eating the steaks raw.

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    Australia’s climate is drastically affected by these phenomena. We have just had one of the wettest summers and it was actually quite cool compared to the previous summer when we had the huge bushfires. Cycles in the Indian ocean also affect us.

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    As a Ham radio hobbyist I am look forward to the increase in sunspot activity.
    As they make the ionosphere more reflective to HF radio bands allowing for long range communications

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