Unexpected Discovery: Ultra Dense Planet Outside of Galactic Plane

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a newly discovered star that orbits outside of the galaxy and has one of the densest planets we’ve discovered.
Paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/2003.04525

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  1. Caleb Adams

    Do I hear mining?

  2. paradigm respawn

    In the Wilderness of CoVid19 this is Calming.

  3. Daniel T

    How heavy is metalic. Hydrogen per cm cubed?

  4. james keith

    Dense another way of saying thick, which is what NASA has been seeing the general public since 1969 as.
    No planets no space all a hoax.

  5. Admiral Bob

    So could this be just a giant hunk of metallic hydrogen?

  6. Sam Harper

    Long live Anton!

  7. AdamosDad

    No mystery, their figures are wrong.

  8. Rob E. Dennison

    damn milk way, yo disk lookin thicc…

  9. Fry

    POI for the JWST..

  10. Little Bird

    Could this a dense lead core possibly account for the unexplained density?

  11. Based lvl 9000 Ultra Chad Boomer

    I love it every time he says *thic* disc

  12. Smart' Medicine Physicist

    Hi thank you for your information!

  13. Robert Moye

    Fascinating. Great program.

  14. Perennial Millennial

    That’s one thicc disk.

  15. Steverino

    This is probably the planet that Korg, (from the Thor Ragnarok movie) is from.

  16. sststr

    That’s no planet! Seriously though, it’s probably some new type of object, or a novel form of a known object.

  17. Roger Wilco

    I love going back and forth on the Thic Disk

  18. ColeOfCentauri

    Our galaxy be thick! :D

  19. I'm CheeseCake

    Love it brother!

  20. Phill M156

    Ooohhhh…we just discovered Krypton!! Or we should call it krypton.

  21. C.J Miller

    I’ve always hated math. But I love What The Math.

  22. Major Dick

    Thick Disk

    That’s what I used to call double density floppy disks 💾 💾

  23. Bud Jensen

    Mirkheim. Thanks, Paul Anderson. :-)

  24. Allen S

    I had this weird thought that what if the collision of our two galaxies is the root of our duality archetype. As in, the consciousness energy of these two galaxies is melding, and the process forms beings like us who feel at war with themselves and are spiritually, and biologically dualistic in nature. I should note that this is based on the premise that there is a fundamental consciousness field permeating the universe. Just a thought.

  25. Seethe ious

    We need those dense unknown materials, could it be materials in the speculated island of stable elements above the lanthanides? What else could it even be?

  26. Amaterasu Solar Again

    I don’t buy the “dark matter, giving highest probability of a plasma/electric universe.

  27. morninboy

    Does this mean we are adding more elements to the periodic table?

  28. Glenn Davis

    Hello amazing wonderful universe.

  29. Ferdinand Tomas

    Let’s call that special planet……Krypton.

  30. islandnites

    Thank you wonderful narrator :-)

  31. aewriter

    So could a more dense planet swing something like the Omuamua more than a lesser dense planet?

  32. TheHandOfFear

    “Probably not the best planet to go to if you want to lose some weight.” I don’t know, trudging around in 7 Gs would probably burn a few calories.

  33. sam hally

    Anton you are also a wonderful person 👏👏👏

  34. MegamnZero

    could the planet be a kind of cold brown dwarf?

  35. Nick Gall

    So what you’re saying is that we thiccc

  36. Pvo Pop

    Thank you generic boring slav for this new insight of the galaxy may great fortune be bestowed you from slawa bogu.

  37. Alsax1985

    “And as always, bye bye” makes no sense. Why do you say that?

  38. killcat1971

    Ohh an Ultra Rich world :)

  39. Kevin Richerson

    It’s a gas giant that lost its gaseous particles in a supernova explosion.

  40. Justin Haven

    How do they know it’s density?

  41. Tt Miller

    They finally found a planet made of solid metals

  42. Nuwair Tamim

    Anton, enlightene us on coronavirus. Your explanation and preventive measures will be original and genuine and will be help full for many

  43. Sashwat C

    so its king Kai’s planet ..
    gotta go there and become super saiyan training in 7x gravity 😅

  44. Infamous BC

    Pretty sure goku used to train there.

  45. Janusha

    Yes, probably a gas giant that lost its outer gas layers and is left with its super-ultra compressed core.

  46. JAMES! Since the 70's

    Is there a chance the planet could be something like metallic hydrogen?

  47. She's my President

    They found Krypton ?? Nahh Superman is more than 8 times stronger than average Earth male

  48. mrcatfish2100

    Galaxies are like cities, with civilizations around every star. So i guess we’re like the new kids on the block.

  49. Jeigh Lynn

    I like the way he explains. He just gets to the point.

  50. Clutchyfinger

    Thick disc sounds like a plus sized dating app

  51. Keith Douglass

    I like your info Anton. saves me going out in the universe to look for it. Keith Australia

  52. Flex Painn From The Lo

    That’s what i keep telling yaw it’s no such thing as 2D it’s just different levels of consciousnesses

  53. mike king

    Literal “Un-obtanium” due to the gravity well being so big…(how heavy is metallic hydrogen anyways)

  54. Subnatural

    6:16 Not a good way to lose weight, but it is a good way to lose mass.

  55. Pauli

    It’s perfect place for losing weight. It would require insane amount of work just to move. But our current physiology would be unlikely to survive living in the high gravity.

  56. Canadian Man

    Next planet or star they discover should be named “WuhanCoronavirus”.

  57. Victor Unbea

    1:53 A real galaxy has curves

  58. Widura Weerasinghe

    Any evidence of the planet having an atmosphere and the composition? By the way, great vedio and take care.

  59. Jp Fitzpatrick

    Your throat sounds sore Anton, hope you’re ok bro!

  60. Plazmoidial Soup

    They still haven’t figured out the recipe for concentrated dark matter morty!!

  61. Ronnie Pirtle Jr

    It’s Planet X with a diamond planet! :-)

  62. diGritz1

    Sounds like my mother in law. Ultra dense and shows up a couple of times a week.

  63. 08healing

    Is there any reason why we wouldn’t expect something similar to the ort cloud at a larger scale for the Milky Way?

  64. Bram Moerman

    Computer animation of stellar proper motion is amazing, how far we’ve come with computer power

  65. Tim Troth

    3:21 “Resulted in a very massive.. thick disk”

  66. ZombieHeadShotGaming

    But, SAIL Says That Those Extremely Dense Planets Are Everywhere..

  67. Sailor Barsoom

    A planet with high surface gravity, made of exotic material, orbiting a red star…
    If it explodes, we know its name: Krypton.

  68. Alvin MR

    1:40. I would’ve imagined the milky way to be more spherical than flat circular

  69. David AE Levy

    I’d like to know more about the study as I am skeptical about the density.

  70. Jacob Ellinger

    04:07 your welcom

  71. Zorro9129

    Sounds like a promising place to get exotic minerals in the future.

  72. Soldies

    I’ve been watching since you had 30k subs and your vids have still been great

  73. Pat McDonald

    This “galactic plane” – is it made by Boeing? :D

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    Your channel to me is like StarTrek, imaginations about the universe, which is what modern astronomy seems to mostly be nowadays :D

  75. Reverb Music

    I love this channel. Cheers me up every day

  76. John X

    I appreciate that English isn’t your first language – Just a heads-up, the expression ‘so called’ is commonly usually used when you are sceptical about something. As in ‘so called perpetual motion’.
    Very interesting video, thanks.

  77. VMAXBX

    What the math. A space channel with no math.
    By a Russian Korean.
    Lol. I love it, whatever the name. HERE I learn.

  78. Edward .Williams

    Me: You see, where I am from we have a *very* thick disk
    Alien babe trying not to blush: Well i do declare

  79. Garance A Drosehn

    Seems to me that the graphics you’re using for all these objects and galaxies keeps getting sharper and more detailed. Very nice!

  80. robinrutschman

    7:25 This planet’s density is 37g per cubic centimeter which is denser than the densest element found on Earth, which is Osmium a Platinum group metal that is only 22g per cubic centimeter ?!?!? As a comparison Lead only weighs 11.342 gram per cubic centimeter. So what the heck is this planet made out of???? Whatever it is, it does NOT exist on Earth!!!!

  81. SilverM1y

    Aw, damn Anton! You’ve found my home world …

  82. Ellison Hamilton

    Weird. One of the best scientific descriptions ever.
    The universe is indeed very WIERD.

  83. LordKellthe1st

    And yet there are still people convincing themselves we live on a flat earth….. sigh.

    Great clip again. Stay safe all

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    Dude, another consistent, meaningful upload…
    Youre going to socially become a youtube god before long
    Like mrpete222!!!!

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    You should live stream. You’re such a mysterious man! I bet your viewers would love to interact with you more. Thanks for the consistent, super entertaining, and informative content!

  86. Heidi M

    Anton: our galaxy is curved, like a wobbly disk.
    Me: amazed

  87. Eggbert08

    Hope your staying healthy Anton! Best wishes from the state’s

  88. General Saufenberg

    the more we know, the more we realize we know nothing. 🤣

  89. Eric Taylor

    I bet it’s the core of a gas giant, perhaps even a brown dwarf that has had it’s atmosphere blown off.

  90. Planet Earth

    I’ve never seen such a planet before, so this is an interesting find :3

  91. NorthernChev

    You should change the name of the channel to, “Where Da Math?”. Since there’s never any Math…

  92. CyberiusT

    ~6:40: “Something we’ve never seen before.”
    That’s not really saying much – we’ve only been able to see beyond this system for a couple of decades, and even now we’re myopic.
    Now, show me a Niven-esque “smoke ring” and I’ll be suitably impressed. Slack-jawed gaping, even.

  93. Thomas Chrombly

    Be careful not to say “Massive thick disk” in the work environment.
    You will spend the next year explaining to HR “She heard me wrong.”

  94. Internet Explorer

    I can already read the clickbait ads once they hear about this.. “Our Milky Way galaxy has a Thicc Disc, and here’s the reasons you should be concerned, #7 is all the proof you need.”

    As usual though awesome video, just had to make a funny.

  95. Bone Scheffel

    i love his accent
    it has inspired a new drinking game:
    take a drink every time he says “a lot”

  96. Alan W

    “So called” – this usually means there is some doubt about the name.

  97. No Count

    Expected Discovery: Ultra-Dense People Going to Bars and Sharing Shots

  98. cyanidejunkie

    Somewhere there’s an Astro physicist in self quarantine calculating the little bits, bodies, planets, red and brown dwarfs, plasma and gas clouds, and fine tuning the measurements on electromagnetic influences, all so he can in your face about denying dark matter since the first idiot brought it up.
    IN YOUR FACE! – your name here, 2020.

  99. Roy19120

    Anton loves saying “also” and “so called.” I absolutely love his content and delivery.

  100. Unbiased

    “The gravity is 7 times higher than on earth, probably not the best planet to go to if you want to lose some weight” LOL! 🤣

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