Turns Out, Galactic Jets Are Very Long Particle Accelerators!

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Paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-020-2354-1

  1. Michael Dirks

    Large Hadron Collider: I’m the biggest and baddest collider there will ever be!
    Future Circular Collider: Oh yea!?!
    Centaurus A: Hold my beer

  2. cyrilio

    Helps explain the OMG particle. I’m not even surprised by this finding.

  3. Shady_Knave

    I’m not an expert by any stretch of the word so, please correct me if I’m wrong on anything or everything. I think I remember reading somewhere that it was theorized that we would need a particle accelerator roughly the size of our solar system and who knows how many GeV’s to see whether or not the Grand Unified Theory was true or not. If we had the means to get there and the equipment to gather data from these jets couldn’t we just use them? Though we could probably build our own particle accelerator large enough for our purposes before we could travel that far in a practical amount of time.

  4. CX32

    At the end when you smile, it makes you look scary

  5. Commentator

    No offense, Anton, but isn’t it kind of obvious that they are just that?

  6. savemars

    I may just be misunderstanding what you are saying, but that only makes sense. Think of it like a jet engine. When it blows air out the flow of air creates a low pressure around it. This will pull in air that didn’t originate from the engine. It will accelerate the pulled in air to the speed of the jet. Anorher example would be an air brush (for painting) this is an effect ue have known for a really long time. If i am mistaken in my understanding let me know.

  7. IV EV

    First to accelerate

  8. Pup314

    Its an eliptical galaxy that has eaten a spiral disk galaxy. The spiral material has been concentrated at the outer edge of the eliptical. There is a third galaxy acting on it to cause the disk to appear warped just like we’ve recently discovered the Milkyway to be warped.

  9. Osmosis Jones

    I have an idea how more efficiently move rocket wheels within fuel within pips .
    Better moving the mass of the ship . along with conventional rocket .

  10. Shred With Dignity

    yes first

  11. Duane Dibbley

    a big problem with modern science is they presume something won’t be there so don’t even look, Archaeologists do the same thing where they won’t dig below a certain depth because they say there is nothing to be found only for someone to actually look and find there is something there.

  12. Jason Ross

    ? I wonder if this could be the cause of the “ oh my god” particle?

  13. TraitorVek


  14. Bush Master

    Space Force

  15. Thomas

    Lets make a petition to get Anton on a commercial SpaceX flight.

  16. Josh Reuter

    Question, let’s say that earth is near this and has access to this, would it be possible to send a space ships and/or satellites through this to explore other galaxies? I will accept unsure as an answer.

  17. Osmosis Jones

    Wonder there’s a cleaning crow preventing the central black from erupting . what you would expect an advance galaxy faring civilian to do. They could send droid to eat up the materials before the black doe’s

  18. I’m already Sans Undertal

    Particle acceptors

  19. IsaaksVideos


  20. Dan Crawford

    Anton is the Manton

  21. spaghettarius a

    fermilab and cern disliked this video

  22. 70 WolfNippleChips

    Electric Universe

  23. CountCarbsNotCals

    Yep that’s about what i would guess.

  24. Iaman Empoweredone

    Sooo, can the particles be accelerated beyond the speed of light? What elements are created?

  25. Jenny Randall

    Black hole….really? Obviously not. Time to re-think

  26. Spirit Winds

    So-called black holes are actually electromagnetic vortexes of energy called plasmoids which produce these jets.

  27. mrFoxYou1

    I been talking about this for years

  28. Karen Smith

    So it looks like a pulsar becoming a galaxy don’t you think?

  29. will2see

    Ok Anton, now, can you please tell us in a few sentences how these jets are accelerated? And second, do you remember the study about the x-shaped lobes/jets you presented to us a few months ago? Do you still think that their explanation holds?

  30. Ghostbrain

    I just read about this galaxy today and was wondering about those jets.

  31. Jonas Meyer

    could anyone direct me to more content like this that isn’t some company trying to get money w science clickbait

  32. Romulus Tiuge


  33. Smart' Medicine Physicist

    Hi thank you very much.

  34. Squirrel ASMR

    Free particle accelerator???

  35. spaghettarius a

    the 3 biggest and unexplained mysteries of the universe
    3. what is beyond the event horizon of black holes
    2. into what the universe is expanding

    1. why anton wears red t-shirts only as if wearing red t -shirts was a universal constant

  36. Mark Carew

    Anton is wearing an “Antifa Resistance” t-shirt?

  37. Molten Freddy Gaming

    Space is awesome

  38. Cas Moons

    Hello wonderul galaxy

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  40. brA1389


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  42. kirby march barcena

    We still haven’t fully understand the universe which is why it will always fascinate us.

  43. Gretchen Maculo

    kugelblitz black holes?

  44. NightShift Astronomy

    Wow you daily publish videos on youtube

  45. Cam Stew

    Yo mo fo 😎

  46. Big D

    Imagine if you could harness all that power what you could do with it .

  47. James Aron

    Wonderful Centaurus A astrophysical jet particle accelerator

  48. Jonas Meyer

    ur a legend

  49. Louis Hansell

    How is it that at 1:30 you can see Centaurus in visible light, but not in the picture of the MW in visible light?

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  51. Lord Nyaxx

    Hello wonderful person, will you do a vid about j2157, seen many profane text in the last week, I guess there must have a new paper behind this, I for one would like to ear your rake on it.
    Nb: I still will watch your vids if not 😉😂

  52. Brian Hutton

    Brilliant as usual, described in such a way that even an idiot like me can understand the concepts without feeling In being the victim of condescension. Thank you Anton

  53. Bruno Geise

    Mr. Petrov, please consider sharing your opinion and expertise in the theory of consciousness from Roger Penrose. ORCH OR. Thanks for the always awesome videos!

  54. Pumplumpugus

    Please figure it out, please

  55. kobla nyomi

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  56. joe caves

    Infinity snake boa under a cosmic cobra.

  57. Steve M

    Hey. Are you a doctor of Particle physics

  58. E̷n̸u̵o̵ A̴k̶a̴t̵s̵u̵k̶i̴

    Inb4 its some alien-made jets

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  60. Edward C Tullis

    Hellow wonderful neighbor

  61. Charles Bonanno

    Radio Galaxies … making death rays for billions of years. ;)

  62. Pan Kluseczka

    thanks anton, good video as usual

  63. Lystic

    55 million times the mass of our Sun… Space is so crazy extreme. (Or our habitat is so crazy specific.)

  64. Gene Ground Jr

    Wow that is nuts I mean are you kidding this insane amazing

  65. Calvin North

    SO COOL. Thanks Anton!

  66. sanjuansteve

    Do Hawking radiation jets of particles ever travel faster than the speed of light? Thx

  67. vdiitd

    I thought these jets are accelerated particles themselves?

  68. James Apperson

    Great. Now I’ve got Galactic Jet Envy.

  69. Erica Fiore

    I think there are particles we still have not detected yet or observed their effects.

  70. Joshua Rodriguez

    I so wanna see an image of the great attacker the maga super black whole

  71. BrutusAlbion

    I literally thought about this like a week ago …

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  73. The Korbi

    “very long”

  74. Raptorman 43

    I couldn’t help but laugh when I first heard a man accidentally stuck his head into CERN’s particle accelerator but never did hear what happened to the guy or if he had permanent side effects from it!

  75. Silas Dense

    Thank you ! ! !

  76. Frank H Bergeron

    Does this add to the expansion of the universe acceleration question?

  77. Dick Driver

    Obvious there is electromagnetic effect involved create conditions that similar to particle accelerator, but that would go against the grain thinking that’s by mainstream, who reject theories Plasma Cosmology.

    Always do question, for what the majority thinks being the answer, may well be in the end Erroneous.

    Love your work wonderful Person.

  78. Hilmar Zonneveld

    “Radioactive” galaxies? Perhaps that should be “active radio galaxies”?

  79. Sigurður óskarsson

    Hi and thanks for cool video. Rely good and cool sutfe ceap doing good jop :). And ar you going to talk abote the new coment?????

  80. Etimespace

    Because nucleus of atoms expanding and recycling dark expanding pushing force.


  81. Hovercraftltd

    “Unusual structures that can literaly create energy themselves”……..Sounds exactly like Birkeland currents……..Maybe these ‘radio jets’ and the visible plasma jets are going in at ‘close to the speed of light’ to power the galaxie not out?

  82. VaSiL ZhEkoV

    Hi, Anton! Where are you from?

  83. Crimeny James

    I’m not a expert in any of this but even I just said, “duh.”

  84. Marcus Cicero

    The universe does not make me feel safe and welcomed

  85. MildManGaming

    Elite Dangerous: “am i a joke to you?”

  86. Simon Sozzi

    Is it highly magnetic in a focused way?

  87. kira yoshikage

    “Wait, galactic jets are particle accelerators?”
    Loads gun
    “Always have been”

  88. James Guenes

    You know your stuff so well, I started wandering if you day.dream also same materials while walking, like Albert Einstein was one day limping and didn’t realize until someone tapped him on his shoulder and let him know that he was limping! :)

  89. Richard Nicholson

    Thought we already knew that

  90. Duane Dibbley

    there is only one thing that can accelerate charged particles and that is electromagnetism yet they can’t seem to admit that or even mention it.

  91. Martyn Notman

    Galaxies are just about my favourite thing. Id love a few videos on them Anton! One about the galaxies hidden in the zone of avoidance? Or the big Abell groups? Or The “Great Attractor”… :)

  92. jack daniels

    I love it when we get a big smile at the end of the video I always smile and wave back lmao

  93. Seraephus

    Every day I learn
    That I need to learn more

  94. Cam Stew

    Anton. Hello from Scotland! You da man! All of us love your channel. Don’t stop

  95. James Fisher

    I wonder what would happen if the astrophysical jets of two colliding galaxies crossed.

  96. MC's Creations

    Now imagine putting a particle accelerator’s detector in the path of one of those jets…
    Thanks, Anton! 🖖😊

  97. Mike Dunigan

    Watching this made me realize that Ion engines should have very long nozzles that are basically particle accelerators. Why settle for pushing yourself twice off an atom when you can push ALL THE TIMES off an atom. It’s just wave from modulation, programming and some engineering. All stuff we know how to do. Sure you don’t get any real vectoring of the thruster. But we are talking main thrust engines here, not steering. That can be handled by changing flow rate across 4 thrusters, just like a quad copter.

  98. wellbi

    Anton releases his videos exactly around my bedtime. So, good night wonderful people.

  99. TraitorVek

    No Speed of Light – Rate of Induction

  100. Martyn Notman

    “Probably CERN in Switzerland”

    **cue angry French shouting** 😂😂

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