Turns Out, Clouds of Venus May Have Photosynthetic Conditions

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new study investigating photosynthesis on Venus



CNX OpenStax CC BY 4.0 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Figure_01_01_01a.jpg
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NASA – http://sacd.larc.nasa.gov/branches/space-mission-analysis-branch-smab/smab-projects/havoc/

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  1. Akadok

    Well this is fascinating if we could see the stem of life happening right before our eyes. What a time to live in if that’s the case

  2. Rishav Sarkar

    This potentially gives ‘Cloud-Seeding’ a whole new meaning.
    *cue Doom music but it’s just Earth Bacteria competing with Venusian Bacteria for survival.

    PS, great drinking game….take a shot of Vodka everytime Anton says ‘Potentially’.

  3. Shawn Matthews

    I love that Anton is obsessed w Venus

  4. Geoffrey Stevens

    “Life, oh life, oh life… doo doo doo doo doo” (Des’ree)! Extremophiles are probably quite happy in the Venusian upper atmosphere!

  5. Sean Tyler

    If we find any life in venuses atmosphere, it would almost make certain that life tends to spring from everywhere

  6. John Brown

    What a lot of people don’t think about is that although Venus has a thick hot atmosphere is very dense and although still in a gaseous state it is better thought of (for colonization purposes) as an ocean. You need to float a city 50k up not “fly” it.

  7. Goodtohave Inajam

    It is Earth-centric to suppose that “life” can only happen within Earth-like conditions. Between local amino acids, or from a meteorite, life seemed to happen at first by caprice here, but those conditions could happen on any planet. Any planet, under the conditions there…

  8. James Aron

    Wonderful beautiful Venusian photosynthetic life atmospheric condition potential

  9. DH Schumann

    Isn’t the gravity on venus much closer to Earths? IMO, living on blimps would be easier than living on gravitrons ( to correct mars )

  10. Dillinger

    This is my favorite topic you cover. I love both the ideas of finding microbial life in the Venusian atmosphere as well as the prospect of a floating colony in the clouds! Venus is the most exciting place in the solar system outside of Earth! 😁

  11. Wilkse1

    I don’t understand why starting a colony on Venus Isn’t the main goal of NASA and co ? 
    Mars seems to have more problems in starting a colony with dust, radiation and distance.

  12. Vladimir Olegovich

    Sort of we living among oxygen acid oceans and it seems we are fine. Also Venusian atmosphere so dense that something at 50 km above the ground like at the top of the ocean.

  13. Stem Artin

    Imagine if life on earth originally came from Venus as airborne bacteria which was then rained down to the surface and seeding life….

  14. Charles Brown

    Let’s get some balloon instruments over there, ASAP! Come on governments of the world, push the mission through all the bureaucracies!

  15. Travis Keena

    Your channel has some of the least biased scientific info. Much appreciated. Thanks Anton, you wonderful person!

  16. Roger Dudra

    Most interesting to learn that Venus is far more interesting than I knew about.

  17. rogue artz

    with the tech we have now would it be possible for us to drain all the sulfuric acid from the planet and over time terraform it

  18. cokemachine

    that’s right … if it’s 900 degrees on the surface and 700 below in space then it would be quite possible to find a comfortable spot somewhere in between , did you believe otherwise???

  19. IARRCSim

    If Venus gets a human colony in the atmosphere, one major difference from the hovering buildings from sci fi is that they’d float like hot air balloons instead of being close to the density of buildings on Earth’s surface so minimal fuel is continually spent maintaining altitude.

  20. Kelly Wilkinson

    What if we were to seed the atmosphere with photosynthetic life?

  21. McKinley

    So what does this mean Should we tried to terraform Venusian atmosphere.AndPossibly destroy the Venusian life

  22. Seth Seymour

    It’s funny and ironic and short-sided to have thought that the search for life would result in a guy that looked like me. 🤔🤣🤣🤣

  23. David Escobar

    I always thought those giant UFO’S seen on movies, television and even Youtube videos were piloted by microbes.

  24. Efx245 Precor

    Earlier Venus probes already seeded the clouds with life.

  25. Overi

    Fascinating! And once again I wonder why noone broadcast these kind of discoveries to broad public. TV, News, nah… it’s not interesting for them if no human was killed.

  26. Jewell Carpenter

    The unknown UV absorbers, are pockets of ozone created by photosynthetic life. I’m telling you giant sky whales exist, giant balloon plants too! LOL

  27. Agroforestry Consultancy

    More interesting than Marse, even before this video.

  28. Sam Smith

    Venus: You called me beautiful..


  29. Jared F

    If we could prove there was no life on Venus, should we actually try and seed life there ourselves? That would be cool.

  30. Thesilent One

    If theres life here on this hell then Jupiter is prime for sky high pressure hydrogen breathing possible dragons using lighting eating plants as there food.

  31. Glenn Nile

    We are so blessed to live in a time like this.

  32. FanTaMoralTanter

    What is the minimum amount of hydrogen needed for life? Any type of molecules…. that the question.

  33. R Perez

    This is amazing!

  34. Penney Burgess

    This reminds me of deep sea life forms that grow on volcanic vents. Although they are devoid of sun, and mimic other sea life in form, they are an entirely different set of species. The possibility of life on Venus beyond our scope of imagination. It’s so exciting.
    Thank you Anton.

  35. Fermioncool Fermioncool

    What makes Venus has an atmospheric pressure of 100 bar, because of sulfer gas? Temperature? dus this means the atmospheric height is much larger then of earth (about 200km)?

  36. Rockinghorse Winner

    I hope not! The last thing we need are rain forests on Venus! Anyway, it shows you the benefits of global warming: more green vegetation…

  37. MusicOnMyMind

    Astronomy continues to surprise me and blow my mind. Thanks Anton!

  38. Gunni1972

    solar power over the Atmosphere of venus could at least be effective, as long as our materials don’t melt.

  39. Cristian M

    Throw some Earth plants seeds into those clouds !

  40. Jake Bannin

    Looks like we can colonize with cloud cities that act as greenhouses to terraform!

  41. Nolan

    I can so see development of Mars slowly piddling around as on-site astronauts work hand-in-hand with their remote controlled robots while the efforts continually get hamstrung by all the international politicking. Then out of nowhere someone designs automated atmospheric/polymer processing unit modules with all the automated build out designs to allow a colony to self-build itself on Venus. Then multiple pre-built floating cities get built on Venus before a single one gets finished on Mars.

  42. Joe Zyzyx

    I wonder what sort of changes on Venus might happen if a large water laden comet crashed into it?

  43. Christmas Snow

    Since some types of photosynthesis may produce oxygen, which is lighter than the CO2 around it, it is possible that more complex organisms have evolved high up among the clouds. They may first emerge as cell membranes encasing oxygen bubbles within. The oxygen serves for metabolic functions as well as buoyancy in the denser atmosphere. Once these simple organisms have secured their stay high above the furnace down below, they may even evolve further. Who knows? There might be multicellular floaters up there, having their own ecosystem. The dense and hot atmosphere below may even carry dust from the surface higher into the clouds, and photosynthesizing organisms may feed off the minerals just as plants on Earth feed off the land.

  44. Tinfoil Homer

    UV relections from Venus have always been weird and it was a common suggestion.

  45. Camrat

    If there is photosynthesis going on there, wouldn’t we have detected the molecular oxygen this would generate?

  46. Fred Nurke

    If there’s more water and less acid than we think then yes, life is possible. If no, not. If there is life we have to send some robot to collect some in a jar and find out whether there’s any connection between it and us. Even if it migrated from Earth the fact that it’s there would make the Universe a very exciting place all of a sudden: at least for microbes and curious earthlings. If it evolved independent of Earth then everything I just said squared. 🤩

  47. GST

    Unexpectedly ? I remember this was proposed decades ago, surely authors back then didn’t based the proposal on a hunch…..

  48. Andrew Johnson

    In the seventies we referred to these ideas as Sagan-life after Carl Sagan. He wrote quite few papers about the theoretical life forms that could live in the clouds of Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter.

  49. Graeme Brumfitt

    Cloud City, COOL. TFS, GB :)

  50. Jesse Poulton

    ya know i wasn’t gonna click, but then i saw “Intriguing new story” in the corner

  51. Brandon N

    Maybe we should just seed Venus with life and watch what happens

  52. jbftcmof

    Chance Venus has life: ??%
    Chance Venus is awesome: 110%

  53. TayZonday

    Who knows? Maybe we’re Venetian [Edit: Venusian]. Primordial Venus and Earth might have been quite incestuous during periods of heavier bombardment / ejection.

  54. Fritz

    It’s odd that a sci fi book from the 60s discussed this very subject. And in the story humans had built floating city’s to live in and mine the atmosphere from.

  55. WinyPouh

    Before creating a flying city at Venus we must try to create a flying city here at Earth.

  56. belstar

    Maybe there is a entire eco system there with a lot of microbes that hunt each other and do all kinds of weird things no life on earth does that would be so cool i hope this is not just a fluke.

  57. Mspi Onage

    So it truly does seem like the upper atmosphere of Venus could house a cloud city.

  58. PaulthePhilosopher2

    I want to see Anton cover the La Palma volcano and the mudslide/tsunami theory. C’mon dude.

  59. eliot Bremer

    dude you are dope af keep up the good work love your show.

  60. Rod Anderson

    We need to open a “worm hole” between Venus and Mars. Then we could equalize the atmospheric pressure between the two planets — thus making both of them more friendly to human colonization. Problem solved 🥳😂

  61. Scott Norin

    Was there ever a discovery of alternate branches to the domain of biology? I’m aware of Eukaryota, Archea and Bacteria. Was there evidence discovered of a separate ancient domain that was lost or became extinct? Were dinosaurs part of the Eukaryota branch of biological cells? Which branch does a Tardegrade live in? Would any of these cells from Earth’s three branches of biology ever survive on Venus?

  62. Lord Shadowz

    How do all these bacteria stay up in the atmosphere, forming colonies in the air, etc etc?

  63. Luis Zarechet

    Do we have photosynthesising bacteria in our atmosphere?

  64. BreezyDunneGod

    I always wonder if Venus didn’t have the runaway greenhouse effect and still had oceans we still look similar to earth and what would the temperature be?

  65. Danny L

    Can anyone link the video that Anton said “the study last year ago” that caused the hype around Venus?

  66. John Wang

    Shouldn’t we be able to detect the presumably green colour in the light reflected from Venus?

  67. P4RADIGM

    Goddess on the mountain top
    Burning like a silver flame
    The summit of beauty and love
    And Venus was her name

    Someday, someday we’ll live there

  68. GreenTea

    I’m so excited for the upcoming venus missions, as the years go on I’m more and more convinced that venus is our best chance at terraforming another planet.

  69. J3i2i2y L

    A weather baloon probe in the atmosphere of venus would be fascinating. Baloon cities sound great, but I don’t see us getting building materials or supplies from the surface any time soon.

  70. Tony Perez

    I love Venus, thanks for the info Anton

  71. yongeWok

    I remember your video on this. Great to hear about more progress on it!

  72. Tiget

    Venus did have liquid water and was basically a second earth for the majority of the solar system’s history (~85%)
    So I wouldn’t be surprised if the original life on the ground went extinct when Venus undergone a runaway greenhouse effect but some species adapted and started to migrate further and further up the atmosphere

  73. dwayne carpenter

    I just don’t think a flying City on Venus would be possible! But floating hotel rooms are definitely a possibility!

  74. Todd korson

    Somewhat hostile planet…. Somewhat, well that’s an understatement.

  75. nate0

    It is so sad we as humans sat on our hands for decades when we could have answers to questions as basic as what you just shared…I mean I can not answer these questions but I know the fact that if only Russian data is available this tells us right there nobody even attempted to pioneer afterwards…in 10 years when resources show signs of pains we will wish we had done more or at least tried to.

  76. Somewhere North of Starba

    Floating cities in the Venus atmosphere: we need that in Sci-Fi series!

  77. Tsuchimursu

    I’ve sort of made it a habit to listen to your videos when I go to bed. No, I don’t fall asleep on you, but filling my head with the last bit of info for the day and listening to your calm voice usually leaves me ready to just close my eyes and sleep instantly. Thanks again.

  78. Nostromo

    Fascinating stuff. DON”T TELL ELON!

  79. Wayne Harrison

    Head in the clouds, me… would, very much, be at home living on Venus.🧖‍♂️

  80. Hovant

    In the atmospheric band you’re talking about, the regular air mixture we’re accustomed to becomes a lifting gas, which makes balloon cities not only possible, but optimal

  81. NotLess Grossman

    Totally awesome thanks for this Anton

  82. John Dough

    Didn’t Asimov write about this 60 or so years ago? It’s pretty cool that some scientists think it’s actually possible.

  83. Colleen Forrest

    An Earth-like atmosphere is buoyant at these atmospheres. So technically you could live inside the balloon. Then use propellers to stabilize your position or fly above storms and such.

  84. Marissa Carter

    The art is freaking incredible 😍🤑👽

  85. Jim Curtis

    Wonderful as always anton ☺️

  86. I-V-l

    Venus is like a mini gas giant with a lot of water vapor above the sulphur layers. Shrug

  87. Andrew

    Absolutely. In fact there are teams dedicated to looking into life in upper atmospheres.
    Fascinating stuff indeed

  88. peter

    I don’t think I would trust a paper with a title “Photosynthesis In Clouds of Venus Can Totally Happen”.. 🤔

  89. dwayne carpenter

    We need to seed the atmosphere with the most robust cyanobacteria! Let it do its thing!

  90. Loec

    At this point, I’m almost convinced life is pretty much everywhere out there.

  91. Todd Starbuck

    Oh my God, like it can totally happen. Like gag me with a spoon.

  92. Sir. ButteredBalls

    Life will eventually be found that is stranger then most expect.🤷‍♂️ Thanks again for the great work bringing the science to the masses. 👍

  93. Fern Bedek

    Rocket Lab is probably thrilled that they designed their one rocket with Venus missions in mind just a few months before all the hype broke.

  94. Edward Nelson

    I think Sagan speculated about using air borne algae-like life in the atmosphere of Venus.
    That said, I think it will be a geochemical origin

  95. Imma Tettey

    This is awesome.

  96. Ellison Hamilton

    Why do I have this image of a Venusian mowing his lawn at 15,000 ft.?
    Maybe it’s because I just spent the last 6 hours trimming all my trees and mowing my lawn.

  97. Tami Hixx

    And now ….leta talk about how cute you are Anton.

  98. Joe Kozak Official

    Cool, another amazing video thank you

  99. Unknown

    Hey wonderful Anton 👋🏻
    I really enjoy your videos keep the quality up!

    Greetings from germany

  100. Grim Affiliations

    Between this and the discovery of phosphene, there’s got to be life in the upper atmosphere of Venus

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