Trillions of Rogue Planets Are Hidden In Our Galaxy (And One Is Nearby)

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new predictions in regards to the trillions of rogue planets that probably exist in our galaxy.
Visualizing a billion:

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  1. Ibrahim Ljusebring

    clickbait (1 is close nearby) *facepalm*

  2. Mark Mcdougal

    Great vid, as always, Anton, thanks. One point of confusion for me: where did all those rogue planets come from? Planets, as I understand it, are created from a large hydrogen gas cloud condensing into a central mass (star) with surrounding clumps that coalesce into planets. A planet can get kicked out of its home solar system by a passing entity with enough mass, but a trillion rogue planets? How were they formed? Also, my wife just informed me she’s leaving me because “according to Anton, you’re no longer a wonderful person!”. :)

  3. karas stig

    Excellent video my friend.

  4. Michael Stiller

    Oh more EU ideas, planets around gas giants. Ganymede Hypothesis.

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    They better b offering u a good breakfast at that hotel anton!!!

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    This is my favorite channel

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    Space was presented as cold, lightless, empty, lonely. Now we see galactic space is FULL of mysterious objects. And we know so little.

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    Weed, coffee, banana cake and Antons vids for brekky, cant get any better

  9. RDE Lutherie

    Now I know why I had a blind spot the other day when flying around in my intergalactic cruiser! Wow, for a minute I thought I was insane!

  10. Not Sure

    Ran out of topics? How about discussing the revocation of the IAU’s incredibly stupid definition of a planet?

  11. Norvel Cooksey

    You should be doing a video on all of these comments going pass of us, and more on the way.

  12. WildStar2002

    There are no such thing as rogue planets – they do not dominate their orbit (since they orbit the galactic center) so according to the IAU’s absurd definition – they are all dwarf planets, even if they are bigger than Jupiter. 🙈

  13. carolyn

    Very interesting Thanks Anton

  14. t kermi

    I saw one yesterday. But it moved so fast that I couldn’t take a photo before it moved away from my backyard.

  15. Anton Moquin

    I know when your last video I had said that I love your channel because you don’t get into anything political. This however is one instance where I can agree with you, on needing to share information like the link you shared. many people don’t understand the fact that these guys have more money than they could spend in multiple lifetimes while people around them starve to death…
    It’s hoarding by definition.

  16. Alondro77

    Finally, world peace is achieved in 2032, as Emperor Alondro’s reign of glory begins!

    And then a rogue planet screams into the Solar System and smashes Earth to bits.

    It’s like… why bother even trying? :P


    you sir are an amazing vessel of truth…through you, i not only see the universe, I see my other brethren who is the instrument through which I see the truth and the science of life. how else could i have met Nancy Grace Roman. So many great geniuses from whose brilliance I’ve been shielded by our commercial ignorance. live long and propagate my friend.

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    Im just gonna have to say im a little up that you werent my math teacher Anton. The way you wouldve likely related thing wouldve probably driven me to strive harder. But, such is life lol

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    Could these be considered a component of dark matter??

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    I wake up every day and rush to see if you’ve uploaded another video. Thanks for teaching me so much every day!

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  23. Pnume Kin

    Isn’t “Rogue planet”, a planet not attached to any star and going its own way in the galaxy?

  24. Allen Russell

    Hmmmmm, sounds like dark matter.

  25. Gimme a Bullet

    Not the Nancy Grace I was thinking of, thank god! Lol!

  26. Knapweed

    OK, my mind is blown! I would have thought a rogue planet would have been one of the rarest objects in the Universe.


    1I / ‘Oumuamua
    2I / Borisov
    3I / rogue planet or rogue stellar-mass black hole?

  28. RJL738

    As I recall there are on average over 100,000 times as many rogue planets as there are stars.

  29. barak av

    Hey Anton, do you think that the rouge planets can explain a large part of the dark matter?

  30. L B

    So life on the mythical planet nibiru could be possible according to this theory!?

  31. B. Levin

    Why are we still so surprised at these discoveries? I like how human arrogance is never ending, just like the universe seemingly is.

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    Anton is so cute. Haha. Cracks me up. The intro to this video. “Huh… What should we talk about today?” Lmao! 😆 He just gets more and more relaxed the more videos he makes. Man. I love Anton! Lol

    Much love and respect, Anton. Take care. Hope all is well.

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    Hey Anton! I pledged to your Patreon a while ago, but I can’t seem to find my name. Is there a mistake?

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    Kirk says, Mr. Spock, are there more planet’s than stars?
    Spock replied, “It is only logical.”

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    great video as always, anton! you always make my mornings better with your videos.

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    Did you have a bird in the background while recording?

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    Poor lost souls, their solar family gave up looking for them billions of years ago. Tragic!

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    so……..good job Jupiter and Saturn are there

  42. Bjorn Hiep

    Ah, NASA is working on it…. Well if they do it in the same pace as they do their work on the James Webb telescope, it will be in orbit by the year 2050. ;)

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    Than you for the guidance, Mr Petrov. You have made astronomy interesting and easier to understand. 🤔🙄☺️

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  50. lasarith2

    3) The interstellar dust , can/could also form these rouge planets, idk why people think planets could only be formed around stars .

    A math guess of

    1 trillion rouge planets would be say something around 1-10 million sun like stars , (based on the number of 1 trillion) would only be something like – 5% to 5.0005% . (Matter)

  51. paul charlesworth

    Antony after a shit day thanks for the geek out mate

  52. Storm D

    We Could have one that might be planet 9 and not really be rogue!

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    all kinds of stuff out there.

  54. Photios

    Thanks Anton for covering another interesting topic! With all these rogue planets out floating around in our galaxy, it makes one wonder if one has come careening through the solar system at some point in its 4.5 billion year history. Over such a long time span, the statistical odds make this a possibility. If so, its gravitational effects could have had some serious impacts on the orbits of the other planets. Possibly there are planets in our solar system that are not in the same positions they were in billions of years ago because of a rogue planet flyby.

  55. Martyn Notman

    Ive long wanted a video on this! Thank you Anton


    Awesome presentation!
    I always enjoy your you tube presentations.
    I hope I am still alive when we get actual photo’s, and information about the planets near earth.

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    Very interesting. One of those planets could collide with a solar system and cause mass chaos; even ours.

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  63. Aurinkohirvi

    Movie “Melancholia” suddenly seems a lot more likely scenario: collision with a rogue planet.
    At least for some unfortunate civ end might come that way.
    (IMHO a boring movie and not good sci-fi)

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    I hope none of them decide to visit the solar system any time soon.

  65. oiSnowy

    How about speeding tickets for rogue planets? I’m sure they must exceed some limits.

  66. Kevin Hayes

    I wonder if there’s any rogue planets traveling with rogue suns with life on and is time flowing differently because they may be traveling much faster 😎

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    I liked when they called these as Steppenwolf planets

  68. Actor Adam Anouer

    We finally know why you called your presentations what the Math. Bless you Wonderful person.

  69. Java Man

    When you say that our galaxy contains 200-400 billion stars, do you mean individual stars, or star systems? For example, does a binary star system count as one star, or two?

  70. Tim Black

    Thank you for the info!

  71. Osmosis Jones

    Could imagine those rogues planets artificially habitable the civilian on them have technology for heat and light. I was thinking rocky planets that got flung out

  72. Eskimonster

    Could say, Rogue Planets are “Dark” matter :)

  73. jonathan messina

    can a rouge planet have a moon? sounds like a gate way to a dark dimension accessing those planets

  74. Alex Flockhart

    In the depiction of a rogue brown dwarf in infrared, I noticed that it was dimmer at the poles, implying that it would be colder. Just want to point out that without orbiting a sun, it wouldn’t make a difference in temperature at the poles.

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    Wonderful Anton, thank you so much for your daily doses of the knowledge about wonderful universe! Every day I hardly wait for your videos, to learn more & more about wonders & miracles of space & time in which we live in. You are that great science teacher we all wanted to have in school.
    Greetings from Slovenia to far away South Korea & I sincerely wish you all the best in life!

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    imagine how good for humanity’s development it would be if there was one spotted that was going to come into our solar system within a thousand years

  82. Martin Gradwell

    “As a matter of fact there might be more
    rogue planets around us
    than there are actual stars but we just can’t really see them. … about a trillion.”
    Look at a distant galaxy that presents itself to us edge-on. See that black line separating it into two halves? What do you suppose that might be? There are five known dwarf planets just within our Solar System – Ceres, Pluto, Makemake, Haumea, Eris, and maybe more. Is there any reason to suppose that the rest of space is less densely populated with dwarf planets, comets, and so on? If they are only barely detectable when near the edge of our solar system, they could easily escape detection elsewhere.

    What I’m saying is that the appearance of distant galaxies should give us a clue that in our own galaxy a trillion might be little more than a rounding error. That would make a lot more sense than Dark Matter being something so incredibly exotic that we can’t even begin to imagine what it might be or how it might be made locally or how we might observe it directly.

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