Total Number of Galaxies in The Universe Is Much Higher Than We Thought

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the new estimate for how many galaxies there could be in the universe and it’s much higher than before.
2016 Paper:
Recent Paper:

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  1. the fishstick

    This stuff blows my mind. So much out there! I wish I could visit those places :(

  2. LostInThe0zone

    Seems like there is more new information everyday than a human can learn.

  3. MrLeoGP

    Imagine all the worlds that are out there… all the life forms… Its impossible we are the only ones

  4. primoroy

    Makes the grains of sand on earth inconsequential! 🥴😳

  5. Ozzy

    We are a conscious form of the universe.

  6. Rod Anderson

    Maybe someday we will develope FTL travel and be able to see some of the currently “invisible” galaxies 🤔😁

  7. Crazy Arnold

    And just remember space is still expanding

  8. K C

    All those galaxies and we can even reach one fml.

  9. rrobertt13


  10. Shenanigans with les

    Who’s “we” You got a mouse in your pocket?

  11. Chad Cuckmaker

    Was going to ask why we dont have a bubble life space telescope at one of the lagrange points around Jupiter or maybe Saturn.

  12. Thomas Sailor

    More galaxies means more matter. That’s going to change some heavy hitting theories pretty hard.

  13. Darryl Dee

    So there are more galaxies than people on the Earth, wow.

  14. planescaped

    4 trillion in the observable universe, and the observable universe might be the equivalent to a grain of sand in the Sahara desert for all we know.

  15. planescaped

    Higher than preposterously high?

    That’s pretty high.

  16. Cedrick Kukela

    if there are more galaxies than we thought, does that mean there is more regular matter in the universe? does this have an effect on the ratio of dark matter to regular matter.?

  17. Andrej Milovanovic

    It’a amazing how much we’ve learned about the universe, gazing at the stars in awe from this humble flat Earth of ours!

  18. Kyle Kissack

    Then who thought? Not me lol thanks Anton stay wonderful everyone!❤️

  19. Ric Anderson

    More gold for the mind to plunder, cool .

  20. Spawn

    Every day we can see a light day further, and they think we are missing (60% of the total matter)

  21. P W

    I must have put a decimal in the wrong place. I always do that, I mess up some minute detail.

    4 trillion galaxies is not a minute detail Michael!


    “If you start counting galaxies one per second, then by the time you die you might count to 2 billion..” – DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY AGE?! :)

  23. Yours Truly

    The Universe isn’t expanding, it’s running away from Chuck Norris.

  24. The Artisan

    and we will never leave our galaxy when it comes to future space flight…

  25. Allen Russell

    I keep wondering how astrophysicists estimate the mass of the universe when we find more stuff in every day.

  26. Tom Reichardt

    It is very likely that we could see the unobservable universe IF we went there.

  27. Old Mechanic

    Man if there’s a Gravitational waves resonance frequency, space time maybe distorted large!

  28. Invincible Swords

    We are in a network of universes and mega universes and so on. For eternity.

  29. Apeman Commeth

    There’s gotta be life out there! The real question is what time did it exist!

  30. Gerhard Selig

    Damn Anton I feared for some time you caught a cold, but this is voice break already in effect?

  31. Spleef The Dude

    In other words, we have no idea what the hell is going on out there.

  32. Golden Shine

    Perhaps some of these galaxies no longer exist but the light hasn’t stopped coming to us yet.

  33. Michelle Cornum

    I like to think of everything that we can see as being just our Universal District.

  34. Shane Rooney

    *Anton:* How many galaxies are there in the universe?
    *Me:* I don’t know. A lot.
    *Anton:* There are _even more than that!_
    *Me:* * GASP *

  35. Necroticus

    so yeah. those kinds of probabilities, there’s an earth out there, with a human like people, that have my goddamn hover board that Back to the Future promised me.

  36. Barnaby Wilde

    i suddenly feel suffocated by the crowd

  37. Murdered Carrot

    The galaxies are the atoms of the super structure alone within its super universe

  38. Brain Blocking

    this has no effect whatsoever on the amount of dark matter that is supposed to be out there?..

  39. Slayer-33

    Yep, we’re totally alone.

  40. Rick Gutbrod

    Considering that a century ago, 1920’s, it became clear that there was more than 1 galaxy. They are reaching for 4 Trillion. Give us another century, we might begin to coming close to the answer.

  41. Jared Sowinski

    With that many galaxies there has to be other life out there, and so many interesting and beautiful rocky planets like our own. I hope we find alien life before I die!

  42. joemel2

    Just in case you didn’t feel small enough already!

  43. J M

    As a child I would study the bubbles in a bottle of water. Like galaxies in the universe.

  44. Kenneth Irgendwas

    just read the title, but my first thought is ‘thats bad, bacause it makes the fermi paradox even worse’

  45. Virtual Reality Channel

    We should all just listen to jammin reggae music as we cruise through the mind blowing universe.

  46. Joseph

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out that the number of galaxies in the universe is infinite or if there is a multiverse.

  47. John Johansen

    3:04 Speak for yourself, Earthling!

  48. Karl West

    I believe there are some languages that have three numbers, one, two and lots. So I can confidently say there are lots of galaxies 😉

  49. Gary Lee

    In a galaxie far, far away Rick and Morty are laughing at us.

  50. Punky Pinko

    It’s always going to be more than we thought :)
    I would say, the number in our heads has gotten much higher … how many there actually are, we don’t know.

  51. Fire Proxy

    I remember when I first started watching this channel around 2015 and you had 50,000 subscribers I think 🤔

  52. Doug G

    Why don’t they just say “ a shit ton”

  53. Jamie Harford

    Hello wonderful people. Thanks Anton, I wait every night!

  54. Мйлс М.

    Anton youre a wonderful person! Great vids as always, cheers

  55. sprwil

    Anton, thank you so much – mindblowing – keep healthy👍

  56. Heaven 42

    Give that man a Cigar
    Haha your going to Go Far !let’s hope !That’s What I tell everybody”We are ! STAR MAN .Join the singularity.

  57. David Lanham

    I’ve been saying for years, it’s gotta be at least 4 trillion.

  58. Jared S

    If space-time is “flat”, then the entire universe can be ♾!

  59. Squirrel ASMR

    3:13 those galaxies/clouds look like a blue whale! 🐋

  60. Pablo Novi

    Let me add my voice / question to those who ask, “Then what does this do to the amount of dark matter & dark energy; and don’t their proportions change significantly?”

  61. KE6DOA

    And we are the only intelligent life in all of that space yeah right.. I just know that somewhere out there is my true love

  62. Half-a-Gram Stan

    As humanity becomes more intelligent, the creators had to expand the simulation.

  63. Fauzul Azim

    Meanwhile at far far away galaxy, the aliens looking at the group of our galaxy and wondering, “there must be some intelligent life out there…”

  64. Ultimate Tech Hub

    These numbers are massive! Hard to comprehend! Thanks Anton!

  65. Warcrimes

    Im sure I could count them much faster than that – I’ll post a comment when I’m done

  66. Filip O

    Man, your channel is so underrated… Love the work – keep it up

  67. MaxelWong|VoiceActor

    Cmon Anton and wonderful person, I coulda told you that!!

  68. Carlos Ramirez

    I don’t think this comes to a surprise to anyone. I don’t think we are truly going to grasp the true size of the universe and all with in the universe for eons to come.

  69. StarlightEater

    I haven’t left this room in 8 months

  70. will2see

    4:40 – Not micrometeorites, but micrometeoroids!

  71. James Benton Ticer

    You put up so much content! I love it.

  72. John Irby

    There you go, changing the answers to the test questions, twice a day!

  73. scoots

    So somewhere in the Universe there must be a KLINGON!

  74. cthulu8mytoast202

    God: “He took him outside and said, “Look up at the sky and count the stars–if indeed you can count them.””—Genesis 15:5
    Humans: “We’re trying!”

  75. spidalack

    “how many galaxies in the universe?” I think the most precise number we can give at the moment is “A LOT of them”

  76. Lindsay Forbes

    We see so much
    We see so little
    We know so much
    We know so little
    Great job Anton

  77. John Coleman

    Universe, how many more billions of galaxies have you got?

    Universe : Yes

  78. John Floyd

    Have you ever wondered with so many galaxies in the Universe, and wondered how many civilizations came and went?

  79. Ivor Biggun

    To quote the opening line from one of my favourite films…. ‘This is the Universe. Big, isn’t it?’

  80. Cinders

    Cant wait till my future incarnation is jamming to 80s japanese jazz while doing some belt mining. Space is so silent, but we humans sure can make a ruckus :)

  81. Ulfhedinn Tyr

    “I’ve been to the ‘Edge’ of the universe… It’s just more universe…”

    Alec Baldwin or something?
    Leaf on the Wind?

  82. Johnny Sokko

    The Ocean: “I contain a mind boggling quantity of drops of water”
    The Universe: Smiles and sips his beer

  83. germanpenn

    3:05 “ain’t nobody got time for that” – Anton

  84. King Artaxerxes

    I’m 68 years old. If what you said about counting galaxies is true, I might live a lot longer than I thought. I better start counting now. One, two, three…

  85. Zahbär Schmuni

    But…but, we already thought the number was stupidly high.

  86. Diksaca Yehovah

    Office of the galaxies elect says there’s no evidence of a fraudulent galaxy count.

  87. Doug Coulter

    So, the amount of visible matter was “off by a zero”? What does that do the the estimates of total visible mass, and therefore estimates of some mysterious dark something?

  88. Mike Morgan

    “… could even be maybe infinite, if that’s a thing” – great line

  89. untouchable360x

    Imagine the computing power to simulate that many more galaxies.

  90. UsedColouringBook

    How many galaxies can we observe?
    Conservative estimate: ~US national debt

  91. Charonupthekuiper

    The estimates are increasing in line with national debts.

  92. Doc Wonder

    I love how the last two videos have pretty much just said….”we don’t know sh*t”….LOL

  93. Beyond

    2050: Total Number of Universes in the Multiverse Is Much Higher Than We Thought

  94. Jonathan Gibson

    Reminds me of a question when I was a teen, “How many dead people are there, dad?” …
    “All of them, son.”

  95. Glasswork Trophic

    Seems the typical answer to any astronomical question involving “How much is out there?” is to be: “More than you think.”.

  96. Scott Haliday

    What do you mean that you dont want to speculate Anton!? We come here to listen to you speculate!

  97. tzaddikim 1 **

    The evening always gets better after a few moments listening to Anton. Be smooth, Anton. see ya tomorrow

  98. California Dreaming

    Student: “How many galaxies are there?”
    Anton: “Well, we know there are a lot of them.”

  99. James Martin

    Counting the galaxies in the Universe: “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

  100. TayZonday

    With 4 trillion galaxies, if only one in a million birthed an intelligent civilization that reached or surpassed us — there would still be four million intelligent civilizations in the history of the visible universe.

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