Total Number of Cells You Are Made Out Of And How Quickly They Regenerate

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new study that discovers how often the cells in your body get renewed and the total number of cells that your body contains
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    Thanks for the laughs but I think those are tiny little Ants on your skin Ant not spiders. I was tired and sad this morning but your little bit of fun with the little Ants made me laugh, Antman Petrov and his millions of mini me’s.

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    Anton, I really appreciate you and your work! Your endeavor in scientific communication is of immense value! Thank you!

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    Very good “off topic” episode!

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    “Then I think the universe decided; to appreciate life, for there to be change and growth, life had to be short.” [Dialogue from Lorien, the universe’s first sentient being and naturally immortal to Ivanava. Babylon 5 Syfi series.) 🙄

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    Is there bacteria in our brains? Do they influence our state of mind? Our thoughts and emotions? How much of us is really US? 🙀

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    Anton, I love you men….but why did you say spiders? 😱


    So our body is basically a living ecosystem. We’re just the captain of the ship.

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    Interesting to know.

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    Lung cells: 0.1% renewal… I’m so dead. Oh, well… It was a good life.

    (Lights another cigarette.)

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    Things are always trying to eat us but our body regenerates. As soon as we die, the things win. 😱

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    Amazing. Mind blowing.

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    The sinoatrial node cells are with us for life and never regenerate they regulate heart rhythm.

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    2:06 that right thumb looks…very long. Very long fingers in general.

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    That explains Dr Who, kinda. 😋

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    I seriously suspect that if we can come to a deep understanding of how these regeneration tiers and timers work we can successfully manipulate the total bodily life span.

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    Okay, we not all cells are replaced in our bodies. But they never speak about the molecular and atomic structure of the body!

    Even if some cells don’t get replaced, they also need to exchange particles with the environment

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    1 single iron particle surrounded by 3 million hemoglobin to form a blood cell? So, is human feces high in iron content?

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    ooooo that’s a lot of blood cells [looks around and sees 23 erythrocytes

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    Correct but not a million miles away from spiders either. Mites, along with scorpions and spiders are members of the class of arachnids of the phylum of arthropods.

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    This brings up a question: how many mite cells are regenerated every second?

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    My science professor, first time in the lab presenting us a dozen of crappy microscopes, said “Rule number one: never point a microscope to yourself. You’ll only get years of nightmares.”

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    They are called Demodex, for anyone interested.

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    Messing with the DNA could give the cells a new trait the next cycle. Fast track evolution instead of relying on your parents traits.

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    very interesting. ive been trying to uptake optimum nutrition for synthesis and regeneration.


    I have a few less brain cells because of the double vodkas I have on the weekend😋

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    When I had leukaemia I needed to replace my white blood cells by getting regular blood transfusions. The time between blood transfusions was about the length of time that those new white blood cells live — 2 days to 1 week.

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    We are, each of us, a multitude.

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    Exponentially fewer frequencies that regulate those cells though. And by frequencies I mean emotional states.

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    Roughly 20-30 trillion red blood cells traveling through 60,000 miles of blood vessels. It gives a good idea of the size of these structures.

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    I thought the brain does regenerate, and that the main problem was damaged tissues not being able to be removed.

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