This Supernova Seemed To Have Exploded Inside Another Star

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of a very unusual supernova in a distant galaxy

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  1. Rex Mann

    Thanks for getting rid of that old intro. Your video is much smoother without it.

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    Anton Petrov = Best channel on youtube! Also the most humble and down to earth chilled out dude I’ve seen on the internet. 👍👍

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    Like SCP-007 but for stars.

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    Anton your videos have been some of my favorites to bring up. You always bring the most logic and always explain things objectively. I will always be a fan.

  5. Flan Manly

    Hey Anton great video as always! I’d be interested to know what you think of the suspicious observer YouTube channel. Thanks

  6. johnny scars

    5:10 does that not look like a creepy galactic alien….

  7. Dumb Comment

    What if it was a bomb used by some aliens to wipe out their enemies

  8. Mike Pittman

    Your survey asked what did I think of this video it’s cool it brings in more of what’s going on something that would complement it would be the microscopic world I think we can’t go out any further than we can go in

  9. algovoice

    So this star basically exploded inside a slower explosion which resulted in itself exploding slower. Noice.

  10. Patrick Glaser

    “Yo dawg…”

  11. Alfred Sutton

    Thank you, Anton. Another great presentation.

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    Hello wonderful Anton, this is person!

  13. Team_AK_2020

    Fellow astronomers, how many people are looking to the heavens at any given time? Does anyone have any news about the Observatories that were closed down for some unknown reason or vague reasons?

  14. Al Limone

    Anton, did you hear about the tunnels of water under the surface of Mars? Maybe you could do a video on it. Also, I heard they keep delaying the Titan dragonfly mission, what gives?

  15. terrydelorme

    Anton 씨. Thank you for the informative videos on astronomical phenomena.

  16. Razias Razias

    Starception ? Novaception ?
    Those could be the new names.

  17. qwertyuiop

    You’re thinking of the Sirius System, not the Alpha Centauri system.

  18. Us & Then

    hi bro, can you link the image at 6:20, of the stellar life cycle ! love it, cant find it. you the best Anton !

  19. Mario Watcher

    Nickel-56 with half-life of 16 days, that means that it will be completely gone in a month… WHAT? *rewind rewind* Ah, he said 6 days. Okay.

  20. Денис Лямец

    Is this a bright star i saw for the last several days?

  21. Jeffrey Kalb

    Anyone with common sense would say that cosmologists really have no clue what is going on in the universe.

  22. Not Sure

    Nah. The proposed WD is in the circumstellar envelope (CSE). So the title is misleading. Here is why: it all depends whether one considers the “circumstellar envelope” to be part of a star. A lot of papers assert that the CSE is part of a star, in this case, an AGB. But CSEs are NOT gravitationally bound to the stellar core. The CSE is moving away from the core, and will soon be the planetary nebula.

    It seems to me that the CSE is NOT part of a star, but Anton (and other astronomers) say that it is. After all, if a rogue planet moved past our Solar system and was never captured by the Sun, then using Anton et al.’s logic, that rogue planet would be part of the Solar system. Sounds as if they are moving the goalposts.

    Bullsh**. Face it: there is no WD “inside a star”. There is a WD orbiting the remnants of an AGB that has already cast off its outer layers.

  23. Double Deuce

    It would seem impossible for a white dwarf to be inside another star without reaching the 1a limit.

  24. Lavalambtron

    Even after death stars remain beautiful.

  25. No Body

    Wouldn’t the white dwarf explode almost immediately as it travelled through the Corona? I don’t see how its possible for a white dwarf to be within a star for so long it establishes an orbit around the core of another star. Especially the larger the star is. If a white dwarf slams into the Corona of a star 50 times the mass of the sun wouldn’t it explode almost instantly? Not computing. More likely it is just something you don’t understand yet.

  26. Ferenc Szabo

    Hi Anton! One question! What kind of framework do you use for the simulations!t hx

  27. Mike Spicer

    Seems you’ve picked up 25 space deniers on down votes lol one day these folks will see but not in our lifetime I don’t think…. As always an informatively mind blowing look at the stars around us all.

  28. Calvin Grondahl

    Science is a journey, fun for scouts but not for scared settlers. Churches are where settlers settle… don’t piss settlers off.

  29. Razias Razias

    Let’s call it Bukake Star…because it looks like a white mess.

  30. James Mitchell

    Hey Anton….are you actually an astrophysicist or do you just love astrophysics?? I guess that may or may not be a dumb question I love your videos they just keep popping up on my feed.

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    Letter soup for rythm of algo’s.

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    <3 thank you Anton

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    Star to Anton :

    Sorry …. But … I was just trying to be polite in public and hold back a Burp .

    But it backfired

    Sorry everyone .

  35. Kenny Carter

    We are lucky we were able to see it from start to finish

  36. Reeper

    13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  37. hyfy1970

    to use an earthbound analog, this supernova was like a fuel-air bomb on earth it seems

  38. pruthviraj Shinde

    Hey Anton ! … It’s actually pronounced “chandra- shay – khar”

  39. Asmo

    I am sure I saw a Supernova near Vega in the summer of 2018
    What I saw looked like a star expanded a pale to darkening blue, to a size that looked about 1/4 the size of the moon, then faded out and there was a kind of sparkling for a few seconds, then nothing.

  40. moed al garny

    Ok people we need more eyes looking at the sky


    Amazing Anton. I learn so many interesting things from you

  42. Robson Hahn

    Nice video, thanks for the excellent content.
    Just one small correction. The Alpha Centauri system, there’s no white dwarf yet. There’s the Proxima Centauri, which is a Red dwarf, Alpha A and Alpha B are G and K class stars, with diameters respectively 1.22 and 0.86 times out Sun.

  43. Loren Wilson

    Very interesting. Usually, a type 1a supernova occurs when a white dwarf siphons off sufficient material from a companion star. How would this happen slowly enough to allow the white dwarf to be inside the other star’s envelope? I think the process of accumulating mass onto the white dwarf would happen so quickly once that star is inside the other star that the nova would occur before the two stars were close enough to each other to get this effect. Also, may I suggest that you use “fusion” and “fission” instead of “burning”. Since both processes were happening here (and no burning of any kind until the carbon monoxide was formed), it will be less confusing.

  44. Aj Quera

    0:47 I stopped my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  45. Acoustic Mong

    I just love Anton’s work, even though I’m not very good with astronomy and such. The subject interests me highly, and Anton is just to the point and, I feel, unintentionally is charming in a way because he doesn’t bother to act pompous or full of himself. Just maths and space.

  46. Radio

    Well current “accepted” theories on stars are horribly innacurrate. A plasmoid/plasma based star makes much more sense and can explain some of these things.

  47. Julian Cate

    Anton, unless there is some new observations, I could not find a single source that described a neutron star as part of the AC system. The Chandra X-ray Observatory published a video “tour” of the AC system in 2018 which listed it as an G, a K, and PC as an M class. That’s the same as I learned decades ago in astronomy class. Please explain what I’ve missed.

  48. Olegh Rozman

    Inside another star?!
    This is some kind of xenomorph type of supernova.

  49. z1mt0n1x

    Thank you for saying “supernova”… Too many channels are bending the ending in different ways and it sounds cringe.
    Supernovae, supernovee, supernover, supernovei…

  50. Volcaniic Ash

    Thank you Anton, another excellent and informative video.

  51. Tom Cadero

    I feel like there’s likely another explanation.

  52. MyFirstLoveMusicXOXO

    Electrical discharge from the galactic circuit that the star is connected to.

  53. SchimanoMan

    Just amazing & extremely good explained!

  54. Kevin T

    ……and it never seems to occur to any one that having to draft a new set of ad hoc special circumstances for every other new observation maybe some what problematic for their basic assumptions?

  55. tensa Zangetsu

    i love space and all the stars, planets and black holes.

  56. Captain America

    Interested Fact :According to many Islamic sources, Quran 51:47 refers to the expansion of the universe, a phenomenon that has been made known to us in the recent century.

  57. Aim54Delta

    Consider for a moment that black holes do not exist as mathematical singularities. Space does not expand or contract and neither does time. This is impossible within QM and we can test and verify QM locally as opposed to suppositions regarding the nature of space near a proverbial singularity.

    This means that the mass which enters a proverbial black hole is converted into a form of matter consistent with QM – some kind of quark condensate or planck crystal – there must be enough information states available to mediate mass – whatever particle, real or virtual, responsible for the effect of mass must be able to occupy an energy state within the material, so it is not necessarily a giant WIMP.
    However, we can also deduce that this material will exist in quantized units proportional to its radius – IE – each layer of ‘atoms’ of this material can only exist as a complete layer with no partial formations – no hills, no valleys, just a layer if nearly perfect indifference. What builds up on the surface will be quark, gluon, or neutron soups – each of which will act gravitationally as separate entities from the black hole (which will act as a single unitary particle for mass interactions).

    Below a certain size, it will be nearly impossible for a black hole to do anything other than shed mass, as the pull of this gluon soup will peel a layer of this material off into a mass-to-mass conversion which creates particle antiparticle pairs and self-annihilates, creating a spray of particle radiation that will condense into hydrogen inside the magnetic field of the black hole.

    In other cases, when the addition of mass is inadequate to enter into a new quantized state, the black hole becomes unstable and erupts in a self-annihilating spray. This will often occur as heavy elements build up in the plasma plume surrounding the black hole – which we call a star.

    The end result is that the universe can be thousands of times older than we think it is as stars become much longer lived and a source of hydrogen rather than a consumer of it. It also inverts formation theories, but no one takes those seriously.

  58. Zeke Black

    As soon as he is ready, im waiting for this awesome human to read us some brothers k, crime and punishment, war and peace, some Nabaokov ( spelling) plays, etc…your voice even calms my bad dogs, besides being educational, and thought provoking…all respects in the world for the content

  59. Daneelro

    You used very imprecise language here. First, neither the production nor the decay of that cobalt is a _reaction_ (that’s something chemicals do). Second, the outside of the star did not slow down the nuclear processes. It prevented the resulting radiation from getting out instantly.

  60. Silas Dense

    Thank you anton.
    Education = 👍

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    You’re my favorite YouTuber. 10/10 straight facts.

  62. Christian Alexander Gutie

    2020 discoveries just bring all types of creative end of the world scenarios

  63. Krish

    China’s CCP : Since we observed the first recorded Supernova in 11th Century, all supernovas belong to China’s CCP party according to ancient history. All energy released in Supernova is patented to CCP. Anyone observing or researching is against our sovereignty policy.
    Meanwhile Russia’s CCCP : Venus is ours
    Me: When will mankind grow up ? *Sigh

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    I appreciate your videos so much because they are original, informational, and not some exaggerator acting like a clown. You are awesome.

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    Don’t vote for the Fair tax in IL. It will only make things worse.

  66. 2xKTfc

    So basically we’re learning that the standard candles everything is built on top of are *gasp* not in fact so standard? It did seem slightly daring to bet on zero variance in their luminosity….

  67. EccentricGaming

    6:34 “Nickle 56 that has a Half-Life of roughly around 6 days, which means pretty much that all of it will be gone within a month.”
    Half-Life 3 confirmed!

  68. Mugwump

    Ahh, it’s been a while since I’ve last seen Anton make something go boom.

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    How can I browse through the galaxy like your doing, seems like your using a program.
    Thanks so much for making a really interesting channel you wonderful person haha 😁

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    Amazing. I love this channel.

    Thank you, Anton.

  71. hentai loli

    so its a star whithin a star with another star goin supernova….COOOLLL!

  72. Bruce Jenner

    whoa, so ur saying that nobody had a lot of data on this star “system” that would have “communicated” that the star had a “wobble” because inside it was a white dwarf, wobbling it’s guts all over the place? I’m not an astrophysicist but think that there must have been some sort of data about this curious star, prior to it’s nova.

  73. Kevin Byrne

    Anton Petrov — South Korea’s most famous on-line astronomer and “wonderful person”.

  74. artkaboom

    That blows my mind inside my head! thanks to Michelle’s question and subsequent answers from others I see my head as a puff ball and my mind a not so super nova. great video!

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    OWW yeah today is gonna be a good day thank you Anton!!!

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    Seemed to have. I may have a suspension as to what that may have been.

  77. TheGordo1996

    Just like a Matryoshka doll. Brilliant.

  78. Lord Jygalagg

    So basically this is a Thorne-Zytkow object? If so that’s AMAZING!

    I wonder how it remains stable tho.

  79. Rsmith415

    Could this be the process or similar to the process behind FBOTs (Fast Blue Optical Transients)

  80. SPADE

    Anton out of anyone that talks about space I can appreciate you the most . Also have you ever done DMT ? I’ve been curious to know ?
    If you did try it ~ what your thoughts would be lol …. then again maybe you haven’t which is tottaly fine .

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    I like how every time we think we know about the universe God throws us another curveball. Love your content. Anton I hope you and your family are safe and may God bless you

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    Always got new material and no sign of running out soon! Anton is the wonderful person!

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    I think you made a mistake when you mentioned at the end of your video that the Alpha Centauri system already has a white dwarf. I think maybe you meant to say Sirius A and B.

  84. Troy

    Why do I watch this man every night before bed for the last 2 months even when I know nothing about this stuff. 😂

  85. Mt. Baldwin

    Is this the similar to the new theory on Betelguese? The one that says Betelguese kinda ate it’s former companion star and now has a second core orbiting around inside it. If so… maybe this isn’t so rare an occurrence.

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    How do they maintain their individuality? Why don’t the just mix becoming one star? Interesting stuff m8. :)

  89. Adymn Sani

    a supernova inside another star, yeah that’s sort of special


    This reminded me of an article about what is called a Thorne-Żytkow object. It’s basically a supergiant with a neutron star for a core.

  91. Tom's Ghost

    An old star tried to hold a sneeze in and ruptured a sinus cavity..

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    I hate school and everything that has to do with it but I find space so fascinating

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    Thought experiment: If you had a “just barely” blackhole, and shot it with a stream of electrons, could you cause enough repulsive force of the electrons to overcome the gravity of the blackhole? What would that look like?

  94. Michelle Peacock

    My brain is having a hard time comprehending a star within a star. So, the outer star is a hollow AGB star? Why am I hitting an intellectual wall?


    I’ve learned more from you, Anton then any of my past science teachers. I hope you the best! 🙏🙏🙏

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    Space objects need cooler names.. I’m calling this thing Jim.

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    Astronomy without an emphasis on the *’me.’*
    Don’t change.

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