This Super Bright Galaxy Surprised The Scientists When They Analyzed It

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about an analysis of a strange galaxy that we thought was a bright quasar, but turned out to be something completely different.
Credit: NASA, ESA and J. Olmsted (STScI)

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    What about that what you see is not what it truly is………. science is heading straight to a colision with the biggest awakening of its small and young age….. :) a death will occur and be mourn by a few .a birth will be celebrate by many.

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    Just imagine, in those Galaxies they know nothing of the elections, CNN, or Kim Kardashian. Lucky fellas. 👽👽

  7. Burnard Parker

    Question: how can it be 11 billion years old but a baby galaxy only 100 million years old and 19 billion LYs away from us?

    I think what you meant to say is that it WAS 100 million light years away from us when the light we are seeing now left the galaxy.

    Many time physicist will talk about distant objects in the present tense. I personally think that confuses things.

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    If those illuminated dots are the accumulated light from a Galaxy, look at the faintest dot on that survey map, because it’s so far away why can’t it be the accumulated light of another universe.

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    Maybe I’m missing something, but if the Galaxy is 19 billion light years from Earth, how is the universe only 14 billion years old ?

  14. EyeDreamMellowDees

    why isn’t anyone telling us when The Milky Way
    was brighter, by how much, & for how long??
    Was there a time with 24 hour daylight worldwide
    when dinosaurs were biggest, when dragonflies
    were the size of compact cars?!! Less sleeping,
    more eating, more growing…

  15. Judy Winget

    This is maybe a silly question to some of you, but I’ve never had an Astronomy class and only a basic physics class in college.. but here goes.. is it possible to look back in the early universe and see the baby Milky Way? And would we recognize it if we did see it?

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    Its a white hole opening…..i guess

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    The scientists found out it actually was not that bright -actually, it was quite stupid.

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    It is aliens using electricity for their night studies.

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    I dont like quasars. They are completely radioactive and devoid of life. Kinda takes the wonder out of them.

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  25. Znallar

    If the light we are detecting from this galaxy is 11 billion years old, how can we say it only started producing stars 100 million years ago? wouldnt it be 10.9 billion years ago?

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    Is it possible that the galaxy is just “lensed”? I’m sure the scientists have looked into that also. But just wanted to confirm…

  27. Serif

    I was hoping to hear speculation that the lack of dust meant that a much larger than average amount of the composition of this galaxy is dark matter. We know that the dark matter content of galaxies can vary thanks to the discovery of slow spinning galaxies which have very little.

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    Were they as surprised as hikers are when they encounter me in the wilderness?

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    Dust is created through fusion… No dust means fusion hasn’t been going on that long… Means its a new galaxy.

  31. Adam Albrec

    I heard a cosmologist a while back claim that all super-massive Black Holes are always aligned to each other in rotation. Is this true, and if so, what implications would this have?

  32. Jonathan Lindsey

    19.2 billion light years away? then how do we see it? its light is still 5.5 billion years from getting here… ??

  33. Michael Pollock

    All galaxies, including this one, were all created the second the big bang happened, not millions of years after this event. The entire universe already existed when the big bang happened. First law of thermodynamics satisfied. The galaxies are shrapnel from our universe turning itself into a massive particle collider. Each galaxy was born in the quark gluon plasma state. Each one had its own size, shape, rotational rate, and trajectory. There is no gas and dust accretion. Quark gluon plasma creates no light and can make shapes. This galaxy is spinning and spread the matter into a disk with a bulbous center.

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    There are more galaxies in our universe than their are stars in our galaxy, and more universe’s in the firmament than their are galaxies in our universe.

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    Can someone explain to me how we can see something 19 billion lightyears away if the universe is only 13+billion years old and the light from that galaxy should take 19 billion years to reach us? I’m not a scientist or mathematician by any means but I’m pretty sure 19 doesn’t go in to 13.

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    i would be more surprised if a super bright galaxy cant solve differential equations.

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    By looking so far away we ar technically looking at the past could we theoretically find the milky way in a early stage?

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    nothing to most luminous quasar with a luminosity of 700 trillion suns

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    if this galaxy had a metal state it would properly be insane.

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    Wonderful ancient super-luminous galaxies

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    Mybe there is no dust because it s just the begining of univers. So there is just hydrogen?

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    Could this be a galaxy where Population III stars are actively forming ?

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