This Planet Has a Liquid Cycle But Instead of Water It’s Rocks!

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the most unusual exoplanet found that has the strangest liquid cycle we’ve ever analyzed.
Image Credit: NASA Scott Sutherland and NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech

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    I wonder if its larger neighbor could kick it out to the habitable zone.

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    we will just need to simulate this using that new computer chip announced recently that is faster than other supercomputers…it is too hot to visit

  11. patryn36

    a planet like that would be the best candidate for silicon based life that i have heard of

  12. Sammy Van Dankstein

    We need to find a planet made of liquid chocolate.

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  24. Jan Cerny

    Reminds me of a few lines from Hal Clement’s “Iceworld.”
    Alien: We use protection against the cold of Mercury.
    Human: We’ve been getting the translation wrong. Mercury is very hot.
    A: Hot to you. Cold to me.

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    Ah, another Y class planet

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    Obviously it’s planet mustafar from star wars… When anikin became darth vader

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    Another good example that being an Oxygen planet alone won’t enable you to foster life.

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    That’s wild. It’s counter intuitive to me that those scalding hot 3000+ km/s winds only heat the dark side to around the temperature of Titan.

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    We should call these “solar moons” since they are tidally locked.

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    Would be odd at the poles if it had crystals (ice burgs) would be cool to see in a movie.

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    Pre-1.16 Nether anyone?

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    Candidate for a silicon based life form?

    “Unlimited” (compared to Earth) Silicon & energy would make life VERY different, and perhaps, possible.

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    Have you seen the Metal Monolith that was discovered in Utah United States? Could you do a video on it, we should see if anything in space aligns with it

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    Imagine having your feet right at the edge between the forever dark side and the side forever facing the sun?

    Reminds me of that riddick chase scene

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    amazing. if i remember your other video correctly, might this planet have been a gas giant as mercury may have been?

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