This Picture Is The Actual Cosmic Web 50 Million Light Years Long

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new detailed analysis and picture of what’s known as the galactic cosmic web.
Detailed description and simulations:
Illustris map:
Radio map:
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  1. robert christian

    a magnetic theory “explain” the connections just fine. you dont need no “magic” partical unless you want to say GOD is connecting the universe with his mind. dark matter isnt real either or proven, cut it out.

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    I’m so excited that all of this is officially confirmed!!

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    Alien Isolation.Hoy

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    Those first images reminded me of photos I’ve seen of the neural network in our own bodies.

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    What if an average man solved the mystery of Dark Matter and Dark Energy?

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    Alien civilization living in a galaxy inside a void: “Ummm… hello? Anyone out there?”

    Rest of universe:

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    Great session. I can see the “web” paradigm, I can even visualize how similar it may look to neuron structures in our brain but I just can’t yet understand why something as insubstantial as gas would have some type of property or be the object of some action that would form these “routes” for lack of a better description. It appears these cosmic paths are following some pattern but what could be exerting an influence that guides the gas in some manner to follow a non-random route? Unless they ARE random yet the result of countless space/time pressures all around the gas everywhere and the result of the interaction of every gravitational nuance that could affect the gas particles creates a pattern that doesn’t look random, lol. My head just melted. My only real question as a project manager for many years is how long was the UAT process before the code that guides this grand picture went production? :)

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