This Is The Smallest Motor Ever Made – 16 Atoms Big!

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the creation of the smallest motor ever made at just 16 atoms in size.
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  1. Cole Dedhand

    Great. Another step on the road to grey goo.

  2. Paul Lamontez

    What kind of wrench would you need to work on it?

  3. Kansa City Shuffle

    Does it have a quantum hemi?

  4. Orion’s Universe

    im theorizing that if I heat my computer too much or provide it with too much electricity, it would become random and become useless just like the atom motor you described, Anton.

  5. Andy

    How do you attach a load to it?

  6. Bob Dobbolina

    Am I colorblind or do the 6 palladium atoms look like they are two triads of two different colors. blue and aqua? Is that because they have different bonds?

  7. Kodlcan

    Thank you.

  8. TheDemonking82

    Reminds me of a Mazda Rex engine.

  9. David Roberts

    AAAAAAAGH it’s a wankel.

  10. Anik Samiur Rahman

    Damn, half of me wants to couple a PhotoSystem-1 with it, so that it can run on the incoming photoelectrons, supplied one-by-one to the motor by PS-1. What a time to be alive!

  11. Salt Daemon

    ….it’s a dinglehopper! whoo hoo!

  12. dave robert

    From distances of 100 million light years to A. Love the diversity of dimensions.

  13. superscatboy

    Is it possible to harness the energy of that motion and actually drive something other than the motor itself?

  14. Eleanor Chapple

    Kinessen(?) we are indeed wonderfully made!

  15. Joshua Hufford

    could such a thing keep a heart beating even in cryogenic sleep?

  16. Shaun Dubai

    Grey goo is coming – probably will escape from a Wuhan laboratory :(

  17. Del Ag

    I would like you to tell me if there is technology that can help keepy my hair from breaking

  18. Rad Derry

    *I wonder what great new weapon these will be used for.*

  19. Chris Reaney

    1.56 Ariel view of a football stadium that’s been turned into a farm.

  20. dreimann

    Very cool; curious where the applications will be.

  21. bob s

    30 mV of current?!
    Is this the motor fitted in Borg nanobots?
    16 atom motor produces 250 ft⋅lb of torque right?

  22. Woochinatchika Kokillibol

    Picture it like a unidirectional crown gear (a rachet)

  23. Walking Roscoe

    Hello wonderful persons!!

  24. Robo Dobo

    Thanks anton!

  25. jose yepez

    Thank you wonderful person

  26. Brian Nolan

    Will we be seeing these motors in Tesla’s any time soon?

  27. B F

    “30 millivolts of current”? Huh?

  28. Legendoflaw21007 Whittle

    Holy $h!t. .. warhammer here we come

  29. ezzz9

    It’s an interesting experiment but will never have any practical uses.

  30. Nicole Yensen

    My husband created a macro version of this very motor.

  31. will2see

    It seems to me, that you are confusing thermal effects with quantum effects, Anton.

  32. CJ

    Of course it’s a Swiss motor. They’re trying to make it into a watch.

  33. Alondro77

    You can also go through a wall into the 8th dimension if you align the beams of your oscillation overthruster.

  34. Jonathon G

    We usually refer to them as hands of the clock instead of arrows, since ik english is your second language. Love your videos Anton!

  35. James Zarb

    I love these rare videos of you not talking about space. So bloody cool!!!

  36. Matt A

    So what is the smallest man made motor that we have useful work from?

  37. Jordan Striker

    Implications could possibly be nano-bots for medical use. Absolute genius!

  38. wake up

    That will be hard to fix when you need some maintenance🤔😁

  39. Dom Casmurro

    To avoid quantum tunneling you need to cool it down. With less energy, tunneling happens in lower rates.

  40. The Korbi

    That’s amazing

  41. Thee Loreax

    The length of this video is my birthday!! Hi everyone! AWESOME!

  42. TokenPlays

    For any Mazda fans out there, I guess the engine code would be 16A :V

  43. George Anderson

    With traditional Motors when you change the polarity of the electricity, the direction of the motor changes. Does this also apply to this molecule of C2 H2


    Thank you Anton!

  45. Chris Griffith

    SO- for the power of getting something down to -200F, and a weak charge, you can have a really tiny dashboard toy?

  46. Michael Jupille

    Anton you are a wonderful person but did you just assume the thiccness of my hair?

  47. JRR31984

    Awesome personality, Mr. Petrov. :D Lol (LEGIT)

  48. Jay Newz Pro

    I need this bad boy for my hotwheels

  49. stenka rasin

    Kudos for the achievement, but something tells me that any practical application will be very difficult.

  50. dillon shane

    wow this is amazing

  51. dillmon1

    I think the most important part of this invention/discovery is that the reason why it spins is not yet known. It could possibly lead to another discovery

  52. Fuck You Google

    So, does this mean we’ve officially entered the Nanotech Age?

  53. hang da clown

    the way it rotates reminds me of a wankel engine

  54. YTDekus

    For some reason it reminded me of the mazda rotaty motor )

  55. Jeff DIxon

    Absolutely amazing

  56. Salu omnidentidade

    That’s great in theory but I feel it’s more an atom artwork than a motor. Wait to see if in 10 years someone managed to use this concept (or similar) into nanotechnology

  57. Arienne Landry

    It reminds me of the Mazda rotary engine.😜

  58. JRR31984

    Dammmm, dang and that’s some freaking reporting for science. SPEAK about it Mr. Petrov. Now I’m waiting and wondering on the possibilities, like you said. Very GOOD. Man.

  59. Toasted Pastry

    This will be perfect for powering my next invention. Tardigrade hover boards.

  60. M. Otto

    this is quite interesting, but maybe for another reason than you suggest. The question of asymmetry in an otherwise radio symmetric structure is perplexing ( I mean the motion in a preferred direction), I hope we will be able to use this to further our models of theoretical physics

  61. Lexy Thomas

    Take a shot everytime he says motor. Or “moyter” lol

  62. Leto Alexander

    this is such a darn good channel, every one is always soo interesting and hes very concise

  63. Logan P E

    Make tires out of “Atom Engines” and you’ll have trillions of motors at each corner of your car!

  64. DoomX Gaming

    Absolutely AMAZING :O

  65. Marc Bali

    One of the coolest topics you’ve covered Anton!

  66. sed8me

    My vote..,

    Sony should make the
    *Worlds COOLEST Walkman*


  67. qbradq

    I love your space news videos but I also like this kind of thing. You’re a daily dose of light in some dark times. Thanks!

  68. SpeedStriker

    This is amazing! I’d give this two likes if I could!

  69. Simple 1

    2:10 this is where we gather all the brightest garage minds to find a way to “transistor stuff” pun-intended

  70. Wata Malown

    “And most importantly, why this is important” love it :D

  71. 2nd_place

    It’s amazing that you can refer to a pile of 16 atoms as a “device.”

  72. Ken Nardone

    You have been my motor throughout 2020, Anton.

    You start me up every night & I love going to sleep you, Anton, you truly are a wonderful person.

    Loves & hugs & Misses, Kenny from Philly

  73. IndigoAce

    Thanks so much for sharing. I appreciate all of the hard work you put into giving us the latest content. Thanks again.

  74. Walking Roscoe

    If there is another Star Trek movie, Anton would make a great Pavel Chekov.

  75. Adonan the Stoic

    It’s discoveries and creations like this that almost bring a tear to my eye. There’s a special beauty to this stuff you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

  76. LaughingMan

    Pretty cool stuff. Molecular biology is amazing.

    On the editing side.. i know you have edit what you say to pieces but do the green screen visuals have to jump too? Smooth background play with just you jump cutting. Sorry for being nit-picky

  77. The Hermit

    The very idea of a ‘motor’ seems pretty hackneyed at this level!

  78. Ivan Panco

    Maybe if they try it in Australia, it would rotates opposite way.🤔
    Great discovery 👌

  79. Poes Law

    Rotary motors never work right.

  80. Daniel Brisson

    The latest swiss watch ;)

  81. Patti Simmons

    Thank you Anton for explaining things in such a way that even I can understand what you’re explaining!
    It does make scientific breakthroughs like this MUCH more intersting and exciting for someone as non-scientific as I.
    Much appreciated!

  82. Justin Norton7885

    “Hopefully nothing dangerous..tho?”, Lol! That’s pretty ensuing. Great video, this stuff is mind blowing! 🤯

  83. Podkova

    Cool, we can now make undetectable killer nanites! As soon as I can lure my ex wife into a vat of liquid nitrogen she’s done for!

  84. New Antarctictangle/JoMiM

    Hope it doesn’t fail like electron *ba dum tss*

  85. James

    Can’t wait for the quantum superposition all wheel motor to become a reality

  86. Zaphod Breeblebrox

    Being only 1:43 into the video, I can already tell there is a Serbian in heaven giggling about this motor, while Edison’s spirit is cringing.

  87. spaghettarius a

    quantum tunneling that’s how our sun fuses elements…through cheating, lol
    there is only a 10^15 chance for a successful quantum tunneling procedure

  88. Jagzeplin

    gray goo is coming. now its just a motor but wait till they build one that self-replicates

  89. cyrilio

    Now put it in the world’s smallest ‘car’ made by Dutch scientists in 2011

  90. K9

    When can we use these tiny bastards to cure aging? 🤔

  91. Osmosis Jones

    How is this going to affect logistics of space travel when the molecules of the fuel it self is are motors

  92. James

    Scientists: creates smallest motor ever.
    Koenigsegg: interesting…

  93. Manuell

    Electron: “I was looking for a place to orbit. Is this a joke?”

  94. MC's Creations

    I wonder when I’m going to be able to buy a set of those motors to build a micro quadcopter – although in this size soldering can be a problem. 😬

  95. Spuzz

    We need to protect Anton at all costs. This man is wonderful.

  96. Don Won

    and when can i buy the rc car this fits in?

  97. Jeffrey Dyrek

    Here’s a really good use for this motor. Notice how it moves into three positions. This is like a tristateable gate used in electronics. But in this case, instead of doing binary operations or just having a high impedance state for the third state, this could be used as a true three data states for new computing using base three instead of base two. It’s so small that it could be used as a memory device that requires no power to retain memory when the system is off. There’s a lot of possibilities for this, it’s a major breakthrough. Thank you very much for posting, this is so exciting. Have a nice day.

  98. spaghettarius a

    anton receives a pay check from youtube
    instantly buys a million red “enjoy coke” t-shirts

  99. Mazxj Stripes

    1:45 “limiting technologies”

    That’s the problem. We’re trying to force classical engineering at that level rather than playing to the strengths of quantum mechanics

  100. Primetime Durkheim

    That’s the motor my brain runs on.

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