This Is The Most Accurate Map of The World Ever Made

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a creation of what seems to be the most accurate map of planet Earth.
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  1. onehit pick

    Extraordinary coverage of all things interesting.

  2. Keith and Natani

    I like how flat time is prepared to this universe

  3. stevierv22

    Oh no! Anton, you have just created the Coin Earthers :D

  4. MrFusionCube

    Could we have this as an _“Anton Petrov Memorabilia Coin”_ one day? My internal numismatist would want to pay for it!

  5. MrFusionCube

    What is the motivation for wanting the Earth to be flat? Genuinely curious.

  6. Christian Voigt

    Create that mouse-pad, I will buy it!

  7. Timmy Little

    I am a geographer, and i love this!

    Btw…all maps “lie”

  8. Surly Wookie

    I can see my house from a satellite photo at any time in an app. Our think our maps are pretty good 👍

  9. Julien Reszka


  10. TmGRAV3Z

    I’m honestly pretty surprised by this one. I had no idea mapping the earth was so complicated and difficult.

  11. doop00

    Reminds me of the issues we have to deal with in 3D modelling and UV mapping.

  12. Nowan Inparticular

    I want 5 of this map in 1oz silver coins 😂😂

  13. GeekJokes

    i thought you would be talking about the minecraft reaction
    im not joking, its a real project

  14. ted shaw

    Can we talk about anton’s collection of super cool Star Wars tee shirts 💪🏽💪🏽❤️

  15. ju ju

    How about cutting the sphere into horizontal strips and cutting them exactly on the same arc? Pasting them together should end up with a diamond-shaped map.

  16. arkbirdarcher19

    I love it, would love to see it interlocking rotating discs

  17. Tony Bates

    Flat earthers win mwahahaha

  18. Old Ranger

    Book-Ministerfuller: Cute.

  19. WhackBytch

    FEs discovering Gott double-sided disk:
    “Earth is flat, both sides!”

  20. J Watson

    10:22 does anyone know the name of this song at the end of the vid?

  21. Sheeple Slayer

    And my geography teacher said I was crazy!

  22. Richard Nedbalek

    9:07 Anton: Flat Earth. (Oh, the kindest cut of all! 🤓)

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  24. Jeffro

    We need an on line service where someone will come to your home, school, or office, and flip your disk map over for you.

  25. saxmidiman

    I’d like to be known as an “overall smart-guy”! 🙂😎

  26. nine81

    “Chinese lantern” – expand into 3d model when used in reference but stored in 2d format.

  27. Aarel Hodge

    Thanks for this video Anton. I have always been mesmerized by maps and I was thrilled you gave them an aficionado’s treatment!

  28. David AE Levy

    I want a gold foil copy of this to hang on my wall as art!

  29. wwp2181

    I recommend a 3D Space Mouse for viewing Google Earth – It’s amazing!

  30. Guilherme Mauricio

    I’m fine with Mercator’s.

  31. Paul Deck

    Disc map app on your phone, that’s the future – the disc changes by dragging one’s finger

  32. Bill Meehan

    The most accurate representation of Earth is flat. 😲

  33. Digital Acoustics

    I just received one of your shirts. It is absolutely beautiful. You’re the best Anton



  35. Planet-Ri-booted

    “…put it in your pocket and mane use it to put your cup on”, Anton is definitely Team Globe! 🤣🤣🤣

  36. Danielebryan

    I expected a picture of earth on fire

  37. John Boley Jr.

    I guess I’ll have to amass a collection of these maps and keep them in a special binder in the vehicle. Maybe I’ll make a device that will let people keep the most used maps attached to the visor. When you need to get out a new map, flip down the visor, pick the map you want, and then continue with your day. The maps will always be there for you. I’m about to be rich I tell you.

  38. Gently's Channel

    I could make that map on just one side easily! 💪

  39. shermdeazy

    Its so hard to create it with all of our sattelites and computers. Imagine how tough it was for map makers in the 1500s. Lol

  40. Digitalhunny

    Love this! Thanks have a wonderful week, Anton.🤗🇨🇦

  41. Pete the Paper Boat

    That map is such an intuitive solution and it’s easy to see why the math turned out that way

  42. Perpetual Bystander

    “It’s accurate enough, but still not accurate enough”. Makes perfectly good sense.👍 😁👍

  43. Peter Rutherford

    We just need holograms like iron man so we don’t need to have 2d representations, just open google earth and zoom~

  44. #1 Tako

    I was half expecting a Euler’s Spiral map as demonstrated on a numberphile video.

  45. Sylvain Rocheleau

    The most accurate map of the globe is a flat Earth! :-O That will give a lot of fuel to the flat-earthers! Nooooo!


    Perhaps we use 4D instead of 2D😂

  47. Roxpie Gaming

    It’s fun to see how my country (Perú) is at the edge of this new map. Tho i wish it was flat for a second so all flat eartlings (yes there are a lot here – third world country) go there and jump proving it’s flat indeed.

  48. Rakesh Vaisoha

    Is there a perspective to view the Earth from its core centre ?

  49. Sentient Flower

    It looks like a pancake … Oh wait, oh my!

  50. Sean Matheney

    When it gets down to the nitty gritty, visual map representation doesn’t even

  51. Chill_Mode_JD

    Reminds me of when Morty stepped on “true level ground” and then when dragged back to normality he has withdrawals in the fetal position. We can never look at a world map the same way now 🌎🌍👀

  52. Michael

    I’ll stick to Google maps and my standard maps!

  53. Paulo Ribeiro

    Marketers making notes: “📝need to make coasters 📝”

  54. The Misadventures of Merm

    1:51 I’d actually love to have this as an art print to hang in my home.

  55. englishcoach777

    We’ve got 15 flat earthers. I wonder if they ever give sermons on mountains.

  56. Richard Deese

    ‘Earth – now in a bonus two-disc set!’ tavi.

  57. Victor G. Miranda

    I’m just waiting for some random flatearther to come and say that’s proof of earth being flat.

  58. m m

    there should be a “fat earth society”, that obsesses over the slight bulge near the equator :-)

  59. Jonathan English Teacher

    “If you’re going to get a map that’s basically origami, you may as well buy a globe or something”. Great. Words of wisdom. Thank you.

  60. Aug. de Jong

    Flat earthers having a party tonight! 🎉

  61. Melody O

    Keep that wonderful personality, Anton!

  62. Garry Iglesias

    “Break on through to the other side”

  63. Jesus Martinez

    OMG the flat earthers were right! 😂

  64. Shinare73

    New Zealand is on there so off to a pretty good start!

  65. Nova Sky

    Flat earther 1: look a disbeliever!
    Flat earther 2: Take him to… The Edge.

  66. Robert Mercer

    My gamer instinct knew RIGHT away. “best way to make it flat is to make it 3d first”

  67. Grey Go_of

    Thank you for bringing this perspective to my attention. I laughed so hard when you presented it. I realized it right away😅sometimes it’s that simple

  68. Juan Nunez

    I wonder what would happen if AI tried to create the most accurate 2D map possible?

  69. Ben Official

    There are flat Earthers all around the globe!

  70. apekillssnake

    Yeh it gives a false representation of sea and land! Can I get paid if I can actually resolve this where something has actually been overlooked?

  71. Ricardo LC

    Looks like if you have two sides of that .8 map you can roll the edges along each other to match. That’s kinda cool

  72. Nate D.

    Great, now we’re gonna have a fresh wave of disk-earthers……

  73. Phantom Ooze

    Or maybe we are going to use globes…

  74. Just call me ORANGE!

    If you’re looking for some good entertainment, I’d recommend watching Professor Dave’s “debunking flat earth without using science” series which pretty much destroys any and every flat earth argument used.

  75. Grundle Muffins

    Flat Earthers: “See?! See?! This proves that Earth is God’s coaster! Take THAT, Globetards!”

  76. Franko Walker

    That disc map would look great as a 12 inch record picture disc. :)

  77. Adam Albrec

    The funny thing with Maps is nobody minds distortion in them as long as they are not on their own countries!

  78. Sheldon Hall

    I would buy a dual sided mouse pad map like that. Pretty interesting for sure.

  79. Edward Haybell

    Dammit, now we have another fuel for those flat earther!

  80. robert caldwell

    Oh my… Here come the Flat earthers. Lol…

  81. rene0

    I’m sure a lot flat-earthers will be upset to find the earth is double-sided.

  82. Jays Tech Vault

    Finally I can see my house in HD.

  83. Anita Reason To Believe

    That disc map is gonna give flat earthers ‘special’ dreams!

  84. wkanost

    I have a map of the United States. It’s a 1/1 scale. I can’t fold it up though. – Steven Wright.

  85. Appalling68

    Well Anton, flat earthers are pretty flat brained, so whatcha gonna do? 🤷‍♂️

  86. CyberPunk

    I debated a flat earther once. He stormed off saying he’d walk to the edge of the Earth to prove me wrong.

    He’ll come round – eventually.

  87. Lee Mccann

    Hello wonderful Anton it’s lee here

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    the geography nerd in me thanks you Anton – wonderful vid – 🛸👽💚

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    2021 Disc World realized! 😂

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    I think I remember seeing something like this

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    Great stuff professor 👍

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    Google earth be like :let me introduce myself

  93. FIRE STORM 3692

    I hope it has my house or else I’ll be very disappointed

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    Yay Anton!

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    Aw! I was hoping the dymaxion projection would show up!

  96. John Coleman

    Fact :

    There are flat earthers all around the globe.

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    Dude i love your channel. Much love from Florida!

  98. Psilocybe Cubensis

    Looks pretty cool, great video I really enjoyed it 😌

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    Nice, now we can get unfiltered images of the CCP headquarters

  100. Lars Richards

    Hi Anton! Thanks for bringing out this video, it really interested me for a long time, but I was never able to understand it complety. Now i do! Thank you wonderfull person!

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