This is Not a Star Map, It’s a Map Of Massive Black Holes

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a newly created star map that actually shows thousands of black holes instead.

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  1. 2nd_place

    “The black holes will blot out the sky!”

    Well, that actually makes sense. I’m scared.

  2. Michael Benecke

    Only person that has me interested in the science he brings to the table and then can make me think out of nowhere. he really is the friendliest person I’ve ever seen keep being awesome man 👍

  3. Smooth Move

    You’re always fun to listen to.

  4. Zen 316

    wouldn’t those secretions expand the universe at an evermore rapid pace?

  5. KoncurrentYT

    Hello anton, wonderful person here LOL

  6. Don Carlo di Vargas

    So now suddenly there I a bunch of black holes in the universe? When did they become so many?

  7. matthewabl n

    That EM bassline though…

  8. D.W.S.

    It looks like a Van-Gogh painting.

  9. MrEnjoivolcom1

    Here’s my map of black holes:

    _(Not artist rendition)_

  10. DeadlyAnomalies

    I’d like to see this map compared to a map of galaxies

  11. Jim Thomas

    Perhaps some of that missing 85% “Dark Matter” has been found.

  12. Mike Martin

    I read about this last week on Business Insider. The ionosphere is no joke.

  13. the guy the name

    Black holes are merely engines on a cosmic scale.

    Engines of change, do not be afraid.

  14. J Haywood

    Anton! are you going to start an additional feed on Rumble??

  15. miinyoo

    Anton, good job with lighting. Nice rich skin tones and body accents. Hair light could be a bit more diffuse from the top where your natural part is. Otherwise, pleasant job especially with what looks like a depth key pull.

  16. DynVec

    3:05 could perhaps the array be under a tarp, or is turquoise, or are in a tetragon shape?

  17. JEFFERY T. CARR Ph.D. on'

    I have a picture of the night sky with a mosaic filter applied to it and it’s the exact same picture in this video. Is this a science channel or a Sci-Fi channel? HMMM….Sci-Fi for sure.

  18. AlienNova

    Holy shit, you blink so much it made me conscious of my blinking.

  19. Chris 10

    If you pause at exactly 1:47 you can see the exact place this paused and the exact face Anton is giving me when I dropped my phone on my face watching this.

  20. Amy Hogarten

    Space is like a block of Swiss cheese

  21. Tim Carney

    I see a radial pattern from the larger ones.

  22. Obanje Spirit

    Thank you. I won’t sleep tonight.

  23. Calvin Grondahl

    That is a lot of exit signs in the universe.

  24. Jeffrey Smith

    I just live to watch you smile and wave every day!! Really loved this report!

  25. Justin Strik

    This reminded me to go for a mole map and i’m not even dislexic…🤓

  26. coming going

    there is also the constellations of the sky how they proceed
    that influences the rhythm of things in a metaphysical way

  27. coming going

    there is a circuit of heaven
    how the solar system is behaves like a circuit

  28. coming going

    gravity is that object making use of that particular condition to give motion to the waves and the focus of weight this process of gravity is exchanging and reciprocating with terms of density

  29. John Paps

    Black holes are gateways to other universes!

  30. stinkystinkpot

    Oh, LOFAR. I thought he said blow fart.

  31. Alexander O'Neill

    Should it be “black sphere” like a bubble in water?

  32. Harry Falla

    The lines of dots are very interesting, it’s almost got a uniformity about it.

  33. Mike G

    That mouth scared me.

  34. Joseph Boulet

    Oh look, black holes looking just like stars. Maybe people are finally getting closer to reality.

  35. burned head

    I’m noticing patterns that look a bit like iron shavings in a magnetic field.

  36. Cade Britt

    I’ve allways wondered with all the invisible matter, dark matter, different lights , everything known and unknown. Can the universe be a thinking living creation. We allwise speak of artificial intelligence with self awareness. Why not the universe?

  37. bnighter

    I am so old I remember when black hokes were theories.

  38. ירון שחר מורגנשטרן אולם

    Black holes are a joke made by Einstein, but no one got it .he was laughing alone

  39. No Limits

    That reminds me my ex
    Without end!

  40. John Irby

    That’s where all the missing socks, err,, matter went!

  41. Mr and Mrs Bumbico

    What if the expelled “light” was just what was consumed on an opposite end of a black hole worm hole?

  42. El Guiñolo

    Because Black Holes Matter, this map will leave you breathless.

  43. Christopher J

    Anton, i cant get past how you look just like my brother. Spitting image except he is older and in Neveda. Anyway keep putting out these wonderful talks. Hello wonderful people. :) i love all of you.

  44. Terry Armbruster

    There should be a equation of frequency depending on spin mass and surface area with a polar spin and angles determining the final output frequency

  45. James Aron

    Wonderful super-massive black hole ‘star’ map

  46. Nellie Bachesneg

    Perfect timing! I was actually just now wondering about radio astronomy and then BOOM, relevant video. Thank you so much!

  47. Ryan Williams

    Where’s anton’s crush at? The girl who wants him get some rest and have some fun lol

  48. Oorter Entity

    Awesome, now I’m just waiting for the map of the black holes moving towards us.

  49. Mike

    So we’re seeing a powerful force from a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…
    Set phasers to stun!

  50. Bassotronics

    Damn. I did not know there were that many out there!

  51. Cybernetic Marmot

    Luke-ing snazzy, Anton

  52. ShauntSerelu

    Me: *learning astrophysics for evil*
    Anton: “stay wonderful”
    Me: “damn now I can’t do evil”

  53. Cybernetic Marmot

    Wonderful Person isn’t here right now, but I can take a message.

  54. A Youtube Channel

    Every Light is only the fading remains of what was once there, being consumed whole back into the Darkness from which it came.

  55. bruinflight

    It’s a damned good thing they didn’t add ‘T’ for ‘telescope at the end of LOFAR…

  56. William Thornburgh

    Thank You Anton! Finally understand how black holes can give off light.

  57. MatthiasAI

    content always awesome, +1 for the algorithm!

  58. Robert Schulek

    Nooo I will have nightmares now 😂

  59. Rick Binkley

    Why does this make you feel like a dot on PacMan

  60. Modern

    2:33 Please insert a Playstation, or Playstation 2 disc.

  61. TexRobNC

    Space Engine should be providing you with affiliate codes or something. I know I learned of it and bought it on Steam, because of your videos.

  62. Spawn

    Hmmmm maybe this is the “missing” matter that holds the Galaxies together

  63. joaquin vega

    I always knew reality was full of holes

  64. Captain Smith

    It’s great your still alive and reaching for your dreams!

  65. Charles Brown

    The vastness of space! Wow just wow! Mind blown again!!

  66. Phill M156

    In the future, there will be a time when black holes will be more numerous than stars.

  67. TheTripfantastic

    Thanks again for the science Anton, you always come up with something interesting.

  68. U P

    I like this stuff more than chocolate, and I love chocolate! Thanks again, Anton.

  69. Chuck Tyler

    I have the nagging feeling that this map should have been black dots on a white background.

  70. TDM MCL

    3c295….ahh yes, old 95….who could forget…!

    lol….this is really funny to me.

  71. zyrtor1

    I made a bad move getting drinks as soon as work ended because when I saw the thumbnail of this video, I sobered up very quickly.

  72. Indigo Montari

    Can they study gaseous emissions with the LOFART? ….. as soon as that name came on screen :)

  73. john harris

    Military luv s 3-30 mgz (high frequency) because it bounces off the ionosphere repeatedly.

  74. mo fo

    Well,that’s a scary thought!!

  75. Mathieu Belanger-Camden

    Anton knowledge sharing power !

  76. pixartist

    that is so cool. I wonder what we will discover when space telescopes become more mundane and we can start probing all these other unknown frequencies.

  77. Thomas Jephson

    “That’s no Star map! It’s massive Black Holes…”

  78. Potato

    I do like a good naan bread.

  79. Robie Friberg

    Always love hearing from Anton

  80. Lee Rodriguez

    I suddenly feel 1000x more vulnerable..

  81. mr. creosote

    and this is only the black holes that have accretion disks, now imagine all those black holes that are luring there and which have no accretion disks thus we can’t spot them

  82. Martin Olsen


  83. Peter Rabbit

    As numerous as the black holes appear in that picture, they are in fact, millions of light years apart from one another.

  84. tiny derp potato

    stay wonderful, anton!

  85. The Harbinger

    Astronomy just below FM radio band? It’s more likely than you think.

  86. joseph carolan

    It interesting to see result from the new telecope at Birr.

  87. Graeme Lastname

    I’m curious, I see straight lines radiating from some and lines in general. What’s that about? :)

  88. Sol Fily

    This is frightening.

  89. Austin Trammell

    the raw map looks like some oven cooked cheesy bread

  90. Walter Montalvo

    Geez, so when traveling at close to speed of light, you better make sure your map of black holes is up to date, lest you fall into one.

  91. CX32

    Space is really holy!

  92. Evil Flanker

    There are concentric patterns surrounding the big ones, any particular meaning or reason?

  93. Christian Comiré

    This is the most insane thing ive seen about space, makes you feel really small lol

  94. J F

    How about you do some b roll footage of you or some bloopers sometime? It would be fun and bring a new light to your amazing videos!

    Keep up the great work!

  95. Gooner CestLaVie

    😲 It’s fine. 🙂Necessary

  96. The Pickle

    Black holes everywhere…have a nice day

  97. insrtclevrnamehere

    dude I’m not a wonderful person

  98. vlada

    The moment “That’s so beautiful” changes to “That’s so terrifying.”…

  99. T

    1 of the best space channels on the tube

  100. Graham Turner

    Nice to see that Anton approaches this subject with an appropriate sense of gravitas…

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