These 3 Brown Dwarfs Spin Almost At Their Physical Limit

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the discovery of fastest spinning brown dwarfs ever.

NASA/ Caltech/ R. Hurt (IPAC)
NASA/JPL-Caltech/Harvard/Moore et al.

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  1. Peter Henden

    I think “turd stars” is a good name for these objects. But that’s just me.

  2. Cooper Copetas

    “Eye Blink Dwarfs”, named after that funky Star Trek Voyager episode “Blink of an Eye”

  3. Todd Hodgson

    I agree, that 2×2 pixel image clearly shows the dwarf spinning really fast.

  4. TheDecree93

    Great video !

  5. Christian Marquez

    Thank you Anton.

  6. Ben Ralston

    wait wait, do you have a video on why the rotation of the sun is different on the equator versus the polar regions?

  7. Ordo Cash

    Hey Anton, nice Video, and even nicer T-shirt
    Oh yeah, at 1.20 Anton is caught in an oops thingy :)

  8. Top Supra

    Looks like this guy doesn’t have done sexs since the twenty of century. Keep going i love your videos

  9. Paul Byrne

    …you made a mistake, didn’t you :) x80 Jupiter masses, not x80 Sun Masses. Always love your channel though, always great work.

  10. Jerm G

    Nature and animals: David Attenborough

    Universe and planets: Anton Petrov

    Both relax my mind while teaching intriguing info that pits me right to sleep

  11. Phobos

    Hello I’m not sure if you’ll ever see this comment but I absolutely love your videos.

    The “Hello wonderful person” makes me smile every day I hear it.

    Im autistic and my special interest is space stuff. Thank you.

  12. Ruhlov Nikita

    Спасибо большое за контент

  13. Stephen Thomas

    I always thought Saturn looked a little oblate, even as a kid, but I assumed it was the shadow or a lensing effect in the photo. I never knew that it actually was squished like that.

  14. Harsh Lahoti

    Boaty McBoatface lmao I’m dying

  15. Mike S

    Great class, thank you professor.

  16. David Messer

    I would think that there is a chance that we could pick up the radio waves from the aurora from these objects. It must be very intense.

  17. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    Amazing presentation as always! Thanks, wonderful Anton!

  18. This is my real name

    Book suggestion for you: “Mission of Gravity” by Hal Clement.

  19. Anna Shadix

    Revolution number 9, groove is in the heart, you spin me right round. :)

  20. U P

    Thank you Anton.

  21. Felix Petitt Jr.

    How do they effect the fabric of space that they are spinning over, through, above and below? Fascinating.

  22. Frapkin

    Hey Anton thanks for another great video, it answered a lot of questions but as often is the case asked several more and i was wondering if you of any of your viewers could make an educated guess and suggest the likely answers to a couple. Do these objects start life spinning at such rates or do the accelerate over time? and would the centrifugal forces force the heavier elements to it outer shell and equator?

  23. Peter Rabbit

    This is fascinating stuff! But, they prefer to be called, “Little People of Color.”

  24. Nick Nicholson

    so my bro has a dove living on his balcony, and he really likes to pull his head in when he sleeps, so you only see a beak poking out. we call him Squishy Boi. that’s what i’m gonna be calling these objects from now on

  25. johnny rocket

    I’m a novice, I love space and anton you make this a great show. I learn much from these shows, so thank you very much for putting them together for us.

  26. Francisco Martinez

    That’s precisely the one I was gonna suggest. Brown McSpinnyFace. Are SirSpinsalot, The small Dyno, BabyNeutron, Chargeyourphonehere taken?

  27. ss

    Fascinating presentation, Anton. Thank you.

  28. fin screenname

    Because of the fast spin wouldn’t it spin the heavy elements away from the core letting the lighter elements fall into the center like a centrifuge?

  29. Sneemaster

    We should call them Espressos, since they are brown like coffee and move fast, like from all the caffeine, plus it’s like the word Express, meaning fast

  30. Cassio Rivers

    One of my favourite segments of these videos is when you explain how the scientists discovered and identified these phenomena.

  31. William Hostman

    I think the best descriptor for the clade of high rotation speed should be simple… Brown Oblate Dwarfs, since they are brown dwarfs spun into oblate spheroids. This also conveniently abbreviates into BOD.

  32. F Utube

    I guess we’ll have to add “slow spinning stars” as a limiter in the Drake equation. Just like the requirement for Uranium on their planets and they had to have been hit by a “Tetha” like planet… sheesh! 😂

  33. Bob Witkowski

    I know that rotation plus mass effects gravity. So taking my weight as last checked which is 190 pounds American scale, how much would weigh on one of those rapidly rotating brown dwarfs?

  34. J, Williams

    This reminded me of the Voy episode of the super spinning planet that was out of time. Great episode.

  35. Alondro77

    Space Waiter, “A mint for moissuer?”

    Brown Dwarf, “I couldn’t eat another bite.”

    Space Waiter, “It’s wafer thin!”

    Brown Dwarf, “Oh, all right…”


  36. Bob Witkowski

    I would like to get my hands on one of those charts he used in this video. Please tell me how I could get one.

  37. RyllenKriel

    How dare you! A Brown Dwarf isn’t a “failed star.” It’s failing upwards!

    And here’s a name for high velocity Brown Dwarfs: “Stunty Ewoks.”

  38. cristian

    Dragoon, Drigger and Dranzer are perfect names for these spinning objects, Draziel if a fourth is found..

  39. sunil s

    Can we use it create time mchine,?

  40. Robin Visser

    What if some brown dwarfs have similar and multiple “dark”
    spots that causes a wrong assumption of the rotation speed?

  41. Fabricator Factory

    Centrifugal force in lbs =1.77 X oz X (RPM/1000)squared.
    Enjoyed. Good job.

  42. Cornbreadfed Kirkpatrick

    and I also read again so I wouldn’t look dumb back in ’73 a prediction was made about a particle called odderon it was in the live science newsletter and it mention also gluons well check it out too, I heard if you do spin something too fast it can cause a fierce force thanks, Anton.

  43. Chris Wilbur

    I think I actually caught Anton saying an oops at 1:20
    Brown dwarf needs to aquire 80 masses of ‘Jupiter’ not the sun
    It is confirmed this man is a human

  44. gerald frost

    “Boaty Mc Boat Face” the name popularly picked for a British boat. The name was rejected.
    The fastest turner I know is pole dancer; her local rotation causes some study-worthy tidal effects. Thousands of dollars of research have already been spent on “Shimmy Spin”.

  45. Julian Crawford

    gday Anton from Australia – love watching your content

  46. Andrew Jonkers

    Maybe “Spindizzy” in tribute to James Blish? My first thoughts were “When the brown matter hits the fan” , “One drink too many”

  47. Mike Sawyer

    How about this postulate – what if the brown dwarf started off several masses larger and was accelerated somehow causing it to fall apart and shed just enough mass to balance out it’s top speed, creating an object that is now spinning just below the break up speed.

  48. skitoman81

    I think i keep watching Antons videos to hear him say – “hi wonderful person” 😂

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    Great video Anton!

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    Wonderful nearby hyperfast spinning brown dwarfs

  51. JRR31984

    I’m over here working on solar tech. Trying to get educated more. You know…..! GO ANTON

  52. JRR31984

    AWESOME question/ start. GO ANTON

  53. Sarah Riedel

    @2:51 I am positively dying to know more about _COCONUTS-1B_ 😂

  54. Birch

    Holy shit, I haven’t checked in a while, your allmost at a million, fucking decent

  55. Munkee Bone

    The is a Brothers Grimm tale called The Three Dwarves, but sadly, I don’t think they were named. Tribus Brunneis is Latin for Three Brown, thus, Nani Tribus Brunneis is Three Brown Dwarves. Food for thought.

  56. mechantid

    I really liked his smile at the end :) It kinda saddens me to know that those brown dwarfs dont look like an egg though

  57. Coldplace CP

    I would think the word “Devil” in the name could be appropriate here since we use it for fast spinning things like dust devils and the tasmanian devil, plus the words devil and dwarf are semantically related. Also, they look like “evil” places :p

  58. Anders Juel Jensen

    Basically the “brilliant” method for figuring out if the brown dwarfs are spinning was…. to look at it! :P

  59. simple31 J

    Love your humor!

  60. Anas Albounni

    1:21 80 masses of jupiter not the sun 😁 i really enjoy your channel btw

  61. Ulrik Dahl Madsen

    Name Suggestion:
    Ultra Fast Spinning Object Ranging between Planet And Star.

  62. Docta Osiris

    Idea for names: Huey, Duey and Luey, cos they make your head spin too 🤣

  63. Willyidol

    I just love brown dwarfs episodes, keep them coming Anton! Keep up the great job

  64. Scott Iverson

    Anton I am wondering about the new find of a blue star bridge between Orion and another star system.

  65. Pup314

    Yes it can. Likw gof making a burrito so hot even he can’t eat.

  66. Jp

    01:17 – you said 80 masses of the SUN, it got me like, wtf? for about 10 seconds until I read the background image xD

  67. artkaboom

    Larry, Moe & Curly? Manny, Moe & Jack? …I do like brownmaxspinnyface 1,2 & 3 a lot. Let me know if I won. Another wonderful video! thank you Anton!

  68. WobbleWarfare

    When is the next food video. Also my earlier comment said good instead of food. Sorry about the autocorrect…

  69. Skadisson Deboye

    Spin 2 win holds true even in the depth of space. Also “Gyraspews”?

  70. James Jones

    Centripedus, Centrifugala BD, Terminus Velocitus…. ?🤔

    Edit: and put the rotation speed in the name… (TerminusVelocitus1.1 etc..)

  71. Darrell Penner

    I wonder, would there actually be aurora at the poles of a brown dwarf?
    Aurora, as I understand them are caused by the stellar wind interacting with the stellar wind. For example the Solar wind interacting with Jupiter’s magnetic field.
    In the case of the brown dwarf, It would be the source the stellar wind.
    The particles of the stellar wind would be starting within the magnetic field of the brown dwarf.
    I hope that makes sense.

  72. seklay

    Thanks for the video Anton!
    I’d love to see a community discord for this channel

  73. Snake ofMintHumbugs

    Very weird, watched Star Trek Voyager earlier today and it was the episode with the fast spinning planet where time was accelerated, basically looked the same as the thumbnail of this video

  74. FormosanBlackBear

    around 1:21 you meant 80-90 mass of “jupiter” but say “sun” instead, you are 10x better orator than me but I just caught that because I am a better listener and it take very little to listen for other people’s mistakes :-) For the names quickgyro, greatcentripetal and fastday.

  75. Samuel Fogelgren

    I love brown dwarfs; so “cool” :)) and interesting things. hehe

  76. David Campos

    For the name: I would try to use maybe a shortened pirouette exolance or something related to this.

  77. Kyle Waugh

    Amazing the amount of information we can learn from just a few pixels.

  78. TONNE

    So could we be looking at brown dwarfs that have two very similar, or identical storms in both sides and maybe getting confused about their speed?

  79. E Sotta

    i love anton and i love things about brown dwarfs….find them very enigmatic

  80. BAtkinson

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    This reminds me; Hal Clement’s old science fiction story “Mission of Gravity” took place on a fast-spinning world where surface gravity varied by several orders of magnitude between the equator and poles.

  88. Litespark

    Quite adorable that the oldest brown dwarf we know is called coconuts.
    I don’t know why that is so damn cute to me (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  89. Mikiness Analog

    No one is going to talk about that one brown dwarf star called “Coconuts”? LOL

  90. Dennis Moore

    Very interesting , do a show with Dr Becky .

  91. Gregg Weber

    Are there chunks that have already flown off? What would cause it to go faster (collision?) Is it contracting like kids do at a playground carousel?

  92. Kevin Patrick

    If the WISE 1049-5319 binary merged would it be enough to become a red star?

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