There Is Ice on Mercury and It’s Created In a Surprising Way!

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery that suggests that water ice on Mercury that was discovered by Messenger mission is generated by the extreme heat from the sun.

  1. Franny Dimitri

    laughs in global shwarming

  2. TheGordo1996

    See, everything the “experts” told you before was a lie. You can get water from a stone.

  3. Enters’ Stash

    Mercury is my favorite planet

  4. 420Devil Dog

    I love your videos. Excellent content but I have a question. Why are you saying supposedly?

  5. viod vue

    That’s not Mercury he’s lying people don’t let him fool you! It’s a 3D-Model, it’s not real!

  6. Heidi M

    … Wait what? Ice on Mercury? That’s mindblowing…

  7. Raphael Nano

    Bro science is so fascinating I wanna cry

  8. Keith Watkins

    So that’s how it rains there. Bottle it. Sip it on the Thames.

  9. rene1581ify

    Who dislike this?

  10. jeroen Zijlstra

    Help i am drowning.
    Next big flood?

  11. the_warlock

    then ther is more life in the univers than we think water !

  12. Meganchick

    The suns heat also causes higher electric bill in my house

  13. Raphaël Guardado

    What a fantastic discovery !

  14. W P

    Are you sure Amazon didn’t deliver the water ?

  15. Lodewijk Ijzerbrood

    Wonderful things happening in the universe.

  16. R-1957 bobo

    Thanks for sharing Anton, if they generate water on the moon, does that mean they’ll be an atmosphere eventually with enough water?

  17. Fluxocate

    Smile :)

  18. Gregory Parker

    How about we set up a Hotel/Restaurant on the Dark side of Mercury…….billed as “The Hottest/Coolest place in the Solar System”……

  19. DJCuruptedVEVO

    Another Great video brother keep safe and stay happy.

  20. drie wiel

    Ice is there in quarantine from the Sun’s corona.

  21. Menace312

    Excellent! Mercury just looks better and better, in terms of materials for the future Dyson swarm ;)

  22. Smart' Medicine Physicist

    Hi very good, just to let you know I was going to write a paper on Mercury. I believe at one it was a gas giant, I did not do the paper I did a different paper.

  23. sarasmr 42

    Crazy how nature do dat!

  24. GB MN

    What a mind blowing discovery. It gives a lot of hope finding water-ice on otherwise uninhabitable planets around the universe, not just the solar system.

  25. Twin Falls Astronomy

    Completely missed this video lmao

  26. Branden Davis

    Lakes on the moon! I cant wait.

  27. Grant Jarvis

    Make Mercury a dwarf planet like Pluto!

    Now that comment will have the Mercury rising ☺️😀😅😂

  28. Mojo Neko

    Wouldn’t the process of heating the Hydroxide / Hydroxyl molecule to produce H2O also produce pure oxygen? That would be every bit as useful as the water.

  29. Jens Klausen

    I think it may be more likely that most of the water in the solar system have been created from oxygen from exploding stars combining with hydrogen already there from the Big Bang.

  30. Chaim Goldbaum

    Protonating silicon oxide produces water :)

  31. Lexy Thomas

    Swear you did this already lol cause i already knew all this and your channel is the only space video channel I watch lol

  32. vdiitd

    Wonderful video Anton.
    One request: Can you please use the real photos released by the scientists whenever possible? I think real photos are generally much more interesting than the simulated ones.

  33. steve may

    water is the strangest substance

  34. OmegaWolf747

    Ice on Mercury of all places. The universe just gets weirder and weirder.

  35. Vamps

    where does the oxide or oxygen particle come from to complete the composition to water?

  36. theharper1

    Thanks for a fascinating video! I’ve read lots of scifi, and nobody ever suggested something as counterintuitive as water ice on mercury.

  37. Jet mayaportal

    WHAAAAT! Ohh Boy.. OK Scientist 👌

  38. Ron Henson

    Try looking into a telescope, then ask yourself, what do I see ?

  39. Molly_music band

    It’s the aliens

    It’s scarcasm but how do we know it is not the aliens?

  40. Osmosis Jones

    Wonder if Mars used to be closer. And drifted away as the core cooled and the planet shrunk

  41. my view

    No, you’re wonderful

  42. z1mt0n1x

    Hi Anton, can you please promote Folding@Home? :)

  43. Sleepy .Time

    hello wonderful Anton

  44. Christian de Coninck

    I have become rather convinced that current models of star system formation are totally wrong and that is why they keep making bad predictions.

  45. W P

    Hello wonderful person,

    If you read this please wash your wonderful hands.

  46. Nirvana Supermind

    Edit: No views 1 like wow

  47. Daniel Bauhaus

    In mercury ice?? Really??? This made me laugh…. I think nowadays NASA doesn’t even know what news to create hehehe..

  48. Thomas f.254

    Anton this isnt new! This was discovered awhile back

  49. chris schleining

    solar wind strips oxygen from silica rock and bonds with it… Star Water

  50. Jeffrey Packer

    Planets grow, just like atoms…because of all the energy and matter uptake. …unless it gets smashed apart, everything grows.

  51. WestOfEarth

    That’s brilliant scientific work. One would think the water ice would have evaporated by now. regardless of its exposure to the sun or not. Presumably the vapor pressure is low on Mercury, allowing water molecules to sublimate easier. This would require a replenishing source for the H2O. It seems these scientists found it.

  52. Obsidian Nebula

    It’s not that counter intuitive at all. As soon as You said that those OH ions are somehow pointed to the surface I already knew what was going on =D

  53. Juan Nunez

    Could this explain how early Earth got it’s water?

  54. Steve Soltysiak

    If I’m not mistaken, the moon has No atmosphere therefore the oxygen molecules would simply evaporate to space. Only a large volume hitting at once, and then being able to stay frozen could then keep ice as a continued solid form. Tough to do

  55. Divino da Guia

    Mercurio have 16 times less water than the Ontario lake. See how Earth is a jewel.

  56. selfworthy

    Im sad that i cant follow wounderful content, it is so good but i catch myself watching the video multiple times because my adhd brain drifts away in seconds. any tipps?

  57. CyrilleParis

    Thanks for your videos. Just a remark about your use of the expression “so-called” (0:42, 3:30). When you say “this is the so-called Messenger mission”, it implies you think the mission was not called Messenger. You should say instead “the mission called Messenger” or simply “the Messenger mission”. It’s not the first time I noticed this small mistake.
    Keep up the good work! I love your chanel!

  58. zyxwvutsrqponmlkh

    How many times do I have to tell you that I am a terrible person!?

  59. patrick kanne

    Hello wonderful Anton. Hope you’re safe and sound where you are at. <3

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    I have to say this I’m sorry. There are trillions of discoveries waiting for us. But when will we prioritize the discovery of the aliens that are all around our galaxy? I guess this is really my last comment. I can only do so much…

  61. Chris G

    With enough energy, we can do pretty much anything. This is why we need to move towards renewable energy, so we can eventually get into a cycle of creating energy in surplus

  62. everton zp

    Hi Anton and W. Persons. When you say “a lot of water”, could you do a comparison with some lake or sea on Earth? This way we can have a reference point because it is hard to imagine how much is “a lot” when talking about the Moon or Mercury

  63. BestViewedWithCable

    Earth has an ever increasing quantity of water.

  64. MC's Creations

    Really, really interesting!

  65. Geek In utopia

    I’ve known for quite a while that Mercury has ice in its craters, but I’ve always thought comets smashed into Mercury and that’s how the ice got there.

  66. dmark David

    Call that Planet Sweating. Lol!

  67. Rasmine's Edited Photos

    Thank you, for this channel, Anton :) At this time, we really need diversions.
    Cool there is ice on Mercury :P

  68. Dima Blackfield

    Anton, thank you for the excellent video, but a little correction is due: Artemis is not just a ‘mission’, it is a crewed lunar exploration program. Its standalone missions are called ‘Artemis 1’, ‘Artemis 2’, etc. As for in-situ water found on the Moon (or produced locally, as you show), it will not be required by the early Artemis missions scheduled for the early-to-mid 2020s. Thanks again for the great stuff you put out and hello from Saint Petersburg! :)

  69. ezzz9

    When you keep saying quite a lot of?? What is the measurement being used?? I’m thinking of a thimble and an eyedropper.

  70. Can’t Suffer Fools

    Why can’t we verify this finding by experiments here on Earth?


    You are the Man Anton!!! Keep it up!!!

  72. Patti Simmons

    This was absolutely fascinating! We hear so much about certain planets and little to nothing about places like Mercury.
    Thank you Anton!
    Be well! Be Blessed!

  73. Alberts stuff

    Love the title! 👍🏻
    And the vid ofc 😁

  74. Jerry Miller

    If people ever get to Mercury, they’ll probably want lots of ice water.

  75. This freakin Guy

    Wow that’s amazing! I didn’t think it was possible for a scorched planet so close to the sun to have ice 🤷🏼‍♂️

  76. Dark Madder

    That would be so cool to get a probe to survive the trek into one of these craters!

  77. Sander Hoogeland

    Okay, so if I understand this correctly, the heat from the sun causes there to be a lot of water on Mercury, that can then stay as ice in certain craters that are hidden from sunlight. The title made me think that somehow, the heat from the sun created a lot of ice through some really counterintuitive previously unknown heating effect or something.

  78. Andrew Gray

    Anton: the MESSENGER probe is super fascinating, and forms the basis of a great way to explain to lay people why “mere math” can make predictions that might otherwise seem absurd. The flight path of MESSENGER was calculated using fairly standard relativity-aware Newtonian math. It took 7 years — including two flybys of Venus, a few of the Earth/Moon system, and a year spent using Mercury to decelerate Messenger’s orbit around the sun so that it could insert into Mercury orbit.

    For a 7 year trip, the last burn needed for final insertion was 15 minutes longer than had originally been calculated. Show a diagram of the whole entire crazy incredible flight path, and then “they were off by 15 minutes out of a total of 3.5 million minutes.

  79. Aurinkohirvi

    Cool. Let’s make lakes on Moon and Mars!

  80. BeauBeau Kitty

    Hello Wonderful Anton
    I think it very important for your viewers to gain the understanding that More than just Asteroids Aided water creation upon earth. So now we know! Proton interactions with Hydroxides that is Radical!

  81. TrainsGod

    Hello Anton I’m a young person who has recently been into space thank you for helping me learn what’s beyond our little home

  82. Clair Pahlavi

    Seems this groundbreaking paper mimics another from years ago explaining H2O in the trails of comet being electrically produced by the solar wind, changing electrical field strengths, charge equalization, and the silicate and mineral compositon of the ice free comet materials.
    Yeah, that was in SpaceNews by the Thunderbolts Project, something to do with the Electric Universe or Plasma Cosmology or something like that.
    Credit where credit is due.

  83. SMGJohn

    We should put a huge shield infront of Mercury and settle there.

  84. Sonya Goughnour

    This was so amazing! I can’t wait for a follow up video. How are you Anton, doing well we all hope. Best to you and yours.

  85. Nekog1rl

    Thanks for the video, Anton. I read that paper as well and was similarly mind-blown. Glad to see you’re staying healthy–keep up the good work!

  86. Daniel Bergman

    Great video as always! But I have some things I want to point out: “…sublimate into water…”.
    If I remember correctly, sublimate means that the liquid state never occurs. In other words : H2O(g) <-> H2O(s), otherwise it’s melting, freezing, condensating or boiling. Correct me if I’m wrong.
    Keep up the awsome work wonderful Anton!

  87. Java Man

    A resort on Mercury would be great for people who like to sun bathe.

  88. Greg Hamilton

    I seem to have been born in an age when humans not only realised their place in the Universe but discovered that water is not only abundant but relatively easy to make in the most unlikely places.
    I hope I also live in the age when we discover where there is water, there is life.

  89. J.J Whitty

    I for one never expected more water on mercury then the moon, the strangest universe I have ever known.

  90. antwan1357

    the best discoveries are when almost everything fits , except one tiny thing forcing a great big manhunt for that one thing that will finalize the discovery. Nothing motivates scientists then capping someone else’s math putting their name into something finishing a thing that someone else started.

  91. Gemini Skies

    Thank you for telling me I’m a wonderful person. At times I don’t feel that way. I enjoy your content it helps me learn about our beautiful world we live in.

  92. Thomas Chrombly

    Hottie Ice.
    Anyway – We can’t generate that much energy on the moon artificially. Buts its an interesting finding.

  93. Ro Le

    It seams like H2 is trapped in the earth’s crust. Probably also on our moon and why not also on Merqury. The sun and impacts with oxygen abundant asteroids will produce the water.

  94. TF Sheahan

    There is a school of thought that posits that most of Earth’s water didn’t come from comets, but from the solar wind, which includes oxygen and hydrogen. The temperatures were conducive to the accumulation of H2O. It’s called “star water”.

  95. Spectral Arts

    brings a tear to the eye of my soul.

  96. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    It’s one of the most counter intuitive things but it happens. Our scientific discoveries are always fascinating.

  97. Ellison Hamilton

    Solar Ice. What next?…..Lunar Cheese. Yep! The universe is wierd.

    Thanks Anton.
    Stay well! 👍😊❤🇺🇸

  98. Jawbreaker The Hyaenodon

    This is where Icy Hot is made

    It’s formed on Mercury and then pieces breaks off and lands harmlessly on earth and Is then harvested.

    (This is sarcasm btw)

  99. B_Rad FrmBu

    Glad to see you’re still trucking dude. Appreciate the education in all this mess. Keep it up brother and stay safe

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    We don’t get to hear about Mercury to often. Whenever I see something about mercury or any of the other not so popular planet/body, I totally click! Thanks Anton

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