The Unusual Explanation of How Rust Got on the Moon

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about new discovery that suggests our planet has been “rusting” the surface of the Moon for billions of years.

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  1. Bob Thompson

    Iv said it before but I got to say it again. “Space out” is the coolest out tro. Period. Its the standard for all intros and outtros should be held to.

  2. Josiffrank

    Must be all the Oxygen from the Moon landings all those Apollo rockets! Rusted our poor Moon


    rust forming in the moon is a sign that it was after all engineered.
    its mostly made of titanium. tell where the heck did it all come from?
    keep in mind that titanium to that extent of concentration has to be manufactured.

  4. Donovan Piko

    The static electricity could also be part of why Apollo’s comms had issues during landing, and could be potentially useful as an energy source and navigational tool.

  5. Nick Diamond

    Does earth have a panspermia type effect on the moon?

  6. Tumble Bug

    Love your channel, Anton! For me, Electric Universe Theory has the best explanation of moon phenomena, *period.* The moon’s hematite being predominately on the side that is tidally locked with Earth should suggest to us that an electromagnetic phenomena is being observed.

  7. Walter ZAMBOTTI

    So the oxygen from the Earth managed to reach all the way out to the moon but not so far as the other side of the moon. RRRRRIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGHHHHHHTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

  8. esphi LEE

    That day when the American Submarine blown the japanese warship up into the moon…… that is why they never found the wreckage.

  9. Efx245 Goodrich

    Remember we’ve already been to the Moon.

  10. Blueblood1270

    The moon is a bit rusty ….

    “Let’s send some WD40 to lubricate the moon!!”.

  11. Julio C

    It’s probably some failed chinese project


    I love the topics that you cover, and the amazing way you explain and cover them. Thank you so much!
    I love your channel.
    I know that there is more than 1 color of Hematite. I found that this was a fascinating topic.

  13. anthony summers

    hmmm, static electricity, electro-megnetic shields, and plasmatic nuclear reactors for stars but electric universe isnt real and dark matter that has no evidence is real???

  14. jojones jojo

    Perhaps someone left it out in the rain. I’m looking at you Neil Armstrong.

  15. James Green

    Or the moon is an artificial structure and now rusting :)

  16. Denis Gantsev

    Rust getting on the moon.
    C++ shits bricks

  17. XRP 747E

    Thank you as always, Anton!

  18. janusz delondre

    this would mean that humans have never left the earth’s atmosphere.

  19. Rolla Coasta Ride

    the shadow of the moon is actually a perfect cone, and that’s why wicked witches or wizards are portrayed wearing pointy hats, the space underneath the hat represents the mystery unknown shadow of the moon, occultism is light that is blocked forcing the dark shadow cone zone, hidden, obscured, secret, etc, the apollo astronauts all sensed a menacing presence when they were passing through the shadow of the moon, occultic vibes ?

  20. Contamination PD

    Those few spots on the dark side could be from particles getting snatched by the moons gravity and drawn to the surface

  21. Rastrman TheSeer

    It’s rusted out George Foreman grills. The aliens were trying chicken sliders there, back in the 1950’s.

  22. PowWowChicken

    Earth is a space ship and so is the moon. We are traveling with the mother ship called the sun

  23. Per Nielsen

    Rust is in much desert dust – and is paramagnetic… it could come from the Earths deserts.

  24. Duane Borgaes

    I’m sure the moon and all its glory exstends beyond our conventional understanding.

  25. RSK

    Phosphine on Venus, Iron on the Moon, watch next they might find intelligence on Earth.

  26. llessuR kraM noslekcim

    “Cosmic Rust!” Don’t tell Megatron.

  27. Fleem Q Swipes

    I’d guess it’s more around the craters because that’s where most of the surface iron is.

  28. VMAXBX

    There is no dark side of the moon, it’s all dark.

  29. wozzapoet

    Loving the wonderful person cushion we bought for our baby, Anton, a beautiful and colourful welcome to the world to our little wonderful person, thanks mate🖖🏼

  30. battlekruiser

    ok so there are clouds of charged particles near the lunar surface, right?
    inb4 lunar lightning

  31. ViScAsh

    Would the Coanda effect of the solar wind or the magnetotail be responsible for depositing oxygen particles on the dark side?

  32. TargaWheels

    They don’t want us to see the far side of the moon. Because thats where Jimmy Hoffa is. 😄


    I’m sure the nut cases have been saying this for years not the same reasoning of course, yours is actually way more far fetched 😂

  34. Space Ghost

    So that’s where my Jeep CJ-7 is slowly disappearing to

  35. Bad-Bunny Blogger

    Back up Anton, the moon has static energy, can we stick a plug socket in it? 🤔

  36. EeRocKK

    You’re the wonderful person, really. You’re just projecting every time you say that 😎😄🤟

  37. Asmo

    It effects the craters more because that’s where the iron is. From iron asteroids.

  38. CounterLink

    I was early this time!

  39. Aerrin Longheart

    I wonder if this increases the possibility of terrestrial life on the moon, and if so, what’ll we think when we suddenly find it.

  40. Dark Madder

    Smeone rubbed the moon on their head and then stuck it to the sky…

  41. DragonsFire 3174

    His smile at the end always gets me, I watch to the end just to see it, it shows he really loves what he does

  42. arno kosterman

    Space dansety on the dark side is diverend en the diverentional bitwean de night en day is match bicker than the eurth side of the moon night en day is less diverend.

    Like last weak to less space damcety it metterstade becomes trajectory en becouse the moon feeds that wat is feeding itself whit it comes out where it feeds itself from .
    Olso the qwestion risses: our dit it materialised itself there on the spot, from the feilds of the iron in the eurth its exstarnal inursha🌐💟🌐
    En the moons its own inusja🌞🍀💮
    Our in the middle en dit the moon feeds it vor it to be reseaved👀💟

  43. Billy

    I’m pretty sure it’s because the moon is an an ancient space ship.

  44. William James Rapp

    Thank you for another fantastic presentation. If I had money I would Pay you to keep on keepin on.

  45. Gerard

    2:11 the distance to the moon is three hundred and thousand kilometers PER SECOND ;-)

  46. Panspermia Hunter

    The whole moon passes through the magnetotail so some will be caught by the far side of the Moon surely even if it is drag back to the Moon surface by the Moons gravity? that would be my thoughts on why rust is also found on the far side of the Moon.
    A fantastic discovery though!
    PS: why mostly on crater edges? probably because they are raised edges that will collect more oxygen than the smoother areas rather like swatting the slow or static oxygen as the Moon travels through the magnetotail, if you can imagine the edges are less aerodynamic because they catch the air (oxygen).

  47. Shreyash Naha

    People after hearing at 2:38 : TRIGGERED !!!

  48. Kenji

    Whats going on Anton? u are pushing out videos so fast! keep it up! :3

  49. Haru

    I never knew a geocorona was even a thing, but i guess it makes sense.

  50. Big_Tex

    Anton referred to the DARK side of the moon. Ahem.

  51. jmm1233

    Moon has had lots of ice rocky asteroids hitting it , and moon has ice water , and we share with the moon the Perseid meteor stream in hydrosphere

  52. sanityd1

    Hey Anton, I think you’re just great, keep it up – you’re going supernova for sure, big house, big telescope, five research lasers, you’re in charge
    Comin up in the world
    Do trust in your work
    Gotta look over your video editing constantly

  53. Lou

    Up Next: Surprising story about how man can’t rebuild technology from 1970 that brought us to the moon.
    Ft. NASA destroyed it for no apparent reason.

  54. Edwin A

    the moon starting to rust what happens when you heat up Earth’s water it got nowhere to go but space the Earth’s core is nothing but a giant magnet when the Earth heat up destroy Earth magnetic field electic solar wind stripped off Earth’s Water

  55. Mr K Lakhan

    Hi all the Phobos out there, Cyanobacteria creates oxygen.

  56. Blanca Camacho-Bonet

    What is causing the glowing halos on the moon? Regolith and ice and oxygen from earth’s halo…resulting in hematite. This may happen with other planets and their moons.

  57. chris musso

    Just discovered your channel, you have been added to the list of greats!

  58. LuckystrikeNQ

    It rusts because it’s an old Death Star made of metal, now covered by dust and sand.

  59. artkaboom

    Interesting, it certainly means when we go to colonize we will need to take along a fiver of
    Rust-Oleum. Fascinating video, many thanks.

  60. George Reynolds

    Oxygen is escaping the Earth? That’s not good.

  61. hawk7825

    I summarized that since it’s at the poles, water ice might be a catalyst on the surface. Just an opinion.

  62. TheGordo1996

    Earth losing atmosphere is almost like a reverse accretion. LOL

  63. Tyler Scheurer

    Remember we are still learning about Mars but there are colonial missions being planned for 2024

  64. Andrew Everdarkness

    Thanks for the great content again Anton ♡

  65. Dalton Power

    Comments are good for the YouTube algorithm.

  66. Ben Spiers

    Guessing thoughtfully, I might anticipate the geomagnetic field in the past might have at least partially played a role in there being rust on the far side of the moon.

  67. 2nd_place

    Hello wonderful Anton. Just a reminder that you have said dark side of the moon several times in this video, which is factually incorrect. Have a good day!

  68. m m

    the poor moon…having to put up with earth’s excessive aftershave when passing behind us

  69. Podkova

    Italian car manufacturers: it’s a feature.

  70. william gorham

    The title of this video made me think of the song “Rusted from the Rain” by Billy Talent.

  71. Tim M

    Moisture from our atmosphere through the vacuum of space reaching the moon… hmm

  72. Sasquatch IsHere

    Thank you for your wonderful and entertaining videos, wonderful person Anton. I always look forward to each one.

  73. Jim Stone

    Rust on moon means some type of oxygen. Kind of wild.

  74. Daniel Matthews

    The Moon’s crust is over 90% oxygen, yes it is mostly oxides of one form or another. Hydrogen that is hot enough (moving very fast) will reduce oxides to the metallic form while creating H2O which can then interact with the more reactive metals to reform new types and configurations of oxides. A chemical cycle driven by the solar wind and radiation.

  75. Craig Mooring

    “…it’s not definitely a fact, yet. It might become a fact in the future..” Anton, a fact is a fact regardless of whether we know it, suspect it, or haven’t the foggiest notion of it.

  76. 袁是帅

    Hey Anton, will you consider verifying a “brave creator account” so i can support your work?

  77. ShauntSerelu

    I’m so early :0
    Love ya Anton thanks for all the education vids :)

  78. From-Anon-2-Zenon

    Everything about the moon is “unusual.”

  79. Thomas Chrombly

    The presence of Geo-corona tells me that over time the earth will be stripped of its atmosphere and surface water. Awesome…

  80. Edward Bear James

    Hydrogen and oxygen atoms come from the sun. They are found typically in shady craters where the water has had a chance to bind together, mostly on the poles. Dark sides of the craters are calmer allowing hydrogen and oxygen atoms to gather together. So, this shouldn’t be surprising at all. Thanks for your video.

  81. N H

    Iron burn in earth’s atmosphere from meteorites that vaporized and blew out of our atmosphere to the moon’s surface.

  82. Craig Mooring

    How many people agree that Anton should upgrade his YT avatar because he’s much better-looking than that?

  83. Dr Gunsmith

    It’s the wonderful aliens I tell you.

  84. Canadian Deplorable

    Wouldn’t it make sense that the far side of the moon still gets bathed in some atmosphere as it passes through the magneto tail, just far less than the near side?

  85. David Henningson

    Earth to the moon… “your turn… have some people!” The moon… “I’m alittle rusty.” Mars… “hold my beer!”

  86. James Lische

    Why not hematite on the dark side? The moon wasn’t always tidally locked.

  87. ss

    A rusty moon ….. Aw come on Anton. Now you’re having me on. LOL
    Thank you Anton, your videos are YouTubes jewels.

  88. Jelladoo

    Whenever I hear about “starting a colony” on Moon or Mars or another planet, I always hope I will witness this in my life (im 29), and maybe even be part of the colony if its possible! Anyways, love your videos man!

  89. MC's Creations

    I have a small stone of hematite. It’s pretty dark, really beautiful. 😊

  90. Ben K

    we look like a bunch of hicks letting our moon get all rusted out in the yard.

  91. Clair Pahlavi

    None of the oxygen and hydrogen could possibly be delivered by means of Birkland Currents, protons being positive and gamma oxygen particles being negative.
    Nah! Never happens!

  92. Peter Piso

    glad to hear you say” what the math ”
    keep up the great content

  93. Jadd Cavalberry

    Late night tuna brocoli and green beans (life during a cut) and a new video from Anton.. Awesome stuff!

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    I love this channel. Look forward to every post.

  95. Henchman Twenty1

    Maybe someone just forgot to oil the animatronic whalers? ♫ We’re whalers on the Moon – We carry a harpoon – But there ain’t no whales, so we tell tall tales – We’re whalers on the Moon ♫

  96. Robert Jackson

    Outstanding video, I wasn’t even aware of the fact that the earth was hemmoraging oxygen, stay safe and healthy, I love your videos

  97. Chris

    I’ve heard about the rust on the moon a long time ago. I simply thought that a collisions with icy rocks are the most plausible explanation. This new theory is way cooler though.

  98. pioco56

    Scientists be like, Oxygen on the Moon?! FeO² and Fe²O³

  99. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    “It’s better to burn out than it is to rust.”
    “Because I’m still in love with you, on this harvest moon.”—Neil Young.

  100. Tim Williams

    Over-sensationalized News Headline: PROOF FOUND: THE MOON HAS OXYGEN

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