The Universe Is 10 Times Hotter Today Than Billions of Years Ago

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a recent study that identifies that our universe heated up quite a lot in the last few billions of years.
Older paper:

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  1. suciati wardani


  2. Per Lindholm

    Guess – Atoms are loop functions. To process data in all directions. Could explain something.

  3. hope dies

    Don’t tell Greta Thunberg.

  4. The Wobbinator

    Universe climate change ::(

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  6. AL "ajR`" AN

    Love your vids man, I watch before bed. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  7. Tim Cross

    Oh my heavens! It must be us causing universal warming.! Or is it galactic climate change?

  8. Jason Kaler

    ah yes, man made universal warming.

  9. Bryan k

    no anton! we already have global warming to worry about, now it’s universe warming?!

  10. MC's Creations

    Pretty interesting!!! 😊

  11. Arthur

    ok, at 3 kelvins i would do some camping with my tent. but 2.73 is a little too cold for me

  12. Sam

    It warms up for the next big bang😏

  13. Alondro77

    Clearly, it’s because we’re using fossil fuels! XD

  14. Glenn Ratcliffe

    Hello wonderful person πŸ‘‹
    On Fahrenheit, How about Celsius too? πŸ‘

  15. Jack Cloud

    My guess, +200.000 degrees more, every billion year or so :)

  16. Karla Kirkpatrick

    Interesting, I guess the other worlds are not doing their part to save the universe as well, or that they have been watching Sean John videos

  17. Rob Wentz

    im amazed at how frequently you post videos.

  18. Theitsybitsyspider

    Universal warming. There’s always a bigger fish.

  19. Aftab Kazi

    You mean heat in pockets of galaxies, Is increasing but the average is still dropping?

  20. J.P.

    Now it’s clear why I sweat so much!

  21. MeowMur

    Yeah, the universe does look pretty damn hot…

  22. elara 24

    Thing is we might be seeing too little of it from where we are to make a statement

  23. Julian Harley

    Forget global warming, we have a much greater issue at hand

  24. David Baker

    Millions of years ago there was 4D space whales πŸ˜†

  25. sonlightobed

    If the universe is THE MIND it would heat up when in use and cool down when not in use!

  26. LeBronze James

    Could you imagine if we learned how to fix a refrigerator from Anton Petrov LOL. Awesome.

  27. funkbob

    we need to be halting entropy and stopping all that hot gas escaping.

  28. Discrimination is not a r

    I watch until my brain overheats, then I have to hold the power button down for 60 seconds.

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    Oh we gotta turn off everything to make universe to cooldown

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    Will smith: *AH THATS HOT*

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    Universal warming πŸ˜‚

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    Keep up the great work Anton! I’ve been watching your videos nearly daily and love the content. Even got myself a wonderful person shirt which is the first time I ever bought merch from a youtuber, but it was worth it.

  33. j s

    without even watching the video— its entropy and the second law of thermodynamics. by using energy the universe is creating warmth.

  34. The G.C.

    “The universe is warming” Leftists heads explode πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  35. Daniel Jones

    Maybe someone can stop all these supernovae from happening.
    That’s GOT to be it!

  36. AJBAXTER7677

    Lemme guess

    Too many fossil fuels? Lol

  37. Cory Ball

    That simulation at the end of the video before the patreon list was really captivating!

  38. clinton poley

    lol amazing story so they were there and have data over that time on a graph lol amazing thats right a load of rubbish
    yet another dodgy math made for purpose with no actual physical data. its all suggested so a guess , so everything is going to melt lol

  39. Hal A

    @2:49 how many takes to get the pronunciation right? lol

  40. Stephen

    Uh oh better get the EPA on this, they can definitely fix it

  41. Quantum's World

    From Global Warming to Universal Warming. We just can’t win, huh? 🀣

  42. Thoth Amon

    farting space cows?

  43. Tim Hill

    I wonder if an external heat source could be what’s causing the universe to expand ?

  44. Stephen Perretti

    Who does Greta Thunberg blame for this?
    How dare you!!!

  45. James McKenzie

    I’ve had the fridge story told to me a few times now. It finally gelled, and on a cosmology talk. Way to go Anton.

  46. Per Lindholm

    Universe Security – Heat looks like encrypted data so its a protection against hackers. Since atoms are function an override looks like a superposition in space. How to avoid? Cool down and apply magnetism at achilles heal positions. Map and disrupt superpositions by us humans? But maybe this is why the universe heats up. Its a protection against a takeover. Heat means its harder to superposition. So to cool apply your hacking skills help the universe. Find ways to avoid everything that belongs to another atom or function taking over. Maybe if the override function is lower than main function you can train the atom to skip a line. Create a 50/50 uncertainty that only the atoms can control. Like for iron.

  47. Emperor POOPYPANTS

    No problem, give Al Gore another billion dollars and he’ll make it go away.

  48. Cameron McLennan

    “Consider the fridge…”

  49. Jason Geddes

    How is that possible without us being in a simulation and someone twiddling the knobs lol

  50. Mark Bentley

    I bet we get the blame for this too, and those ethnic aliens in andromeda’ will deny everything

  51. Astral Knight

    Tomorow we will read about this in news and offcourse they will blame it on humans. To save the universe from universal heating just buy certain products that we produce πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺ

  52. Nigel Palmer

    “The Universe is heating up? that doesn’t make any sense at all. unless we are at the beginning of this explosion we call th big bang that’s been benign enough to allow us to appear, now my mind is imagining all sorts.

  53. Ozma337

    This can only mean one thing. All the aliens are burning fossils fuels too.

  54. Jo Bahe

    this video topic should be “How planets get born” because this is the way!! But humanity didn’t know Until me came up!

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    Thank you Anton. I learn a lot from your shows

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    I’m always amazed about the information that you share with us.
    Thank you Anton.

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    0:29 – that picture is like meeting an old friend! Thank you Anton.


    The universe gets hotter as it gets older.

  59. timluns

    What did you expect when it’s descending into Hell

  60. Ross McLeod

    Odd how you get all these climate science denying schills on a science based channel. Love your work Anton. Keep it up.

  61. M B

    Keep up the good work Anton! Please stay safe and I hope you are doing good

  62. Meghan-Jason Mc-Ye

    Would this also mean that the rate of star formation is increasing?

  63. Mr Ryburn

    How does this affect the thermal equilibrium theory for the universe dying from reaching the same temperature everywhere?

  64. Wolfe OffRoad

    Humans burning fossil fuels, and Cows farting. We must do something to stop this

  65. Joe Blow

    Perhaps we should buy a few LED lights and a bag for life… we might be able to stop the universe from heating up. 😜

  66. onehit pick

    It all depends on your point of view. Everyone always assumes we’ve magically found a co-moving frame. We haven’t.

  67. Giavani 2016

    The universe is a brain. We describe the connections and features, and we are apart of it. All of this is very old.

  68. Tim Waeyaert

    oh great now humans are going to be responsible for universe warming too

  69. Ellison Hamilton

    Sound much like the effects of an internal combustion engine.

    Hot topic. Thanks Anton.

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    You sound really tired Anton! I hope you and your family are doing well!

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    I was going to make a temperature joke, but you guys are too cool for that!

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    Hot gas? I blame Taco Bell.

  73. Cody Lee

    This is interesting

  74. martin doyle

    So,the universe is getting both hotter and colder at the same time . OMG ! THE UNIVERSE IS A POLITICIAN !!!!

  75. Max LeBlanc

    We’re living in a soup. It’s been microwaved a bit, but we are in the part of the soup that didn’t heat much.

  76. Freedom Fighter

    Somehow they’re going to blame this on space junk

  77. Kc Flick

    Our entire universe is a giant refrigerator in a universe that uses galaxies as atoms

  78. Mr Ringneck Birb

    Well looks like we are headed for the Big Crunch scenario.

  79. AutumnVillain

    We call this phenomenon Universal Warming, we need to get the industrial planets to cut down on emissions

  80. Don

    I didn’t know the universe was so comfortable

  81. Hobbes The Tiger

    Anton, what is the music in your videos? Mesmerizing and atmosphere building, amazing video as always!

  82. Lapin Logic

    Universe is 10x hotter today.

    Greta Thunberg “HOW DARE YOU”


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    I guess some species out there are vibin more than others

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    im actually retaining what you teach here lol im catching my self knowing the answers to stuff your talking about cause of past videos ha

  85. LastCynicActual

    I wonder if this affects the speed of light. The variable speed theory gains some clout.

  86. T4C Twin

    As far as we can see to the stars, it’s all gettin’ hotter cause were drivin’ our cars.

  87. T-1000 WizOh'd

    Wonderful Anton!
    Thank you for clearing up that confusion about the ‘average’ right off the bat.
    Most excellent.

  88. darrick steele

    So when two galaxies collide, are we able to measure a rise in temperature ?

  89. DemoGorgonZola

    Universe has “the Cough” apparently, or at least a serious fever – getting high temperature and having cold sweats

  90. Per Andersson

    Space aliens must start using solar energy and stop using oil lol

  91. james taube

    The universe wasn’t heating until human scientists polluted it with dark energy and dark matter.


    Paris Hilton.. ” that’s hot!”

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    Is it really accurate to say that _the universe_ is getting hotter, rather than “gas clouds”?

  94. Nola Davis

    Its all those new playstations and xboxes heating the universe up.


    The almighty powerful Giant Head…. ” I keep turning the friggin universe thermostat down, and someone moves it back!! “

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    Welp, looks like were gonna get the “Cold Death” ending

  97. Tom Gucwa

    It’s not the heat , it’s the humidity…

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    Ladies : “That’s because it noticed a sexy guy named Anton is talking about it”

  99. WarpFactor999

    Anton, we expect you to stick around and see if there actually is a “heat death” of the universe and report on it.

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    We’re all concerned about global warming, but nobody talks about universal warming.

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