The Strangest Planet Ever Found Just Got Ever Weirder! Kelt-9b

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about some of the new discoveries coming from the strangest planet ever found – KELT-9b
More about KELT:

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  1. Eggie X

    Keep on going 😀

  2. Event Horizon

    If it takes 36 hours to complete one orbit what would be its orbital speed? It must be incredibly fast?

  3. Andres Brcek

    Hi Anton. Speaking about planets and moons with extreme seasons, what about 16 cygnus b?

  4. BN

    ahh, the interloper

  5. Babel

    Been frquenting anton… why is it “welcome to what the math”?

  6. OpiatedBliss

    low energy intro

  7. The Beautiful Ones

    When will man walk on the sun?

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  9. Flan Manly

    love the vids anton

  10. douglas snow

    This is wonderful!

  11. Stephen Thomas

    At 4:03 it suddenly becomes a missing episode of Are You Being Served? where Grace Brothers has decided to aid England in the conquest of space.

  12. Roberto Oliveira

    Everything you report is always so weird and strange that i am starting to question this suposed scientists that are supose to know something

  13. Mark Day

    Hello Anton, wonderful person!

  14. dinyar cooper

    Love your amazing videos…thanks. Titanium rain perhaps??? Also watch out on pronunciation…poofy v puffy😉

  15. Big Cazza

    we can inference by the approximate loss of mass of “x” earths per “x” years and figure out that either it was captured, it migrated or the solar system in question is very young

  16. Laura Bedford

    It’s good broaden your mind and horizons. Your channel does both.

  17. Pelirroja

    Ok, yes, I indeed did try wiping my screen xx

  18. Kyle Thomas

    Weirdest planet?? I don’t thank you have been to earth lately🤣🤣🤣

  19. Thomas Gideon

    Looks like an interesting planet to visit for study, if we are able to do so some day.

  20. Drake Kay

    Hi Wonderful Anton! :D

  21. Vampirerockstar

    Jupiter:”Im not fat just puffy”

  22. Cant Decided Last name

    So around when are building a triple max prison on there for Van D to break out?

  23. Big Cazza

    this planet also likely has a massive ring of storms around it where the dark side and light side meet

  24. Sleekoduck

    It sounds like a heavy metal and rare earth element generator.

  25. Kevin Hines

    Great video, thank you for this

  26. Philosopher's Dream

    Hey Anton! I love your videos. Might I ask one thing though? Why do you use the “what da math” intro? I’ve tried to make sense out of it but I can’t find a connection.

  27. mr. ki

    Thank you!

  28. Bobby Shaftoe

    It seems a video that dives into KELT would be GREAT! :-)

  29. M 40

    Him: It’s a Polar Orbit Object.
    Me: Heh-heh ….. POO.

  30. John Wolf

    Will this KELT system be able to prevent an Asteroid from sneaking up on us?

  31. arno kosterman

    Planet on the eventhorison position😍?
    Nice more sesons du to the tacing from in polar regent en gifing to on eqjetoriol regent💟

  32. David Burgin

    This means we could find one that turns into a quark planet every summer then back into regular old matter for winter?

  33. annakeye

    Love this. It seems the more we find out, the weirder it becomes. Man, we’re so fortunate to live in a time where we can even begin to contemplate the weirdness of this wonderful universe.

  34. Association Of Metaphysic

    Thanks for the videos!
    Here’s a poem i wrote
    that cheers me up!!!
    Silent, black, and expansive,
    Eyes closed, Mind manefesting.
    Pondering this Knowledge.
    From my peaceful placeage,
    Spins a Galaxy on edge.
    A racing rapids waterfall passage.
    A cloudy, white, mist continent,
    Roars past my vantage point,
    I sit beyond the atmospheric gravity front.
    I am more than a starflake.
    A star river evolving more real than fake.
    I don’t want to wake.
    White sheets flap in Summer’s breeze.
    Color bands of upwind refugees,
    Property line wild flowers, make me sneeze.

  35. Jukes

    Holy crap man I’m so glad I subbed to you last month ( or so) because you just told me one of the coolest, most insane things I have ever heard! I thought I knew a thing or two about stars and planets but damn! The reality of our universe will never, ever, cease to amaze me.

    Thank you for the amount and quality of all the videos you throw at us!

  36. Starkiller Ace

    I can build one of those scopes?

    Ok. So that’s happening.

  37. Simon Jäkle

    strangest planet so far instead of ever? I’m sure the work on this was demanding, but the ongoing formation never stops

  38. Sam Burns

    Anton, your videos help my mind settle down after it has been multitasking for 8.5 hours. I really appreciate you. And so do others here.

  39. Spirit Winds

    That’s where *Q* from Star Trek came from.

  40. Chris 10

    4:04 poofy planet in case you’re wondering

  41. Kung flu Master

    Those Kelts are always crazy… and usually drunk to boot.

  42. Jeremy R

    That’s awesome. Love the information you give.

  43. Joe Blow

    Spaseba AHTOH! 😬👍🏻

  44. bilge

    Feel like I’ve seen this before

  45. j Thompson

    I have friends who live there.
    They love it.

  46. Stéphane Clerc

    Your optimism and your smile are a cure in this world, thank you wonderful Anton

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    Fascinating Anton. Thank you!

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    Just found your channel and I love it! Great content!

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    I love this channel, learn new stuff every day. 👍

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    I sooo want this planet… TFS Anton, G :)

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    Anton is so wholesome, love your videos man. Thank you wonderful person.

  52. Anna M

    Omg, please create a playlist for this weird planet! So interesting!

  53. ice9

    Where’s your discussion of Planet X. You know, the 1 that will soon do a close flyby of Earth 🌎 & cause catastrophes. Why aren’t you warning your viewers about it? Shame on you. People should visit YT channel “Planet X News” for info & great photos.

  54. The Kito

    The planet that periodically gets weirder.
    See you in a few months when the planrt gets another weird update

  55. Space Ghost

    Now I know where my ex is from!

  56. Arnold Goh

    “… Create extreme seasonal changes… Experiences extreme summer and extreme winter effects, and all of these only in a few hours… ”
    Yup, sounds like Melbourne.

  57. Alan

    Thank you for your videos Anton, I really appreciate them.

  58. Kendo75

    Can Anton, S.M.G, and I.A. Please make a weekly podcast together!? Sounds like the epitome of awesome to me 😎👍🏻 thanks for another incredibly interesting video Sir.

  59. Moxdragon

    That’s one crazy planet! Can’t wait to see what you show us tomorrow 😁

  60. ThePaulv12

    The closed captions might incur a reactionary fabricated ire of narcissism personality disorder types when they go on a virtue signalling rampage on social media Anton.
    They’re always looking for a reason – they are!

  61. Huma Malik

    I love your content! So interesting and clearly informative.

  62. kyben99

    Are you feeling ok Anton? Your “Hello wonderful person” seemed a little weak today.

  63. car

    Mr Anton Petrov, I have been devastated ever since you said that silicon based life is probably not possible. My entire sci fi comic dreams have been sattered.

  64. orangehexagonsun

    It cost $22,000 to get a cubesat kit. Buy 2 for:

    1) power consumption,
    2) communication systems

    Mount a CCD spectroscope and An NIR telescope for blackhole, supernovae, and exoplanet research. Add buying mirrors and it could be a project costing ~$100,000. Not so easy obtaining for an individual citizen scientist, but it could be plausible for a community college.

  65. Mickey Twoshoes

    If I go there, I’m bringing my mask!

  66. Jumping Man

    Sounds like a nice place to send my mother in law

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    Privet Aton! I love your videos. Thank you for the time and effort it takes to make them.

  68. Chooch

    I Love the “Extremely Little Telescope” name!


    Thanks Anton. I never heard of this before. It is exciting!!

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    Love your videos, keep up the content, topic doesnt matter to me, just anything with your calming voice on it makes it worth watching

  71. Planepants Games

    those energy cycles just beg for some kind of crazy life

  72. Steven Perry

    I would love to participate in that program, I can’t think of anything more exciting than finding exoplanets.

  73. Hugh Janus

    You seem like a wonderful person anton. Love what you do. Thank you sir.

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    Hi Anton. You make me feel at home. There’s something warming about you

  75. James Lewis

    Did he say Puffy, or Poofy planet… Now I really want to know how you tell if a planet is too camp.

  76. Dark Meta

    Nothing scares Anton.
    But this Planet..

    It haunts him. 😂

  77. BlackholeProbe

    Kelt-9b: I’m not weird :(

  78. Alain Martel

    Astronomers : Kelt-9b, every time we look at you, we find something that’s stranger than the last time.
    Kelt-9b : You ain’t seen anything about me yet !

  79. Mike Oxmaul

    Riddick has escaped from a prison on this planet 😏

  80. Cobinasaur

    YouTube notifications are broken, I was recommended this 10 minutes later and still haven’t gotten a notification.

  81. DanjasLP

    Planet: Expands it’s amtosphere dramatically
    Astronomers: Poofy! :)

  82. S Jay Smith——The Poetry C

    The Universe is stranger than we CAN imagine. Exciting times! Thank you Anton!

  83. M H

    So not habitable then?

  84. calgar

    That kind of monster melt my brain everytime i try to figure out what it would looks like if you were there in person!

  85. Sven Sorensen

    6:50 Alternating extreme Summer and Winter cycling every few hours? I propose we call this planet “Utah Autumn”

  86. Wayne Shirey

    If Ripley was still around, he’d feature this video in “Believe it or Not.”

  87. MrMeepzor

    I would argue that the Earth is still the strangest planet we have ever discovered.

  88. Billy Casper

    Anton! I usually end videos earlier.
    But I remain in your videos to see your smile in the end. Keep smiling forever my friend.

  89. jskd2953

    9 hours of summer is about what we get here in the UK too! :)

  90. ilmarinen79

    I predict a new Disneyland will open on Kelt-9b, so that people can experience it’s products in a fitting atmosphere

  91. John Cartwright

    28000 views in 4 hours. You’re fantastic Anton !

  92. Space Boi

    Bizzare, you say? So if you went there and had an adventure, you could call it a bizarre adventure?

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    Hey I started watching your videos recently. It’s great to see someone making information on these topics easier to access and understand.

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  95. xanbex

    I am going to cancel my vacation plans to Kelt-9b for sure.

  96. NaN

    Meanwhile somewhere far away:

    Alien: “Look at that 3rd planet from that average star. Life on it thinks it is intelligent. Now that’s the worst case of Dunning-Kruger we’ve ever seen.”

    *Translated from their language of course.

  97. Henchman Twenty1

    If you were to judge “Strangest Planet Ever” based solely on its inhabitants, Earth clearly takes the cake.

  98. The Exoplanets Channel

    I think Kelt-9b aliens should be called.. *_weirdos_*

    No offense intended.. (just in case they come, you know)

  99. Rebel Without a Clue

    I love that when you say “we” you are referring to humanity as a whole. As in; these discoveries are “ours” as a species.

  100. The Exoplanets Channel

    Marathon of exoplanet videos: *_dream comes true_*

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