The Moment Arecibo Observatory Collapsed Captured on Video

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the final moments of the Arecibo Observatory collapsing in Puerto Rico.
Find the NSF footage used here:
Credit: Courtesy of the Arecibo Observatory, a U.S. National Science Foundation facility
Earthquake report from The Dominican Republic:

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  1. Skyman58

    This actually pissed me off ngl

  2. Luke Mighty

    This happened way before a few days ago, I saw James Bond do it in the 90s.

  3. Mate397

    Hopefully it gets rebuilt, it was painful to watch it collapse.

  4. H David Ritscher

    We need to build a series of these on the far side of the moon

  5. Hydra Overray

    Bass Boosted Battlefield 4 theme plays

  6. Chris Tuttle

    The dome finally followed Sean Bean to its demise…

  7. pigtailsboy

    Your closing smile wasn’t quite to standard. An uncommon reaction for an uncommon subject.

  8. Francois Lacombe

    Arecibo was not the only radar observatory, it was the most powerful one.

  9. Marcia Elena

    This makes me so sad.

  10. Orlando Rotundo

    Frostpunk: “We are blind”

  11. Carl

    What about China’s Sky Eye, as that will still be around even after the Arecibo collapse?

  12. N N

    Goldeneye and Battlefield 4 were so ahead of their time.

  13. MDT

    dramatic though awesome at the same time ,wow
    it was already on retirement , no ?
    grtzz John

  14. Jamarr Mays

    It was sad. I thought they demoed it on purpose:(

  15. Shokanshi1

    R.I.P. Arecibo … thankyou for your service /salute

  16. Mr. G

    What are the odds having a drone capture the specific area and moment of collapse. Coincidence?

  17. Graeme Brumfitt

    Such a sad moment in time :( TFS, G :)

  18. Redlife666

    I almost wanna cry. I’ll be watching Contact and GoldenEye for the next couple of days on repeat.

    I’m honestly sad 😢 Rest In Peace big guy

  19. big64dave

    Kinda odd that Drone just knows when and where to capture the moment of collapse will happen

  20. Don'z Lockz

    Great footage but so sad!😔

  21. Clank boss

    *And this is my first time watching this so ill be just as shocked as you are*

    press x to doubt

  22. Paul Loh

    No matter who they are after…I am going to see them once more

  23. Falcon217

    A drone “just happened to be there” 🙄

  24. Planet Vegan

    Goldeneye! X-files!

  25. Shayne Hofstetter

    We will soon forget about sadness, next year when they launch James Webb!

  26. Mohandas Gandhi

    Looks like James Bond finally settled the score with Trevelyan

  27. Mick Miah

    Thank you Anton. It is a really sad end to a great, great scope.

  28. GizmoRose

    Aww so many people already beat me in referencing Goldeneye XD

  29. Ryan

    This makes me want to cry. Thanks for showing us the video Anton.

  30. Planet Vegan

    It didn’t collapse, James Bond dropped it on someone.

  31. Bo Nielsen

    That is epic footage! Thank you for sharing :D

  32. Tonya Patrick

    Thank you You Beautiful Person!

  33. rrobertt13

    What do you mean the tower is still standing?
    It was the first one to break.

  34. David McCartney

    I was waiting for that thing to collapse

  35. Daniel Pirone

    Incredible/ heart breaking. Thanks wonderful Anton.

  36. Victor Unbea

    “Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this video even though it’s basically destruction…”
    Someone forgot KSP

  37. TrueKoalaKnight

    That’s a damn shame. But I guess that might finally prompt the government to to do something.

  38. Skaatje

    Amazing timing of that drone in the air.

  39. Magnamic

    That hurt my heart.

  40. Phillip Mitchell

    The moment every animal in a mile radius simultaneously voided their bowels

  41. Sum Ting Wong

    “For England James?”

  42. Roland Röpnack

    Arecibo was the one entity firing up my interest in astronomy, astrophysics and the delving into the fabrics of the world in general, when I was a small nosey boy of seven years. Skylab, Lunochod, the Saturn V’s, the steampunk-ey refractor telescope of Bergedorf observatory – nothing sparked my interest in space exploration more than the idea to use Earth itself as a telescope mirror, combining the data from different orbital points to one single mega resolution shot.
    It hurts to see how the spark that kindled the fire of my intellect blackened out because of unwillingness to pay for maintenance.
    At least Arecibo went with a bang!

  43. Thomas speer

    Me everyday in bf4

  44. fps886797d

    I wish I could like and dislike this video at the same time.

  45. Chuck Peck

    A symbol of everything that has been going on in PR since the mid 2000’s unfortunately.

  46. Nordic Snowhammer

    I thought James Bond destroyed this back in the 90’s.

  47. General Indominus

    The one who send message from our civilization to other civilization, now gone forever :(

  48. Fire Proxy

    Saw this on the news, didn’t know it was a really old telescope.

  49. Dhardy

    Anton in the morning!?!?(for me in the u.s.) I am so used to seeing you at bedtime (no homo)

  50. quantumbits

    I felt sick when i saw the collapse. I feel like we are moving away from pure science.

  51. Steel007

    Yes, you can’t be the “first”.

  52. Onno Hus

    the tops of the towers broke off during the faileur.

  53. Allen Tac

    2:40 “Let’s hope we never really have to see again” as the video starts again.

  54. Arno nümuss

    That last cable held on desperately beyond it’s specs.

  55. R E

    Pandemic? Lockdowns? Surface Radar Detection Destroyed?

    Coincidence? I think not! The aliens are on their way.

    *Puts on the tinfoil hat*

  56. J Sheridan

    What I saw was all three towers snapped off toward the top!

  57. Greg Goodenough

    2:39 –
    Anton: This is smth that lets hope we’ll never have to see again…
    _Shows it to us again_

  58. jons

    “let’s hope we never have to see this again”

    [video plays again]

  59. Saint Jimmy

    Sad, very sad. But WOW, that was an amazing set of footage. This will help later in making a new one.

  60. TwixxMiles

    This hurts my heart. But amazing footage nonetheless.

  61. rodgersericv

    Of course the failing cables couldn’t be replaced. I’m sure it was because of the danger to workers, right? Figure it out.

  62. TonyK3130

    Hard to say “thumb’s up.”

  63. NOMAD adventure!

    Really is such a sad thing to see. So iconic🙁

  64. Kamani Williams

    That’s some amazing timing for that drone operator to catch that.

  65. Wild_Lee Coyote

    The tops of all three towers broke off. It’s sad that science has been neglected to the point where something like this can happen. I hope it gets rebuilt.

  66. Dah G Man

    Such a sad day for science, I hope we can reconstruct this magnificent observatory and improve on its capabilities

  67. Juan Pedro Mariano

    Wowz even the field of astronomy has been dealt a blow by this awful year.

  68. Just Smashing

    James Bond would’ve held it up…

  69. Michael Athens

    I actually just saw this when I got up.
    No doubt we’ve lost one of our finest science machines and that’s tragic.
    But at least they got it on video.

  70. Kathy Brocato

    Such a shame. I remember seeing it in the 1980’s and it looked like it needed work then. I can’t believe we let this happen.

  71. chronic spot

    Anton: hope we never have to see it again
    Also anton: INSTANT SLOMO REPLAY!!!

  72. Swift Boom

    I love how when NASA build Something, it lasts 15-20 years longer then expected 🤣 wish they would build my mobile phone 🤣

  73. Effect Without Cause

    I sure hope it’ll be rebuilt and modernized, and not just be left like this, and forgotten about.
    R.I.P. for now.

  74. morlockmeat

    Broke my heart when I heard that it was being demolished.
    So long, Arecibo.

  75. MrEshed123

    Feels weird clicking like on this one.

  76. csehszlovakze

    One tower destroyed, one scalped, the third is seemingly intact.

  77. Matt Davidson

    There was still time in 2020 for the movie “contact” to play out. Someone said cut that cord.

  78. RawTorax

    2:42 “This is something that, well, let’s hope we will never have to see again”

    Proceeds to use the footage as background.

    I’m dying

  79. Mister Angel

    Oh daaamn…
    That nobody was hurt is a small miracle..
    This footage breaks my heart💔😢

  80. TheMasterZar

    I was devastated to see this! So gut wrenched for the families of the 130 employees that worked there. As if this year wasn’t bad enough already. Keep on being a wonderful person Anton, we need them more and more!

  81. Ellison Hamilton

    The research facility is still there. Something tells me that the NSF will replace it. If not the NSF……then perhaps a wealthy patron. Let’s hope so.

    Thanks Anton.

  82. Funster73 MCR

    Building a few in the creators of the moon would be cool.

  83. JaRCo de Rover

    Sad to see it go down in this way :( A big thank you to everyone who kept it running for such a long time!

  84. J Sheridan

    The “TWANG” of changing directional tension took them right off.

  85. PropRotor Nut

    It’s so sad to see. Very depressing. It was such a great observatory, and I do hope they replace it with a new one. RIP Arecibo.♥️😢

  86. JJAX

    As a Puertorican who visited and did a investigation partner with the observatory this is quite sad.

  87. J Sheridan

    Anton, I wholly agree with you that this must be replaced with something updated.

  88. Δημήτρης Κλεισιάρης

    when boys cry: “death of tony stark”
    when men with interest in science and the universe cry: “arecibo observatory collapse”

  89. Book_ Davies

    Nothing lasts forever.
    It’s actually interesting footage.
    Very useful for future construction, I’m glad they got that recorded.

  90. Wilton McClain

    “For England James? – Alec Trevelyan
    “No, for me” – Bond, James Bond

  91. Pepito Grillo

    There is money for every kind of shit, but no for science. And this is how we destroy our own future. Sad…

  92. Jo Chele

    Sad time especially for all the people who studied, learned, and discovered there. Rip Arecibo.

  93. Sam

    Literally the end of Goldeneye

  94. Demir Cruz

    I will be part of the reconstruction. Thats a promise. Greetings from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷💓👍.

  95. Eyle

    Its heartwrenching to see scientific equipment being destroyed :(

  96. J Sheridan

    When the tension toward the center let go the anchor cables on the outside pulled the tops off.

  97. Sandy Barnes

    I used to let them use my computer idle time to process SETI data. I’m sad to see it destroyed 😥

  98. Bintang Aslama

    “I can’t believe they didn’t cry watching titanic.”
    The vid we are crying on:

  99. Greg Helton

    I remember being fascinated by this machine as a child. 2020 has been a sad year.

  100. SuperThunderGoodGuy

    This sucks. That telescope was so good. We need more telescopes like that

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