The Largest 3D Map of The Universe Ever Made Reveals New Surprises

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the newly created 3D map of the universe – the biggest map ever created!
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  1. Kobus Downey

    The best part of all of this: As Anton said; “we don’t even know if our constants are constant throughout the universe.” We know nothing about this amazing cosmic world we live in…

  2. Brian Monteleone

    Why are we at the center of this map? Do we not know our position in the universe?

  3. Roy Marsh

    Thank you Anton. you address the fundamental questions. So clear. The vastness. Thank you.

  4. Kal Palnicki

    Since humanity is rushing headlong toward suicidal self extinction seeking to understand the future of the universe seems to be inane.

  5. Black Hole Generator

    I once listened to a scientist and he said they slowed light down through gas and when it stops moving at all it turns into matter. He said that Mr. Einstein was right in his assumption that when it accelerates beyond lightspeed it becomes pure energy probably leaving “our” spacetime. I always doubt myself. Idk bout that.

  6. Bruce H.

    Best Universe presenter!

  7. timothy garrison

    Hello Anton!!! Keep up the good work my friend.

  8. Louis Anthes

    How would this map look, in the aggregate, if at every point in OUR known universe you plotted a new universe map from each individual point?

  9. frank lazarewicz

    Hey Your Really giving us facts good knowledge NOT F___ theories

  10. Guy Tetreault

    One thousandth of one percent wonderful ?!!!?!!! ๐ŸŒ€๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐ŸŒ€๐ŸŒ€๐ŸŒ€๐Ÿต๏ธ๐Ÿต๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  11. frank lazarewicz

    Aton I really like your program WHY FLAT???? isn’t that a problem for the THEORY of the big bang?

  12. Sketchify

    Oh my goodness!

  13. Rsmith415

    Does the visible universe expand by 1 lift year every year

  14. Alexander Vincent

    Besides this interesting subject of mapping the known universe…i find this guyโ€™s voice very relaxing…very certainly a very nice dude. Keep it up anton

  15. Mate397

    I love how casually he says we only discovered 4 million galaxies.

  16. BlintR6

    cover the photo taken of a sun like star with two exoplanets orbiting

  17. AP KM

    It’s funny cause this map could possibly never be finished lol

  18. Robert Woods

    I find it abit hard to believe the universe is flat when everything in it is round, is it the same as when we thought the earth was flat but then realized it is round. people couldn’t get there loaf’s around that either ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Dragon Emperor

    8:16 for whatever reason that gave me chills… :o

  20. Bob Edge

    The universe is just a fractal of your own neurological pathways becoming aware of itself.

  21. DomingosCJM

    (1:20) “..constant potentially not being constant” That is a statement affirmed by EU for decades…

  22. Tara Fojtasek

    Wow. Thatโ€™s all I can say

  23. SpectatingBystander

    Why is the conical shapes flat on the bottom and one side is smaller than the other?

  24. yomogami

    this doesn’t contain the srg satellite map does it [since it just completed it’s first survey map]?

  25. irock ireckon

    They need to learn how to break so called speed limit of light why learn what’s out there when you cannot get to it we need more speed

  26. ShauntSerelu

    Whoever is disliking Anton’s videos is evil and has no soul

  27. Aura oD

    I respect you Aton for putting time and effort I always look forward to ya videos

  28. wiccanen

    but this model can be seen as faulty if its looked upon as we are the center of the universe…

  29. Kettlebot

    THANK you for covering this! I saw the headlines about it the other day but couldn’t find anywhere that had any detail!

  30. Darren Caustin

    Another fascinating episode Anton petrov, I love your presentation style, the graphics and explanations, man you a clever chappy your knowledge is second to none, want to know, do you live near magadan, Russia?

  31. Banalest Orchid

    *Best understatement in the past 50 years* @2:45 *0.0002% of everything there is in the Universe, so in that sense this map is extremely incomplete*

  32. Devi

    Humans: we can now see .0002% of the universe.
    Aliens: Aww look at the humans, how cute.

  33. Physique0

    Sone flat earthers downvoted this video.

  34. โ€ข ImproperAngles โ€ข

    I’m so excited! Saw the black hole video. Awesome ๐Ÿ‘

  35. Christopher Fuller

    Are they travelling away at different rates because we NOT in the middle?

  36. Stephen Thomas

    Yet, strangely, the planet Kamino is missing from it.

  37. staunch2207

    I was wondering why you never mentioned asteroid 2020 ND. The other day when talking about asteroids .

  38. Totally left Field

    Hello Anton,
    Cheers from Montreal =D

  39. Brandon Sergent

    I am reminded of lovecraft and the elder gods etc from the outer dark. To them light would indeed be a pollutant.

  40. Brett Cahill

    I hear eBoss and picture a manager working from an office but on tiktok

  41. Michael Connors

    Racing up a staircase, we saw, from the gallery above, a crowd of gray-haired people with umbrellas examining a gigantic mock-up of the universe.
    Vladimir Nabokov, A Visit to a Museum.

  42. jeroen Zijlstra

    Dark matter is the 4th dimension, time
    No mystery at all.

  43. what the flying fuck ...

    Hello wonderful Anton, I’m a person.

  44. Majic Lamp

    I have a feeling that a flat universe will go the way of the flat earth theory. Dead

  45. Henchman Twenty1

    I’d like to see this map rendered to scale, please. I’ve got some graph paper left over from my old D&D days. (1st Ed.)

  46. John Johansen

    This map proofs that we are the center of the Universe.

  47. Quentin Valentine

    Damnit. How did you all beat me here

  48. This Account Has No Name

    This is reason why we need the James Space Web Telescope

  49. earth dweller

    Great! Now I need to update my GPS navigator

  50. Rich Mitch

    “Certain uncertainties” the name of my first album

  51. N E S Y

    I imagine myself in a ball at this point.

  52. Pontus Gajzler

    Forgot your name for 1s, instead i just searched Hello wonderful person

  53. Simon Magnusson

    In case “The Big Rip” happens , what would happen to the Dark Energy itself, after it has torn apart all matter and spacetime itself ??
    This keeps me awake at night..


    When you consider the size of some of the stars and galaxies out there when we talk about the shape or even just being able to see the entire universe is prob virtually really mission impossible ijs he just said we donโ€™t even have an accurate picture of earth… imagine what itโ€™s going to take just see an centermeter of curvature from our universe ?? If there is a curve the universe is unbelievably big thereโ€™s probably no number you can put to it ?? Lol

  55. Condom Hater

    “extrememly incomplete”- Anton petrov 2020

  56. Hello i from the governme

    So aliens exist. Cause with all that we are not the only intelligent life in the universe.

  57. Primetime Durkheim

    I’ve been thinking about this for the longest time.. this is amazing.

  58. SadWings Raging

    I love it when someone or group proclaims they have determined the answer and the science is irrefutable. Until someone pokes a huge gaping hole in it.
    Kinda like global warming…..

  59. Mikhail Linyski

    Looks like Dark Ages is where Dark Matter can be found.

  60. Tobias Johansson

    If I stand on a planet 20 light years away and look in the direction of where the Earth where at that time. With an enough powerfull telescope, I could see what happend in my life 20 years ago (in theory)?

  61. Okay I Guess

    I always look forward to Anton’s videos

  62. Pratap Patil

    After Listening to anton .. at the end that music takes you to deep space.. ta ta da.. ta ta da.. ta ta da…

  63. Richnwealthy

    Any chance you talk about tech signatures, I wonder if weโ€™re looking for them wonder if other adv civilizations might be. With the amount of satellites orbiting

  64. Randall Flagg

    Our attempt to map the universe is like a 17th century drawing of flat earth

  65. Jimbeaux

    Amazing that I am seeing something like this in my lifetime.

  66. John Bouttell

    We could predict the content of the whole universe using KSE: Known Sliver Extrapolation. I just made that up.

  67. brunner samuel

    8:08 As usual, scientists little mind can’t figure out the universe is infinite

  68. Andrew Mayo

    perhaps the difference in expansion is like a rippling wave coming from the true center of the universe

  69. Solus White

    That map is awesome! It’s amazing to see how much of the universe we have mapped… and then realise how little it is compared to the grandness of the universe…

    More importantly though… its a map… do it lead to space treasure? I’ll also accept space waifus and space whales… but I don’t want to get my hopes up for space pizza… finding a lack thereof would destroy me.

  70. Fausto Levantesi

    So… apparently this 3D map shows that we are at the center of the universe…

  71. Ben Whitaker

    When you say the universe is flat what is below it. because there is clearly a cosmic ray background but no recorded galaxies?

  72. Olegh Rozman

    Am i the only one who think that our Universe is a spiral – not flat, and not sphere?

  73. MC's Creations

    Really, really interesting! Thanks, Anton!!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    Well… Maybe the universe isn’t even expanding… Who knows? Or maybe it is at the speed calculated from the CMB… And there’s something screwing up our other measurements? Who knows… ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  74. Henk van der Laak

    Damn Volkswagen, the SD card for my satnav is only 16 GB.

  75. Democritus8181

    Hello wonderful Anton and Co; God here, of you wanted too know the secrets of the universe all you had to do was ask lol

  76. darrick steele

    The CMB, the Cosmic Web, now this!
    always more questions!
    love this! absolutely wonderful!

  77. frank rice

    What are your thoughts on this not being the first universe but just a long line of them where the others have just died off an this one being the most recent

  78. Toxy

    Tells GPS to navigate to Proxima Centauri B

    GPS: Loading 0.0002%

  79. R Johnson

    No, YOU’RE wonderful!

  80. Thetinebroken

    How many systems are out there that orbit around something that has no star? Just a planetary dark system?

  81. Farrier

    Nature does not like ‘flat’. Nature loves curves. Even light that travels, ostensibly, in straight lines, has a wavelike nature. The most energy efficient 3D shape is a sphere.
    I would like to put on record my prediction that, “spacetime is not flat but is more likely to be an energy efficient curve, too large for us to presently measure.”
    I see a future where ‘flat spacetimers’ are regarded with the the same amusement that ‘flat Earthers’ are today. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘
    [edited for typo]

  82. Chuck Norris

    >when youre trying to pick up girls but youve been watching too much anton
    >”hello wonderful person”

  83. Haim Ben Avraham

    We’ll have to ask the Andromedian scientists, what they can see.

  84. Berserk Berserk

    anyone replies to anton when he greet us with his “hello wondeful person ” ?!

  85. templargfx

    No Mans Sky : Ive got more planets than you can imagine (18 quintillion)
    Real Universe : Hold My Beer

  86. Jarrett Clopton

    You’re the wonderful person Anton!

  87. Daniel Strang

    I understand light has a speed limit but it seems strange to me that the further away you look from Earth, the younger and smaller the universe is.

  88. 2nd_place

    Weโ€™re inside an atom in the larger superverse.

  89. Banana

    Why are they creating maps like that if they could just do acid and float in space… duh?!

  90. jumbonium

    they need to send people on bicycles and cars to space for completing the mapping procedure, just like google did it here on earth with streets and cities

  91. Lee Nux

    it’s like trying to understand earth with a map of Luxembourg

  92. John Stopman

    Why would anyone vote this down? :-o

  93. 5DollarShake

    “Space is fake” – Eddie Bravo 2019

  94. Zygfryd Homonto

    when your boss asks you about plan adherence and you tell him: “0.00002% done sir and I cannot do more” ;-)

  95. erik nelson

    Iโ€™m kinda shocked that we can still observe the first galaxies at all.

  96. SuperSpiderAndAgain

    I wanna see a snow globe like version of this.

  97. wate wut

    we’re probs living in somebody’s toe : ]

  98. Storm Meridian Dee The Br

    That is really spectacular. I can’t even imagine how many “man hours” went into actually collecting all that data from each source, then having to combine it all and everything else that went into generating that imagery. It’s incredible. Great video as always, Anton.

  99. planescaped

    It really is cruel that there is so much out there, but we are akin to rotifers and amoeba trying to build a ship to cross the ocean…

    The universe really wasn’t made for us, we just live in it. All we can really do is observe it and hope that _someday_ we can explore our galaxy.

  100. Zenlarrus Hiro

    No Man’s Sky: Are you trying hard enough?

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