The First Ever Colliding Black Holes To Produce Light

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the first ever detection of a black hole collision that produced visual light.

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    Almost first 🤔

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    Hello wonderful Anton. This sounds just like the climate change model. We know nothing but what our simulations show. History is full of science being wrong so how do we know our simulations are correct? Its ok to have a theory but with climate change politicians are using the simulations to dictate policy. Seems unscientific to me. What you think?


    Is that the original video from NASA? Where is shoes the light produced from it

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    Best intro so far!

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    They dont produce light.. they leak it..

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  11. Black Hole Generator


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    I think you are a scientist I can’t find this stuff online

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    I mean, annihilation produces light, and black holes produce virtual particles of both matter and anti-matter on their event horizons… It’s inevitable really…

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    No pics of the flash?

  16. Steven Martinez

    Multiplying two negatives does produce a positive.

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    Hold on, if a black hole produces light, can it still be called a “black” hole ?

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    Black holes matter

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    *visible light

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    can these events also produce FRBs? seems like they could to me…

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    Can you unfold a black hole and make it visible again ? 🤔

  22. SublimeSparo

    what happens when gravitational waves from different sources collide, is it the typical wave interference? could the constructive interference create some funky effects?

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    Previously unanswered questions… such as: where did I leave my left sock?

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    How is momentum conservered when blackholes get “kicked”? Is it gravitaionally transmited to other bodies (like the supermassive black hole) or carried away by gravitationsl waved?

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    First ever?

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    Galaxy far far away…I see what you did there😏

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    and a long long time ago

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    WILL there be any information from this light , describing the possible inner workings of inside the Blackholes itself. Fingers crossed…

  35. Tibor Pejic

    If this happened in a galaxy far far away, maybe we’re seeing a discharge (or even a destruction) from a Death Star.

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    If you travel at light speed in a vessel the turn you head light on what happen

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    Something’s just gotta give

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    Did you un-ironically refer to “a galaxy far, far away?

  39. sanjuansteve

    It’s not that easy to contain photons (light). It’s virtually impossible during such a collision.

  40. Andrew Brady

    One more question…
    What happens to the quantum entangled particle that does not pass the event horizon? And then once it is past the event horizon to the point of landing on the surface or “falling into the void?”

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    No connection with the Fast Gamma Ray Burst?

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    Hellow wonderful universe

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    little Big Bang
    s? XD

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    Could be 2 quark stars or another type of star that resembles a black hole with minimal light output

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    My thought train becomes, i like yellow i like whipped cream, were am i. Am i alive?

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    2:42 Somewhere in a galaxy far far away you say?

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    I think I got it now….
    just want know, how many black holes in are our galaxy?

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    A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

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    I have always wondered what’s outside of the universe

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    video on what before happened the recombination of universe the

  55. Bruno Geise

    Mr. Petrov, I know it’s not really the focus of the channel but would you please analyse and maybe explain the ORCH OR theory of contioussness? I tried to understand it directly from Penrose in podcasts and interviews but I’m still having difficulty. Thank you for the always awesome videos!

  56. John Vogelsang

    Thanks Anton, another great clip.
    There is a reduction in total mass after the two black holes coalesce as some of their mass has been converted to gravitational waves. What effect does the reduction in mass have on any remaining accretion disk material which was previously orbiting around the larger mass?
    The change in the center of mass should mean the previous orbital movements of the material will suddenly be incompatible with the new body. The adjustment to their new orbits could be violent.

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    This is a great time to be an astrophysicist.

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    Aaahhhh that missing letter in the “black _hole”…
    Thank you for the post/subject in any case :)…

    (My vote is to re-name them “macro-cell”)

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    0:42 Black Holes, the universe’s worst drivers..

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    Hi Anton, could you talk about how the LIGO is used in determining where a collision occurred?

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    Could you please do a video on these two topics, they are from the news:
    The new tetraquark with four charm quarks, and the new Thorne-Zytkow star; HV 11417?

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    Thanks, Anton!!!

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    What if Newton was right after all (on a grand scale): action & reaction.
    The universe is expanding (overall) because it’s collapsing (around black holes).

    Just a random thought.

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    “very unusual” — another incredibly overused phrase; add “unprecedented observation”.

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    Couldn’t there be fission/fusion/annihilation of gases around the black hole during the collision, maybe from tidal forces or acceleration of particles in some way or another?

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    This was another fascinating one.
    Thank you Anton.
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    The gravitational effects of both black holes on the light sphere within the event horizon allows the stores photons to escape in a flash.

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