TESS Discovers a Remarkable Earth Like Planet In The Habitable Zone

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about newly discovered Earth like planet in the habitable zone known as TOI 700d
Learn more here: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2020/nasa-planet-hunter-finds-its-1st-earth-size-habitable-zone-world/

  1. Pacific Northwest360BEAR

    The propaganda and indoctrination runs very deep.
    Olympia WA

  2. Ruben Quesada

    Just love watching ur videos they are amazing and interesting plus ur hot that’s a bonus!

  3. Socks With Sandals

    ⚠️ Trigger warning:
    James Webb Space Telescope will be mentioned in this video

  4. Robby Myers

    Orbits our planet earth huh,just like the sun and mokn,awesome!

  5. Jack Skellington's Follower

    I like to think there is someone out there in the galaxy studying our solar system right now just as we are studying other systems.

  6. Luke. Cowling

    Mars was to small to have a lasting magnetic field. Earth also has gravitational forces from the sun and moon causing a dynamo effect within the planet.

  7. Corrin Shapovalov

    nice discovery to start off this year I guess

  8. Alex AK

    Спасибо, было интересно! 👍🏻

  9. MrGlickClick

    But will never know if it has a protective magnetic field.

  10. xxx.burn.them.all.xxx

    Jimmy Webb gonnna make Hubble look like a jerk…lol. so excited!!

  11. Ged Woods

    Is that orange planet where trump comes from.

  12. GeorgeJansen

    Happy 2020, wonderful people ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Bill McQ

    Pack me a lunch and book me a ship…I’ll go on ahead…!

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  15. Ammaar Mufti

    Best one yet: “And welcome to all the math”.

  16. Ian Mccoy

    If mars lost its atmosphere and water from our sun flaring up earth would of as well. You need to think for yourself and not just spew out everything you hear

  17. Tony Whitcombe

    how can you live on a planet that is made fron CGI

  18. Peter Cohen

    A “little bit” more massive means that chemical rockets cannot launch off the surface. To find a planet hospitable for human life, we need to find a planet that has ‘less’ mass.

  19. Guillermo Zazueta

    If the planet is tidally-locked, and only shines from one side, how does this habitable zone around the rim exist?

  20. Dan Bhakta

    Shouldn’t one of these planets have an active magnetosphere?

  21. Alaskan Ballistics

    So tidally locked, not a new home

  22. David Giddens

    They are billions of planets like ours with plenty of life like ours that’s great now prove it

  23. 13th Gaming Clan

    How would a tidal lock influence the magnetic shield around a planet?

  24. SleepingGiants Sister

    I just found your channel recently Anton, thank you for your wonderfully informative videos, I glad I found you!

  25. Jerry Li

    101 lys away in Dorado, this star system is only 1.5 billion years old.

  26. treck87

    8:06 — Observed with other telescopes like the James Webb which will be launched in 2021 ………………………………………………………………………………………………….. I think you’re off by 100 years on that launch date Anton. They lied to you again.

  27. OTL ONLYtheloyal

    End of the world be here before we see life up there

  28. Doing Random Stuff

    And so the history of planet Reach started

  29. Evcman

    Enjoyed this, I watched at the cape when TESS was launched.

  30. Jack Ryan

    Can you make a video explaining this article ”
    Origin of Deep-Space Radio Flash Discovered, and It’s Unlike Anything Astronomers Have Ever Seen

  31. charlie charlie

    We can, t even get to the moon its all science fiction. Keep paying those tax dollars.

  32. braysniper

    You should look into getting onto curiousity stream alongside YouTube. I have it and would watch you there.

  33. S Tman

    Test! This is a test! ….Mr. Anton you’re the New Astronomer man 🔭 & Cosmologist! Love your videos and your mom would be proud dude! For sure!

  34. Seth Ferguson

    Ahhh the joys of science fiction.

  35. wdd3141

    Alpha Centauri A and B and Sun-like stars. Haven’t any planets been discovered around either of them? Or do they form a binary star system not hospitable to any planets, or not having stable orbits?

  36. Thomas Cibula

    I can’t believe people believe this bs🤦‍♂️

  37. Thomas. parnell

    how long do you give before they build something that could actually take a picture of planet including examine atmosphere .much the same as if you pointed Hubble at Mars .

  38. GeorgeJansen

    And again. Why can’t we aim telescopes at these planets (hubble, thee other one, etc)…and maybe look at the surface?


    Now let’s see the actual telescope footage that they base these ridiculous claims on. Stop with the cgi

  40. Victor Bro

    Another imagination lies & make believes 😣

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    Your channel is really great, I enjoy it and learn a lot😊Thank you, Wonderful Person😂

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    Hello wonderful person, just wanted to say, your channel is awesome. I listen to you every morning on my way to work. Keep up the good work.

  43. green eyes 2

    When we look into space political differences seem tiny and insignificant. Thanks Antov.

  44. GlobalMagicNation

    Wow, the cgi is amazing 😉 Sad day…

  45. dominikguzman

    I am curious, if the humankind will have someday the technology for interstellar traveling.

  46. MrShiggitty

    We need to start working on the light sail and ground laser system now :)

  47. Diceros Gregoire - Guitar Music

    It will be cool if the planet looked like this. It looks like an Earth Europa hybrid.

  48. Erixoz

    Venus is in the “Habitable Zone” with a temp of 900 F.

  49. Jeyaram Sathees

    But does it has the strong magnetic field to size ratio? I think not

  50. struggler 87

    Is that an actual picture of the planet or just cgi??

  51. tech 52

    Avoid using the word: very.

  52. I. Army

    Give it a rest! We ain’t even left low earth orbit let alone been to the Moon thousands of more miles away!!

  53. Hidden Thicket

    I get a little weary of “Earthlike” actually meaning “not really like Earth at all”

  54. Costa Liberta

    thanks anton, i had seen the headlines but waited for your upload :)

  55. Oliver Von arx

    Clickbait alert!! “Very earth like!” in the title – then you say “it’s gonna be very different from earth, totally not earth like…”… 🤔🤨
    You’re better than that mate, c’me on…

  56. Vintage Everyday

    Okay ‘Wonderful People’, party at my house on (Earth date) December 31st 2120. The address is 101 Main Street, Warm Edge City, TOI 700 D.

  57. featherbrain

    Well I found this very interesting Anton, and it didn’t start my thoughts on moronic irrelevant tangents, which is the main reaction of a lot of your followers, it seems. Yes, moronic is the word I used. That’s how they sound to me. Thankfully there are also intelligent responses.

  58. Ammaar Mufti

    The release date of The James Webb Telescope – Top 10 Sciencime Betrayals.

  59. basti_co

    Hello Anton you wounderful person and thank you for WHAT DA MATH!!!

  60. James Rataj

    Hey Anton I have a question does our sun have any evidence of going through micro nova cycles and if so when and could could it happen again? Thanks bro

  61. Tony Whitcombe

    i have an image of a unicorm so i guess thats real like this load of crap

  62. GeorgeJansen

    Maybe there’s life that can survive in what seems to us, ” Barren” conditions. Example tube worms at 30, 000 to 39,000 feet beneath the ocean. .

  63. Jedi Knight

    theres no point even caring about discovery’s we will never get there so completely pointless , and if it takes 11 months to stare at a sun to find out it has planets where be not finding too many will we lol too long.

  64. silent1967

    101 light years away. Call me when you get there and send back some Polaroid snapshots if it is still there.

  65. Nathaniel Vasquez

    The military industrial complex has alien crafts from the zeta reticuli binary star system claim from Bob Lazar.

  66. Carmen Schuler

    Maybe soon we can say…”hello wonderful aliens”…

  67. Ebon Collins

    Some where out there. I’ll just take a moment tri so once I’m there I’ll be ready to Wipe my ass while I’m way out there in my stomach rolls and I got a fart got a find a doctor or something got a cold head hurts my eyes are sore my brain is just going wacky to Bacci about where living far far away from so much stuff because the plants over there works better than the planet over here and there’s no presidents out there throwing bombs at each others presence even though they know they’re on the same side as each other just to make it even more interesting you think they’re on your side when really there is no side but their own side.
    A run on sentence
    Just like the discovering and we will fly ut there in my toy car

  68. VarietyGamer

    Venus, similar size to earth and also in habitable zone.

  69. Bobby Jones

    It’s not a real planet if its not flat we cant live there….

  70. abnormica

    I always say “Hi Anton, I’m a wonderful person”, right before clicking on these videos.

  71. Катя Ятак

    The more I learn about the universe the more I appreciate Earth.

  72. Walter 1408

    A tidally locked habital planet would make a good basis for a sf novel.

  73. Iaman Empoweredone

    Sheeshe, 20 years from “we’re the only ones in the universe “ to “here’s a place. Let’s go there”.

  74. Thenoisyassasin

    I only come to his channel because he calls me
    Wonderful person!! Lol

  75. SN S

    why is the first planet from the Red Dwarf designated “b” TOI 700b instead of “a”

  76. wayne barker

    Ugh I cant wait till they launch the James webb telescope….

  77. James Dixon

    Close your eyes and listen to this. You’ll hear Kermit The Frog

  78. ninja cornchip

    imagine having your own planet to live on.. GOD that would be glorius..

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    Man you deserve more subs!

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    Whenever I have a really bad day I come to Anton’s videos to hear that “Hello wonderful person” 🙂.

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    James Webb telescope is most certainly going to change our view of everything, but it’s just a feeling :)

  82. Maxx Reverie

    One of the cool parts about Anton’s speeches is that he does NOT repeat the same words very often, which is nice!

  83. That Should Work

    if they find life on mars, these planets must have life on them

  84. 100PurpleAvenue

    Someone needs to warn the galaxy that we’re on our way. Those poor creatures

  85. Buck Barry

    Finding a suitable planet for us would be like finding a good job nowadays.

  86. GargamelGold

    Anton Petrov,
    I am still waiting patiently for the day when we find an Earth like planet around another start that we can confirm has a habitable atmosphere, or at least one that was habitable when the light from it, left the planet.

  87. Squilliam

    John Michael Godier just posted an interview with the two scientists who discovered it.

  88. MetroAndroid

    Imagine living on a planet where if you walk too far in either direction, you’d reach temperatures in the thousands or sub-100 Kelvin. How different would the culture be? Nations forming along the ring of the habitable zone.

  89. Deborah Lucca

    Theres millions of Earth like planets out there,just in different Dimensions.🤔

  90. tHeWasTeDYouTh

    “Born too late to explore Earth in a meaningful way. Born too early to explore the galaxy.”

  91. Starlings murmuration

    Another one, who would have thought, roflmao

  92. Creamapera

    Its only earthlike if its flat like a dinner plate……
    Chill people, I’m joking 😂

  93. cuong bui

    Imagine if mars was able to maintain its atmosphere, humanity’s whole outlook about ourselves and the universe would be so different.

  94. Dhakti Zero

    the superintelligent mega-lichen of toi700d experiences the distinct sensation of being watched…

  95. Derek Beyer

    Tidally locked again. It seems like that ends up being the case with alot of the “earth like exoplanets” we find

  96. The Exoplanets Channel

    This was the best way to start a new decade!

  97. Kit Uchiha

    “we finally finished the JWST, ready to launch!!”
    “wait, has someone seen my car keys???”
    *launch delayed by 2 years*

  98. b3j8

    Uh oh you just said the James Webb telescope is launching in 2021. Every time someone says that add another 5 yrs to launch!

  99. Siegward of Catarina

    Petition to name the planet, “wonderful person”!

  100. Mark Richards

    “The James Webb Telescope which will be launched in 2021”
    I won’t hold my breath. Every time I check, the launch has been delayed another two years.

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