Surprisingly, 42 Year Old Venus Pioneer Data Was Hiding Phosphine Too

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about some of the new discoveries in regards to the search of life on Venus.
NASA video:

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  1. Timothy Parsons

    We’ll call the old phosphine, phos-2 and say the new data suggest phos-19.

  2. molly_disulfide

    cool, but i’m not sure about it being more likely caused by life than some chemical processes

  3. David Kelley

    God bless you Anton. Vids without politics. Much needed here (Texas).πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸΌ

  4. MultiAlanR

    I was listening to this while doing the dishes. I almost broke a plate when a Cloud City on Venus was mentioned. What a great place for my retirement.

  5. Martyn Notman

    Lightning was specifically ruled out by the original papers authors. Its online guys. Took me 20 seconds to download it. Its not exactly a fun read i warn you now πŸ˜‚

  6. Austin Trammell

    What else are we missing from old data? Let’s go back over everything! lol

  7. Morty

    SpaceX: Going to Mars
    Blue Origin: Going to Moon
    RocketLab: Going to Venus


  8. Adam Jones

    Isn’t hydrogen in raw form or as water quite sparse on Venus? Meaning that there’s literally no possibility of life to form?

  9. Razvan Mihaeanu


  10. storminmormin14

    Those aren’t zeppelins. Those are blimps. Zeppelins have rigid airframes. Blimps get their structure from internal pressure.

  11. Joshua rose

    Modern detectors have an adjustable magnet and a single faraday collector.

  12. Ouu Baaa

    It’s probably a protomolekyl changing the atmosphere.

  13. Clive Mattinson

    Hey Anton, Is your WONDERFUL SPELLCHECKER broken? “PHOSPHENE”! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  14. ReaptheWhirlwind

    WOW! Really amazing stuff this episode! Freaking intergalactic zeppelins WTF

  15. Kris Grauel

    We must keep ourselves healthy and strong so that we might live to see such things.

  16. Omerita Chiquita


  17. Pat Konelectric

    Yes cloud city’s.

  18. Williraser

    1:23 we arent lacking the money. Money isnt a thing anymore. we are lacking motivation

  19. Michael Hill

    0:12 That’s simply not true. There are many other ways that phosphine is produced on Earth than “life”.

  20. Mohd Iqbal

    Definitely iin extremely hot temperature some species may survived somewhere ocean hot shaded areas present on Venus

  21. StuftRock1

    Everybody has forgotten about Venus because we are all so focused on Mars

  22. Chris Hernandez

    Why would we want to get closer to the sun when it’s going to expand and engulf Venus and Earth and cook Mars?

  23. CleanerBen

    People laughed when I said Zeplins had no future. Well who’s laughing now huh? WHO’S LAUGHING NOW!

  24. TheMrgoodtool

    Hello wonderful person!! Do you think that the phosphine found on Venus could have been made by all the contaminated probes we sent there in the past? A mechanical man made panspermia???

  25. Jimmy James

    Any ‘floating’ technology like Cloud City in Venus’ atmosphere better fail to floating higher, not fail to gravity. Star Wars repulsor/tractor beam ‘tech’ notwithstanding.

  26. Andreas Krause

    to be fair the ms data on low masses usually give several candidates. Do not get blinded as the values are given with milli- and even mikrodalton in this case. That is usually not the resolution you could archive and even more important the mass precision. The used sectorfield mass spectrometer shown has nothing to separate and fragment single masses, which would make interpretation much easier.
    With the knowledge from now and that this peak would match with a phosphin peak as mentioned does not even make sure that it is phosphin seen there. Did they checked that the probe was even in the correct height of the venus atmosphere where we now spotted the indications of phosphin?
    Why are there several candidates if there are only few atoms with masses low enough to build molecules with such low masses of around 33 dalton. That relates to the losely speaking used in the ms field as they they mass expecting anyone knows what is measured is mass to charge. So your 33 peak could not just be a 33 it could be a 66 double charged or a 99 triple charged. I think the pattern is clear. How likely you have single charged or higher chared ions depends as lot on the substances itself and how you ionize your gas, so your ion source.

  27. Xcyper33

    Are you going to do a video on Osirius success mission?

  28. Jason Ashby


  29. MAGAman20201107

    WHY does it take humans to do this research? A probe can be made that can see in many more spectra than the human eye and it can take samples while flying through the atmosphere then rocket them to a command module that stayed in orbit. study the samples in space and do not bring them back to earth.

  30. PeaceMarauder

    50 years in the future: Scientist: We’re going to Venus to terraform. How? We’ll light a match. :P

  31. Phantom Apprentice

    Anton before I delve into the rest of this video: we both know that this Data wasn’t simply overlooked, they knew very well what it meant back then but the reality is that the existence of Venutians would be too much for the common person to handle so they overlooked it, Imagine telling all these UFOlogists that they were right and we are all powerless against a space boogieman that lives on a nearby planet . Remember these so called underground volcanos from some videos ago – well, if I’m right these are no underground volcanos, but would they really let us know if they were alien colonies? would you really want to know?

  32. Benjamin Harman

    so if it was detected 42 years ago, does that make it less likely that any life present wasnt brought by the probes from earth??

  33. A wondering O'Neil

    @Anton Petrov Hello wonderful Anton, how would a craft survive in the upper atmosphere of Venus?

    I was under the impression its entire atmosphere is corrosive and incredibly dangerous to machinery.

  34. Chad Bertrand

    Have you seen Thunderf00t’s recent videos about Venus? He makes a compelling case that life there is highly unlikely due to the fact the atmosphere is composed of only 0.0020% water vapour. He hypothesizes that lightning striking the surface could produce the detected phosphene.

  35. Ben Thompson

    When I saw the cover for this video, I thought, “top text, bottom text”.

  36. Nikos Skantzos

    thank you so much Anton, you really make my day every time!

  37. Yoje

    The posibility of being the first to find extraterrestial life should be enough for these agencies to try and take physical samples

  38. Osmosis Jones

    Are there visual or chemical ways to tell a a fossil from a rock& paradiolia ..
    I mean those bones plant impressions petrified worms are right in front of rover why do they just dismiss every as paradiolia based on assumption that mars didn’t enough time to develop advance life . even though many assumptions have bean disproven

  39. Fran Tabor

    We need to make ALL old data available to everyone with a computer!

  40. Karsten Johansson

    4:00 It’s pretty much a prism for something other than light.

  41. Randall Mattel

    We should send atmospheric probes long before a maned mission. The returning potential life forms samples must be super-isolated and brought back as safely as possible!

  42. SilhoueXD

    The only reason we think aliens is such a magical concept is because we’ve been indoctrinated into the idea that humans are special. We are not.

  43. Dr. Otto

    No ! … not the CCP They’ll claim it as always been part of ‘China’ ! πŸ˜‰πŸ™πŸŒΉ

  44. Xspot box

    But life is physics and chemistry, that’s right, nothing else can produce various chemical compounds than physics and chemistry.
    It’s not aliens until are aliens, no matter what you or anybody else come up with.

  45. wpherigo1

    Don’t you mean that we haven’t found anything other than life that produces phosphene? We just don’t know what we don’t know.

  46. Lord Baphomet

    It’s always a wonderful evening when Anton uploads a new video

  47. Book_ Davies

    Cloud City, eh?
    Edit: Hey, you said it too!

  48. R S

    Thanks Anton, I love Venus 😊

  49. Joe Black

    Imagine if the organism is able to get inside a living host on earth, like a human, and replicate itself like the Thing? Ok… too many horror movies before sleep.

  50. Jabroni Salmon

    Anton is a cutie >_<

  51. Heather Pipke

    go live if you want 10 min. or so
    someone will open if you say ahead
    then I don’t think I need to be there
    thankyou for your scientific views and news about science

  52. Napoleonic S

    Bespin on venus? Not for several centuries in the future unfortunately, that is if we even have the drive to do so.

  53. Renagade5150

    I like the content in this vid Anton. Would be nice if we could make a Venus shot! Looks like it is much more feezable than going to mars with our current space faring capabilities.

  54. P'Pen Mu'Dera'

    1:27 is it just me, or does that look like the pod with Archer and Trip from Star Trek Enterprise?

  55. Edward Chapman

    Omg sign me up. I’m sure I’m an ace balloon pilot

  56. The Old Khajiit

    Fascinating!! Thank you for the Upload!

  57. Saoirse Nelson

    I think the German space agency should stay away from this one.

    I’m excited for the potential of cloud city tho!

  58. ReinhardB100

    I can never get enough of Antons constant shilling for a Venus mission ^^ . It would be very interesting to see that happen in the future.

  59. Vulprex

    I can already imagine what the astronauts are gonna first hear when they land on Venus..

    “Thermal protection falling”

  60. Leaf, Flower, Bud

    You are one of the best science educators online right now. Please keep it up!

  61. mattoattacko

    Thank you for all your uploads. They are so informative.

  62. Phil Morton

    We don’t need to send humans, just send machines with automated labs.
    Reasons, the radiation levels are too high for astronauts,
    If there is life we don’t want to contaminate the crew or the specimens, the encounter could be toxic for both
    We can’t risk bringing the organisms back to earth as they may have caused the global warming of Venus
    if the blimp loses altitude it will melt killing the pilots,
    it’s too expensive to put a space station in orbit of venus for one mission.

  63. winston smith

    Is it just me or does Anton look like he’s about to cry.

  64. KingSmegma

    We, as in humanity, aren’t exactly lacking the funds to do the zeppelin thing. We’re lacking in political will.
    We have more than enough resources and money to go around, but some people just don’t like to share, you know?

  65. justin wolf

    What if this life is like little dragons πŸ‰?! They would attack our Zeppelin πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  66. Loki

    Interesting stuff Anton. Perhaps we’ll really find little green men somewhere!

  67. qwertyuiop

    My understanding is that there are known non-living processes that can produce phosphine, but that those processes are not likely to be present on Venus…..although my money is that Venusian life isn’t the origin of the phosphine either. Still, we should send as sophisticated a probe as possible to Venus as soon as we can do so without disrupting things already authorized.

  68. Adrian Bradshaw-Jones

    Unthinkable consequences for the astronaut scientists if the zeppelin doesn’t inflate properly when they get there;;;

  69. highmountain

    Anton, you always do a great job. You are the hardest working person on YouTube. Just bought your shirt!

  70. MrYamaha413

    u never mentioned roskosmos for collaboration as they had few missions to venus in the past…?

  71. Ittiz

    The rocket suspended below that zeppelin would need to be the size of a falcon 9. People forget Venus is almost just as hard to launch from as Earth.

  72. Ananth S

    hello wonderful person!

  73. Henchman Twenty1

    Does anyone else think that Peter Bach looks like he belongs in a Buckaroo Banzai movie?

  74. Squirrel ASMR

    42 years 😲 given how much success we had in space that long ago, youd think we’d have done much more by now…

  75. Squirrel ASMR

    Cool, I like that mass spectroscopy. Such effective yet simple concepts, but genius too.

  76. Silas Dense

    Thank you for including the NASA video.
    I look forward to watching it.
    Another great video.
    I learn so much from you…
    …thank you Anton.
    All of your work is greatly appreciated.

  77. Luis Aldamiz

    And the answer is… 42, of course!

    I’ll see myself out now.

  78. Ouwelev

    I had a pretty bad day till this video made it wonderful πŸ‘ thank you anton!

  79. Gamer X

    pleas name it the VELOON, please

  80. Peter Houle

    He’s worth a lot to me.


    I would absolutely LOOOOOOVVVVE TO SEE some video taken by live astronauts on venus in my lifetime that would be absolutely insane

  82. Mike Laffoon

    I, for one, am happy Anton is here on Earth; with the rest of us. We might not get a daily show from him, if he were to move to Venus!

  83. MC's Creations

    Pretty interesting. I really think we need to reexamine some experiment results from Mars as well.

  84. Fran Tabor

    “Everything old is new again” Astronomical theme song.

  85. Scott Haliday

    I’ve always thought that they should put more effort in to exploring Venus. I know is hot as hell there but they can build things that can reenter the atmosphere so I’m sure theey can build something to study our closest planet.

  86. omma911

    I want to own venusian microbes and display them in my kick ass aquarium.

  87. Spok

    Venusians: Darn! Our cover’s blown! Everyone into the rockets!

  88. Nicholas Rehm

    I love that zeppelin concept, maybe an unmanned version could be used for a sample return from Venus’ atmosphere? (Typed while watching the OSIRIS-REx sample return mission in another tab)

  89. Steely Dan

    The scientists who are selected for that mission would need a large set of brass balls

  90. Stephen Sherry

    OMG that is so awesome. The layer of the planets atmosphere that is hospitable-ish could be larger than the surface of the earth, making the amount of potential microbial life pretty high.

  91. Joshua Wells

    Imagine if we find dna there. That would mean that the panspermia hypothesis could possibly be correct. Then we would just have to figure out if earth or venus was the original origin.

  92. Baleur

    Next week: “Oh we actually found we had data of Mars microbes since 30 years back, whoops”
    “Lost data”, bollocks.. Im not saying conspiracy, but this is preposterous. You dont just lose the results from your scientific research that you’re literally logging the results of on a daily basis. Someone would have written a paper on this, im sure its there.

  93. Dana Downing

    Never thought that while watching Anton, the Hindenburg would come to mind.

  94. Jay Kelman

    There is never a lack of imaginative money its everywhere

  95. TheAmazingCowpig

    I’m here for the daily wonderful space stuff

  96. Thomas Beckett

    Venus is a Steampunk dream, between the use of Zeppelins and the mechanical rovers Anton mentioned in a previous video to explore the surface.

  97. Gerrie

    Hello Wonderful Person, . . how can you NOT like this guy. :o)

  98. Jamie Ingels

    That would be so fun to take a sight seeing tour of Venus on a big fancy Zeppelin.

  99. Just Vienna

    We have the money, and have the technology we just dont have the political capital to push this into the mainstream

  100. Tzeroes

    Imagine what other lost data we must have around… fascinating

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