Surprising New Findings Inside a Crater on Ceres

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about new discoveries from Ceres that imply a large sea or ocean inside of the closest dwarf planet to us.
More information: “Recent Cryovolcanic Activity at Occator Crater on Ceres,” A. Nathues et al. 2020 August 10, Nature Astronomy
“Impact-driven Mobilization of Deep Crustal Brines on Dwarf Planet Ceres,” C. A. Raymond et al. 2020 August 10, Nature Astronomy
“Evidence of Non-uniform Crust of Ceres from Dawn’s High-resolution Gravity Data,” R. S. Park et al., 2020 August 10, Nature Astronomy
“Fresh Emplacement of Hydrated Sodium Chloride on Ceres from Ascending Salty Fluids,” M. C. De Sanctis et al., 2020 August 10, Nature Astronomy
“Impact Heat Driven Volatile Redistribution at Occator Crater on Ceres as a Comparative Planetary Process,” P. Schenk et al., 2020 August 10, Nature Communications
“The Varied Sources of Faculae-forming Brines in Ceres’ Occator crater Emplaced via Hydrothermal Brine Effusion,” J. E. C. Scully et al., 2020 August 10, Nature Communications
“Post-impact Cryo-hydrologic Formation of Small Mounds and Hills in Ceres’s Occator Crater,” B. E. Schmidt et al., 2020 August 10, Nature Geoscience

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    That would be a cool sight if Ceres rotated around the moon.

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    I think Ceres will figure big in human’s future, if we make it out there.


    Great, we could have a Starbucks on the way out of the solar system

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    Sooo, if you were on Ceres how high could you jump?

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    No laws in Ceres, just cops!

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    Ice volcanoes? Spirodon. *Dalek shakes its eyestalk sadly.

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    The Latin word “Faculae” evoking obscenity? Maybe you could do a video on Freud? In English, “a” and “u” produce two different sounds, probably indistinguishable in Bulgarian. An inept and dirty pun!

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    If there’s that much water on Ceres, What is the composition of it’s surface?

  12. arno kosterman

    mhhhhh, the kuierbeld en the sun…….
    manivst internal inursha insie ceres en planetary interaction just litle bit .
    ceres is a moonlike strukture like our moon is inside the higher plasma dancet space of eurth en sun.
    ceres is e same of the kuiperbeld en sun
    have a baeutiful night or day oll

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    Hi Anton, Love your work. But as mentioned by H R HERMAN earlier,
    The Red Sea is as brimy as any other ocean on earth. You probably meant the Dead Sea, and that is actually getting brimier every year due to evaporation..

  15. Catpsyche

    Although I am not a scientist, it is fairly easy to make out that the thermodynamics on Ceres and it’s interior water content is not always in play on the surface and rarely so. I do know that NASA’s Juno Mission Spacecraft experienced the effects of Jupiter’s Radiation Belts, that extended millions of miles out way before it ever was near Jupiter, but somewhere around Mars. These all being facts! But could the infrequent passing by or interactions between Jupiter and Ceres subsequently have anything to do with the thermodynamics at play here? Being that Ceres is actually sandwiched in The Asteroid Belt, between both Mars and Jupiter and all it’s many moons.

  16. EiraValkyrie

    Occator font got me thinking it’s a FFXIV dungeon

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    Anton can you recommend decent price telescopes for beginners?

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    So if our moon had a 🌕 it would be Ceres.

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    Anton I thought you are a Canadian, you know two countries boarder the great lakes that are in north America.

  20. MicroClases

    Scientific 1: it is definitely a salt
    Scientific 2: it is definitely a rock
    Scientific 3: subterranean ocean
    People: it is definitely Aliens

  21. party4lifedude

    So many places in our solar system where life could exist. I feel like it has to be out there somewhere and if we find it in the asteroid belt that would be very interesting.

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    Hey Anton thanks for all the incredible videos you put out. Could you please make a video about the subglacial lakes of Antarctica. Did the researchers and scientists find any life in some of the lakes?

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    Why does Ceres look like it’s a perfect size for whatever scraped across Mars. 🤔

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    they found protomolecule, didn’t they. we’re fracked.

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    Ice comets smashed into it in the past?

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    As far as where the energy is coming for it to still be leaking, late night thoughts, most likely full of holes, if the inner solid is irregular, would the spin of it, and the near circular shell cause friction?

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    Let Greg Bear sleep in today, he’ll want to rewrite Eon.

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    Imagine this planet’s version of a volcano is closer to a really salty geyser. A water volcano

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    humanity is bored we need a goal
    A space colony is what we need.

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    Looks more like an impact area than it does salt from a brine puddle

  33. Alex de Sousa

    Anton, thank you once again for another great work. This latest finding about the brine water is still not quite clicking for me, because that still doesn’t explain why the bright lights inside the Occator crater and other spots around Ceres still stay bright even so it’s not facing the Sun. Thank you.

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    I was going to guess that it’s about half the size of our moon

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    I learned of Ceres from Elite II Frontier and been fascinated by it ever since. Confused why it is not in Elite Dangerous though.

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    Starship could change the possibilities very fast!
    When its proven that it works perfectly Nasa could buy one or rent one for any mission in our system.
    When a mission is only with lets say a dozen astronauts, they could prepare it for longterm missions.
    I mean, when it can take 100 people to Mars, it could also get 10 to Jupiter, you just have to refuel it and place some ressources on the way.

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    It’s actually a Dyson sphere under dust and asteroids, and the salt is from a leaky sewer reprocessing system after centuries neglect 🚽 🤣

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    Could Ceres be a leftover solid core from a medium gas planet that used to occupy the asteroid belt? Maybe a “water” giant?

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    What if europa is related to ceres some how?

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    Poor Ceres… The planet that never was. Thanks a lot Jupiter!!

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    An alien spacecraft crashed there and it’s leaking radiation

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    It would be kinda funny if it turns out that we find life (in some form or other) nearly everywhere we go.
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    you all you should actually read the paper and the title, it is a hypothesis..not confirmed

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    How much of the mass of Exoplanets might include moons. Many planets size&Mass only make sense when including moons

  73. David Parry

    Radioactive decay of heavy material at the core causing heating, much like a Radioisotope Heater Unit on a larger scale, makes a lot of sense for Ceres.
    A base there may find more than enough raw material for it to be self-sufficient from Earth.

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    Before we drill on Europa we should drill on Ceres – just to get the technology down – and hey if a few microbes are found then all to the good.

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    The Expanse reference!

  77. dmark David

    Ceres & Vesta might be planet cores of broken planets or planets that failed to gather the asteroids to fully form. May be.

  78. Rob Falgiano

    I only recently discovered Ceres. I wish it was part of my Star Tracker App so I could know where it is relative to earth and the other solar bodies. That app is otherwise very satisfying. Love the idea that there could be sea life down in those salty lakes. What might be the temperature range of the water?

  79. Simon Jäkle

    Ceres’ polar regions “to” contain permanently shadowed craters that are expected to act as cold traps and accumulate water ice over time, similar to the situation on the Moon and Mercury. Our Moon and Mercury are said to shrink or pulsate very slowly. Does Ceres also?

  80. HUFORIC - UFO Investigati

    why no Piggyback micro lander missions going to places like this? Piggyback cheap on SpaceX launches like the Israeli Moon Lander that became a impact crater due to radar failure…

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    ANTON, the energy you mentioned is probably the same that prevented the asteroid belt from becoming a planet, that being Jupiter’s gravity, along with the other planets’.

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    That our hydroponic lab may bear fruit,
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    Only one great lake is “inside the United States”. When referring to a very salty sea on Earth did you mean to say Red Sea? Maybe you meant to say Dead Sea?

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    “Fackel” means torch in German, but it really refers to the old, flame on a stick torches only. the modern ones are called “Taschenlampe” which means literally “pocket lamp”.

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  94. ArchEnema 67

    Ceres is something we haven’t discussed in some time? What mean we, kemosabe? I talk about Ceres all the time, primarily because it is so much more promising as a destination for human habitation than Mars. Virtually no added relift cost, an abundance of easily obtained metallic elements, the ability to create interior space effectively shielded from cosmic and other radiation with far less effort, and the water that is the subject of this video, all combine to make it far more useful, and far more efficiently exploitable. And I haven’t even mentioned Mars’ serious sodium perchlorate problem, which would require immense remediation efforts before even a minimal colony can be established.
    GO CERES! It’s high time we insure the survival of our species by no longer keeping all of our eggs in one precarious basket. 👍

  95. Erwin Roosjen

    When you mentioned the briny water being saltier than the Red Sea on Earth, didn’t you mean the Dead Sea? The Red Sea isn’t particularly more salty than the oceans and most seas.

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    This is Ceres-ly awesome news.

  97. Farrier

    If Ceres were cooling and the ice surface is freezing towards the core, then any water below would be pressurised by the expanding ice. That pressure would then have to be released through weaknesses in the ice crust. Ergo, no energy source is necessary to produce ‘volcanic’ activity’. Just the opposite. Loss of heat is the generator.
    Just a thought!

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    Always learning something new, thanks Anton.

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    If Ceres has good amounts of water we can get to, it could make an awful good place for a base. It could act as a refueling station for spacecraft heading out to more distant parts of the solar system. Maybe a fully robotic fuel station?

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