Surprising New Finding In Our Galaxy – Repeating FRB From a Magnetar

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a recent update in regards to the FRB in our own Milky Way galaxy
Previous detection:
Image Credits: Gemini Observatory/NSF’s Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory/AURA,
Andrew Seymour, NAIC, Arecibo

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    ALM- Alien Lives Mater

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    It’s warp drive activity, what else.

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    They way you present and explain all the material in your videos, very relatable and easily understood. 10 out of 10. I just put on your videos and listen as I drive cross country.

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    One if these days….. perhaps a signal from another living planet… wishful thinking ..

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    Anton please make video on the taurid meteor stream.

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    Are the jets coming from the core gamma rays or are those different?

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    Could not be magnetars if it was it would happen continuously so look for another answer for fast radio bursts.

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    Is it just me or has space been as exciting as politics these days? Many new discoveries, on both fronts, in 2020 got me like😳😮🤯🤯 mannn, we don’t know shit!! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  15. lifted Beats

    I’ll start this off by saying I don’t know a LOT about space but I wonder if magnetars are created from a star with certain elements that when going supernova and collapsing on itself fuses with another element making a new super strong magnetic element

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    Maybe there is more than one way that a Fast Radio Burst can be caused….

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    Last night I saw a dream that I was looking towards the sky in daytime and near the left of sun there was a bright shining object which was so bright even in day time just like the brightest Venus in night and I asked my uncle “what is that?” And my uncle said that’s a magnetar. And I woke up today and opened YouTube and this video was the first video in my recommendation 😳

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    We’re doomed.

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    Is it possible these FRB’s could be produced by an intelligent species? What would be the evidence for that?

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    its spartan 117 floating in cryo

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    ‘Spaghettified asteroid”… Mama mia!

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    Has anyone checked to see if FRBs broadcast in Morse Code?

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    Lol , one person “I don’t like space”

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    Magnetic forces are many times more powerful than gravity potentially

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    Anton, could this be the key to the WOW signal?

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    You must be talking about Lorimer Bursts….hey, can we degauss those pesky Magnatars so they will stop making noise already?

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    Love your moon shirt!!

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    If the signals comes from astroids falling into black holes that means astronomy all over the universe will notice it when I am spagettified into a black hole, for 15 ms I be a celebrity, in the whole universe

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    Or !! Maybe it’s those FRB’S..!!🤣🤣

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    I know this is semi-unrelated, but is that a new Tzhirt?

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    I wonder if the more powerful FRB is from a more powerful collision, like a moon sized object colliding with a magnetar.

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    It’s unlikely that an alien would use radio as a form of long-range communication in space.

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    I don’t know when it happened, but your lighting and green screen have improved dramatically recently. You look even better than usual, wonderful Anton!

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    What if manotars are form by a black whole and neutron star of equal mas combining

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    Thanks for the info, there are a lot of stuff we do not know about celestial objects.

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    That looks like the White Lake Observatory near Penticton B.C., Canada.

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    Hello Wonderful Anton :o)

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    The FRBs are the result of (redacted) activity.

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    Plasma, Anton. Follow the interstellar gas and plasma.

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    Whenever you start talking I have to check if the video is set to 2x speed lol.

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    Where ever there is magnetism there is electricity, 2 sides one coin., Magenistim can also encapsulate plasmas and manipulate them., magnitars sound interesting

  52. Don Carlo di Vargas

    I think the signals comes from intergalactic wars, where a battleship is imploding during a battle, most probably the aliens stops fighting when one spaceship blows up

  53. Tina AstroNerd

    How would we even be able to send a probe to investigate a magnetar without it killing any metallic probe?

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    Idk why, but something about a man talking about science in the corner of my screen is really alluring.

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    You guys are awesome , the epitome of ‘Learning something New Everyday’ ..

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    _”Anyways that’s just all I wanted to share … […]”_ 🤮
    Did you just waste my time, or was this a worthwhile discovery? The self-deprecation kills me.

  57. Baleur

    They detected repeatable FRB’s from Tabby’s Star too the same year they detected the light dips, but the media stopped talking about it.

  58. Devilyn Sydame

    So, what you’re saying… Is that aliens could be sending signals by firing asteroids at a magnetar to send super powerful intergalactic signals. Interesting…

  59. TruPyroDice

    8:08 “closer and closer the the final solution” -I am positive Anton said this phrase in complete innocence and with zero insinuations. My blood ran cold, all the same when I heard those words spoken outloud again. Although I am not of a certain religious ancestry, I am just as much apart of this time period in history.
    Last time I ever heard those words were from my grandfather who spent 2 years in Auschwitz until he was liberated by the American Allied forces. He spoke of his time there only one, under instructions from his psychiatrist, and never so much as referred to it again. The horrors and unholy acts he bore witness to confounds the mind.
    I apologize for bringing this up, my intent wasnt to incite; only to remind those who may have forgotten that this happened. Consequently, if we are not careful enough to stand astute against these close minded ideals that it will happen again.
    I fear I’m watching the foundations of oppression and a totalitarian government structure being set into motion. Only this time, the “good guys” wont fare as well as we did last time.
    It’s no secret there is a certain country ramping up its millitary and acting with extreme aggression and disregard for sovereign nations boundaries and even harvesting organs from religious minorities who’s only crime was to hold religious beliefs outside of the three governments approved religions.
    Dont let it happen ever again

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    Are they usually singular events, or is their cyclic period longer than we’ve been detecting them?

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    4:01 “Anton, you’re blocking Anton”.

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    The magnetic field flips on the magnetar causing the outer material to suddenly slam to opposite poles further causing explosive blasts

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    * What if.. * all these giants are actually parts of a huge energy mining machine created by aliens.

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    I’m still going with aliens …..

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    Isn’t there some common mathematical coincidences regarding at least some of the known FRB’s that remain mysterious?

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    Fantastic, Anton! Thanks a lot! 😊

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    I remember when people thought FRB repeaters were proof of aliens. It’s always good to learn the real explanation.

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    It’s a signal to that Centaur that has just fired it’s retro rockets.
    Retro Rockets : A fashion, popular 30,000 years ago

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    As I recall, Robert Forward in his science fiction book “Dragon’s Egg” proposed starquakes in the crust of a neutron star (like defect rearrangement in a crystalline material). Not as a source of FRB though.

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  100. xDrago479x

    A little correction, but the CHIME telescope wasnt meant for finding FRBs, it was meant for finding the 21 cm Hydrogen spectral line in order to “map” out space, hence the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment. Finding FRBs was just a really nice coincidence and helped us go from about 2 dozen known FRBs (in 2017 prior to the telescope) to several thousand in 3 years

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