Surprising Evidence That CMEs May Lead to Deadly Earthquakes

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new paper that suggests there is definitely a relation between solar flares and powerful earthquakes on Earth.
This is the second version of the video, added an explanation that was missing from version 1.
Earthquake visualization map:
2013 Paper:
Illustration of a CME about to impact Earth’s magnetosphere: NASA

  1. Jiggy V


  2. Warlanda

    another question would be how these vibrations/frequencies affect humans, not only physically but mentally.

  3. DJ UK

    Earthquake in Beirut comment

  4. North East Ohio

    There are a lot of people out there that think the same thing, not every Earthquake if from the sun,. But what I have learned is almost Everytime there is a large CME there is a earthquake.

  5. Mark Scheinfeld

    This is not a new theory. Some who are not the original thinkers who discovered this, are trying to take credit for it.

  6. A

    First time yearly 😃

  7. a literal who a literal w


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  9. JorgeAraujo97

    The Sun can cause earthquakes, but the idea of the Sun heating up the Earth and changing the climate: “oh that’s just conspiracy theory, climate change deniers”.

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  14. Grumpy Australian

    I wouldn’t be supprised if when a solar storm hits the earths electromagnetic feild and subsequently squishes it out of shape that it would be dragging some of the earths inner metallic material around.
    Another great video anton!

  15. Xenophon

    Explains why the core is still hot

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  18. Leandro Lima

    Finally you step one Planck length into worthy newer ideas that are growing in popularity despite mainstream adoption.

  19. Αλεξανδρος Πατσαλος

    Lol, that came out a bit late

  20. 800 IQ

    If the CME bursts is a magnetic storm and it interferes with Earth’s magnetic field would that contribute to some magnetic hiccups in our core or planet? I’m clearly not a scientist but if we are supposing the larger earthquakes on record do correlate with CMEs this is where my mind likes to draw patterns.

  21. Cajun Lady

    High density/larger earthquakes is what I notice. Js

  22. Avery Coburn

    It so scary that something so big and so small can be so deadly even tho it could be so far or so close and u know it’s coming are not😰😰😓😓😷

  23. Damien Rhodes

    Suspicious Observers

  24. • ••••

    you from the US?

  25. Gregory Kitchens

    May e earthquakes cause solar flairs 👀

  26. Freaky Snuke

    Anybody know the reupload reason?

  27. Dumb Dumb

    that earthquake map is awesome Anton

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    groundhog day ? or is this a glitch Morpheus?? : 0 😸

  30. Ed S

    Turn on all of the MRI’s?

  31. Simon Anthony

    Remarkable finding. Many thanks.

  32. Dindunuthingwrong

    So the movie 2012 isn’t entirely inaccurate… lol

  33. Ashleigh Cartwright

    This has been know since the 90’s at least.

    Why are you reporting it like it’s breaking news now?
    The earthquake in Chile the 9.0 altered the earth’s rotation, wobble and tilt.

  34. 800 IQ

    On a side note, I’ve only seen very few videos on your channel so far but you are covering some very interesting topics I never would have expected to hear.

  35. Cody Banks

    Good morning, good night. Catch you on the next shift change. Lol

  36. SilverSage

    Excellent and informative video as always, Anton. Keep it up! 👍🏼

  37. talbotlynx

    Makes a level of sense. Did a project with a similar theme when I was still a kid. Earth is a dynamo, for the most part. The general pattern might not be disrupted by another energetic field interacting in all instances but it is possible to effect it in a way that boosts or amplifies already existing effects. Used two spinning magnets with filings to show the fields and had a moveable electromagnet set to pulse to at variable rates to demonstrate effects. Showed some trippy results. Wish I still had photos or the film. Could see the magnetic snaps, I remember that much. 😂

  38. Douglas Watson

    Ben @ Suspicious Observer has great videos on this subject. Love your videos to Anton.

  39. Anton Smith

    Dutchsinse said the same thing!

  40. Ziggy jones

    thank you for another awesome insightful video I really appreciate them Knowledge is power 😁

  41. J J

    Suspicious observers! Look it up, learn more!

  42. Cody Banks

    Unrelated: I seen two shooting stars a few second apart maybe 20 to 40 seconds, same trajectory NE to SW, small ones probably burned up.

  43. Mehrad

    ah yes i can finnaly relax knowing i have 24 hours

  44. Pull Myfinger

    This has quickly become my favorite channel….thanks Anton!!
    Forever grateful, Mike 🌎🛸 🐶🐒👶

  45. Dave O

    Slowly mainstream science seems to be adopting concepts and theories from plasma cosmology. The regular (non CME) sun weather probably has a significant effect on earthquakes and even weather.

  46. Quinix

    I love how you are informative. I love to learn and dragged out vids can get boring. You are great, keep it up :)

  47. Hasselhoff • 12 years ago

    This man has inspired me to go on to do Astrophysics in university for quite some time now. Anton, thank you, you wonderful person.


    Didn’t I just watch this wonderful person

  49. Anton Petrov

    Hello! The previous version of the video was missing a major explanation, so here is version 2. I also couldn’t reply to some comments due to a YouTube bug in the last video, so hopefully will be able to reply to them here.
    To address some of the questions/comments: yes since quartz is usually present in shallow areas of the planet, this would probably only lead to a certain shallow type of earthquakes.
    There are a lot more studies needed to see what’s happening here, but at the moment the correlation is too high to ignore.
    Also make sure to check out the earthquake simulation I used here:

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