Surprising Discovery Suggests Our Sun Is Very Unique Compared to Similar Stars

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about new studies investigating how our sun compares to other similar stars and surprisingly, it’s very calm!

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  1. Nelo

    Bro… its cause like the light of the Sun like feeds the Cannabis plant man, then the Cannabis plant reflects its groovy green light back at the Sun. So the Sun is baked, and calm thanks to Cannabis. Wonder drug.

  2. Frank Hall

    Hi Anton great channel . From my research , I have found the Sun to be internally struggling . The Star appears to be , not Stella performing has it should be . Recently though there seems to be new improvement . Maybe the absence of sunspots the evidence . The Sun is settling right now , and this is a good thing and the Star can attempt to Stella advance much better .

  3. Mike Stanmore

    Hi Anton. Has there been a study which links the recent findings regarding the probable cause of our sun’s solar sunspot maxima – syzygy – with other G type stars and their planetary systems?
    I’d be interested to see if the calculations which apply to our solar system are applicable to other systems.
    (I realise we may not yet have a lot of data on other systems).

    Thankyou for all your work, you have a great channel.

  4. will2see

    5:07 helps GW

  5. Aj adams

    It sounds like they are hiding something from us to much evidence for other life

  6. ManicPandaz

    I think it was most likely an artifact of the green screen but your waving hand in your into looked like it was a hand from someone else. Looked like a prop hand lol, it was weird.

  7. Chad McCann

    We’re seeing there’s stars as they were in the past, right? Maybe those stars have become mild over time just like the sun.

  8. Alberts stuff

    I wonder how long the transiton would be for our sun to turn into an active sun 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Imagine if it was overnight 😳

  9. markkens9

    Anton, where does the damn fine-tuning stop???

  10. Michael Hill

    That’s because we are created by God. We are created in his image!

  11. infinateU

    Check out the latest morning briefing for
    Suspicious0bdervers, galactic waves are hitting us every 12k years, coincidence?

  12. alled zebu

    What about K type stars? How does our sun compares to those?
    Anyone has some insight?

  13. Susan Doerr

    thank you anton , stay strong and dream big

  14. Sam

    Mhhhhh-aaaaa a mild sun-aaaa *stars sobbering*

    DOH! Damn hot sun….

  15. Mr. Ed

    I think we should be grateful that our Sun is on the calm side.

  16. Ian Karkoutli

    Or the other suns are like our sun right now, and our sun was like the other Suns when their light left them however long ago?

  17. jeffery wise

    Isn’t that nice we have a star that cooperates with life…. Rare earth

  18. Apollo Rezonate

    Everything involving the human race and the solar system we reside in just so happens to be weird..

  19. MisterEvil1

    More fuel for the Rare Earth Hypothesis.

  20. Side Notes: With Chris

    Can we get you to 500k subs already!!! Love your content thanks for taking the time

  21. Matthew Lister

    The rare Earth hypothesis continues to be proven by the data that’s out there.

  22. Apollo1011

    Well, that just screwed up Drake’s Equation

  23. marjanp

    Ready for changes in the future lol… we talking about millions or billions years… our civilzation will be long forgotten by then even if we survive.

  24. Ashyo Sings

    We used to have a typical star, now we have ATYPICAL star x)

  25. ScoriacTears

    8:58 Maybe, our consciousness is sensed by some kind of “Greater Plasmatic” beings we call stars, and this acknowledgment of said consciousness (even just the presence of life in all it’s forms) affects their out look on life, this may lead to them becoming the aquivelent of human monks and with a caretakers responsibilities, sure out there tiny and spinning around One, a few small minds will take it into their heads to start offering up consciousness sacrifices (just at first, hopefully), but eventually! after many orbits around One, they will approach a level of sophistication where by, they will seek communication with One, and maybe such Greater Plasmatic beings would consider such an endeavour a purpose to life, worthy of Gods own appreciation.
    Beams of love warm all they touch.

  26. PenZon

    Sure, let’s do it when we get fusion up and running. One site in the north, one in the Antarctic, running the biggest electromagnets in existence. Shields up!

  27. Stephen Mitchell

    We can’t trust the chinese they created covid19 to try and kill off most of the world just like when they created sars them along with the murderers with the World Health Organization

  28. Tauri

    I just binged Netflix’s new sci-fi series Into the Night, and this video’s topic is eerily similar to the premise of the show!

  29. The Aki War

    ANNNNND another thing to add to the Drake equation. The room of possibilities gets smaller and smaller, by the week it seems

  30. Robert Roskopf

    Perhaps the Sun was “custom made” for life to exist on Earth (?)

  31. Stephanie

    I think the answer is right in front of us “Earth is the oddball” and funny how we are the only planet with life yet so many things had to happen in a certain order for that to happen. I’m sure there is more like us out there but the odds of finding it is like finding a needle in a haystack-

  32. Gooner CestLaVie

    Ufos might helped to calm our sun by harvesting energy. They want to protect their earth lab, their food.

  33. HaleyMaryArtzab

    With the sun going through this stage, do we have to worry about the sun going supernova earlier than expected?

  34. calgar

    Long story short we hit the jackpot multiple times in a row !Perfect sun , perfect gaz giants ,perfect impact resulting in an unusual large moon ,at this point i doubt very much we will ever encounter LGM !

  35. Jim Profis

    Hello wonderfull Sun, this is person

  36. Foxtrop13

    sometimes I dont know if im suscribed to learn about the universe or for the existential fear quota

  37. Ron Romano

    My suggestion is that suns go through a very rough early to mid stage and we are past that point, where we see plenty of other suns that are not where our sun is in its stage of life, to withstand and have a normalized cycle to create life.

  38. Menkaura

    Space out and as always bye bye :[) Mwhahahaha

  39. Glenn Green

    Thank you Anton,
    Another great presenation !
    From Mufon Starteam 🚀🍀

  40. Audio Maverick

    Well now we’re starting to know why we can’t find the aliens.

  41. Russell Dodd

    Watch the video “The Privileged Planet” and be prepared to have your mind blown.

  42. xophaser

    well it in one of small percentage with intelligence lifeforms orbiting it.

  43. Dean Chapman

    Anton would you consider teaming up with Randal Carlson’s new show ? I so enjoy both of your podcasts! What and an amazing show it would be if you and Randal had a talk… epic!

  44. psychiatry is eugenics

    Just had to do this video this year 2020 .
    Sun be like — oh yea 💥

  45. andrew

    Thanks Anton,

    that was strangely comforting

  46. Tahir Hoxha

    A tremendous, whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light.

  47. magicsinglez

    D’uh, they have larger planets orbiting closer. . . . Even an idiot can provide the explanation, Anton. Solved.

  48. Lexy Thomas

    We took billions of years to become a species. We act like other planets are ready for that also at the same time. There probably is other habitable planets out there, that just isn’t ready yet for another billion years or so.

  49. Ryland Tappe-Inglis

    “We might have to create an artificial magnetic field to strengthen the current magnetic field…”
    Using what for a power supply?

  50. Supreme Leader Killary Bu

    So. The more we learn about the universe the more we know just how special us, earth and our entire solar system are. The chance of complex Alien life is getting less and less possible. 😥

  51. Matt Prokop

    2:08 Love It!!

  52. Ortherner

    Last Time I was this early, This Unoriginal Comment didn’t Exist!
    Also before Hello Wonderful Anton as well.

  53. Master Chief

    Not gonna lie LEUTENIENT, Our star system is the most weirdest thing in universe.

  54. Terry Endicott

    And our sun sings Donovan’s song — Mellow Yellow.

  55. code470926

    When I was in kindergarten I saw a poster that showed the many suns of the universe. I saw a comparison of our sun to many other suns. That is when I saw the betelguese. I, before that never even knew there were other suns. I never forgot that poster and how our sun although so big was a tiiiiiiiiny speck in comparison. I was so small and that one poster blew my mind.
    Hey mr.Petrov your channel is awesome. You teach me alot. Stay safe my friend ✋😌

  56. Sidd Vicious

    hello back wonderful host

  57. Andrew Sears

    Maybe this is how Mars lost it’s magnetic field and life with it

  58. CPY

    I’m going to make the first second of this video as my windows startup sound and messsage alert on my phone :D

  59. Ken Paulsen

    Over and over, I hear of these phenomenal, ideal circumstances that just so happen to coincide in precisely the right way to allow the Earth to be habitable. We’re alone people. Get over it. We’re alone.

  60. Foxox

    At 5:41, I thought “Anton, watch out behind you!”

  61. MrC556677

    Perhaps there is an elephant in the room?🤔

  62. doladolabilyo

    Do we know wich stars were formed in the same dust cloud as our sun?

  63. Aydın Bolat

    actually counter: 4. we entered anton minimum.

  64. Molly_music band

    Welll it can make life posiable so that makes it unique .

  65. Smokey McPot

    ..”and many of these flares could be extremely deadly..” :P

  66. Knežo gamer

    this guy be pumping videos out like rabbits kids

  67. Oat Meal

    “We have to be prepared to anything”… Like COVID…

  68. Selenick

    Really appreciate you linking the studies!

  69. Konto Productions

    Every time I see new video I get to know new apocalyptic scenario.

  70. Tom

    Hello wonderful Anton, this is person.

  71. Lexy Thomas

    2:08 you can tell was edited in lol voice changed completely

  72. Kenny Carter

    Wow sounds like life is even more rare…, we are special

  73. Leafgreen1976

    I ordered the T-shirt :) waiting for it to be delivered :) I’m happy about this :)

  74. UnKleFreaKy

    Or, perhaps our star and solar system are being “covertly” modified by a highly advanced race of beings for our benefit. But that’s an entirely different YouTube channel.

  75. lightdark00

    I hate when the sun gets gassy. Maybe enzymes would help it’s digestion.

  76. PsyintZ

    Jeeze. We know this thing is getting out of hand when we find out that even our sun has a “corona” virus.

  77. 50k3r2

    Its further out in the boonies minding it’s own business

  78. Dakota Dad

    I never see ads on antons videos. I can see he genuinely loves science, the universe and what he talks about which is awesome cause I do to but I don’t think he’s monetized, I mean why not make a little extra cash on the side? Has enough subs and gets enough views. Must just be a genuine person who isn’t greedy. Rare, and love your vids Anton!

  79. Ceniros

    Does anybody know that solar cycle 25 “the next cycle” is gonna be weaker than solar cycle 24?


    Just wait for a few billion years and see how Sun will be mild. :D

  81. Clare Degroff

    Of course there could be planets with a much greater magnetic field than our own around those stars

  82. Seán O'Nilbud

    It’s the only star in the universe that has me orbiting it.

  83. Henchman Twenty1

    2:07 – Really ‘subtle’ voiceover there. It’s almost like when they air a movie on network television and had to dub over the cuss words and they couldn’t get the original actor to do it.
    2:24 – Lucky we’re in the G-Spot‼

  84. Margaret Hart

    We have a lazy Star.
    This has been covered before Anton!

  85. artkaboom

    Best comment of the day: “Sun, you’re unique. Just like everyone else,” true not original but well placed.

  86. William Cox

    It’s the only star we know for sure supports life according to our definition. Pretty special, imho.

  87. BobbbyJoeKlop

    Someone needs to write a book: The rare sun hypothesis. ; )

  88. decentradical

    I think the possibility that our planet happens to be uniquely situated is the best answer to the fermi paradox. Life is a fluke, advanced life a fluke on top of a fluke.

  89. Shante’ M.

    Anton I love when you say “we have no idea” 🥰🤞🏾 it makes me feel so smart ❤️

  90. webchimp

    2:08 Anton’s evil twin “and many of these flares can be extremely deadly”.

  91. Michelle Peacock

    “We don’t know if our sun is just weird….”. Made me lol.

  92. Ray Miller

    I wonder if these other stars studied have a lump of magnetic iron orbiting close like mercury.

  93. Ben Spiers

    Were the sun analogues a similar age to our star? I understood younger stars are more volatile but could be wrong. Regardless, I am in favour of increasing our magnetic defences, though humans tend to be reactive rather than proactive, so are poor at preparing for the future.

  94. The Photon Collector

    Maybe it has less to do with the star itself and something due to the interaction with whatever objects are orbiting it. Such as how awhile ago you mentioned the paper that showed a correlation between the solar maximum and the alignment of planets. Not that I really have anything to base this off.

  95. Phish N' Chimps

    So unique, that we are here talking about it.

  96. John Walker

    Earth is special, we have Anton.

  97. MC's Creations

    Actually, the universe is weird. Finding something not weird in the universe would be a real surprise.

  98. The Snuggler

    Sun, you’re not wild. You’re mild.

  99. Evelyne Simon

    Bottom line: let us develop the magnetic fields we need to survive.

  100. Cheng Zhou

    We used to think it was extremely typical of a star

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