Supermassive Black Hole Disappeared In This Galaxy, But How?

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about an interesting case of a missing ultra massive black hole in the middle of a very well known galaxy.

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  1. 47f0

    Type 2 Black hole. Above the Marvin threshold they simply collapse out of the universe all together.

  2. PaNDaSNiP3R

    Kurt Russell blew up the stargate

  3. Pete Jones

    Is it surprising? The largest galaxy we know of, stands to reason that it’s so large for a reason. Sweeping through space with nothing to clean it out constantly. Going to get bigger and bigger.

  4. brainwashing detergent

    I know what happened! We got sucked into it so we cant see it now!

  5. frippp66

    the Eye of Harmony

  6. Gerrie

    Hello Wonderful Anton :o)

  7. meez


  8. Lucky Mull

    In my country you cannot report it missing until 48 hours have elapsed. Then you can notify the authorities.

  9. Joel Traten

    In order for something to disappear, does it not first need to be observed?

  10. Looper Birhinger

    aliens, of course!

  11. timothy garrison

    Thanks for everything you do

  12. 17red

    it nade decision to come out of the closet and became a shining star

  13. pliit

    It’s coming right at us! Quickly Ned shoot at it

  14. mikepette

    Another interesting or maybe terrifying thought is that if the SMBH was kicked out of this galaxy maybe it’s just randomly floating through the universe it could then absorb any star systems it came across.

  15. Matt HD

    Thx Anton. Your reports are awesome.

  16. Timmy Spencer

    It became unstuck in time.

  17. Delta Design

    Pretty impressive how frequently Anton uploads videos! I guess his channel is a full time job? Anyway, us (the wonderful person’s) really enjoy the consistency of good content.
    Thanks. From NZ.

  18. Will be free

    As the black hole gets large enough, it can probably enter the hole and disappear.

  19. Exile Man

    So terrifying that there is just rogue super massive black holes flying through space. And that even if one grazes near our solar system is enough to throw the solar systems orbits out of wack and launching us into nowhere or a collision.

  20. perlygatekeeper

    Isn’t BCG “Big Central Galaxy”?

  21. Mark G

    Ohh boy, how many Einsteinian Scientism theories came crashing down this year? X ) Plasmoids..

  22. Ellie Parkinson

    Its so big it behaves differently to our expectations, so our methods of searching for it all fail.

  23. Daehee Kim

    Maybe it got ergo-sphered by a civilization on K-3.

  24. Brexit Refuge

    The final parsec is all about swamp rats.

  25. Random Task

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away!

  26. Ken Bates

    Enjoying watching you everyday thank you wonderful person

  27. CD

    What if we don’t have the math to predict what happens at 150 billion mass or so black hole. Isn’t it conceivable that maybe black hole is one of the stages that morphs into something else and we don’t have the physics to understand it. Maybe there Is a big bang on the other side of the so-called tear in the fabric of universe going on right now

  28. Lucifer Mephistophilies


  29. Candide Schmyles

    It got so massive it punched a hole right through the bottom of its gravity well into another brane.

  30. Louise Smalling

    Could this be another mystery resolved by a study of archival data?…finding the telltale elliptical flights of stars.

  31. B.J. Hubbard

    first a star, then a black hole. how does this happen?

  32. Boris Be loud us

    There has to be a connection between ultra massive black holes and the Big Bang. There’s something about the sheer mass limits that should tie the two together

  33. Judith Marriott

    God bless you Anton. Live long and prosper.

  34. Mick Wilson

    The mystery is that the dog didn’t bark in the night.

  35. David Caleb Paterson

    and if so… it’s aliens 🤣

  36. MemoFromEssex

    Every time I watch your vids it confirms that our universe is simulation created by a slacker.

  37. platonicsolid

    Anton, when you say a SMBH disappeared in “this” galaxy, you automatically cause a lot of people to think you mean this Milky Way galaxy. It takes a bit more listening to get the idea that it’s another galaxy that you are referring to. Just saying.

  38. Silas Dense

    The comparison is amazing.
    Thanks Anton.

  39. Kenneth Dobos

    reporting from the cosmos great to have Anton covering the news up there thanks

  40. Andrew McNaughton

    I love how super massive black holes couldn’t collide.
    It’s a big deal that it’s missing because it could be saying super massive black holes don’t exist and mainstream cosmology is getting deeper and deeper into crisis.

  41. MC's Creations

    Hmmm… How would look like an exploding blackhole? 🤔

  42. James E. Wagner JR.

    It became so massive it collapsed into another demenchion.

  43. murasaki9

    That really is fascinating! What wonders there are out in the black.💜

  44. Katherine G

    What do you mean, do I have the supermassive black hole? I thought *you* had it.

  45. pcwcol

    Hmm, gas everywhere but no emissions sounds uncomfortable…

  46. PS2

    Maybe it got sooo FAT that it collapsed into itself into nothingness. 😂

  47. Kasper Sørensen

    It has become a new universe. A big bang moment in that new universe :P

  48. Ellison Hamilton

    Yee Haa!

  49. Mandrak789

    It’s probably right there in the middle, just totally dormant. They said gas density seems to be quite low there, right?

  50. Makozer

    6:55 its just a huge Steam Ad …

  51. Criss Poyner

    It went out for a pack of space cigarettes and told its galaxy it would be back later.

  52. Helena van Eden

    Hi Anton! The throne of God is covered by clouds… 🤔

  53. Helder Almeida

    Maybe there is a limit to how black holes grown after reacting that limit it exploded

  54. Vik Numbers

    Black holes may eventually completely fall into another universe or dimension and disappear.

  55. Exile Man

    Can we look at cluster for a pathway punched through system.

  56. L-R-G_Ez

    Been awhile since I commented but love the videos still watching everyday I even got my dad to subscribe because we love space and your information!

  57. rick Hamilton

    Person I am, wonderful I feel, thank you.

  58. Carahan

    They found a note where it used to be.
    Sorry, I was hungry. – The Great Devourer

  59. Doctor Doom

    It was turned into some sort of space engine core. The type 4 or 5 civilization controlling it is feeding it asteroids for unlimited energy. They are prepping themselves for multi universal travel. There I solved it for you. Where is my Nobel Peace price?

  60. Graham Turner

    Perhaps the SMBH is in quarantine?

  61. CaptainCreeperGR

    How it happened? The 2 kids playing with the simulation we are in randomly pressed the delete button on that black hole to make scientists suffer

  62. judgeomega

    1:17 ‘the most famous of them all’ aka, the rudolph cluster

  63. David Grim

    Maybe black hole mining is real. Now they have to go mine a different galaxy.

  64. Gently's Channel

    Have they checked down the back of the settee?

  65. JaZzF4n88

    Put it back Anton, their on to you.

  66. St. Brian The Godless

    If time essentially stops (for an outside observer) as an object, as in gasses or any matter, falls into a black hole, then how do black holes ever grow from things falling into them?

  67. Amrit Grewal

    Moro ate it. Someone get Goku

  68. willy wayne

    Oh no its the new mobile Hole,yep its heading straight for Earth!

  69. Muse Axe Backing Tracks

    I’m going to check it out in space engine :)

  70. Kenny from Philly

    I generally despise videos re: Black Holes. I find that this is the 1 area about space & science I have absolutely no interest in learning more about & struggle to stay connected to the topic. That said, there is a way you present complex information in segments I can better understand & digest & I think it has to do a lot about the time allotted for your video.
    Your ability to present scientific information in an interesting & concise way it absolutely fantastic & greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Anton! You truly are a wonderful person! Cheers, Kenny from Philly

  71. BdF

    Wot? The Heechee have closed the door? Time to run, lads, the Assassins are on their way-(Cf. the Heechee books by Frederik Pohl) :-)


    It prolly Wasn’t there in the first place.

  73. Kiwi Bonsai

    The force of Anton drives the expansion of my universe…


    It fell between the couch cushions.

  75. Christopher

    It doesn’t need a black hole and never had one, it is held together by a web of gravity via all the stars. Maybe, idk

  76. Kurchac Kur

    Hi random person, i wish you wonderful life

  77. Patrick

    You’re a pretty awesome discovery!

  78. Unaphiliated1

    Probably clogged with a big ball of galactic hair.

  79. Avenoma

    a galaxy lost its black hole 0_0 someones getting fired.

  80. yod bod

    Thought this was an economic vid by the Chancellor😁.

  81. Big Sister Reflections

    What did the black hole say when vanishing?
    Does it matter?

  82. Psyberklown

    Universe: Do you have a black hole to be operating as a galaxy?
    Abell2261: It’s here somewhere I swear, I wouldn’t do something like leaving it at home would I?…

  83. Alexander insubordinate

    I’m not saying it’s aliens, but it’s aliens

  84. Tiang CS

    Lol, The blackhole sort of quantum leaped to a separate realm after being observed to form another universe with another Big Bang!

  85. Paul HK

    Impossible. Perhaps the archives are incomplete!

  86. BlackBeard

    The thought of a rouge star is scary, now a possible rouge ultra-massive black hole?!?

  87. Tom

    The black hole was getting ganked so it just clogged. ez7

  88. TheElectricOrigins

    Here comes back: DARK BLACK Holes emitting DARK Energy, which eventually trigger the appearance of Dark Viruses….

  89. Andrew Monyelle

    Anton is the bright spot of 2020. Thank you wonderful person.

  90. Kakashi ReadingLog

    Anton: black holes are missing
    Science: this doesn’t exists because we can see it anymore so, we are …. right?
    Black holes: hold my beer

  91. MC's Creations

    Lost a blackhole the scientists have. How embarrassing. How embarrassing!

  92. -mikro-

    Aliens figured out how to harvest power of super massive black hole.

  93. CleanerBen

    I’m sure we can have the James Webb telescope look at it when it launches in 3000 years.

  94. JenneeB927

    I’m not saying it’s aliens..but it’s aliens. Have a wonderful day wonderful person

  95. Vladimir Olegovich

    “Last parsec problem” is a problem of mathematicians because they forgot to include galaxies around black holes in their calculations.

  96. Jdi do prdele kakao

    anton: a strange mystery of a black hole that vanished away
    me: what?

  97. William Cornelius

    Hello wonderful Anton. This is person.

  98. Ron Todhunter

    The Romulans have mined it out for their singularity warp drive…

  99. John Irby

    It was accidently destroyed during early testing of the Death Star.

  100. Lasha Martashvili

    This will be remembered as the black hole shortage of 2020-ies.

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