Sun Has Reversed Polarity Starting New 25th Solar Cycle

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the 25th solar cycle that just started.
  1. DarthLink

    Thank you very much Anton for your videos and for teaching us all so much!

  2. Creek Walker

    Cicadas keep track of time Anton. 2020 marked the emergence of the 17 year brood
    Cicadian cycle.
    So time keeping is not unique to humans.

  3. Tinker Tailor

    Cat knows when it’s 5 O’clock dinner time. He’s there staring at his empty plate, most forlorn.

  4. Jussainwuturthinkn

    Praise The Sun 🙏 ☀️ 🙏

  5. K1NG_JUST1N420

    Why have I always thought Anton was Russian and am just now finding out he’s French-Canadian

  6. rbd318

    It’s so strange that you’re no longer blurry! Keep up the great videos and congrats on the new home

  7. WildeMike49

    Hey anton you need some noise absorption in your new setup. Much love!

  8. Rlystupid

    Extremely well spoken! Happy cycle

  9. Willy Tepes

    When I have two magnets close to each other and I flip one of them, it affects the other. I don’t feel so happy about this.

  10. Alex Bowman

    Four things are involved in the Sun’s fusion. The fuel (hydrogen), temperature, pressure and the magnetic singularity at the core where the magnetic fields are extremely intense. If you think that the magnetic fields in the outer Sun are violent it’s many magnitudes worse in the centre.

  11. Micheal Eckert

    You know why we have time? so everything doesn’t happen at once

  12. A Youtube Channel

    Aton Petrov: Happy 25th Cycle everyone.

    2020: I know, so get ready.

  13. TubeNut Nuttington

    Time I am, The Great Destroyer, and I have come to destroy all worlds!


    Hello wonderful Anton! Love your channel, great content!

  15. Matt CA

    Woah, didn’t knew you were from Quebec **hand waving from Montreal** !

  16. Robert Burton

    Does Time Move Forward ? or does The Future Move Backwards through the Present into the Past ?….This should Keep you Wondering…

  17. Brandon Fowler

    2020 changed about everything huh

  18. Space Cadet

    Hello wonderful person!

  19. Po1ymorph

    “Praise the Sun” – Soliare of Astora

  20. Zero

    2020 – _”oh yeah and the sun changes polarity.”_

  21. Silvios Aecios

    A fantastic event like that and nobody talk about in the media. Thanks my friend in the youtube for this amazind info.

  22. Nix Arnett

    watching Anton on a rock, hi

  23. TimmacTR

    2020 still has some surprises for us!!

  24. Daniel do Amaral Rodrigue

    Without timekeeping, I’d always burn my food when cooking…

  25. max halverson

    im going to be so mad if a solar flare sends us back to medieval times

  26. Joe tuktyyuktuk

    “Which means I am not really talking to you…” LOL.

  27. fromNYC

    Humans caused global warming… Hard to imagine…
    Unusually high solar activity at the time people started talking about climate change…🤔

  28. Julien Ledrilleur

    Never imagined you live in Quebec lol Ben tabarnak!

  29. Addmix

    4 1/2 minutes in, me extremely invested in the video.
    Anton: “ok let’s get to the actual topic of the video”

  30. Arondeus

    Definitely, as a follow-up suggest PBS Space Time’s video:” Do The Past and Future exist?”

  31. AnAmericanDodo

    I always wondered where your accent came from. Now we know.

  32. Marcus

    Humanity bands together to eject the Corona. The sun: LET ME HELP

  33. Timmy Spencer

    “The Sun”! -Every parakeet I’ve ever known.

  34. PopeyeCove

    Because in the immortal words of Andy Gibb: “Time is Time…”

  35. Straightener

    Time was invented right after beer. That’s where the phrase beer time came to be.

  36. MC's Creations

    Pretty interesting! 😊

  37. Jameson Reese

    “In his house at R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.”
    (the sun is Cthulhu)

  38. M K

    I freaking love how smart you are, and how you can break it down too us morons.

  39. b888

    I just realised that I wasted nearly 4 earth years of my life. Watching this video, I realise however insignificant I am in the universe, right here right now my time is my most valuable resource and I can’t waste it anymore.

  40. tony

    Welcome to the Grand Solar Minimum, wonderful persons!

  41. 1nvd

    This whole time I thought he was Russian

  42. A Smilling Chihuahua

    “And hit my home province of Quebec.”

    Ah, a fellow québécois I see, I too am a Québécois

  43. WobbleWarfare

    Love your videos… been watching for years. I remember back when you used to do universe sandbox^2 videos

  44. Osinto Lp

    Oh… so this isn’t just a Doctor Who refference, huh?

  45. I'm CheeseCake

    Anton, your making me feel like a grain of sand on an endless beach with this one!
    Awesome new camera too!

  46. Ben Spiers

    My solar cycle made the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs. 😘

  47. Mohammad Valdi Ananda Tau

    Actually there is a massive corona mass ejection in 2019, the effect was so severe we now have to quarantine ourselves in our home.

  48. jbelme1

    Archaeologists: “We found markings on an 80,000 year old bone….they were tracking time.”

  49. Anders Juel Jensen

    “Time is an illusion. Launch time doubly so.” — Ford Prefect

  50. CD S

    For Amature raido operators thing are looking up ; )

  51. B Szu

    Sending Love from France, Anton. You’re an extraordinary person that I look at almost every day since a few years. I consider you a friend

  52. Nick W

    This video looks very clean, great work my friend. God Speed on your continuing growth.

  53. Betto Mendes

    Happy end of Kali Yuga, everyone! <3


    Good presentation by the way enjoyed watching! Tnx ! Take care! Peace ✌️ from Welland Ontario Canada 🇨🇦

  55. Rocks Cousteau

    Your channel is awesome Anton. I watch every upload while I am working on uploads. Thanks for all your hard work. You are the MAN

  56. Gonçalo Rebello

    Anton, I love your videos. You have improved in the elegance of your speech recently. Keep it going!

  57. Broken Silence

    South Pole.
    Northern Sol.

  58. hyperactve

    8:48 That looks like Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender.

  59. btchpants

    Imagine having nothing when everyone is reset to zero…

  60. Frank H Bergeron

    The Sun is just breathing, but every now and then it sighs ;)

  61. Gowan Kommando

    Can’t wait for the CME that sends us back to the Analog Age

  62. Station Recreation

    Time used to be simply for farmers, then when the traders and bankers took over, it all became about debt and payments.

  63. Peter Morris


    My man, tracking time is what allows us to BE healthy. Without a good sense of time, you don’t get good food – you get rot.

  64. UFOlogist

    Anton, superb as always… merci

  65. Eagle Whitefeather01

    I like your studio upgrade my friend. Thank you for sharing humanities greatest gift, knowledge.

  66. ajcook7777

    Great content again Anton keep making em

  67. lebensraummetal

    Just wait for earth’s magnetic poles to keep shifting too! :D

  68. Silas Dense

    I’ve always been in awe of the fact that I can look up at a star.

  69. Steve Mann

    time was first measured when she called out of the cave, just doing my hair and makeup.

  70. Psybernetic

    I recently started growing more seriously and you start paying much more attention to equinox and weather patterns… doing this I found understanding I can’t even explain well yet

  71. Bastieneitsab

    Marc Favreau just did a backflip in heaven.
    Anton will get it.

  72. yeah I'm John Assal

    Youtube viewers: What time is it?

    Anton: Time to buy a watch.

  73. Rich Mitch

    New camera? New lighting?

  74. Fred farquar

    “To every thing, turn, turn, turn,
    There is a season, turn, turn, turn”👍

  75. Korvain Mourning

    I can deal with losing use of my phone, tv, Internet. I’ve enough books to cover my entertainment and any useful knowledge. But a CME is the very reason why I don’t keep my money in a bank. Safety deposit box yes, but not an account where my money becomes digital.

  76. Bobbin' Mcferry

    0:30 Don’t worry, he will call you a wonderful person.

  77. pyro lopez

    Dark Helmet: When will then be now?

    Colonel Sanders: Soon….

  78. Lithrus

    Going into this video: “How could 2020 possibly get any worse”
    At the end of this video: “Thank god we’re safe this year”

  79. Tofiu Games

    Q:If proxima centauri b some how have a large moon, would the planet still be tidal locked ?

  80. Drew M

    looking like Anton Crispytrov in this new HD camera, brother. many more solar cycles to you and the entire AP lovers!

  81. Jack Dark 13

    “Praise be to SOL!” – The Mithraic Order

  82. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    What did one frog say to the other?
    “Time’s fun when you’re having flies.”


    When the world ends just know ima come here for information

  84. Tiptoepoms

    You are uniquely adorable! Your content is presented in a comfortable and relaxed way and is very informative. You make it easier to understand things that could be complex. Thank you for that. And you’re adorable. Don’t lose that.

  85. SickPrid3

    finds 80k years old bone: holy shit! those lines are the first ever marks of time tracking
    80k years ago: bored guy sitting over the river decided to mark how many frogs he need to eat to not be hungry anymore

  86. SOGNAMETAL1984

    *Cheers from Denmark Anton, you are truly unique and we love you from across the world, we watch your videos daily since many years and you really became our best friend*

  87. CʀᴀғᴛAᴇʀᴏ

    “Time is a construct of man instrumental to measure his demise.”
    Don’t remember where I read it, not sure if it’s a 100% accurate quote. But I always remember the concept.

  88. Cynthia Ayers

    Time was/is figured out, once you realized you ran out of firewood, in the middle of the night.🔥💤💨💀

  89. Clank boss

    “why is it that we like to keep track of time”

    Bold of you to assume that I know what year, month and day it is.

  90. Tim M

    Hello Wonderful Anton ! Electro-magnetic events my Brother. All electrically based. Welcome to the Electric Universe. What took you so long ?
    The reason for vitreous stone, obsideon, and glass particles on the moon are all suspected to be from our Suns recurring micro-nove events. And we are headed to Solar Minimun in 2035. Mini ice age.

  91. C Wel


  92. Jim North

    Yes true of us. Plants and animals also know day from night. Also how it changes through the seasons. If you pay attention to them plants and animals predict the coming intensity of the seasons.

  93. kb8F9fKLQ7AY TN7z9ACcphPE

    I never knew you were from Quebec; I’m from Quebec/Montral myself. Although, I’ve been living in New Brunswick since 9th grade.

  94. Hugh Sheehy

    Try telling our dogs that keeping track of time is a uniquely human thing.
    0730, breakfast.
    0830, morning walk.
    1500, afternoon walk.
    1800, dinner.
    1930, playtime.
    2130, nighttime walk.
    +- 15 minutes on any of these times, max.

  95. jj rusy

    plants have reacted to day length for a lot longer than humans have existed

  96. Specules Gorgoth

    “sunspots are faded now I’m doin time” – soundgarden-

  97. Thomas Chrombly

    Anyone who thinks all humans track time well has never met a Pacific Islander.
    For them, watches and clocks are simply decorations.

  98. Keef Junior

    Time is fun. After college I went to horology school to learn a practical trade. It’s an incredibly interesting history and industry. Thanks for another wonderful video Anton!

  99. Frédéric Nault

    Humm, huge solar flare for the new year celabration anyone?
    A good way to end 2020 and remind us that there is always something worse…

  100. Bram Moerman

    If you think humans are the only ones concerned with time, try switching a dairy herd to daylight saving time

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