Study Suggests Fundamental Laws of Nature Change Throughout the Universe

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery that fine-structure constant may be direction and imply that the universe is different depending on the space and time.

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  1. Timo Bensch

    it’s just our galaxy moving causing those effects.
    or the universe cruising through time

  2. rubberduck3y6

    I love being called a wonderful person by wonderful Anton every day! ❤

  3. James

    Maybe the universe is wobbling, stretching and oscillating like a big soap bubble.

  4. BrutusAlbion

    Wait wasn’t this already known for over a decade?

    I clearly remember having heard this a looong time ago.

  5. Jay Muzquiz

    How in the Hell do you know that I’m a God dam wonderful person!

  6. Aydın Bolat

    actually counter: 26

  7. TheElectricOrigins

    Fantastic. I see you read the comments. Congratulations for being able to acknowledge that physic Laws and Constants are only valid locally.

  8. Chuck Tyler

    Well that settles it. I’m not going to any galaxy more than a billion light years away!

  9. A Gator

    Thank you so much for the DAILY space videos, they’re all great.

  10. FandersonUfo

    Hail Anton – there are more things in heaven and earth than even Anton knows – but not for long

  11. GenXer82

    The fact that you mention that there are 2 “poles”, I wonder if this could suggest that our universe is “toroidal” in shape (if viewed from a higher dimension)…..

  12. Barnard Rabenold

    Could this phenomenon be involved with dark matter?

  13. InuranusBrokoff

    This seems so cool, but I guarantee it’s bunk…

  14. drysori

    8:56 Is that the Yin and Yang of the Universe?

  15. Paul J

    I’d thank you for the new brain cells, but I lost them all in the comments.

  16. Tobie Allen II

    That good, old, irregular universe. Ah, this feels like Part 2 to an awesome movie.

  17. Quasar

    how about then norther theorem that prove physics laws are the most same everywhere in the universe?

  18. Jonathan Dick

    So with our chemical reactions and atoms based on our constants, it would be a bad idea to go there I take it.

  19. Robert Woods

    The more we find out about stuff like this will make it easier to find the sweet spots for life in the universe.👍

  20. 613

    I really like your channel, you cover the most interesting space news, well.

  21. holylingus

    This basically prooves that the cosmology of dungeons and dragons was right in the first place. All hail Asmodeus !

  22. Col Campbell AI 2024

    If Terence McKenna was still with us… 🙏👼

  23. Walter 1408

    The universe isn’t just stranger than you imagine, it’s stranger than you can imagine. Einstein
    Anton….How my beer.

  24. Dakota Dad

    This is an awesome video Anton, love this topic and love hearing about new information destroying everything we thought we knew before. Keep it up thanks Anton

  25. KEvronista

    1/137 = 1337?

  26. Rob Warren

    Wonder what the ‘Electric Universe / Safire Project’ guys would say about this?

  27. holylingus

    Haha, just image the solar system entering a new area of space and everyone on earth dropps dead because physics have changed XD

  28. Baleur

    I love u anton but the fact you change the thumbnails two times for every video is really confusing when parusing my sub box xD

  29. John Irby

    I believe I’ll stay at home, and not go there.

  30. Davis FourOhFour

    The Gods Themselves, by Isaac Asimov. The only SF that even obliquely addressed different physical laws over a distance.

  31. thisisn'tmyrealname

    I’ve had this suspicion for a long time. Always low key bothered me that i would never be able to know.

    And here comes wonderful anton to blow my mind.

  32. thisisn'tmyrealname

    I’ve had this suspicion for a long time. Always low key bothered me that i would never be able to know.

    And here comes wonderful anton to blow my mind.

  33. thisisn'tmyrealname

    I’ve had this suspicion for a long time. Always low key bothered me that i would never be able to know.

    And here comes wonderful anton to blow my mind.

  34. Twin Falls Astronomy

    The universe is a weird place. Everyone is weird. Remember anything weird is also wonderful.

  35. TitoTheThird

    How did Anton get a haircut with this quarantine? Ahhh, the laws change and differ throughout the planet….

  36. Mephistahpheles

    We can only look at “here & now” or “there & then”.
    How do we know anything about “here & then” or “there & now”?

  37. Mitch Wilson

    This is so exciting! I can’t wait to see what new ideas come from this news. I hope it’s true :)

  38. Howard Kleger

    The weekend just got brighter. This video or update in particular reminds me of the mind twisting theory-science covered in the novels, The Holographic Universe and Bringers Of The Dawn

  39. Frank Kelley

    The Fermi Paradox gets less paradoxical every year.

  40. StixFerryMan

    What makes me laugh is, that all of these “new and shocking discoveries” are not new. As an avid reader of sci-fi, I have read books written decades or more ago that use all these ‘recent’ information that they have ‘just found out’ as staples. In the last 2-5 years I have heard ‘ground breaking’ releases that I meet with “yeah, didn’t we know about this 50 years ago?”
    Don’t get me wrong, conformation is always good, but I just don’t get how come these things I learnt about as a child are now being talked about as if no one had thought about them before. And not just in astrophysics. All science seems to be doing it. I guess it is either that they have not found anything really new so are just trying to whip up excitement by rereleasing old data, or that the old vanguard of entrenched scientists who refuse to allow anything that questions their superiority and word of what is true are phasing out.
    That is the trouble with sciences. It is run by ppl. Ppl who hold beliefs that go beyond what science stands for. Ppl who act in antithesis to the spirit of what science is. Who will not brook new theories that counter or challenge the current and accepted. The history of the sciences is littered with such. With many being labeled as crackpots or worse, driven out of their fields altogether, excommunicated and shunned ad pariahs, ridiculed and belittled, only to be proven correct years or decades latter

  41. Jelle Kaufmann

    Dear people, understand this: The ONLY thing that’s constant in this universe, is change.

  42. Ammaar Mufti

    “Welcome to atom at”

  43. Drunken FPV

    Thought I had heard this before actually, or maybe it was just memories of watching superman pass through the different Stars/Suns

  44. Tony Hull

    So the fine structure constant, is james bond .007

  45. Jonathon Jubb

    Wow, at last. I’ve been waiting for most of this for twenty years.
    Glad you’re all catching up.

  46. Heidi M

    Universe: something weird is going on…
    Me: …wait what…???
    Anton: there seem to be hotspot in different direction in the universe…
    Me: getting scared of dark energy!

  47. Mike M

    1/137 = 42. 1/137 = 731/1. (7-3=4. 1+1=2)=42

  48. Paladiea Rox

    Kinda looks like Ying and Yang at 9:00.

  49. Gary Lee

    Well, there us go we just found out we don’t know a dam thing except “We know enough about the universe to know we are right but, we also don’t know enough to know we are wrong” therefore it’s time for a couple of shots of good scotch whiskey a couple of tokes of primo weed beside a beautiful lake while drounding a worm.
    Dam, that was one long sentence.

  50. D.E.Sorvin.

    Sound like a black hole N S were all in with it acting as a super fluid (at the end of the mass)

  51. Tonz Lang

    Well there are “noise” within those big distances so changes are inevitable.

  52. Shoresh jahanvatan

    That smile at the end 😁!

  53. Christian Martinez

    8:56 Yin and Yang

  54. MangoSauce Gaming

    You know I kind of felt like it would be common sense that this were true, although of course data and proof is required for it to actually mean something lol

    Now we just gotta find non carbon based life

  55. Dakota Dad

    So acknowledging the “Goldilocks zone” doesn’t matter because the laws of physics behave differently in different galaxies. I’ve always thought that, that we don’t need to specifically look for certain elements or events to be happening for life to happen because it’s drastically different in other galaxies and may not be the case for life to flourish, one thing I do know is humans as a whole are still infants in the grand scale of it, a blip, barely in existence

  56. ErwinSchrodinger64

    The laws of the universe change according to position? That can only mean one thing: more tensor calculus… A LOT MORE.

  57. cyber soul

    Obviously the simulation is running different mods!

  58. Charles Norman

    Look at this guy rubbing his fresh haircut in our faces.

  59. Star Frost

    Deep Space Astronomy was one of my favorite classes. I could not recommend it more!

  60. Axis Of Evil

    We must be alone…

  61. Daniel Moolman

    Everyone: We’ve nearly worked out everything above the atomic scale!
    This video: Come ms out
    Everyone: (Breathes in) AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!

  62. Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

    The fundamental laws of the universe just need to make up their mind smh

  63. Drew

    I’ve always felt this was true, how unscientific I know

  64. DigitalDan

    I’ve always imagined that, far enough away (in time, space, and even scale), the physics we enjoy are dramatically and unrecognizable different. I’ve never been comfy with the assumption that every place is the same. We made that assumption about the earth and then we discovered over solar system and a variation of planets. I’d guess the universe is infinite in splendor and diversity.

  65. Jim Profis

    8:56 really looks like the ying and yang symbol :O

  66. CitizenHans

    So the great attractor rears its head again, as if to say: hey guys, look at me! I’m kind of important, you know…

  67. Russian Bot

    If you need a stunt man , I look exactly like you .

  68. TheSokwe

    My mind is blown, this makes so much sense, if true.

  69. Ralf Kath

    This changes everything what teachers and physicians told us again and again!

  70. Nurseshark1968

    Best video yet, Anton! At the time of this comment, there are 422 previous comments. Couldn’t help but notice that 42 staring at me. Lol. Keep up the great content. ~Nurseshark

  71. Nick Howland

    forget climat change fear the change of the constant!!! itz comeing and disasemble us all!!!

  72. Agrajager 1

    So 42 might be right somewhere.

  73. Cthulhu Hoops

    Wonderful Anton changes the physics of my heart.

  74. MannyJer23

    Where can we get that “fine structure constant” printed on a T-shirt?

  75. Neil K.

    ” The most incomprehensible thing about the Universe is that it is comprehensible ”
    -Albert Einstein

  76. J SiN

    The more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know.

  77. Greatboy700 Barbarian

    This is a Great Discovery And Anton you are a Wonderful Person.

  78. Mit Seraffej

    If the speed of light “constant” is not actually constant over time and place than all measurements and calculations of size and age of the universe must be erroneous. This is the argument put forward by a Young Earth Creationist
    that I have the misfortune of working with.

  79. Manuel Sacha

    I actually felt like I had to double-check that it was May, 1st and not April, 1st.
    This isn’t small news. This is *GIGANTIC* news.

  80. elwoodzmake

    The World: Arguing whether the Fine-structure constant is a constant and the universe is isotropic.
    Some: ThE EraTH iS FlAt!

  81. strawberryalarmcl0ck

    so this begs the question of should a human enter one of these areas, does our original structure apply by virtue of the configuration having been laid down already, or do we die because their conditions start applying to us?

  82. Jacob Grantham

    Anton you’re low key one of the best youtubers

  83. Viv Varghese

    To be honest this is something I’ve always thought as a child growing up that the physics we have will be different to that of outer worlds, stars, and galaxies.

  84. Mugly Mae

    Ha we’re living in a giant yin yang symbol

  85. Julia Henriques

    Wow. As a science editor, not many things blow me away. This was an exception. O.O

  86. Hear MeOut

    Photon: “What seems to be the problem, officer?”

    Physics Police: “You must be in a hurry. You were going just a bit over the speed limit.”

    Photon: “That’s impossible. I can’t go faster than about 300 million meters per second and that’s the universal speed limit.”

    Physics Police: “You apparently didn’t notice that you were passing a star nursery or that clearly-visible white sign with the ‘SPEED LIMIT 0.80c’ in big, black letters.”

  87. Ron Charles

    I am sticking with 42, and I am staying away from white mice.

  88. Travis Smith

    If this is true, it’s possibly like the “Goldilocks” zone in a planetary system,
    the habitable zone relative to a star.
    This would imply, there may be a “habitable zone” in the universe itself.
    There is no reason to think this is not the case too.
    We have just assumed it to be true due to lack of contradicting evidence.
    This may be that evidence.

  89. Ace

    Freeze-frame at 9:00.

    Does anyone else think that image kinda resembles the Tao symbol?

  90. Ben Roberts

    Hmm. So if the constants in one of these galaxies were different enough that something like carbon couldn’t exist there, wouldn’t that also mean there may be other molecules that could exist there but not here? Perhaps there is life in that galaxy that is looking at ours and saying “Oh my gosh, Glerbazerg molecules can’t exist there so clearly there is no life!”

  91. moorsum

    Can we just take a minute to recognise how beautifully put together this video is. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  92. Dreeny

    This is literally something out of a Lovecraftian novel. Man, if this turns out to be true, it will be the scariest and the most exciting discovery ever.

  93. Earl of Doncaster

    When we discover something about the universe, the universe responds by becoming more inexplicable. This is known as Adams’ Law.

  94. Glenn Reid

    Could the “Cosmological Flow” explain the tension between the different Hubble constant measurements?

  95. dpedd12

    Well this video blew my mind. Not only does this change our understanding of reality, but it also changed scifi. And that’s important. Should this be proven to be fact, it could really open up an innovation boom in physics. Fun stuff.

  96. Jasondurgen

    Hello, wonderful Anton

    This is person

  97. Takashi Kurogane

    Cosmos is made of:
    5% matter
    27% dark matter
    68% Anton Petrov

  98. Kenny Omg

    “It seems there is something weird going on in the universe” would be weird if nothing would be going on.

  99. EoThorne

    So somewhere in the Universe, my boyfriend is wrong.

    He’s a physicist, so I’ll forgive him.

  100. Science Fellow

    Hi Anton. You have inspired me to create my *own Science Channel* . Always enjoyed your Space Channel 🙂 Wish me Good Luck 🙂

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