Study of Ancient Terrestrial Planets Finds Many Were Very Exotic

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery from the field known as stellar archeology

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  1. Paul Gradenwitz

    “Why there are not so many aliens. Maybe their planets are not so suitable for them.” A strange statement. If the aliens don’t exist on those planets then how could such planet belong to these nonexistent existent owners?🤨. Thanks for the info Anton! You are wonderful.

  2. Matthew Souders

    It makes sense to me that planetary crust material would be less likely to get spotted in a spectral analysis of a white dwarf’s atmosphere. In the red giant phase, I can well imagine the atmosphere, surface, and upper crust getting vaporized and then blasted out of the inner star system as the star decays into a planetary nebula.

  3. Mephitic Miasma

    Star: **swallows planets**
    White Dwarf: ***BBUUURRRPPPP***
    Archaeologist: “Hmmm, I smell an earth like planet on your breath”

  4. Moonchild Straver

    Of course all of this is also assuming that having material deposited on the surface of a very dense, hot white dwarf star doesn’t significantly alter that material at the composition or even atomic level… That’s a pretty big assumption!

  5. Lord Xanth

    This is Anton – the most educating and interesting channel to watch these days!😊

  6. Stanislav Mudrets

    Being exotic isn’t necessarily good. It’s just noise with respect to what would be conducive to what interests us – terrestrial life.

  7. Andy Cordy

    So, if we make a measurement of our planetary crust, as compared to the mantle and core and compare that ratio with the findings from this study, we might get an idea of how residues from the formation of a whit dwarf are composed?


    You say that and go to one of them and find one species of tiny people and it’s just like tellie tubbies “exotic”
    They bring you an offering of tuby toast as a sacrifice.

  9. Quantum Dave

    Why not just look at current mid cycle systems see what planets are made of? Too much guess work on older systems.

  10. Joseph Anaya


  11. Rod Sprague

    Perhaps the crusts of planets get ablated when the star goes through some of the more violent stages of its development.

  12. jeff grove

    Also a large moon maybe critically important to the churn that keeps the core liquid enough to allow the time necessary for life to metabolize to the level of stupidity we witness today on this planet.

  13. Ichthyodactyl

    This is interesting to me because I’ve always felt that the greater scientific community seems to have a hard time imagining things being different from earth and/or our solar system. It seems like the default assumption is that everything out there is the same as it is here until proven otherwise, that’s always struck me as really narrow-minded. I love hearing that we are discovering the existence of minerals that hadn’t previously occurred to us. Excellent video as always, Anton.

  14. Evan Chillemi

    Anton, thank you for your videos, they’re so good and you’re great at explaining things that I wouldn’t otherwise understand.

  15. Moorish Star

    If many are/were exotic, wouldn’t that mean it’s earth which is actually exotic ? As in not following the normal pattern ?

  16. FBI Rick

    I hope other planets are differnt to earth to be honest .. would make exploring space more fun !

  17. ᠯᡠᠪᡵᡳ ᠮᠠᡳᠯᠠᠰᡠᠨ

    4:42 to 4:50, it looks like the pyroxene mass is his hair 🤪

  18. John Takolander

    The big problem is that the enormous magnetic field of the suns is never taken into account. Our sun has a magnetic field extending to about 120 AU! See the reports of Nasa about the Voyager probes. They are now in the galactic magnetic field having passed the solar magneto-pause. The exact strengths I do not know.

  19. Mr. Yawnson

    I like how Anton has a broader and more sophisticated vocabulary than some of my natively English speaking friends.

  20. nyyotam

    In the future, it would be normal to live you life onboard an O’Neil cylinder, en-route to some exotic planet, on a ride that will take hundreds of years (in the best case scenario). The O’Neil cylinder would be dozens of miles in length and at least ten miles in diameter, such that you would have.. Flat Cylinders?

  21. dbsti 300

    I wonder if those planets had life before it’s star became a white dwarf. Also, perhaps they were incinerated and different minerals formed as a result.

  22. 3up3down

    Very interesting, thank you Anton!

  23. Chelios Von Hollowheart

    That was a very nice hat you had there for a few seconds. Kind of reminded me of the toadstool

  24. Dobby Dazzler

    Somewhere there may be a planet telling aliens “there is a human made out of Antons”. 😀

  25. Tim Lee

    What have I missed? The supernova did this to the white dwarf and the planets ? You didn’t mention the supernover that created the white dwarf did you?

  26. That Canadian

    Call me when they find a planet with a crust made of lasagna.

  27. Olandassa :D

    Well we’ll practically be Venus with all the pollution we got so I guess rip the most exotic above all being earth lmao

  28. Robert Paulson

    Dude I dunno how you’ve consistently been able to put out so much content for years now

  29. Lief Couillard

    Why don’t you work for a research group? I’ve been watching you for so long.

  30. Paul the Audacious Bradfo

    I won’t be satisfied till we find a planet made of atmospherium, the rarest of all elements. With it, we could make actual advances in actual science!

  31. Richard Deese

    Thanks. The more we learn about extra-terrestrial planets, the more we see that Earth seems uniquely suited to life *_because of life_*. We come to find just how broad, to the point of near-meaninglessness, the term ‘habitable’ really is. If and when we ever spread out into the galaxy, we’re almost certainly going to wind up losing our planetary bias. We’ll probably live mostly in low or zero gravity places, such as space stations, O’Neal cylinders, hollowed-out asteroids, or even just on the ships that took us there. The more I learn, the more I’m forced to favor the ‘rare Earth’ idea. But that shouldn’t stop us from going! tavi.

  32. Michael y

    Thank you Anton!

  33. Jeff Mathers

    Hey Anton! I’m wondering, is the Earth’s crust expected to change thickness as it ages. If so, do scientists think it will affect life in the half a billion years we have left?
    Great video!

  34. sunnyweather


  35. E Van

    There could be some really ridiculous planets out there. Mostly metal with iron rain and clouds… Carbon planets with methane and oil and crazy stuff everywhere.

  36. Pootis PAW!

    This guy is like stevee among the other science channels

  37. JRod

    Has anyone ever stopped and asked themselves if other Terrestrial planets are normal, and the Earth is the “exotic” one?

  38. Lizzard 7

    I think we are indeed alone in the sense of life in the universe. I have no idea why we would be. Seems wasteful to have so much room all to ourselves.

  39. scotty moondog jakubin

    the closest planets orbiting a star before it went into white dwarf mode were consumed ! im surprised more of these exotic minerals havent found there way to earth yet ? or have they ?

  40. Cali Gold Adventure

    Anton, I don’t think earth was lucky. I just think that our understanding of intelligent life isn’t complete. We are looking for us because we know what we look like. Great vid today brother

  41. ArtistAnthony

    I came up with the idea of Osmium Particle Rain for my Alien Planet, is this actually possible? Raining Osmium Particles? And would Alien life handle it well?

  42. Lloyd Dupont

    interesting video! :)

  43. john chapa

    knowing that we are made of star stuff, the elemental products of nearby and distant nova of the universe’s past, wouldn’t these elements be more or less be distributed randomly throughout the universe? would it be safe to assume these elements are found on all exoplanets, but most likely within the same concentration as would be created in a hyper or supernova event? thank you Anton for bringing these scientific discoveries to us. excellent content and delivery.

  44. Dan T

    I still think Anton is an alien.

  45. Wylde Bill

    Yes but the question really is: are there exotic dancers on those exotic planets?

  46. Rumplestilzkin Goober

    If these planets are ancient is there a chance that their make up is different because the elements available were different. Like as if there hadn’t been enough supernovas yet or something

  47. teppec

    Something I was thinking about the other day, in a similar vein to this video. What if we’re not just in the goldilocks zone for liquid water, but earth is in a goldilocks mass region. If Earth were much bigger, gravity well might make it almost impossible t leave the planet, and might provide limitations on body size/adaptability. Much smaller and our evolution takes different paths that in some way restrict other factors that eventually helped us develop technology and leave the planet (smarter people than I am I’m sure could work it the implications).

    Granted, with improving technology and discovery techniques, we’re likely to find more Earth mass terrestrial planets, but as of now, I think most of what we’ve found are slightly to significantly more massive than Earth is.

  48. DneilB007

    I’m becoming more confident in my suggestion that a big part of the Fermi Paradox is that, as a slightly larger planet is more conducive for evolving life, that the majority of extraterrestrial life in the galaxy is trapped inside their gravity well.

  49. Magic Yeti

    “mmm- smoke signals”


  50. Lynnette McFadzen

    Watch out Anton! Those planets are heading straight for your head! Duck!

  51. Andrei Sopon

    I knew I was special! 🎉🎉🎉

  52. XxThe Awoken OnexX

    I look forward to when they find a planet covered in marijuana forests.
    Thankyou for the wonderful video Anton



  54. Nen Master5

    My hobby:
    Recommend Science-Youtuber to Science-Fans.

    The Risk: Many assume and not check, so many assume i am just a Robot made to recommend.

  55. John Davis

    I love the music at the end of your videos. It kinda reminds me of the music the late Jack Horkheimer used on his tv video series about astronomy. He too was a great presenter and stimulated my interest in science and astronomy.

  56. Bruce Gelman

    As more data is gathered I believe we will find that Earth is a one off in the known universe.And we are alone.

  57. Greasy hobo91

    What if panspermia is right, but instead of bacteria it brought exotic minerals?

  58. mudda fickrr

    “Their planet isn’t good enough.“

  59. Windsor Corbin

    Appreciate living on a speck of dust in a unimaginably endless universe 😊

  60. Andrew McNaughton

    Another explanation for the lack of crust elements is that it’s not evidence of exoplanets at all. It’s all based on stellar evolution being correct which there’s plenty of evidence to say that it’s not.

    Ions of those elements they refer could be found based on Marklund convection and have nothing to do with stuff colliding with the star.

  61. binomalia

    so if you do this reversely and think Sun as a white dwarf so how would the inner planets be visible in Sun white dwarf?

  62. Jared Maddox

    A lot of crust probably got boiled off, and later blown away, during the red giant phase.

  63. Alister222222

    If you watched this video, then you are a human who cares about their universe. Be proud that you are one of the best of humanity.

  64. cor L

    All the new age people are gonna be wondering about the metaphysical properties quartzperoxinities and periclasedunites lol

  65. Eric Wood

    Wouldnt red giant blow off atmosphere so it wouldnt be detected?

  66. Mspi Onage

    Moral of the story: Our sun is a bro. Our moon is a bro. Jupiter is a bro. Venus was made for the streets. Saturn is a bro. Mars didn’t have the makings of a varsity athlete. Uranus is… well… the galaxy’s way of claiming there are Ukrainian hookers in outer space.

    So yeah, we got lucky as hell with our setup.

  67. stu Art

    Life always finds a way..

  68. hazorg

    anton i gotta tell you i love you, man. keep doing what you’re doing. glad to have you in my life

  69. 4GreenFrog

    Yeah, Anton!! Thanks for all the information and videos.

  70. Terry Endicott

    If most of the terrestrial planets are very different from Earth, maybe we are an exotic planet.

  71. Spb33

    For some reason I laughed when you said maybe they’re not good enough. I love your channel Anton. Keep up the great work.

  72. Vincent Reynolds

    Mind-blowing discovery, great find!

  73. Dean Smith

    I guess this means that the formula for finding extra terrestrial civilizations need to be revised

  74. Neil Wilson

    Well done. Just try to imagine having to make this video even if you have a bit of knowledge. That hard planet is crazy. I need time to think…

  75. N. Videa

    Exotic planets exist? I thought, this was already established knowledge since Star Trek? ^^

  76. William Hartley

    Fascinating how much can be discovered and deduced thru these observations. This points to yet another unique property of the one planet where we know intelligent life exists.

  77. megabeatmanmania

    You best Anton! For SCIENCE!

  78. David Elliott

    When a star goes red giant, it’s terrestrial planets get rolled over. Maybe this strips off the surface crust but leaves the mantel and core to be later takin in by the white dwarf.

  79. TayZonday

    Somewhere, there’s a gold Anton Petrov telling an audience “There may be planets made out of CARBON!”

  80. Hechtic Gaming

    just as a question for anyone that has more astrophysical knowledge, wouldn’t it just be highly likely that during the expansion of the Yellow stars previous to the white dwarf forming would strip the crust similar to any possible atmosphere?

  81. Jesse Hall

    Great video as always.

  82. Ray Easterday

    The characteristic minerals at the Earths surface are Feldspars, Quartz, Micas formed from felsic melts and Olivine and Pyroxene formed from mafic melts.

  83. T N

    No doubt about it bizzare from neutron stars to raining diamonds iron etc just shows how nice we have it anton on a perfect solar system etc. Most astrophysicist agree rare earth and is are sun special from cool worlds also chemist james tour laughs at no life in a lab after 70yrs since miller

  84. Wes Owen

    This channel output just blows my mind 🤯. It’s very high quality too!

  85. Lucid stream

    Not only new types of rocks, but extremely new types of rocks! Anyway, great content as always :)

  86. Zk Motivation

    Sometimes when we are bored, we just want time to pass. Don’t watch the clock and waste time, do what it does. Keep going.

  87. MC's Creations

    Pretty interesting indeed.

  88. Perrenial Millennial

    It’s a good day when Anton uploads.

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    Ah… a good quality bedtime Story with awesome content as usual. Thank you Anton

  90. Shiny Starmie Studios

    Hello wonderful Anton this is person and thanks for another very informative video.

  91. Jian Daugh

    for life, we should be looking for rocky planets with moons or large moons of very large planets. something with a periodic gravitational perturbation

  92. Jeffrey Schweitzer

    Some of those elements on the white dwarf that our sun will become will be…us

  93. Jim Curtis

    Wonderful as always anton 😊

  94. Patrick Walsh

    Maybe as we learn that there are far more planets out there, we’ll also find out that less are capable of supporting life(?).
    4 weeks + 4 days until JWST launches 🚀!!

  95. Apryl Van Ryn

    Thanks you Anton. I need my daily dose of science and you always come thru for me like a champion

  96. Mary Ann Bittle

    Might this be because those were older 2nd generation stars, therefore 2nd generation planets?

    Fascinating, as usual, Anton. Thanks so much for what you do. Stay wonderful, and we’ll see you tomorrow!

  97. The Danish GSM Channel He

    Thanks so much for the video and info.
    I wish you All the best.

  98. Ancient Architects

    I’ve binged your content all day. Incredible channel. Thanks Anton. Watching this now! My Master Degree was working on the Beagle 2 mission to Mars in the year 2003. I tested the x ray spectrometer. Love earth and space science. Your work explains things in a way anyone can understand. 👍

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